Sims starter pack recommendations 3 and 4

Sims 3
This is a bit more complicated.If you bought sims 3 starter pack.I recommend because it comes with the base game and late night.
If not my three packs I recommend for a beginner.Late Night because it add clubs, bands and vampires.Ambitions because it add professions and flesh out careers .Seasons because of weather and weather activities.

Sims 4 The two packs I would recommend to buy is Seasons and Parenthood.Seasons because it ads weather and holidays to the game.Parenthood because it's adds a more flesh out parent subsystem.


  • AlienTusksAlienTusks Posts: 82 Member
    @Horrorgirl6 I agree if you're the type of player that builds families then Parenthood is a good pick, and Seasons is good no matter what your playstyle is. Cats and Dogs actually surprised me and was good, it has a good world, good items, and plenty of breeds of cats and dogs. also, I would pick up toddler pack and kids room pack, they add more clothes and hairstyles as the base game is lacking that. Lastly, I would recommend Get together because you can build clubs and they have a lot of depth, you can use a club to meet people and build friendships, or to garden, or clean house, party, skill building, and you can use your family in the club so if you're a family player all these packs I mentioned work well together and for that purpose.
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