The Sims Creator Isn't Saving Skins, Solved

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This month I'm playing TS1 for a little bit. I have two questions.
First the Sims Creator (extra program) won't save my skins I created and faces into the Game Data/skins files. I don't understand why. The booklet in the discs states we can make our own Sims, paint etc. and use the face mask features to save these skins in the Game Data skin files. And yes play those Sims...they should be showing up in the CAS in game after that.

I did this often back when TS1 was the current game, however, it seems with windows 10 or maybe something else this no longer works. Every time I have completed a new face for my game and click save etc. it says it saved them but then I look in the Program Files/Game Data/Skins and they aren't there.

A lot of people think we could never build our own custom Sims in TS1 but we could with this program (faces, painted clothes etc.)

Has anyone else playing with a patch to make SCC work in windows 10 having this sort of problem? Or is it actually a Windows 10 problem specifically? Any help would be appreciated.

Edit: I Solved this one. I finally figured out after a few days I have to set the Sims Creator to Run As Administrator in Windows 10 or it doesn't really save the heads and or clothes skins in the Program Files/ Maxis/Game Data/Skins file. Absolutely a Windows 10 issue both the game and Sim Creator must be set to run as administrator. (In case anyone in the future runs into this problem) It's great I added a lot of faces from pictures now I can play them!

This is fun! lol

The Second one is still unsolved. Maybe I will remember.... :/

Second Question, how do we save houses built in one hood for another hood like in hood 5 etc. with more vacant lots? I built a few houses in the 1st and 3rd but want to use them in the 5th hood. I can't remember how to do this and the internet seems to have scrubbed almost all the important info that used to be common knowledge on the net.
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