how do i uninstall my wedding stories

hi everyone im hoping someone can help me :) ! so i downloaded my wedding stories the other day and tried it out but the wedding really wasnt working that great my sims werent listining to me at all and nothing was going right it was a very fustrating experience, i went to origin to uninstall the pack because i wanted to be able to use the base game weddings now because they seem to be a better alternative to the weddings the expansion pack included but its been replaced by the new system introduced in the new pack

even though i do like the new world in the pack, i want to uninstall the pack or at least disable the new wedding feature but i cant find the option to uninstall a specific pack but instead just the whole game so i was wondering if there was something i missed and maybe someone can help me uninstall my wedding stories because im beginning to worry that its making my game unplayable now...

it isn't the biggest deal if you cant because i mainly play the sims 3 now anyway but maybe someone has any ideas still
💛🤍 Tai (iel en français / they/them in english) 💜🖤


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