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Should Having Multiple Spouses Be an Option?



  • mikepapaycikmikepapaycik Posts: 81 Member
    You can do this is you have MCCC
  • catloverplayercatloverplayer Posts: 91,767 Member
    You can do this is you have MCCC

    Yes but most simmers won't that in the game from the start plus console players can't use mods.
  • SkipInklingSkipInkling Posts: 71 Member
    Lots of folks here have never taken an anthropology class and it shows. Polyamory is practiced in lots of different ways. It doesn't offend or worry me in the slightest (since I know that "monogamous" humans aren't truly monogamous...The best humans can manage is serial monogamy.)
  • bruceleroy98bruceleroy98 Posts: 325 Member
    I dont want polygamy in the why?
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