Friday Highlights January 28th- A Week on The Sims Forums

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January 28th- Friday Highlights

Sul sul Simmers!

I know there has been a slight delay but it's time for our Friday Highlights! :smile:

Let's do a quick recap of what happened this week:
  • On Tuesday, January 25, we released the latest patch notes here.
  • We have also announced the #CarnavalStreetwearKit, available February 3rd, and you can find more here.

'Ryan, Katherine, and their children'- posted here. by @HillyBeth

Now it's time to check out our Highlights, right? Okay, let's do this!

  • When you're playing the sims, how do you spend your time in the game usually? Creating perfect sims, focusing about the smallest details when making them, building the space they will live in, looking for a partner, or do you enjoy a bit of everything that the game has to offer? Myself and @Wolfium would love to know "What kind of player are you?". :smile:
  • Let's stay on building for a little while, as I couldn't fail to talk about this stunning eco friendly home I've came across while browsing through 'Show us your recent wips here!' thread. Built by @Bonxie exclusively for a contest, that house made me want to have a place exactly like it. Please guys, check it out of you have a moment!:love:
  • This week's Highlight will feature a second screenshot, since @mightysprite was kind enough to send me a recommendation (thank you so much for that <3):
    'New style of watching a duel'. This great screenshot was taken by @Rochert and shared here .
  • Onto The Sims 3, I invite you all to reflect on @Nikkei_Simmer description of 'true love', followed by some adorable screenshots. In their own words "How do you know someone loves you for who you are? When they agree to marry you: broke and penniless...and will stand by your side even through the worst that life can throw at you...That's TRUE love." Your post has inspired me and you couldn't have described it better, Nikkei. When love is true, nothing can stand in the way. 💕

I hope you enjoyed these discussions. And like always - if you have any recommendations for next week's Friday Highlights, send them my way!

Have a wonderful weekend and take care! :heart:


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    Just wanted to say a big thank you for these Friday highlight posts! I enjoy the links to forum threads, but I also think the summing up the week's events on top is gold! I appreciate having somewhere to quickly check after a (rare) period of not being on top of all news and releases etc.
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    Thank you so much for the feedback @Simmerville, and Im so glad to hear that you enjoy the structure and how we present the Highlights. <3
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    And like always - if you have any recommendations for next week's Friday Highlights, send them my way!

    Oh. In that case... While I think that might come off as obnoxious self-promotion, I'll give it a go then...

    I have been making a lot of iceberg charts of The Sims games. These charts show off facts in order of how well known they are (usually) on a picture of an iceberg.

    So, I'll give a recommendation to my post. It is a great place to learn fun facts about The Sims games. Plus I add more and accept new ones from the community. Though if it doesn't make it on highlights, that's OK. It'll be a hidden gem then...
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    @EA_Mari, thanks for the mention.

    It’s drawn from RL. Featherbelle and I have been married for nearly 22 years (as of this year). Fair seas or rough she’s been by my side. 😃

    The reason I chose River as my sim’s other half is that her back-story mirrors my real-life wife (raised by a single mom, no idea why dad didn’t stick around…).
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    Thanks for the recommendation @EgonVM - I will definitely take a look soon! ;)

    Wow, @Nikkei_Simmer 22 years.. that explains such well described vision of True Love. Inspiring & congrats! <3
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    Wow! Wow! Wow! I'm really astonished.
    Thank you so much @EA_Mari and @mightysprite .
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    I love that screenshot! :love: : @Rochert
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