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  • KatAnubisKatAnubis Posts: 3,232 Member
    more than ten generations player
    I play generationally (on long life). No occults. I suspect you'd say their life is "romanticized" because I want them to live their best lives. I try to make their lives as interesting and fulfilling with as little "drama" as possible. (I have enough drama in my real life. I want to see happy Sims as a balance. It's why I want them to make it so that I can opt out of having burglars and natural disasters. Nope, nope, nope. Not in my game. In real life I've been burglarized, had my house flood and had a stalker trash my house. Those kind of things can be left out of my game, thank you very much!)

    I do occasionally build. (I'm building them a new house right now.)

    I scour the CC sites for clothing I like (and then, using S4S, make sure that I only keep the purple clothes. When I played TS3, I only used CC for meshes. Create a Style let me have the colors on my Sims that *I* like. For TS2 I did download some CC but I also made a lot for myself.)

    I love looking at furniture CC but I rarely use it because I like uploading my few house creations to the Gallery.

    The only time I don't use my legacy family is when a new patch comes out. Then I remove my Mod folder and play something new for a short while. (I've been using the "scenarios" for that since they came out.)
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    edited January 2022
    Wolfium wrote: »

    I'm sadly a re-starter, but since getting on my new PC I haven't restarted my game(deleted my current save file) at all. I haven't played like this in over a year. I started my current save in November of 2021 and moved it to the new PC after New Year's. There are four generations total, but three living. My legacy founders had six children( five sons, one daughter) Their oldest three kids were male, but I really wanted them to have a girl. I had them try for a fourth baby, finally got my girl, and had to do a double-take* because the number of boys in the fourth pregnancy wasn't one, but TWO! I had my first real set of triplets in my legacy. Usually I'd edit the numbers* but I'm trying to stop that. So my sims had six kids. Now five of those children are elders or close to becoming elders. Sadly, one of the triplets died when he froze to death while swimming in freezing temperature during a holiday meal with his family.

    Link to the family tree is in my Signature at the bottom of my post, comment, thing. This! LOL!

    *I use mods so I rely on Mc Command Center to know what my sims are having and how many.
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    serial woohooer
    I refused to hit other, in order to choose more than one category because it would make the poll less useful, but I have spent more time on building, sometimes, done the serial woohooer thing and it wears thin fast but it can be fun for absurdity when you pair up unlikely sims, and serial killer mode can be hilarious again, context-dependent. I don't like killing sims generally but once in a while having one go wacko is entertaining.

    And what is a "townie fashionista" anyway?
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  • StuffyMarxStuffyMarx Posts: 277 Member
    I ended up choosing "Other". I spend a bit of time on a Sim in CAS, but I like to develop them in-game. I like to build a house, start a garden and work my way up to a massive garden and several extensions on the house. So I do a bit of CAS, A bit of building, and a bit of super-sim according to the poll options.

    Maybe I should have chosen the first option. Oh well.
  • mustenimusteni Posts: 5,208 Member
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    Rotational everything and all. I try to experience everything there is in the game and enjoy having variety of different type of households. Also a storyteller.
  • MelisendreMelisendre Posts: 179 Member
    I am a challenge player and it depends on the challenge how I play.
  • bbdarlingo8sbbdarlingo8s Posts: 201 Member
    Building is definitely the first thing I log on to do, but I genuinely love playing too - I almost always CAS a playtest family specifically for the lot - and then I do like watching them develop relationships, hang out with their neighbors, and skillbuild. More often than not, I playtest through multiple seasons, including holidays, so I make sure they have friends to come over and celebrate.

    I haven't played a scenario yet, but am looking forward to starting one soon
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  • SheriSim57SheriSim57 Posts: 6,432 Member
    real life enjoyer
    I don’t play occults much, I enjoy playing a rotational save that is based on real life, not necessarily mine…. Lol. I like the interaction of my different played families. I also like to build ( I enjoy building apts. the most ) and I like creating sims too.
  • NetherydwaineNetherydwaine Posts: 3 New Member
    Other- I do everything except for Mods.
  • TeeSeaTeeSea Posts: 1,312 Member
    All of the above. I’m depends on my mood, the storyline and how I feel like playing from day to day.
  • JunkyPoemJunkyPoem Posts: 135 Member
    real life enjoyer
    with vamps, spellcasters & aliens, oh my! Gameplay is the main objective, but always find myself spending hrs reno'ing builds & families to evolve with the main character.
  • GrimlyFiendishGrimlyFiendish Posts: 626 Member
    Grim Reaper's assistant
    Well I had to put Grim Reaper's assistant, because my entire flock of Sims consists of varying levels of descent from Grim, plus Grim himself who is a fully playable character in my game. But I would consider myself as a mixture of an occult and realism player. All of my Sims are occults of some variety, but they also have families, and go to work, and generally live stable, happy lives.
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  • MonaveilMonaveil Posts: 652 Member
    Experimenter here. I guess that's how I play. I spend more time watching how the game does things. I look at how pre-made Sims were set up with aspirations and traits and skills wondering what the devs were up to. What happens when I change how pre-made Sims were set up?

    As a new save is started I wonder why mail carriers and pizza delivery staff are always females. Why do the Sims in these two roles always have skills that make them show up at art galleries, karaoke clubs, social events, and pretty much any lot your Sim visits?

    Does Katrina Caliente serve a purpose? Not in my opinion. So why was she introduced?

    Why does Jade Rosa have Level 6 Charisma, Level 3 Dancing, and the Outgoing, Ambitious, and Neat traits? Why is she the leader of a Club that has "be romantic" as one of its activities? Now, compare her set-up to Vlad's. Vlad has Level 8 Charisma but he has the Evil trait, Undead Aura, and Uncontrollable Hissing, and if that's not enough he was given the Loner trait for good measure. Vlad got the short end of the stick compared to other pre-made Sims, particularly those that have a trait in common with him. How about those Music Lovers? Do any of them have a single negative trait much less four? What happens when Candy, Jade, Joaquin, Dominic, and Paolo are each given two negative traits to level the playing field with Vlad and to offset their ability to intrude on my Sim's conversations or randomly flirt with them?

    Why doesn't Vlad have any Vampire Lore skill? The Sims Wiki claims he has Level 8 Vampire Lore but he never does when I start a new save. I start new games all the time to check something out - like what's up with Bizarre Fruit? The Sims Wiki also states that Vlad has lived in Forgotten Hallow for 200 years. I wonder why he never learned how to make a plasma pack, touched a chess set, or an easel, guitar, or violin. And yet the pre-made Sims that came with "Get Together" have various Level 5 skills in dancing, DJ mixing, cooking, gardening, mischief, painting, and writing.

    This is how my games always get derailed. It's like a giant puzzle that hints at how EA/Maxis operates.
  • theemaskedsimmertheemaskedsimmer Posts: 63 Member
    real life enjoyer
    I like the "real life" aspect of the game. I hardly ever play any of the supernatural packs. However, I do love building. So idk maybe I am other. I've yet to get a sim family to 10 gens but that is def. goals!
  • SlackerSlacker Posts: 2,500 Member
    real life enjoyer
    I would say that i dont really play the game as it should be played i dont think. I play somewhat like Monaveil here above mentionned; playing w basics parameters of the game. My sims live in a timeless universe. I fancy myself as a good city planner. I like a well balanced realistic layout, this comes from the simcity player i once was. So i guess this makes me a builder in Sims4, but remoddeller would be more accurate. Same with my Sims, i pick and choose in the gallery, the most high skills sims i could invite in for a more rich experience interacting and playing sims from all over the map in my Paradise City, its like a twilight zone of real life simulations. Sorta like my own sitcoms, or simcoms. In one word, im a lazy player :smile: !
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  • WildIrishBansheeWildIrishBanshee Posts: 1,975 Member
    supersim creator
    I chose super sims, cause I've been making a bunch of those - well, Ultimate Sims, really. But any of the options fit at any given time - I like stretching the bounds of the game and exploring everything in it, in my own time. :)
  • ArcaArca Posts: 138 Member
    Occults players
  • Darstep0301Darstep0301 Posts: 745 Member
    real life enjoyer
    Wolfium wrote: »

    By real life enjoiner I mean that I am the sim.
  • telemwilltelemwill Posts: 1,641 Member
    I am a rotational player, although I also have a legacy.
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