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A Game of "Who On This Thread"

SupersonicAvalancheSupersonicAvalanche Posts: 3,307 Member
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May 2 2022
Hi all!

I'm going away somewhere I'm pretty sure there won't be an adequate internet connection nor the time. (In other words, not a vacation-trip, it's work-related.) So, I'm not going to be able to keep updating the list on first page for awhile - But @AlpineCuriosity (2nd post, 1st page - just below this one) has agreed to manage that for us meanwhile. I've really enjoyed this game together with y'all so far and I hope to be back here eventually. Meanwhile - feel free to keep tagging me in this game and other threads - But you know now why I'm not going to be able to reply. For awhile at least.

Take care everyone!

(: Just to clarify - You don’t need an invitation to join this game - just jump in and @AlpineCuriosity will add your name to the list below this post until I get a chance IRL to log on here again. If you wish to leave the game it’s probably best to inbox @AlpineCuriosity and they'll @Your-Name from the list below as soon as possible.

Rules of The WOTT-Game:

Yes! Just what we needed, right - Another Off Topic Game! x) Well, this one is a bit different, since you answer the question posed by the simmer above you by choosing any simmer here (except yourself!) from this specific thread including the simmer that just asked a question.

Note that you may not “@ ” in any other simmers from the forums – In other words: You may only “@ ” simmers from this particular thread when answering the question above you. Ex:

Simmer A: Who on this thread do you think could rock a T-shirt with their own face on it?

Simmer B: I’ll say you @ Simmer A!
Who on this thread are capable of safely landing a plane?

Simmer X: I’ll go with @ Simmer A as well I think…
Who on this thread have never failed an exam?

Simmer S: That’s a tricky one… But I’ll just have a wild guess – @ Simmer B maybe?
Who on this thread hid on a Halloween past because they had no candy left at home for trick-or-treaters?

Simmer A: Ha, ha – You maybe @ Simmer S?
Who on this thread would you choose to be trapped in an elevator with for a whole Sunday?

Easy rules, right? I’ll go first:

Who on this thread is practising parkour regularly?

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