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No Mod kids Aspirations

One thing about the sims 4 that will always be a source of endless frustration for me is the pure lack of kids aspirations. I'm sick of doing the same 4 every single time. For me, it makes playing with child sims more boring than the lack of child related game play. So I thought it would be fun if we made up our own.

I know there are mods for kids aspirations but as console players we don't get to really experience those. Especially the added gameplay those mods usually add. Of course I definitely encourage looking them up for some fun gameplay ideas.

I've personally got a couple of aspirations in mind that I want to type out. I only have one fully fleshed out though. Master of the void aspiration. Once again there is a mod for this aspiration and you can find the steps for online though it seems some of them are written in a different language. There's also the Void Master Challenge. Look it up if you'd like to add some extra challenges to the voidcritter gameplay.

Master of the void aspiration seems best paired with either the social butterfly or whis kid aspirations. Obviously you will need kids room stuff. Snowy Escape is optional.

1st Milestone:
•purchase/find voidcritter voidcritter cards
•Purchase a battle station
•have 5 friends
•trade cards 5 times

2nd Milestone:
•level 1 card up to level 5
•have 5 battles
•host a battle party
•participate in voidcritter hunt(snowy escape) or purchase 1000 simolions of voidcritter merchandise

3rd Milestone
•have at least 1 of each card element (earth, air, fire, water, void)
•have at least 1 limited edition foil card
•train a card to level 10
•complete voidcritter collection

This was fun to make and I hope you all will share your own ideas. This isn't a challenge, feel free to change it up or mash it up with the modders voidcritter aspiration idea.


  • wylmite1986wylmite1986 Posts: 1,283 Member
    Oh, I've thought about this too before. It is super annoying that they don't have more things geared towards kids. It also bugs me that they don't have a lot of likes or skills for kids either. And the same with teens. I think it's a bit too early to start working on an "adult" aspiration for them. They should be able to have their own aspirations too.
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