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CAS Styles matched with Personality (game)

I've been busy scripting and wanted to create a logical link between my sims' preferred CAS style and their personality. I quickly realized that stereotypes are not that obvious after all. Just the aspiration or one trait gets too weak to say a person most likely prefer so and so style, because not all Rockers are the same, and you don't really need to be Polished at all just because you want to get wealthy ;) But if adding Aspiration, Traits and Skills to the mix, it might get a tad more interesting?

So - perhaps you'd like to join a game where we try to match each CAS Style with a set of Aspiration+Trait+Skill?

Aspiration can be main group (Fortune, Family etc). Find a set that you think will pretty much describe a sim preferring that style :)

POLISHED: 1 Asp group + 1 Trait + 1 Skill
PREPPY: 1 Asp group + 1 Trait + 1 Skill
ROCKER: 1 Asp group + 1 Trait + 1 Skill
COUNTRY: 1 Asp group + 1 Trait + 1 Skill
HIPSTER: 1 Asp group + 1 Trait + 1 Skill
BOHO: 1 Asp group + 1 Trait + 1 Skill

If your game has more styles due to packs, feel free to expand the list. Also, if you struggle, like I do, you won't need to fill in all styles.
I've skipped the BASIC style as I assume that one is more general and could be used occasionally more or less by anyone.
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  • SheriSim57SheriSim57 Posts: 5,317 Member
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    Gothic ( lots of black, deep purples etc. maybe 🐲🐲🐲🐲 or colored hair ) may be into politics, maybe radical. or arts, often teens or YA, possibly paranormal, candlemakers, dark arts, possibly magical or vampire, but often just rebellious sims.

    Polynesian ( often Island living wear, swimsuits, shorts, crop tops etc. )

    Frumpy ( older men and women older types frumpy
    dresses ( women ) and frumpy sweaters (men) ).

    Sexy ( often has a romantic trait and or aspiration ) sexy clothes, of couse various crossovers with other types of sims

    Party Sims ( depends on what type of sim and types of clubs they belong to ) party clothes

    Outdoorsy ( hikers campers etc. ) clothes from several packs like outdoor retreat, cottage living, etc.,cats and dogs. My country sims also fit into this category.

    Sporty ( wear jerseys baseball caps etc. ) often active.

    Sporty vacationers ( skii wear, swimsuits, dressy party wear ) often active maybe having extreme sports aspiration, enjoy working out Often work in sports careers.

    Healthy sims ( eat nutritionally, exercise, practice wellness, meditation etc. ) Usually easygoing not easily angered, tense, sad, etc. might be vegetarian. Wide variety of jobs, sometimes stay at home sims, or those who work from home

    Green living ( sims that care about the environment, use eco friendly objects, solar panels, garden, have a lot of plants etc. ).

    Criminal type ( some of my favorite sims. )They may be hard working or lazy, some are mean or evil, or klepto’s not all though. Most of them like to gamble, drink……some cheat on their significant others, might be single or be a single parent….. kind of a variety. Clothing…. Some wear black suits/ hats ( no ties ) to club meetings, mostly casual at home.

    These above are other types I can think of off the top of my head, but I don’t necessarily assign a specific trait or aspiration to each type. Many of my sims crossover into other types or have an individualized personality.

    Preppy ( might wear shirts with sweaters around the neck, be snobbish, or high maintenance, wear cheer leader outfits, some bling etc.) might have a party aspiration or be active, or bro’s among others.

    Country ( some similar clothes to outdoorsy but migh have some type of animal traits/aspirations )

    Polished ( dressy clothes, might play violin/
    Piano or be some kind or artsy type. ) Sometimes preppy will fit into polished. OR may have something like a business or lawyer career.

    Rocker ( flashy clothes for performances, jeans and normal clothes for everyday, music trait and skills, or acting trait and skills

    Hipsters ( I think flashy clothes, maybe Bell bottoms, wide belts, sun glasses, sequins leather? ),often party types. Like music, dancing etc. may work as a DJ, or social media ( but other types have these jobs too ).

    Boho ( I think of those that like colorful furniture and clothes with various patterns in clothing and furniture. I think of movie stuff and some city living stuff. ). They could have various jobs and aspirations, some artsy types, and wellness skills could it with these types

    I’m very curious to see others contributions to this thread!

    And Maxis, I am still waiting to see a witches wrinkled hat with no spider, Dracula’s cape and some gothic clothes packs and more gothic styled hairs. ( and yes I know that some packs have aspects of this, but not enough dark gothic clothes and hairs ).

  • SimmervilleSimmerville Posts: 9,753 Member
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    Wow, that's great input @SheriSim57 more than I expected. Will be useful for my little project, thanks!

    RL got the best of me yesterday, so my intention of posting a set of matching styles/traits etc had to wait until today...

    POLISHED: Fortune + Materialistic + Gourmet cooking
    PREPPY: Knowledge + Snob + Archaeology
    ROCKER: Athletic + Erratic + Guitar
    COUNTRY: Family + Animal enthusiast + Gardening
    HIPSTER: Popularity + Recycle Disciple + Mixology
    BOHO: Creative + Music lover + Painting

    Hm, this *is* not very easy, because of all the alternatives (I got most packs).

    Polished might fit well with Piano instead of Gourmet cooking, they could even be more focused on Parenting. Also, I think Polished will often be focused on values, not only money (aspiration could even be popularity if it involves a touch of status).
    Prepper might just as well use Gourmet cooking to impress (I assume they lean more to showing off skills than activities (such as Painting).
    Rocker is not always fit, but focus a lot on physics, I believe, ie long hair, perhaps heavy makeup etc. Then, there are probably many versions of rockers. I try to see them outside the music arena, and besides thinking of a motor cycle I don't really know them well, LOL. They might be dog lover, too.
    I feel Country can be almost anything, instead of Family they could have Nature aspirations, but I guess that would be more likely for sims living in the countryside, which should not be necessary. They might be into Cooking and Baking or even Pet training.
    Hipster and Boho kind of blend in my head, the latter probably being more influenced by misc cultures from around the world, while Hipster might be more urban. I think they both are less generic though, if going into their private domain.
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  • SheriSim57SheriSim57 Posts: 5,317 Member
    I thought hipster and Boho as similar too, I can see both of them in bright colors…. Lol.
  • SimmervilleSimmerville Posts: 9,753 Member
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    Got a bit more scripting done. Point of this is to have a bit more guideline when editing a sim in CAS. I have my online sim residents register so it's pretty easy for me adding this feature. I now get info on what style a sim prefers, and the info is further specified in 3 grades ("influenced by", regular, "extreme"). This will not be a totally strict system, but a guideline which will naturally be affected by what life they live or what world they are in (preppy might mean something different in Sulany than in San Myshuno). I'm also aware that most of my CC clothes are probably not tagged correctly re style.

    Anyway, it was exciting checking how the styles spread when I tested.

    Based on 306 sims aged 15+:

    125 (41%) Preppy style (93 of those being "Extreme Preppy style")
    46 (15%) Basic style (40 of those "Extremely basic" meaning real boring, LOL)
    43 (14%) Polished style (32 of those being "Extreme Polished style")
    39 (13%) Country style (27 of those being "Extreme Country style")
    32 (10%) Boho style (17 of those being "Extreme Boho style")
    21 (7%) Hipster style (14 of those being "Extreme Hipster style")
    0 (0%) Rocker style (0 of those being "Extreme Rocker style")

    Way too many got the Preppy style! I guess it reflects the way I play, recently I focused a lot on nobility and richer houses.

    I was happy to find rather few huge surprises style wise though, like the Jang couple being into Boho and many Henford-on-Bagley preferring the Country style. I did not expect to find both Lilith and Caleb Vatore preferring the Country style, though! Perhaps I just did not know them well enough:)

    I've fine tuned to reduce the total of Preppy+Polished and increase the Rocker slightly. Preppy is now down to 51 (17%) while Polished is up to 76 (25%). It's a total drop of 32 sims.

    Well, off to my nerdy scripting, LOL.
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