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A Darker Disney Princess Challenge

Disney Princess challenge rules
-Before you begin with the sims 4 princess challenge, here are some rules that you should know:
-After a few challenges, they will ask you to choose gender-specific heir/heiresses. All can change this based on whether they are playing patriarchy or matriarchy.
-The rules and regulations of the "ldshadowlady" S4 Disney princess challenge are like the ten Generation Legacy, with only a few distinctions.
-Simmers with an expansion pack can include it in the challengers in whichever way they like, and EPS at the end of every generation mentioned below would render some great ideas.
-These generations can occur in any order that you chose but the story that I wrote puts these in this order, however, Jessie, Violet, and Cruella could all be moved to before Snow White as Cruella’s storyline could set her up to be the Evil Queen.

Generation 1: Snow White: Someday my prince will come…
Movie: Snow White and the Seven Dwarves

As a young girl, you grew up with your mother and father in your quiet castle. Your mother always talked about how you were born on the coldest winter they had ever had and because of that, she named you Snow White. When you are a child, your mother dies, and your father remarries a young woman. The new Queen is vain and likes to stare at herself in the mirror all day and talks to a figure in it. As time goes on your father dies mysteriously and the Evil Queen takes over the kingdom. One day when you are a teenager, she has one of her soldiers take you out into the meadow (Sylvan Glade) and to kill you. However, in a twist of fate, the huntsman spares your life and tells you to run away and never return or that you will be killed.

The Evil Queen and Snow White must be enemies, with the Evil Queen having evil and mean traits. The Evil Stepmother may be a YA, Adult, or Elder (up to you!).
Traits- Good, Clumsy
Aspiration- Soulmate
Skills to be maxed- Cooking, Singing
Must befriend a flock of birds and at least one rabbit
Snow may never allow strangers into the house or talk to elderly women
Snow may only work from home as a freelancer if you decide to have her work in a career
May only marry after the last “dwarf” is born

Create Snow White's mother and father and have the Evil Stepmother kill them off. This can be varied for your own storytelling as well.
When Snow White becomes a young adult, she runs away and starts the challenge.

EPS: Parenthood- All children must grow up with at least one positive characteristic. This number can be raised if you want more challenges.

Must have 7 children (Same Father)
Each child must have one negative trait (give as a child or teen)
Each child must achieve something before their teenage years.
Reaching level 5 in one toddler skill
Reaching level 3 in all toddler skills
Complete childhood aspiration
Become a grade A student
Each child must age up with at least one positive character trait
The last female dwarf born will be Cinderella (Or Ella if you prefer)

Generation 2: Cinderella: A Dream is a Wish Your Heart Makes…
Movie: Cinderella

The only name that pops up in everybody's mind when talking about Disney princesses is Cinderella, so this is it. You will get a chance to live her early life. Your Cinderella life will begin when this beauty becomes a teen.
Growing up with 6 siblings is hard, especially when no one else is taking care of the house. A dreamer from a young age, Cinderella often thought of having animal companions and finding her one true love. As the only unmarried child of Snow White, Cinderella lives with her father and her wicked stepmother that has two daughters of her own. Her father dies mysteriously, leaving her alone with her horrible stepmother and stepsisters.
Cinderella begins when she becomes a teenager.

Must always have two pets
Must have laundry until she marries
Traits- Neat, Animal Enthusiast
Aspiration- Friend of the Animals
Skills- Baking, Cooking, Knitting, Pet Training, Singing, Cros Stitch

Cinderella may not leave home lot while a teenager, except for school
Must clean the house and cook every meal

Love Interest-
Can only marry and move out after becoming a Young Adult
May only meet love interest at a party, but the party cannot be started by her

Your household shouldn't have more than three kids, her youngest daughter is the heir.

Must become a vet and run your own clinic
Must reach 5 stars in the vet clinic
Snow White dies when Cinderella is a Child
Her Father dies when Cinderella is a Teen
Cinderella wouldn't get married until her mother dies, although it's not required that death comes from natural causes. And you can't use cheats as well.

Generation 3: Alice in Wonderland: We're all mad here…
Movie: Alice in Wonderland

While her mother got all she wanted when she married the prince her daughter, Alice, felt trapped in the big castle and longed to see more than the castle walls. She spends all her time out in nature than with the company of humans. One day on her travels she meets a man in a top hat (Mad Hatter), and the pair start to travel the world together. Eventually, the two get married and have a single child together.

Trait- Erratic, Cheerful, Loner
Aspiration- Chief of Mischief
Skills- Mischief

Must befriend a white rabbit
Find every single hidden area before becoming an adult

Love Interest-
Falls in love with a man in one of the hidden areas “Wonderland”
Can be the Mad Hatter

Has only one daughter

Generation 4: Tiana: The only way to get what you want in this world is through hard work…
Movie: Princess and the Frog

Tiana is the only child of Alice and the Mad Hatter, and she never knew about the legacy of her family being royals as her mother forgot to tell her about it. When her father died on one of her parent's trips Tiana stepped up and started to work hard from a young age. The older Tiana got the less she saw her mother and she grew to resent her mother for practically abandoning her. The one thing that she could do to keep her father's memory alive was to cook. She wants to open a restraint and name it after what her father would have wanted it to be named "Tiana's Palace in Wonderland" Tiana's story is all about working hard and creating a life she can be proud of. However, she will have obstacles in her way. Tiana will lose her father at a very young age which will only fuel her desire to make everything right. Once Tiana transforms into a Young Adult, your story would begin.

Traits- Ambitious
Aspiration- Master Chef
Skills- Baking, Cooking, Handiness

Love Interest-
For her love story with a humanoid frog, she must marry a man with some green feature in his physical appearance, removal of which could not be possible.
It can be anything like green hair, eyes, or skin.

Only has one child.

Her father should die before she becomes a teen.
Has to work in fast food as a teen
After she open's her restaurant her father's mother (Queen of Hearts) comes in and meets her and donates her money to support her dream.
EPS: Dine out – Tiana will be a restaurant owner and run it as well.

Generation 5: Aurora: I know you I walked with you once upon a dream…
Movie: Sleeping Beauty

Begins when Aurora is a baby.
Things will take a dramatic turn here. You will go from the Disney Princess, who is all about working hard, to one who has lived a ritz and never had to lift even a finger. Thanks to Tiana's hard work and perseverance they were in a comfortable villa. When Aurora was born all her family attended including Alice, Cinderella, and the Queen of Hearts. As the party went on one of her Grandmother Alice's enemies, Jabberwocky, appeared and cursed the baby Aurora to die before she became a young adult and killed Alice before disappearing in a cloud of smoke. Cinderella's Fairy Godmother had appeared during this exchange and managed to change the curse to say she could be brought back to life by her true love. Tiana and Naveen sent Aurora away into the care of the Fairy Godmother's associates

Trait- Good, Squeamish, Neat
Aspiration- Musical Genius
Skills- Singing

Love interest-
Must meet love interest (Phillip) once while away from home, after that they may not meet again
She can meet her soulmate in the nighttime only.
Once she finds a perfect suitor, it'd be time for her to elope and marry him in secrecy.

Can only have 3 friends
Right before she turns into a young adult, she returns to her parents' house to find that her mother has died and her father locks her in her room to try and prevent her curse from taking effect.
Must die and be brought back as a playable ghost
Her father dies of heartbreak after finding that Aurora's curse came to pass after all.
May not speak with her love interest while a ghost and try to limit contact with others as well
Once resurrected, you may interact with anyone as normal and speak with the love interest

Can only have one child

If you have Realm of Magic friends are 3 "fairies"
Must be brought back to life by the wishing well
When she comes back to life, she is snow white to show that she had died.

Generation 7: Rapunzel: When will my life begin…
Movie: Tangled

Your mother was always quiet about her past as was your father, but you knew that they did love you. Things will take a dramatic turn here. When you turn into a teen the Jabberwocky returns and demands that you go with her otherwise, she will kill your entire family. Although your parents protest you decide to go with her as you love both of your parents and your younger brother. She locks you in a tower and
Rapunzel shares an odd relationship with her mother as she was always quiet about her past as was your father, but you knew that they did love you. Your mother has serious trust issues with the "outside world" and keeps her hidden in a corona tower. Things will take a dramatic turn here. When you turn into a child the Jabberwocky returns and demands that you go with her otherwise, she will kill your entire family. Although your parents protest you decide to go with her as you want to protect your kingdom. You spend your days alone locked in the tower but your desire for love didn't let you stay in solitude. She locks you in a tower and found solace in painting and dreamed of living a fun life out in the world. This story begins when Rapunzel is a child.

Traits- Creative, Maker, Loves Outdoors, Spellcaster
Aspiration- Painter Extraordinaire
Skills- Painting (Must reach level 8 before turning into a young adult), Knitting, Cross stitch, Fabrication (Candle Making), Guitar, Cooking, Logic (Chess Table), Fitness

Love Interest-
The lover has to be a criminal, but you can change his career after you get married if you choose to
The love interest has to have the Kleptomaniac trait
Optional: Kills the kidnapper (Mother Gothel/Jabberwocky) the day before Rapunzel becomes a young adult

Rapunzel shall leave the tower only to attend school. (Can use a mod to stop her from going to school)
She isn't allowed to have any friends since she is locked up the whole time until a turn comes, and her love story begins.
Must have laundry

Can only have two children
Eldest (Elsa)
Youngest (Anna)

Must save love interest from death by using the dedeadify spell on him within 24 hrs. of his death.
May only marry love interest after saving them from death

Generation 8: Anna: Our lands and people, now connected by love…
Movie: Frozen I & II

This generation begins when Elsa and Anna are both children.
While most sims worry about their relationships with their soulmate, you only worry about your bond with your sister, Elsa. As children, you and Elsa were extremely close sisters. But an accident when you were a child caused Elsa to withdraw from everyone, especially you. While she spent her time trying to understand her strange magical powers, you spent your time feeling lonely and pining for your one true love.

Must play with 2 heirs, Elsa is the older and Anna is the younger

Must have the Iceproof trait (traits.equip_trait iceman) and the Loner Trait
Must be a spellcaster (traits.equip_trait trait_Occult_WitchOccult)
Must have the Spellcraft & Sorcery aspiration and complete it
Elsa stays single forever
Has two kids (Marshmallow and Olaf) through magic (neither kid can reproduce)
Elsa must resurrect Anna by casting the dedeadify spell before a week has passed since her death

Must have the Cheerful and family-oriented trait
Must have the Soulmate aspiration and complete it
Can contact her sibling only after she becomes a young adult
They must be BFFs when children but stop talking to each other completely when Elsa grows into a teenager. They cannot interact at all!
Must fall in love with a criminal
Must freeze to death when she becomes a young adult
Anna exiles her ex (Hans) after she comes back to life
Anna's relationship with her sister will fix after she becomes her best friend.

Elsa and Anna cannot leave the lot unless going to school while teenagers
Their parent's both die when they are teens and 3 days from when Anna is about to become a young adult
They hold a party to celebrate Elsa becoming Queen

When they are both adults they travel to an "enchanted forest" to save their kingdom. (Either granite falls or Glimmerbrook)
From there they get transported into the Realm of Magic and meet the people 'trapped there'
Elsa must become best friends with all three of the sages before they can go back to their home.
Elsa must also get a Phoenix (Bruni) as a familiar.
Elsa steps down from the throne and crowns her sister queen before leaving and living with her eldest child, while her youngest stays with Anna
Anna and her boyfriend (Kristoff) get closer and right before they return home, he proposes to her.
Kristoff must have the Loves Animals trait
Anna provides the heir.
You may have any number of children, but the last-born female will be heir

Generation 6: Megara: I won't say I'm in love…
Movie: Hercules

You and your Aunt Elsa grew close but as a Princess, you had your responsibilities to the kingdom. As times grew hard your mother arranged for you to have a marriage to Lord Nessus as a political marriage. You were married for a season before he died, and you found yourself in another marriage arrangement for the sake of your parents. You marry three more lords each time the husband dies after a season, and you have a son with him. Your fourth husband was King Lycus. This marriage also lasted a season before he and all 5 of your sons died of the plague. Growing desperate you offer yourself to the god, Hades to try and save your kingdom. You remain his servant and grow close to his wife, Persephone.

Trait- Perfectionist, Gloomy, Proper

Compete the Serial Romantic Aspiration before meeting Hercules
Complete the Soulmate Aspiration after meeting Hercules

Love Interest-
Is married 5 times before meeting Hercules
Each husband, except Hercules, dies before the season that she married them in changes
Can only meet Hercules after moving into Hades' household (Hades, Persephone, Pain, and Panic) in Forgotten Hollow
Persephone sends you out on a mission that you meet Hercules on

Hercules must be at risk to die but Megara pleads for them and takes their place.
Meg then joins the "Underworld Household" as a ghost
Hercules "saves" Meg and bring her back to life

Has a son with each husband but all of your children die before you marry Hercules
Only one daughter, Eilonwy

Generation 9: Eilonwy: You must believe in yourself, I believe in you...
Movie: The Black Cauldron

Your mother married the son of Zeus, and he gave them a large and luxurious villa as a wedding present. After hearing stories of your parents' lives you wanted an adventure of your own. You traveled the world to find all the feathers of Pegasus. On your travels, you meet a commoner that you at first you don't like but as time goes on you grow to like each other.

Trait- Good, Self-Assured
Aspiration- The Curator
Love Interest- Mary a sim that does not have a job

Must “defeat” an evil sim (see their ghost)
Find all the feathers of Pegasus (complete the feather collection) before getting married to a commoner.

Only one daughter

Generation 10: Jasmine: A whole new world…
Movie: Aladdin

Being told your entire life about how your grandfather is Zeus and how you came from a line of Kings and Queens you hated being rich and living like a princess. You find solace in your tiger, Raja, and nowhere else. Though your father was born poor he yearns is for you to marry a rich boy, but you want to live a life with adventure and earn your own riches. When Jasmine becomes a teen, this story begins.

Trait- High Maintenance, Self-Assured, Adventurous
Aspiration- City Native
Skills- Research and Debate, Charisma

Love Interest-
Can only marry a poor street rat
Must have the good and kleptomaniac traits

Have a best friend named Raja
May not leave the house except for school
After meeting the love interest, must go on a "Whole New World" tour with them. Go on vacation and spend at least one whole day in each world
Jasmine can either hide these trips from her father and do them on the sly, or she can do this after she is officially allowed to leave the house.

Must have at least 3 children, youngest Briar Rose

Must have mother die before reaching teen
During her teen years, is not supposed to leave the house, but sneaks out when her father isn't looking (only after becoming a young adult is she officially allowed to leave the house)
Can choose to make Raja a cat
Have father's closest friend attempts to marry Jasmine in order to get the family fortune.

Generation 11: Briar Rose: She was not a delicate wilted flower, she was a Briar Rose…
Book: Sleeping Beauty Original Telling

Your character always wondered why her mother gave up her riches for a poor lad. You were always aggravated at your parents and instead spent more time with your grandparents who always thought you were the perfect flower and started planning the life that they wanted for your mother for you instead. They even nicknamed you Beauty as you resembled the original Queen Beauty. Your older siblings didn't care for your attitude and started ignoring you.

Traits- Lazy, Snob, High Maintenance
Aspiration- Fabulously Wealthy
Love Interest- Have a drunken hookup one night at a party and end up getting pregnant

Your parents eventually got fed up with having you be a lazy slob and kicked you out.
Your grandparents wouldn't take you in as you were having a child out of wedlock but provided you a cabin (Snow White's cottage) far away from the public eye and away from the family.
As you worked as a single mother to raise your daughter you slowly realized that there was more to life than thinking of yourself.
Can only get a career after getting kicked out.
Can only ever get a part-time job.
Does not ever do homework and doesn't care about school.
Dies before she is an elder

Only ever has the one child

Generation 12: Esmeralda: God help the outcasts…
Movie: Hunchback of Notre Dame

You never knew why your mother and you lived in a small four-room cottage, but it never bothered you. Your mother always went to work every day and worked hard to make enough money to help support you and her, but it was never enough. You dropped out of school to help out and although you had little money your family was happy. As you got older you learned to dance and make money. Your mother died when you were just a teen from the flu and the cold and was unable to get medicine.

Trait- Self-Assured, Good, Recycle Disciple
Aspiration- Neighborhood Confidante
Skills- Singing, Dancing
Love Interest- Working late one night you meet a man and end up having a one-night stand and you never see him again.

Drops out of school as a teen
Only ever has a part-time job when her mother is alive but quits when she dies and only makes money through music and dance.
Always helps those in need.
Volunteers at least twice a week
Dies as a young adult

Esmeralda works herself to the bone always trying to help others though she dies in childbirth and never got married.

Generation 13: Ariel: Wish I could be, part of your world…
Movie: The Little Mermaid

You grew up with your father and were told that your mother had died when you were a child. As Princess of the Sea, you were fascinated by the ocean around you and all the human treasures that sank into it. The tale would start when Ariel turns into a teenage version of herself. One day she finds a young man on the beach and saves his life. She goes back and tells her half-sibling about it. They promise to help her out with him.
Optional: Install the Expanded Mermaids mod - http://modthesims.info/d/630179/expanded-mermaids.html Create a Sea Witch character that forms a deal with Ariel to become human temporarily. Use the rules below with how to deal with a love interest from there. Ariel can become fully human by defeating (you pick how) the Sea Witch and breaking the contract.

Trait- Mermaid, Loves Outdoors, Child of the Ocean, Materialistic
Aspiration- The Curator
Skills- Fitness (can only swim in a pool or ocean), singing

Love Interest-
Can only fall in love with a sim with at least one similar feature as her
Ariel may only talk to love interest one time. (After that, the sibling must talk to love interest and "Talk up another sim" about Ariel. They may "Hook up with" as well)
Once Ariel completes The Curator aspiration, she must become a human and can speak with her love interest as normal.
Ariel moves to live in Eric’s castle

Sibling and Ariel must be BFFs
Sibling and Ariel must stay together in the same household

Offspring- May have any number of children, but first female born is heir

Generation 14: Pocahontas: Can you paint with all the colors of the wind…
Movie: Pocahontas

Because your mother never knew her mother, she wanted to keep you close and spend every moment with you. After she became human, she also never saw her half-sibling or her father again as they were not able to live on land as she was. One night when you sneak out to see the world you saw a young man in a beautiful clearing (Sylvan Glade in Willow Creek). You both come from entirely different worlds, and it's hard for you to meet again but you can't meet the love of your life again as your family forbids it. When Pocahontas transforms into a teenager, this tale begins.
Optional: Build a micro-home over time to live in. Have an enemy alien/vampire/spellcaster/mermaid who knows the love interest and hates Pocahontas.
EPS: Vampires – Pocahontas can even fall in love with a Vampire!

Trait- Loves Outdoors, Green Fiend, Animal Enthusiast
Aspiration- Outdoor Enthusiast
Skills- Gardening, Fishing, Flower Arranging, Herbalism, Wellness, Knitting, Fabrication, Handiness

Love Interest-
Must have an alien for a love interest
Elope with him and get married.

Must buy an empty lot (whatever size you want) (Must use the lot challenge Simple Living and Off the Grid)
Must only have §1,000 to start the generation
Must live off the land for food. (This can be gathered, fished, or grown yourself.) (You cannot eat other people's barbecued stuff or get quick meals from the fridge)
May not buy any furniture. (You must build all your furniture on a woodworking table or with a fabricator or find it in a dumpster.)
Must have your lot be Eco friendly and try to keep the neighborhood green
Must only vote for N.A.P.s that are Eco friendly
Must have the part-time job Fisherman. (This can be her only job ever)

Offspring- May have any number of children, but last-born female will be heir

After you leave your family to run away you can never see your parents/siblings again.
You may also use the knitting skill and/or cross-stitch, but you must use wool from Llama

Generation 15: Kida: In times of danger this crystal would choose a host of royal blood to protect itself and its people…
Movie: Atlantis: The Lost Empire

Like your mother, you enjoy being in the middle of nature and exploring the world. One day you meet someone from Batuu, and they tell you about the situation going on. You go home that night and talk to your mother and father about it, and they tell you that you should follow your heart, so you go to help the resistance out.

Traits- Alien, Heroic Presence
Aspiration- Paragon of Hope
Love Interest- Marries a First Order member (Milo)

Joins the Resistance and builds a blue lightsaber
Has a droid companion

Offspring- Only has one child

Optional- Moves with her spouse (Milo) to the outside of Henford on Bagley after getting married and after having children both parents leave their sides of the war.


  • benphoenix19benphoenix19 Posts: 31 Member
    Generation 16: Captain Amelia: Because everyone has moments where they want to go… to hell with it all…
    Movie: Treasure Planet

    When Amelia is a Child both of her parents are killed, and she is taken in by a smuggler friend that her mother knew. He raises her to join the Black Spire Smugglers and soon she becomes the leader of the Smugglers.

    Traits- Alien, Supreme Authority, Slight of Hand
    Aspiration- Galactic Privateer
    Other- Has a droid companion
    Offspring- Has a hookup with a man (Jim Hawkings) and has a daughter that she leaves on his doorstep

    Optional- Joins the Black Spire Outpost

    Generation 17: Belle: A tale not so old as time…
    Movie: Beauty and the Beast

    This is not the normal telling of Beauty and the Beast that you have been told.
    Belle grew up with Jim Hawkings in a smuggling town and learned to be a capable pickpocket and thief. However, she found being around the smuggling town to be boring. They just did the same things day after day and never seemed to take book learning seriously. She grew up with a young man named Gaston that is the future leader of the smugglers. The pair briefly dated but broke up while in High School because she thought he was too self-absorbed and he couldn’t understand why she wanted to read all the time. For her father going off to university was a given for her, though he didn’t understand why she wanted to go, and taking the hardest courses for engineering seemed like a nice potential challenge. However, she never expected to meet someone that challenged her there. He was different from her and though he was popular he was different she couldn’t put her finger on it.

    The story will begin when Belle turns into a young adult.
    Optional: Create a crazy stalker (potentially ex-lover) who has self-absorbed, materialistic, and self-assured traits. Have them ruthlessly pursue Belle and become enemies with the love interest.
    Belle begins when she becomes a young adult (but work on skills when teenager for university)

    Trait- Is an alien but becomes a vampire after marrying the Beast (Prince Adam), Bookworm, Ambitious, Perfectionist
    Aspiration- Academic
    Skills- Programming, Robotics, Logic

    Love Interest-
    Belle isn't somebody who chases looks but loves a good book and spends much of her time in the library.
    While several of her ancestors threw themselves at the first man, she saw she has been turning suitors away left and right.
    Belle doesn't believe in love at first sight; hence she needs to date at least five sims before dating, Adam.
    She and Adam move into his Castle after she becomes a vampire

    Career: Mechanical Engineer
    Attends University

    Offspring- Can have as many children as they want but their eldest daughter is the heir.
    EPS: Get to work – Belle is an alien, her husband is a vampire.

    Generation 18: Nala: So whenever you feel alone, just remember that those kings of the past will always be there to guide you and so will I…
    Movie: Lion King

    Like her mother, she has a desire to see the world and learn about everything around her. She and her mother bonded over their love of books and their family took trips all over to see the world. Adam never stopped to shower her with presents but had her betrothed to Mufasa's son, Prince Simba, at a young age. When she was a child, she was sent to live with his family and to learn their customs that she would be Queen of one day. She was never sure about Simba at first but soon they began close friends. When King Mufasa was murdered and Simba disappeared, Prince Scar took over and became King. Queen Sarabi and Princess Nala became close and arranged to flee the castle if need be. Eventually, the Queen and Princess fled to Nala's Parents and took shelter in their castle. Nala decided that she couldn't just sit around anymore and went to look for help to save her people. She found Simba at a nightclub in Strangerville where he had been living with his new friends Timon and Pumba. She convinced him to come back with her to her parents and together they forced King Scar out of their castle and took their places on the throne.

    Trait (chose 3 of the following)- Is a human or vampire (Human is preferable but depends on how you want to play), Self-assured, Active, Proper, Ambitious, Cat lover
    Aspiration- Extreme Sports Enthusiast
    Skills- Fitness, Charisma, Research and Debate

    Love Interest-
    Prince Simba
    Marries Simba after he defeats his uncle in a fight.

    Travels the world with her parents as a child (Spends one day in each world)
    Leaves her family to live with Simba’s family as a child
    Simba’s uncle Scar kills Mufasa (Simba’s father) and forces Simba to leave the kingdom.
    Queen Sarabi and Nala take shelter in Nala’s parent’s castle.
    Attends University
    After completing university she decides to search and find help.
    Must spend one day in each world (visiting each lot in the world) and spend the night in that world in an empty lot if there are any available otherwise spend a night in a vacation lot.
    Find Simba in Strangerville and convince him to return to challenge his uncle for the throne.

    Has two children (Kiara and Kion)
    Kiara is the heir

    Generation 19: Kiara: Them, us? Look at them, they are us. What differences do you see?
    Movie: Lion King II: Simba's Pride

    Kiara was born just a year into her parent's marriage, and she was trained from a young age to be prepared for anything though her father tried to keep her protected from everything. She sunk out one night to explore the world and made a friend though her father showed up and forbid them from seeing each other. It was during this time that her Uncle Scar appeared once again, and they had a battle and she found out that her friend Kovu was the son of his general and chosen successor. Kovu warned the royal family that Scar and his mother, Zira, were leading an attack and it led to the royal family being able to defeat the pair and eventually led to the execution of Scar and Zira. Kiara stopped the execution of Kovu and his sister older sister, Vitani, as they had warned her of the oncoming attack. Kovu and Vitani's older brother Nuka was killed by Kovu when he tried to attack the future Queen.

    Trait- Loves the outdoors, Adventurous, Cat Lover
    Aspiration- Big Happy Family
    Skills- Fitness, Charisma

    Love Interest-
    Marries Kovu after the battle with Scar and Zira

    Attends University
    Travels the world with her parents as a child (Visits each lot in the world that they live in)
    As a young adult Kovu and Kiara defeat Scar and Zira.
    (Kovu’s brother Nuka is killed in the attack, Kovu’s sister joins the royal family in defeating her mother. Kiara stops the execution of Kovu and Vitana)

    Can have as many children as they want but their oldest daughter, if it isn't their firstborn, is the heir

    Generation 20: Jane: You’ll be in my heart…
    Movie: Tarzan

    Like Great (x2) Grandmother, she has a desire to see the world and learn about everything around her. She and her mother bonded over their love of books and their family took trips all over to see the world. Kovu never stopped to shower her with presents and supported her dreams to see the world even when her mother had to stay home and rule the kingdom. One day she met a man (Tarzan) on one of her adventures and he was as interested in her as she was in him, and she kept returning to see him. Eventually, she decided to move to Selvadorada to be with him.

    Trait- Cheerful, Bookworm, Adventurous
    Aspiration- Archaeology Scholar
    Skills- Selvadorada Culture, Archeology

    Love Interest-
    Marries a Selvadorada (Tarzan)
    Moves to Selvadorada after completing the Archaeology Scholar aspiration
    Since you can’t live in Selvadorada take a lot from Selvadorada and place it in either Strangerville or Oasis Spring to live.

    Attends University
    Vacations in Selvadorada
    Complete the ancient artifact collection
    Career: professor
    Find a death flower to keep as a family heirloom

    Offspring- Have children right before they become elders (triplets) after trying many times.

    Generation 21: Mirabel, Luisa, or Isabela: You're more than just your gift…
    Movie: Encanto

    After their parents had been trying for many years to have a child and their hopes falling, they finally had an Encanto in triplet girls.
    You can choose which daughter to play to continue the challenge.

    Luisa: I'm as tough as the crust of the earth is…
    As the eldest she has a lot of her family expectations pressed onto her.
    The eldest daughter
    Is a spellcaster
    Must get the responsible trait
    Paranoid trait
    Max out the fitness skill (athletic aspiration)
    Career: Diamond Agent Branch

    Isabela: What else can I do…
    The middle daughter Isabela was the most beautiful child ever and she had men from all over falling for her. Naturally gifted in everything that she did she felt trapped to be the perfect daughter and was constantly jealous of her sisters about not having to be perfect.
    The middle daughter
    Is a spellcaster
    Must max out the manners trait
    Naturally perfect and beautiful
    Trait: High Maintenance
    Max out the flower arrangement, piano, violin, and singing skills
    Aspiration: Zen Guru

    Mirabel: Waiting on a miracle…
    Cast aside for not seeming as gifted as the rest of her siblings she always tries to impress her family but nothing she does it enough.
    Is a human
    Wears glasses
    Aspiration: Big Happy Family
    Trait: Cheerful
    Doesn't get along with Isabela until both are young adult

    Generation 22: Raya: The world’s broken, you can’t trust anyone…
    Movie: Raya and the Last Dragon

    Your family has come to a time of peace, and you are shown your family's most prized procession (Death Flower) that your grandmother Jane found on her travels. You show it to another girl during a party and that night she steals it, and your entire family is killed during a home invasion. You spend your entire life trying to recover the flower and make up for your mistake.

    Trait- Active, Gloomy, Paranoid
    Aspiration- Any, the one I used was Leader of the Pack
    Skills- Fitness
    Love Interest- Once you start your career, find a co-worker to fall in love with.

    Career: Covert Operator (Military).
    On your travels, you make friends with a woman (Sisu) who tries to convince you that you have to forgive yourself for the accident.

    Offspring- Has 4 children

    Generation 23: Merida: If you had a chance to change your fate would you?
    Movie: Brave

    Because of her mother's mistakes as a child, Raya does not let Merida put a foot out of line and comes down hard on any step out of line. Merida, however, is not your average princess. With fierce wild red hair and a strong and adventurous spirit to match she loves to explore the forest with her companion, Angus. Merida has loads of expectations to live up to and though she tries to please her mother, she comes to believe that she is never going to be good enough for her mother. Her mother’s sole wish if for her to follow in her footsteps in her Military career and then to marry someone with status. However, Merida doesn't want to do this as she wants to become a Space Ranger instead.
    The adventures you plunge into lead you in more trouble, and you are nearly always grounded. When Merida turns a teenager, the story shall begin.

    Trait- Self-Assured, Unflirty, Gloomy (After the loss of her mother and siblings)
    Aspiration- Strangerville Mystery
    Skills- Skiing, Snowboarding, Fitness, Rock Climbing

    Merida's sisters, brothers, and mother should lose their lives in a tragic accident as a teen. Eaten by the mother plant (Strangerville)
    She needs to search for a way to change the past but eventually fails at it (Complete the Strangerville mystery aspiration)
    She grows up alone and miserable with regrets.

    Offspring- Merida will then believe that she is cursed; for this reason, she never gets married though she does have one daughter.

    Generation 24: Sally: I myself am made entirely of flaws, stitched together with good intentions…
    Movie: Nightmare Before Christmas

    Though your mother never talks about it you learn the story of your family by going to the library and reading about it in the archives. You work hard to support you and your mother as she wastes away consumed by regret and cries every night over the loss of her mother and siblings. One day as you are working at the hospital you meet a man named Jack Skellington, the Pumpkin King. He is looking for a Queen and you have impressed him. You and your mother go to join him in his castle (Queen Anna and King Kristoff's castle) after you are married.

    Traits- Good, Vegetarian, Clumsy
    Aspiration- Positivity Challenge
    Skills- Cooking, Herbalism, Mixology, Knitting, Vampire Lore
    Love Interest- Jack Skellington (is a Vampire)
    Other- Career: Doctor
    Offspring- Two daughters
    Optional- Jack can be a descendant of Vlad

    Mods needed this generation- MC Command Center, UI Extensions

    Generation 25: Queen Elsa II: No escape from this storm inside of me…
    Movie: Frozen

    This generation begins when Elsa and Anna are both children.
    Your parents were always unsure of where your powers came from. You were the silent type after the accident. All you needed was to be alone, unable to harm anyone. Wait for Elsa to become a teen, and the story will then start.
    Optional: When the girls both become young adults, their parents die. Create an evil love interest for Anna who causes her to die by freezing to death. This love interest also attempts to kill Elsa.

    Must play with 2 girls, Elsa is the older

    Elsa must have the Iceproof trait (traits.equip_trait iceman)
    Elsa must have the Loner trait
    Elsa must be a spellcaster (traits.equip_trait trait_Occult_WitchOccult)
    They must be BFFs when children but stop talking to each other completely when Elsa grows into a teenager. They cannot interact at all!
    Elsa must have the Spellcraft & Sorcery aspiration and complete it
    She must escape from home during adolescence. She goes to the Realm of Magic and gets a Veild as a familiar and retrieves her Great Aunt Queen Elsa I's familiar Phoenix from her Ice Castle that she lives in until her sister shows up to take her home.

    Elsa and Anna cannot leave the lot unless going to school while teenagers
    Anna should first fall in love with a criminal.
    Anna has a second love interest while looking for her sister.
    Anna must be turned into an ice statue when she becomes a young adult by her first love interest
    Elsa must try to save her sister by trying to counter the ice spell on Anna before a week has passed since her death and though she succeeds in unfreezing her sister Anna dies of Magical Overload (MC Command center)
    Elsa moves to Mt Komorebi and kills her sister's first lover in revenge and casts the land into an eternal winter (UI Extensions) while she is mourning the death of her sister.
    After the death of her sister, Elsa gains the Gloomy trait
    Elsa never takes the wedding vows but carries one child by accident.

    -Mods needed this generation- MC Command Center, UI Extensions

    Generation 26: Moana: I have crossed the horizon to find you…
    Movie: Moana

    Your mother never wanted to let you out of the castle ever since what happened to her sister all those years ago. She trained you to be queen and never to show emotion and to rule others, to be her heiress. But you wished to explore and see the world. Moana knows her choices make her who she is and yet hopes that they will show you the world one day. The real story starts in her teenage version.

    Traits- Loves Outdoors
    Aspiration- Friend of the World
    Skills- Charisma
    Love Interest- Maui

    Career: Marine Biologist
    She must share a close relationship with her grandma, who dies before turning into a young adult.
    With the death of her grandmother, Moana run away to find help or a new home to save her people from her mother Elsa as her grief grew with the death of her mother.
    While on the run she becomes best friends with Maul.
    She ends up in her Great (x13) Grandmother Ariel's old castle and settles there until her mother dies at which point, she returns to her mother's castle and starts to repair the kingdom with the help of her subjects.

    Offspring- Finally, Moana marries and gives birth to a child.

    EPS: Jungle adventure – On Moana's journey to find a new home, she must explore Selvadorada.

    Generation 27: Mulan: When will my reflection show, who I am inside?
    Movie: Mulan

    Once Mulan is a teen, this story will start.
    Queen Moana is amid cleaning up the kingdom when she has you. You always realized that you must do your part to help the family, but it seems that no matter how hard you try you can never get your mother's attention. You talk to your father about it, but he only tells you that she loves you but that she feels that she is responsible for repairing what her mother destroyed. Your mother wants you to be the perfect daughter to help show the kingdom that the family is dedicated to helping repair what her mother destroyed but you want to be yourself instead. Knowing that you will never be the perfect daughter you leave the castle and build a life of your own.

    Trait- Active, Family Oriented, Genius
    Aspiration- Inner Peace
    Skills- Logic, Fitness, Rock Climbing, Fitness
    Love Interest- Once you start your career, find a co-worker to fall in love with.
    Other- Career: Astronaut
    Offspring- Can have as many children as you want

    Leave your mother’s castle as a young adult and don’t return after you are famous with your husband
    Have a friend that you travel with (Mushu)
    EPS: Get famous – Mulan is renowned due to her achievements.

    Generation 28: Vanellope: Everyone says I'm just a mistake, that I'm not supposed to exist...
    Movie: Wreck-it Ralph

    Because of her Great Grandmother Elsa being feared as a wicked Snow Queen, Vanellope was shunned because she was born with magic by the other children and townspeople. Her mother Queen Mulan did as much as she could but even her siblings shunned her and eventually, she left her mother's castle. Found at the park she was taken in by a kind teen that was also shunned just because he didn't look like everyone else and had anger issues. Unknown to her, her mother Mulan and Grandmother Moana sent out soldiers to look for her but eventually gave up thinking the worst.

    Trait- Cheerful, Loner, Adventurous

    Social Butterfly as a child
    Joke Star aspiration as an adult

    Skills- Charisma, Comedy
    Other- Possible have her be a friend to Ralph
    Offspring- Only have one daughter

    Must be enemies with 14 other children
    Use ModifyRelationship Vanellope VonSchweetz KID NAME -100 LTR_Friendship_Main

    Generation 29: Jessie: Carry yourself with grit and grace find your own trail and follow it...
    Movie: Toy Story

    Jessie is a lot like her ancestor, Merida, in that she is free-spirited. She follows her mother’s path in being an entertainer. When she is a teenager her mother sends her to be raised as the heir to the throne and to be raised by her grandmother Mulan. After her grandmother’s death unrest comes and Jessie has a lot on her plate. The kingdom demands that she marries Lord Woody and that her power is contained by another. Jessie renounces the demands and states that she will never marry him and instead marries a foreign prince Buzz. As unrest grows she is eventually forced to flee her castle though her children are kept at the castle. Later she tries to reclaim her home but she is killed in the battle.

    Trait- Cheerful, Self-Assured
    Aspiration- Any that you want
    Skills- Logic

    Love Interest-
    Lord Woody (demanded by the kingdom)
    Prince Buzz (foreign prince) (He is killed in the battle by Lord Woody while protecting Jessie)

    Starts out in the entertainment career but once her grandmother becomes an elder she switches and becomes a politician.
    Going to live with her grandmother when she is a teenager
    Is forced to flee her castle when it is attacked, though Buzz is killed and her children are held captive.
    She is later killed when she returns to take back her castle by Lord Woody.

    Offspring- Has three children, the oldest has to be a girl (two younger are boys)

    Generation 30: Violet: I feel different… is different ok?
    Movie: The Incredibles

    Like her grandmother, Violet doesn’t like to put herself out there and especially after what happened with her mother Violet has been used to being a puppet. The kingdom put up Lord Woody as the regent until Violet could turn 18 (young adult) at what point she would be appointed Queen and engaged to Lord Woody and Lady Bo’s son Lord Tony, who she has never met… or so she thinks.
    Traits- Loner, Family Oriented
    Aspiration- Complete the soulmate aspiration with Tony
    Skills- Logic

    Love Interest-
    After the death of Queen Jessie, Vanellope returns to the castle as Governess to her grandchildren
    Sneaks out one night after turning into a teen and meets a boy at a library but never sees him again
    Talks to her crush one time as a child but never talks to him again until she is a young adult when she realizes that he is Lord Tony.

    Offspring- Has one daughter

    Generation 31: Cruella: From the very beginning I’ve always made a statement, not everyone has appreciated that, that’s unfortunate…
    Movie: Cruella

    Princess Cruella was by all appearances a good child. But secretly she was angered by how her family has been treated she started to form a circle of her own. When she is a young adult her father has her marry a duke to help bring the kingdom together. This was the last straw for her and she, in turn, overturned the kingdom and had many of those that opposed her and her mother executed, including her husband, father, and her father’s family. She refused to get married again and has many suitors killed that tried to marry her. She only had one daughter that she detested because she reminded her of her husband.

    Traits- Dog Lover, Ambitious, Erratic
    Aspiration- Public Enemy
    Skill- Mischief, Charisma, Logic

    Love Interest-
    Has one husband
    Kill off at least 10 suitors

    Career: Fashion Designer
    Forms a group of several individuals (her inner circle)
    Kills her husband, father, Lord Woody, and Lady Bo
    Her mother never speaks to her again after the death of her husband (King Tony)

    Offspring- One daughter that you have a bad relationship with her daughter.

    Generation 32: Red Riding Hood: Fear makes the wolf bigger than he is...
    Book: Little Red Riding Hood

    You never got along with your mother but you were beloved by the people and many thought that you should be Queen instead of her. You always went everywhere with your red cloak and visited your grandmother in her retirement Castle in old Windenburg.

    Trait- Squeamish, Proper, Cheerful
    Aspiration- Friend of the World
    Skills- Herbalism, Charisma, Cross Stitch, Knitting
    Love Interest- Big Bad Wolf

    Forms a group of several individuals (her inner circle)
    Your mother sends an assassin after you (Big Bad Wolf) though you and he become romantically inclined instead.
    When you are a young woman the Kingdom finally manages to overthrow your mother and you and the Big Bad Wolf take over as King and Queen though your mother and her inner circle flee the kingdom to regroup their strength.

    Offspring- One daughter

    Generation 33: Astrid: "Is this some kind of a joke to you? Our parents' war is about to become ours. Figure out which side you're on."
    Movie: How to Train Your Dragon

    Though your mother was never a fighter you took after your father and became a warrior to go after your grandmother who the people started to refer to as the second Evil Queen. You never understood your mother as she was a pacifist and you were a warrior though you were dear to each other. After joining a secret society (Riders) you are trained to hunt down and find the members of the Cruella’s inner circle. Your mother used her popularity to pull the people to her side while you trained to be her commander in chief and leader of her army to hunt down your grandmother.

    Trait- Active, Ambitious, Snob
    Aspiration- Body Builder
    Skill- Fitness
    Love Interest- Hiccup

    Joins the Riders of Burk
    Marries the leader of the group to form an alliance with his warrior kingdom
    Hiccup- Genius, Adventurous, Good
    Fishlegs- Bookworm, Neat, Good
    Snotlout- High Maintenance, Ambitious, Outgoing
    Ruffnut- Kleptomaniac, Cheerful, Goofball
    Tuffnut- Kleptomaniac, Self-Assured, Goofball
    Career: Military Career

    Note: If after any gen you wish to end the challenge, or not have kids. It will be entirely up to you.

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