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Just found Sims Medieval on Origin Sale! Now what?

Hi everyone, looks like hardly anyone plays Sims Medieval but I just happened to see it on Origin on sale half price only for a few more hours, and bought it for $20 (which includes the pirates and nobles one as well) and just got through the tutorial.

So I treated it like I do Sims 3, and saved as, instead of overwriting, and then wondered if I need to delete cache files. Are there any mods like NRAAS ones needed?

I'm amazed at how smoothly the game runs, and how great the Sims look. And also that I get to hunt, have sword fights, and all sorts of nasty medieval business like putting wrongdoers in the stocks, writing arrest warrants, signing executions etc? Regular Sims could never.

But a quick look online about game maintenance didn't show me much. Figured you all would know?
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    For now, I'll say that you won't need to worry about the same issues that The Sims 3 has. For me, the game runs so well unless I play it for really long. The game starts to become really weird. Fortunately, quitting and relaunching the game will prevent this issue.

    Edit. By long, I mean about 8-12 hours.
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    That's why I do experiments in the game from time to time and tutorial videos on YouTube.
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