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The Strauds | Dark Family Comedy & Paranormal Romance *Updated 1/9/22*


Home is where the heart is.
(The bodies are in the basement)

The occult world’s most infamous family is in forced retirement.

After their brand of menace and mayhem gets them booted from the supernatural world, the Strauds are happy to go their separate ways. Between divorce, betrayals, and a long-standing argument over who broke the antique bust of Princess Cordelia, each member is sure they are better off on their own. But when new love interests, a mysterious ghost, and a series of grisly crimes force them back together, will they choose to fight with each other or forgive?

The Strauds is a paranormal romance/dark comedy SimLit that dives into the domestic lives of the morally gray and villainous. It has mature themes and language.

Genre: Dark Family Comedy & Paranormal Romance
Updates: Every Two Weeks on Sundays
Blog Link: https://simmiestories.blog

Recognize the characters? The Strauds is an Alternate Universe story featuring everyone you know and love from Baking by Death and a few new characters (Hello, Bella Goth!)

Dark Family Comedy & Paranormal Romance



  • FeroshaCoutoraFeroshaCoutora Posts: 130 Member
    New Chapter!


    In 1882, a number of events set our story in motion. There’s a shipwreck that brings a much-needed windfall for the Goth family, the supernatural community elects three Sages, and the Straud family receives notice of their exile and reacts “mildly.” Oh, and someone should really check up on that beast that terrorized a Brindleton Bay theater. Our Baking By Death Alternate Universe adventure begins!

    Start Reading: https://simmiestories.blog/2022/01/09/prologue-loose-lips-sink-ships/
    Dark Family Comedy & Paranormal Romance

  • simgirl1010simgirl1010 Posts: 23,829 Member
    Intriguing. Looking forward to the next update.
    Do more of what makes you happy. 🌞
  • FeroshaCoutoraFeroshaCoutora Posts: 130 Member
    Thank you! I'm having a lot of fun with making their lives crazy...er...I mean writing the story :-)
    Dark Family Comedy & Paranormal Romance

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