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How often do you create families and households that have multiple sims?



  • HillyBethHillyBeth Posts: 3,219 Member
    Mareah wrote: »
    Whenever i start a new game with a new household, i mostly start with one single sim. I almost never create families in CAS, and i rarely start with couples or households with more than one sim. I do find/create them partners and make them start families later though. How about you?

    I usually start with two young adults in one household, but the sims in this photo were neighbors even when they started dating. Now they have six kids and their third son just became a teenager. Hubby is an elder now(10 days older, because the fourth pregnancy didn't allow her to age up five days after him to adult) Soon she'll be an elder and all their kids are still in school, though the eldest, Cyrus, will be a young adult soon! He also has a girlfriend(see second photo)
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  • ACruelButLovingGodACruelButLovingGod Posts: 706 Member
    I haven't created any new sims in my world (one save stretching back to February 2020) in ages—it's gotta be close to a year now. I think Super Dave Lembeck was the last one, maybe Steve Garamonde, the former the patriarch of one of the big-deal families, the latter the tortured bartender whose customers sing their problems like Steve's Ryan Stiles.

    In every case where I created someone in CAS, it was as one sim whose story I wanted to see unfold in the context of whatever they got up to.
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  • DaepheneDaephene Posts: 1,391 Member
    I usually start with a single sim and play through them finding a partner and so on, or a couple and have them have their kids through gameplay.
  • simgirl1010simgirl1010 Posts: 23,934 Member
    Very rarely. With my current family I created a female and male sim in separate households. Played the female sim for a bit then had them meet and marry after a while. They've had three daughters. Triplets who have aged up at different times.

    I subsequently created the mom and dad's parents, siblings and their children, to provide relatives for my sim family.

    It's been a few years since I created the extended family so the last time I was in CAS to make a new sim was for a few if the scenarios.
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  • megan_mariamegan_maria Posts: 644 Member
    I always create just one sim and play them on their own for a bit. Then I look to extend the family with a partner, children, etc.

    Although having said that, I created a family of two young adult sisters a while ago with completely different personalities and they actually became one of my favourite sim families to date.
  • NightlyCoffeeNightlyCoffee Posts: 263 Member
    Sometimes I'll create larger families when I try to make a backstory for my Sims. I actually prefer to start with a single Sim and expand the family through gameplay.
  • ModerateOspreyModerateOsprey Posts: 4,622 Member
    I jump through some hoops when introducing a new sim to my game. I am in the middle of doing this now for my spellcaster sim having just got RoM.

    I start by creating the YA version of the primary sim (or sims if I want siblings) to get the appearance I want for what will be the bulk of my playtime. I then age the sim down to a teen (or a child in some cases) and set traits/clothes etc. I then use genetics to create the parents (sometimes even grandparents).

    Where I go from here can differ depending on what I am wanting to do. For my first look at Eco Lifestyle, I moved the teen into the lot on their lonesome and put the parents into Not In World and then commenced playing the teen.

    Doing this just gives me a bit of back story should I want it.
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  • MonaveilMonaveil Posts: 579 Member
    The only multiple Sim households that I put together are made up of townies that the game generates. When the game generates orphan teens and children I look through the adult townie population to find a suitable set of parents. I set them up as a family household in CAS. From there they go into the game where I play them long enough to get them set up with basic skills and careers. Teens and kids became Scouts.

    The only other multiple Sim households that I've put together are roommates which consist of 4 to 6 Sims from various age groups and both genders. I spend enough time with each household to get them set up with careers and several basic skills so I see them at venues and social events.

    Do I start any of my new saves with multiple Sim households? Nope. Putting these households together and playing them is how I found out that I am not a "family player." On the plus side, I learned about traits that I never used before but started to use with my own Sims later.
  • SERVERFRASERVERFRA Posts: 4,872 Member
    edited January 13
    I mostly create my households by different themes. For example:
    TV Shows/Movies

    Basically, a lot. I actually have 6 Game Saves at once. I love playing variety in my Sims 4.
  • keene61keene61 Posts: 246 Member
    Sometimes. This past save I added Johnny Zest back in with the family and then married him off and moved him out when I didn't want to balance so many sims anymore. Coincidentally, his new wife was an alien and the night they conceived, he was abducted and also conceived. So I raised them to children and then moved on.
  • EmmaVaneEmmaVane Posts: 6,897 Member
    edited January 13
    Most of the time I play either with premades or I play Random Legacy style (either with one household or several following their own rolls).

    If I'm playing premades, I don't create any sims in CAS, I just makeover them.

    If I'm playing Random Legacy style, then I create the founder in CAS. I might also create the helper(s) as sibling(s).

    I rarely create the spouse as I like to find them in game. I might bypass spouse-hunting in the first gen if they have to have a lot of kids because it gives upto an extra week of baby making time. In this instance, I would make the spouse in CAS.

    I never normally create kids or pets in CAS. Except for "alien" pets, perhaps.
  • invisiblgirlinvisiblgirl Posts: 1,661 Member
    About 90% of the time, I only want one Sim in the house, because more than one becomes stressful. At some point, I might add a spouse if I want a baby in the household; otherwise, I'll take my Sim into CAS and play with genetics to create her toddler.
    I just want things to match. :'(
  • Lulu29Lulu29 Posts: 111 Member
    Normally I create single Sims in CAS and then move them into a neighbourhood and play their lives out from there. Sometimes there's plans for them, other times there isn't. Some of the best saves that I have are Sims that haven't had their lives set out for them, I did end up with one main family that had generation's from a save similar to that. Unfortunately I ended up losing that save though.
  • GlacierSnowGlacierSnow Posts: 1,036 Member
    If I am planning to play with the household I'm making, I usually start with 1 to 4 sims. If I only start with 1 or 2, I often will add a couple more later. I've only moved in a sim that I didn't create in one game I think.

    But if I am making households to just be in the world, but not a household I play with, it can be any number up to 8.
  • FurAndYarnFurAndYarn Posts: 278 Member
    edited January 13
    If I am going to be actively playing a household, I tend to start with a single sim... maybe a pet with them. This is mainly because, if I'm actually creating a sim to play, it is 99% of the time going to be a rags to riches gameplay.

    I mainly play in my legacy save though, so the families have been making themselves over the generations. If I do add a household to that world, then I will typically create a couple or parent(s) with kid(s) and/or pet(s).
  • GalacticGalGalacticGal Posts: 19,790 Member
    Depending on the save and I only have two that interest me at the moment. I create the family as a unit in CAS. My Cantrell family, for instance. After I used Erik for my Founder in the Pinstar Legacy Challenge in which you are required to play on Normal, I managed to complete the challenge, but felt as if I just didn't have enough time with Erik. So, I created his parents from the single Erik I made. From there I allowed the parents to have their children born in-game. After Erik became a Toddler, I took the family into cas.fulleditmode, aged him up a bit to make certain he looked like himself, with the notion I would delete the in-game born for the one I created originally and simply age him down to Toddler.

    I played this game all the way to Get Famous and beyond. I even used the Road to Fame Professional Singer Career version until suddenly Erik couldn't perform a concert where once he could. I took my woes to Discord and learned after creating a new save and a new Sim that the mod was functioning just fine. In the long run, Erik was corrupted. So much for showing his musical genius was a part of him from the beginning. Now, I have created the family anew (and have used it for several restarts) as a complete family. I make the first four kids Teens and the youngest a Child.

    Same with my Ancestral game save. I create both the Sevier and the Hawkins families so that the eldest from each household are Teens. Best way to tell a story is start as close to the end, as possible.
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  • HillyBethHillyBeth Posts: 3,219 Member
    edited January 14
    Ever since getting on my new PC switching to other houses is faster! Andrew and Elizabeth raised their six children with firm but gentle hands and love, and now they have six grandchildren and four kids are married! Sadly, I'll be saying goodbye to the matriarch and patriarch, but this is the longest I've had my founders around for, which is new to me, as I've never played on a long lifespan and have been since November 2021. :)

    I switch to the other households from time to time, so that's a new thing for me. On my old PC switching to map view took 20 minutes, now it takes seconds!

    Here is Andrew and Beth's eldest son Ryan and his family. Ryan and Katherine are now adults!

    <3Ryan, Katherine, Adeline, and Benjamin Cole <3

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  • BabykittyjadeBabykittyjade Posts: 3,444 Member
    Never less then 8 for every house. I want pets so bad but no room 😭😭😭
    Zombies, oh please oh please give us zombies!! :'(
  • ignominiusrexignominiusrex Posts: 792 Member
    Was hoping for a poll but my answer is almost never. I usually start with one single sim.
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  • coolsim9999999coolsim9999999 Posts: 4,323 Member
    That's mostly what I do B)!

  • ThriorThrior Posts: 311 Member
    When it comes to playable ones then rarely. Usually it's just 1-2 sims. Roommates happen or a combo of one sim with a cat/dog, sometimes I might create a single parent (notably my homeless challenge cuz it's just the right amount of obnoxious with a toddler in tow lol), but I almost never create families or even predetermined couples. I just enjoy it more when things happen organically in-game and can go to unexpected directions.

    My very first sim for TS4 was a single male (pretty much a staple that I always start with one male sim). Later, because I just wanted to create a female sim too and couldn't be bothered to jump between two separate households, he got a roommate. I did not plan to hook them up, for some reason the roleplay ideas in my head didn't support this, but then he saved her from a housefire, she got the "awed by a life saving hero" sentiment while he felt "close after a close call" and it kinda went on from there. Also happened that I was planning for them to just get two kids but then on the supposed second one they got freaking triplets instead and ended up with 4 babies at once.
    I love it when unplanned stuff like this happens and how the stories kinda write themselves. Sure, I do tend to have general ideas for each character but I'm very flexible when things "don't go as planned" and often embrace them.

    I find starting off with 1-2 unrelated sim leaves things more open for me. I might want to emulate some type of scenario with multiple sims in the future. Too bad you can't actually make starting scenarios yourself because it could be interesting to start off with a bunch of sims who have different relationships than just the default. Now if you want to start with an e.g. dysfunctional family you pretty much have to then force that in-game after finishing up with CAS and I just don't really like the artificial feel of it.
  • ddd994ddd994 Posts: 345 Member
    I went through a phase of creating maxed out households, but my sim count soon reached max capacity 😅 now I have to make singletons to try and populate my game..

    It’s just too easy and not much fun playing with a single sim.. I prefer the challenge of having a full house.
  • ElliandreElliandre Posts: 808 Member
    I don't really create Sims anymore. I have made some families and single Sims that I loved, but ever since my computer crashed and wiped out all my Sims I have lost the motivation to create Sims. I have recreated my Broke family from Sims 2 and I have a beloved mermaid that I made to look like Disney's Ariel. I open every save with my mermaid to place in Sulani and then I add my Broke family from Sims 2 and then switch to the premades and play on rotation.
  • DianesimsDianesims Posts: 2,439 Member
    I have families and households with a single sim, but they often have a pet.
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