Lego "Everything Is Awesome" SP idea

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  • Branded SP in collaboration with The Lego Group, like TS2 H&M, TS2 IKEA, TS3 Katy Perry, TS3 Diesel and TS4 Moschinno (Batuu doesn't count!)
  • From children to elder Sims can buy an collect Lego sets and minifigures
  • 35 sets of Lego and 80 minifigures only from Lego original bands including Ninjago, City, TLM, Adventurers, Atlantis, Power Miners, Pharaoh's Quest, Pirates, Vikings, Castle.
  • Rarest minifigure will be the goat.
  • Sets includes: 3 trains, 15 buildings, 2 helicopters, 2 airplanes, 3 ships, 5 land vehicles, 1 space ship, 1 arctic vehicle, 1 submarine ship and 1 mining drill.
  • Sims can build Lego sets with other Sims.
  • New traits for collector Sims
  • New objects: modeling table, like in TS2 Freetime, Sims can build a model of a city. Modeling table options will depend of how many sets do you have already builded, between buildings, trains and other vehicles like ships and planes!
  • Two new toyboxes: one filled with regular bricks for childrens and above and other for toddlers with Duplo bricks.
  • Two new activity tables: one individual and other one up to 4 toddlers.
  • New thematic clothes and assets for CAS
  • New thematic furniture for B/B
  • New videogames for consoles and PC from Lego original bands
  • Sims can trade sets and minifigures with other Sims
  • Investing in Legos will give you stonks!
  • If you have Batuu GP installed, you can buy 3 additional sets: TIE, X-Wing and Millenium Falcon! Also ten new minifigures: Rey, Kylo Ren, Finn, Chewacca, Han Solo, Luke, Leia, Darth Vader, Stormtrooper and Yoda.
  • If you have Parenthood GP installed, parents can build lego sets with their childrens, increasing the parenting skill
  • If you have Nifty Knitting SP installed, Sims can offer their figures and sets in Plopsy
  • Tegan and Sara's song "Everything is awesome" will be featured in simslish
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