Four years more for TS4 ideas

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  • Love and wedding GP
  • Generations EP
  • Werewolves GP
  • Cars SP
  • Pool tables Kit
  • Telescopes Kit
  • Dine Out refresh
  • Pre-teens BG update
  • Spiral stairs BG update
  • Body hair BG update
  • Cars BG update
  • Attraction/chemistry BG update
  • Moon phases BG update

  • Freetime EP
  • Mediterranean Europe WP (World Pack)
  • Hotels & Casinos GP
  • Pre-teens Style SP
  • Ballet Kit
  • Karate Kit
  • Outdoor Retreat refresh
  • Enthusiasm BG update
  • Zodiac BG update
  • Lawn care BG update
  • Round swimming pool BG update
  • Mid adults BG update
  • Better babies BG update
  • Hail update for Seasons
  • More interactions for livestock update for Cottage Living

  • Horses GP
  • Showtime EP
  • Mid adults style SP
  • Egypt WP (World Pack)
  • Get to Work refresh
  • Greenhouse BG update

  • Medieval EP
  • Scandinavia WP (World Pack)
  • Get Together refresh
  • Scuba diving BG update


  • ArarineArarine Posts: 116 Member
    No island living or snowy update? Cat&dog? Get famous? University!?
    No medieval ep please. I would love it as sims medieval 2 more Let it as their own game
    I don't think car gonna work. Bicycle is mess and a lot of map don't for it. Better wait for it on sims 5. Or you just click and teleport to world map or awkard animation.
    Horse make work but like sims freeplay that you could only ride and take care them in specfic area.
    Instead zodiac, better to update trait
    Wish more Recipe/harvestable/gametable/woodwork/craftable
    Wish live in business
    Wish more interactive between sims and activity
    Wish a lot of refresh and update
    Wish more functional tea pot
    Wish Better resize
    Wish for another colour upgrade swatch
    Fix the bug please
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