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First of all:

First of all, Cars will be a MAJOR BG update:
  • All the debug cars from BG and packs will be included as full playable
  • A garage tool and a parking lot tool for Build Mode.
  • Cars will work in certain lots due the lack of road or another vehicle path. In other ones, cars will not be possible to place unless EA fixes the roads for every lot.
  • Sims can rest, take a nap or sleep in their cars.
  • Sims can go to work in their cars, bicycles or motobikes (also teens for school).
  • Sims can call a cars mechanic to restore, repair or update their cars.
  • A new lot type: mechanic workshop will also include a new freelance career to restore cars.
  • Sims without a parking lot in their lots will park their cars outside the house. If a burglar/police update will be released, this will increase the chances for a car stole but also will includes a burglar alarm for cars.
  • Finally, new woo-hoo spot

Now, about the SP exclusive content...

  • Restoration from TS2 and TS3 will return! Including go-kart for childrens.
  • Mechanic skill unlocked for childrens
  • Cars update will include electric and hybrid engines.
  • Adult sims can teach children sims how to drive. A driving skill will not be included though.

Buy mode:
  • Six new cars, two motorbikes and two bicycles.
  • A go-kart for restoration.
  • Two cars for restoration: classic and modern.
  • Garage, gas station and pit stop clutter, including road signs, tools drawers, workbenches, pegboards, tires and many other!
  • Furniture will be inspired by the 60s style
  • New items for bicycles parking/hanging, including ceiling, wall and land parking.
  • New styles for garage doors and parking lots.

  • New helmets for bicycles and motorbikes will be available.
  • New clothes inspired in the 60s fashion as well.

Packs compatibility:
  • Parenthood: parents can help childrens with the go-kart restoration, increasing parenting skill.
  • Seasons: air conditioner upgrade will be available for cars.
  • Eco Lifestyle: hybrid and electric engines cars will increase the Eco Footprint of the neighborhood.
  • City Living: Sims can buy a parking lot for their apartment. It will be a rabbit hole though.
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