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Miller Legacy


Sul sul fellow simmers!

The Miller Legacy is my first Legacy Challenge and the way I found to explore the (for me) new The Sims 4 game in the moment I decided to buy it. It's the translation of what I originally posted in Italian here, and the new chapters are being posted on my blog here.

With this legacy, I'm basically novelizing what happens when I'm playing my game, introducing as many mysteries and issues to overcome for my sims as I can. For sure, the Miller's are not a family like the others.

I'm not a fan of too strict gaming rules, thus my main rule is just: "reach generation 10 without cheating". This legacy is definitively more story-driven than rules-driven. So I'm not taking track of points in any way, often instead of choosing traits or careers randomly I choose what I think would be funnier for me to play or better for the story progression, I often move the family to new houses (not built by me because I'm a horrible builder) and so forth. In particular, I'm taking a lot of freedom about a certain cat, but also in that case I found a way for doing it without technically being cheating.

As for the heir, I don't follow a strict rule but just choose the one for which I can imagine the best character development and who can give more in terms of story progression. The only rule I'm following in that sense is that I want every heir to be the biological child of the previous heir, because I'm curious to see how the genetics algorithm in TS4 work over a 10 generations span (consider this as a small experiment :P ).

I'm closing this premise here because I don't want to spoil the story, so I wish you a pleasant reading through the most mysterious sides of this game ;)

Generation 1:
Chapter 1.1: My name is Stuart Miller, nice to meet you!
Chapter 1.2: The FutureSim Labs
Chapter 1.3: Riddles
Chapter 1.4: Nacho
Chapter 1.5: Doubts
Chapter 1.6: Winterfest
Chapter 1.7: New Year, new life!
Chapter 1.8: Revelations
Chapter 1.9: The cycle of life
Chapter 1.10: What is happening to me?
Chapter 1.11: The handbook for little aliens
Chapter 1.12: Mimicry
Chapter 1.13: Researching
Chapter 1.14: Birthday
Chapter 1.15: Union New 15/01/22
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