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New 2022 Sims 4 Roadmap


  • AllinsimstimeAllinsimstime Posts: 83 Member
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  • g01denswang01denswan Posts: 859 Member
    edited January 5
    So a romantic celebrations GP, a Lunar new year build/buy or gameplay kit, and a Mardi Gras CAS kit?
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  • StormkeepStormkeep Posts: 5,581 Member
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    Ooh, I just thought - maybe they will finally give us slow dances!

    That was my first thought too, and I can't believe no one else mentioned it at all!!
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  • mustenimusteni Posts: 4,809 Member
    Someone posted the S4 Love Life Survey.

    I've been wanting a romance focused pack (because of attraction system and slow dance), but if it's what described above then I'm not very interested...
  • candybootcandyboot Posts: 95 Member
    I really hope it's a wedding pack, and that we get more and better wedding dresses, also veils!
  • HolidayHoliday Posts: 599 Member
    Sounds like it could be a really good game pack and it will probably integrate well with the next phase of the neighbourhood stories (wasn’t autonomous weddings part of the next phase?) - hopefully with the calendar it will also allow played sims to attend weddings of your neighbours… I hope I’m not wishing too hard here, might be on the wrong lines completely :D

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  • simgirl1010simgirl1010 Posts: 23,934 Member
    edited January 5
    That Love Life survey was from 2017, 5 years ago, so hopefully they've had time to refine and add additional features. I'll remain optimistic until I'm given a reason not to be. At least for this pack. :p
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  • KimmerKimmer Posts: 1,752 Member
    Romance themed pack sounds great. :)
    I'm not so much into weddings, though. Hopefully they make weddings work better with the pack.
  • LiELFLiELF Posts: 5,780 Member
    Oh my god, I hope it's a romance pack!! I hope it has different ways to find a partner, preferences, and new romantic interactions! I hope it includes some improved updates too, like the Romance Guru at the festival who really needs to be a matchmaker. I really, really want a matchmaker and/or blind date mechanic to see who is chosen for my Sim. I don't want to be the matchmaker, I can already do that as the player and Sims can already "talk up" other Sims, so that would be redundant. But I'm really excited to see what this pack includes!
  • kostasmpikostasmpi Posts: 433 Member
    CK213 wrote: »
    I really hope chemistry and attraction is part of that love pack.

  • Pamtastic72Pamtastic72 Posts: 4,208 Member
    edited January 5
    Was a specific timeline given?

    That’s the only timeline they gave in response to a similar question @ChariceZyrus89.
  • simmeroriginsimmerorigin Posts: 94 Member
    This needs a chemistry can you have a matchmaking system with the current implementation of the Sims 4, in which any sim can be with any sim without any consequences?
  • GordyGordy Posts: 2,145 Member
    Tbh I don't want a romance pack. Especially if it's just a wedding planner pack. I agree that romance needs a major overhaul and we needed more romantic interactions, but I didn't want a pack dedicated to just romance. And parties, I guess. Hopefully they do some major overhauls on interpersonal relationships beforehand, because they mean squat right now.

    More kits, and once again they're CAS based. Whoopee.

    Community collabs are expected. I think they'll do a repeat of last year and celebrate the franchise's anniversary with more free stuff. I just hope it's better than last year, and they actually use this as an opportunity to patch in things the game desperately needs. BB/CAS/food is nice, but come on.

    Don't care about the foods. It's nice to have but whatever.

    But "a few more surprises" has me interested. Maybe one of those surprises is the inclusion of dragons?

  • logionlogion Posts: 3,818 Member
    This needs a chemistry can you have a matchmaking system with the current implementation of the Sims 4, in which any sim can be with any sim without any consequences?

    Yeah, they would need to add more to that than what it is now. Otherwise playing matchmaker in a Romance GP will be very easy.
  • honeypooh1267honeypooh1267 Posts: 1,212 Member
    I hope we get Vibromatic Heart Bed.
  • LiELFLiELF Posts: 5,780 Member
    This needs a chemistry can you have a matchmaking system with the current implementation of the Sims 4, in which any sim can be with any sim without any consequences?

    Well hopefully they'll include attraction or at least personal preferences.

    I'm also hoping this doesn't just turn out to be a wedding planner pack. My Sims hardly ever marry. I think I would cry myself to sleep.
  • mustenimusteni Posts: 4,809 Member
    I think I'm in the minority, but I'm happy with the current weddings in game. I've had great time organizing wedding for my sims and don't need any content added to that area (except maybe slow dance). Many times though I skip arranging wedding because it's such a huge event to play through. But really my weddings have been super nice.
  • MelisendreMelisendre Posts: 101 Member
    I'm not interested in a romantic pack. Most of my Sims are singles with no romantic interest. It's more like an improvement of what we already have. I would prefer something complete new like fairies or horses.
    But I'm happy for everyone who likes it.

    New kits are no surprise. I guess there will be one kit a month in the future. Maybe they are about carneval and chinese new year.
  • OnverserOnverser Posts: 2,921 Member
    edited January 5
    Sorry to those happy but this all sounds pretty disappointing to me. Do we really need a 20 dollar DLC for weddings and romance? Yeah, they suck. But that should be fixed as an update, rather than costing us an extra 20 bucks...

    Other than that, more kits, woopee... "Celebrate Fierce Design" makes it sound like more packs with ridiculously over the top clothing that 99% of people will not want again. Couldn't care less about the food, hopefully the community collab will come through and be more worthwhile than last year and will actually add much needed stuff.. (Rather than getting the cc creator who is known for body hair in, and getting them to make... smile lines.)
  • MouseTaterMouseTater Posts: 2 New Member
    I'm looking forward to this! Online dating, maybe matchmaking, wedding parties! The in tweet in the confetti it looked like there were stylized lions and tigers and wings. There was also one single mardi gras mask. What could that mean?
    This could mean more aspirations, traits, lot types and/or traits, along with CAS and build/buy items it shouldn't be a horrible game pack.
  • simgirl1010simgirl1010 Posts: 23,934 Member
    This is coming at just the right time for me. I've not focused on romance in such a long time. Two of my sim kids are about to age up to teen so hopefully there will be some content for teen dating. They're twins so maybe a scenario where they both fall for the same guy. :p Their older sister is a young adult and I've been thinking about finding a partner for her.
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  • bandit5bandit5 Posts: 568 Member
    I guess the pack will replace little miss sam dating mod.
  • SimmingalSimmingal Posts: 4,507 Member
    edited January 5

    brb I'll go jump in the lake or something i need to calm down (it better be actual romance pack tho or im gonna ugly sob) (and it better have couple dancing because what is party with no couple dancing)
  • AllinsimstimeAllinsimstime Posts: 83 Member
    Back with the Laundry Day vote, one of the options for the theme was Wedding. They could be taking some of ideas from that vote and combine they with the survey to make the gamepack.

    This was the description back when the vote was going on:

    “Wedding Stuff – Make your Sim’s big day an even bigger celebration with new wedding content and experiences. Potential areas of focus include wedding customization, the ceremony, and cultural diversity.”
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