WCIF decor parrots?

Hi, simmers!

It's that time of day for me to bug you again. 😁

I'm attempting to recreate a specific room from a different video game in TS4 and so far I'm finding most of what I need (and even attempting to recolor a few items to fit better, oh goodness), but I need a bird, specifically a parrot, in a birdcage. I don't know if Cats & Dogs comes with birds...but I don't have it anyway. I was able to locate a few birdcages that look kinda right, albeit a bit small, but the problem is they're missing the birbs.

I figured that if I found some decor birds, I could bb.moveobjects them into place. So I'm wondering if anyone knows where to find them, preferably a parrot and preferably a grey one (but I could make a sloppy attempt at recoloring it so I'm not too picky with colors).

Thanks in advance!


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