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Carls Difficulty Mod

O.K. I'm about 2 months late concerning this mod by Carl. But I downed it today and the first thing I noticed was that it halved my hourly pay for the day. And it was much harder to build relationships to the woohoo level. Both of which are fine with me. The base game difficulty was too easy to get money and relations to the woohoo level. It took my sim 3 days to get his first promotion. The base game level game me a promotion in 1 or 2 days. I'm sure this is a good thing, but the normal life span of a sim is 24 days per age bracket minus the elder age. So 24/3=8 meaning that at most my sim would reach level 8 of his career before his 1st birthday. Also there is a higher price to pay for build mode items. So that 3000 simoleon bed is now 6000 simoleons and will be harder to get than it was before at half the pay per day. If I have one question it would be "At what difficulty level does the mod provide it's advertised game changes seeing that when I clicked on the mailbox I was given 3 different settings ranging from easy to hard?" Without changing anything my salary was halved. Is the default level of this mod easy, or medium, with hard being the hardest? If anyone knows I'd like to hear your opinions. I also saw that simgirl1010 posted a thread about it but I was unable to read it (twitter).


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