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    I forgot to write my question :o:
    On which day of the week and time of day does Geek Con start?

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    Aye @Ellupelluellu & @LiELF , consider the deed done! 50 Brave plump strawberries and 50 mighty carrots in the making!
    In order to express my gratitude I dispatched my most loyal messenger- a sea turtle - with a reward worth both your while, alas, I just got word that she got swallowed by the ferocious Vortex of Dag Dag.

    Ah yes, @coolsim9999999 the famous Geek con festival, I remember it well, I remember it well.
    I once met a kind man there who went by the name of Vader, Darth Vader. I can’t really recall his face, but what I shall never forget is that his cape became stuck between the rudder of a rocketship’s fin and that the poor man was unable to get… unstuck prior to blast off. I believe this particular Geekcon incident happened on a Tuesday night right across from Planet Honey Pop somewhere between 5 PM and 1 AM.

    Speaking of festivals around the area, does anyone know the delightful story of how I became an unquenchable Spice Hound ?
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    I'm pretty sure that you became an unquenchable [style color="red"]Spice Hound[/style]] by attending the Spice Festival and completing the Spice Curry challenge, which means that you ate spicy foods multiple times.

    Question: What is the name of the Goth family's house, neighborhood, and world in The Sims 4?

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    Ophelia Villa in Willow Creek, in the... uhhh... Pendula View neighbourhood. (Is it cheating if I had to look it up?)
    And I thought GeekCon usually started at 10am on a Tuesday and ended around 5pm?

    What are Nancy Landgraab's traits and career in Sims 4?
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    Geekcon goes from 11 a.m. to 4 p.m. Then, there's a kareoke contest on Honey Pop that night, and free drinks at happy hour are given out at 5 p.m.

    Nancy Landgraab is a criminal.

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