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Place where to download original Origin, not thin Origin

SapientsimsolidSapientsimsolid Posts: 3,168 Member
edited December 2021 in The Sims 2
This is sort of a technical question and if its posted in the wrong place, I apologize.
Need some help to locate the original Origin, not the thin one because all the places to download Origin that I've found, are the thin one.
And my problem is I took Origin off my computer, and have had to reinstall it, but whenever I try I get an error message.
It says Could not connect to Origin services. The error code is 14:-1
Looked up on the web how to fix and ea.help suggestions didn't work, but did find this one place where someone suggested downloading the regular
Origin, not the thin one, but I can't find it.
Can't play my Sims 2 until I can get Origin back on the machine :(
Want to add too that I tried downloading vc_redist x 86 and x 64. These are C +++ Microsoft says the system needs. But it didn't help.
Its a windows 7 system and I know the support for it has ended, but its good system and still has some use left.
Does anyone know where I can download the full Origin ?
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