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One Month One World One Year Challenge 2022


  • KateLynneKateLynne Posts: 47 Member
    05. Jan. 2022
    The one with the mood swings...
    The next day, Kenzie just wanted to enjoy her barbecue and the sun in peace.

    School had been really exhausting and her parents still hadn't texted her back after she had asked them for a little bit of money. It had been three days and there was still no message, no call - not even a peep - from them. It didn't help that she was experiencing some mood swings too.

    So she led her anger out on Moira. Moira was super nice and supportive though. And she let Kenzie rant as long as she needed to.

    Heading home, Kenzie felt better and grateful for Moira.

    At least someone listened to her when she needed it and she decided to text her parents to let them know not to bother with the money.

    The next day, Kenzie had quite the uneventful day. She spent most of it keeping up with her garden, doing her homework and just enjoying the sunshine.

    I accidentally posted these out of order on my blog. Whoopsie.
  • lilypadmeulinlilypadmeulin Posts: 1,581 Member
    January 5
    Today, the sun was shining brightly, and Selena felt more at peace than she had in a while. School had been the same once again, but for once she really couldn’t care. She’d completed her homework, turned it in, and tuned out of any conversation around her desk, thrilled that Friday had drawn to a close.

    Perhaps it was a desperate need for something to be right with this situation, but she was finding the independence of the whole situation agreed with her. Having to figure things out by herself was mildly terrifying, but she’d been trying to approach it as another subject to be learned. If she simply needed to learn about the world, then she was ready to be a good student. Besides, her little garden seemed to be doing well, and for once, it wasn’t raining. Maybe this was a good sign.


    The first order of the day was for Selena to complete her homework. I'm trying really hard to raise her grades, but getting her skills up is a bit of a challenge - but I don't want her falling behind, either.


    After she got back from school, I made an impulsive decision - it was time for some basic amenities, and first order of business was a shower. Much as I like travelling to the onsen, it's a bit impractical to do it every time her hygiene is low.


    Her garden has also been thriving, which I'm very proud of!


    Speaking of her garden, an onion plant finally produced crops, so I had her harvest those. I know gardening in the Sims is kind of a big focus for me, but I just really love building big gardens, indoors and out.


    She also autonomously started making some tofu dogs while in the area, which, okay, you do you, it's a sunny day!


    And of course, the day wouldn't be complete without us trying our luck at the machines...but we got really lucky! I think I got three or four golden Simmis? To be fair, I was trying a lot but, holy cow!


    So here's the upgrade - a little bunker of a house with plumbing, a cooler, and a bed. I love it, and I'm so happy for Selena!


    Just in time, too, as it was time for her to sleep. By the by, part of this was afforded by selling the tent, but I think this is a much nicer sleeping place.

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    edited January 2022
    Love and hearts to Everyone! I am so glad Miss E showed me that you all were starting this up again this year, and I apologize heartily for getting so burnt out last year that I just disappeared. It seems like just yesterday, but that was JULY! I have decided this year I will be reading along, and trying to comment when I can, but as my sim (Jaz Malone, in case you forgot).. STILL isn't a teen yet, I won't be participating. I want to - they are 57 days from teen, and a couple of months of play could solve that problem so I could join then... but .. I have trouble coming up with a feasible way to find the time to actually play and post on a daily basis again. Perhaps once I get my current website re-launch/re-organization done I can put some time into Jaz..... They are never far from my thoughts, and I miss the whole creative outlet so, so much. Reading all of your lovely stories makes me so sad for my lack of time, but so happy to be at least reading again!

    Anyway, I wanted to pop in and wish all of you the best of luck this year, and inform you that you all have a reader, even if I am not at a place where I can participate yet! (And I don't know how much I'll be able to comment, but I assure you, I WILL be reading!!) Three cheers for this wonderful challenge @Karababy52 !! It is testament to how much fun it is that not only did so many of you complete the year challenge, but wanted to come back for more, and brought in new people as well! Hugs and love to all of you, and good luck to all these young sims starting out on their own (or with a pet!) in a turbulent world!
  • LegacySims2017LegacySims2017 Posts: 5,195 Member
    Love and hearts to Everyone! I am so glad Miss E showed me that you all were starting this up again this year, and I apologize heartily for getting so burnt out last year that I just disappeared. It seems like just yesterday, but that was JULY! I have decided this year I will be reading along, and trying to comment when I can, but as my sim (Jaz Malone, in case you forgot).. STILL isn't a teen yet, I won't be participating. I want to - they are 57 days from teen, and a couple of months of play could solve that problem so I could join then... but .. I have trouble coming up with a feasible way to find the time to actually play and post on a daily basis again. Perhaps once I get my current website re-launch/re-organization done I can put some time into Jaz..... They are never far from my thoughts, and I miss the whole creative outlet so, so much. Reading all of your lovely stories makes me so sad for my lack of time, but so happy to be at least reading again!

    Anyway, I wanted to pop in and wish all of you the best of luck this year, and inform you that you all have a reader, even if I am not at a place where I can participate yet! (And I don't know how much I'll be able to comment, but I assure you, I WILL be reading!!) Three cheers for this wonderful challenge @Karababy52 !! It is testament to how much fun it is that not only did so many of you complete the year challenge, but wanted to come back for more, and brought in new people as well! Hugs and love to all of you, and good luck to all these young sims starting out on their own (or with a pet!) in a turbulent world!

    I didn't make it past my first month last year. I was a very late bloomer myself. But when @Karababy52 started it up for a second year and round, I was like.... "You can do this Joseph (my real name - had to put it in my Sim's name this time around for encouragement), I have faith in you!" Like you, I ended up continuing to follow along and lurk all the other daily images and short stories popping my head out once in awhile stating I was still lurking and showing my support.

    Maybe 2023 is the year of the Jaz Malone! :smile:
    (Twitter Me: LSims2017)
  • EllupelluelluEllupelluellu Posts: 4,121 Member
    edited January 2022
    So 5 minutes of the day left :smiley:

    Sean Medicci

    January 5th ,


    The one with busy sky over fishing school ..

    Boring life poor Sean has.. but at least sky is busy, and not talking about airplanes!!
    First Sakura dropped from the sky.. she was dizzy, but proud of her entrance.
    (Sakura is a challenge sim from last year, by @SoulGal7 )
    She autonomously started teaching Sean to fish.
    And when she started fishing by herself..
    Her husband decided to drop from the sky..
    To also teach Sean to fish!
    Bryon did not stayed for too long, but his lift off was not so cool .. :joy:
    (Bryon also a last AND this years challenge sim, by @Skeilah )
    To not to make sky too silent, we had a bat!
    Yes, Nikolas Sr (one of my vampires) ALSO started to teach Sean!
    Sakura taking off, much more stylish way than her hubby did.
    All that teaching must of help!
    YAY, he has simoleons!!

    What?? Still not fan of tomatoes??
    Fine, get your lovely precious chips then..
    Now.. oh we have a bartender here too now, nice!
    Okay, I do not allow him to buy veggies in any other world but here and EL world. Only the random veggie per day from wending machine in this world, And what ever there is for sale in sells tables at EL communitylots. Rest he hast to find wild, or craft. No San Myshuno veggie stalls, no festival plants.
    He bought grapes to plant.

    My love, my love, my fearless love, I will not say goodbye..
    Sea may rise, sky may fall, My love will never die..
    My heart, my heart, My drowning heart, Oh all the tears I've cried
    Oh I may weep forevermore, My love will never die..
  • miss_eulenaugemiss_eulenauge Posts: 250 Member
    edited January 2022
    Yay, actual playtime! I'm so out of practice with commentary style tho... :D
    EDIT: Okay, that did *not* go as planned. I swear I was only going to write a quick little paragraph on her finding some stuff and deciding to look around today and leave all the administrative stuff to tomorrow... And then I just couldn't stop writing. So... I hope you'll enjoy reading, I guess? :smile:

    Comments will probably have to wait till tomorrow as I'm super tired. (Tomorrow hopefully being a just-story day again.)
    Sorry everybody, and thank you so much for your feedback and the lovely compliments!
    January, Day 5 - "Determination and Hope..."
    Lucy started looking around. In the bushes at the edge of the clearing, she found a box with knives, plates, gardening utensils and even Grampa's old fishing rod. It was almost as if he'd planned to come back here even after the boathouse got bulldozed...
    Slowly, her childhood memories began to flood back. How he'd shown her the wild plants they could gather, all the useful things that people just left in the sand, how to hold a fishing rod...
    Today, she decided, she'd have a look around, visit all the old places, and gather stuff she could sell to the fishermen by the shore. Tomorrow, she'd try to get into the local high school, find out who owned Grampa's lot now, and maybe she'd have visit the PAWspital. And of course, she needed to get some supplies for Laika.
    Lucy smiled as she got up, breathing in the salty air.
    "Determination and hope is all you need to find happiness", Grampa used to say. "The hope, so you believe there will be happiness even when the times are hard - and determination, so you'll be able to go on and get through the good times as well as the bad. Determination and hope, and you'll be able to do anything. Always remember that, will you?"
    Back then, she hadn't been able to understand. She'd felt happier than ever before in these summers with Grampa... She remembered asking him one night: "But, Grampa, I am happy already! Why can't it just stay like this forever?" He'd just answered: "Because as much as we want it to, that's not how life works. Life means good times and bad times. It's just like the berries we harvested today: We had juicy berries with cream, but there were quite a few brambles and thorns before we were able to get them, huh? Now sleep tight - and don't let the bedbugs bite!"
    Now, she understood him. And she'd always treasure these memories... But for now, it was time to face the brambles, hoping for berries.
    When I started playing today, was already 10am - I'd spent the morning sending her around for my screenshots of the past days - and waiting for her to finish hugging Laika :D
    No plants were available for gathering, so I sent her to dig up everything she could find.
    "Laika, come on, you'll have enough time to play once we're there!"
    -Where, exactly?
    "Oh, there's a lovely pond up there. We're going fishing!"
    -Oh, ok. You do you, love... You're doing great <3
    "Um... Watcher? Now what? I don't think I remember... It's been a while."
    -That's ok! It'll come back. Your mind might have buried the memories under newer ones, but your hands still know what to do. See?.
    "Aaand... Pull! Laika, please don't play with my shoe laces, ok? I'll need those to get around and get both of us dinner tonight..."
    "Yay! I got a fish! You really were right... My hands did remember."
    -Aw... Thanks!
    By now it was later afternoon and she badly needed some fun and a bathroom.
    I went to look for Laika - and she was just in the water like that! Must've been a bug... Or she's a diving dog :D
    Awww. Puppy snuggles make everything better, huh? She honestly was "happy" for most of the day, as she had that "face full of fur" moodlet. I really admire how cheerful she is despite everything...
    In the evening, we got a pleasant surprise: Someone had grilled something and there were leftovers! I tried to have her "give food to Laika" but it wouldn't work. I think it needs to be in the inventory for that? But at least Lucy got to eat.
    In the middle of eating, she put away her plate to pet this stray dog. *Sigh*. I love her and that autonomous action, but the food was almost spoilt, and I didn't want to have her cook something herself...
    She was pretty pleased with herself. From the upgrade parts and the duplicate figurine she made 87 Simoleons... Not bad for one day!
    (I set myself a rule where she has to keep the first item of every collectible she finds... I just really want to display these collections, I guess? And otherwise it feels just so easy. :D )
    Sweet dreams dear, and see you tomorrow!
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  • EllupelluelluEllupelluellu Posts: 4,121 Member
    And it has been over 15 minutes January 6th .. so at ONCE I am very early :joy:

    Sean Medicci

    January 6th ,


    The one with teen ladies, Seans Mansion, and a break in....
    After the vending maschine, I was going to send him home, but then , why not park first, he was not that tired.. some chess, maybe.
    There was Maeby , I bet Sean would of gone to pet her, BUT there also was this teen vampire.
    Lotta Masters (yongest child of Essa @Karababy52 and Nikolas masters Jr. from my last years challenge save. She was just a kid then, now teen)
    SEAN!! Stop that face NOW! She is just answering to your greeting, that's all, not worshiping you!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Well, so far okay.. that other Teen is Mona Landgraab, Melody's and Malcolm's eldest daughter from my last year challenge... in that outfit I never gave her.. NOSE RING???
    Tho , Lotta looks more amused than impressed, as she left right away to other girls :D
    Lots of teen ladies present!!!!
    @permanentrose , here:
    BUT also the mother of one of them , so, better not try to any more "moves", Sean :joy:

    Back home, Sean proudly presents his mansion :D Also planting the apple he fished.
    Sweet dreams, Sean..

    And time to close this update, funds now 3 simoleons.

    OH!! I take that back!!
    He is Jack Connors, brother of my Melody.
    UH.. oh.. okay..
    Yes, back to sleep, you take anothe vacationday tomorrow.

    Note: I use a mod what restores the break ins to happen as often as they did before nerfing :)

    My love, my love, my fearless love, I will not say goodbye..
    Sea may rise, sky may fall, My love will never die..
    My heart, my heart, My drowning heart, Oh all the tears I've cried
    Oh I may weep forevermore, My love will never die..
  • LegacySims2017LegacySims2017 Posts: 5,195 Member
    @Ellupelluellu What part of the world you live in? You're my! :lol:
    (Twitter Me: LSims2017)
  • EllupelluelluEllupelluellu Posts: 4,121 Member
    @LegacySims2017 , Finland, north Europe :smiley:

    My love, my love, my fearless love, I will not say goodbye..
    Sea may rise, sky may fall, My love will never die..
    My heart, my heart, My drowning heart, Oh all the tears I've cried
    Oh I may weep forevermore, My love will never die..
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    Day 5: A tent! A tent!

    After a quick visit to the gym, I headed back to the park in hopes of drawing a few new customers. After posting my class on Simstagram, I ended up with two new students along with the lady from the day before.
    After class my current funds doubled and I was determined to purchase a tent so that I could finally get a good night's sleep. I celebrated with the cheapest meal at the food cart and had a very nice conversation with a sad toddler before heading back to my home base to set up my new tent.
    After a good sleep, I headed back to the gym where I ran into the prettiest sim I've ever seen. I introduced myself and found out her name is Kaori, but we didn't get to chat for too long.
    I decided to do a little more prep for my future mountain climbing adventure, grabbed a bite from the dumpster, and chatted some more with Kiyoshi.
    Hoping for a more valuable Simmi to sell off I tried the vending machine again, but my prize got stuck so I gave it a good shake and got my item. I only broke even with it, so I placed it on Plopsy.
  • LegacySims2017LegacySims2017 Posts: 5,195 Member
    @LegacySims2017 , Finland, north Europe :smiley:

    Very cool! :sunglasses:
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    Toddler sims being able to take a selfie with the mascot was one of my favorite discoveries from this pack. The entire animation is so cute, since the toddler waddles over and is like "Hey mister, I don't have a phone, but I really want a selfie."

    I don't think I've ever noticed that emotional surge option - is that specific to a certain pack? Anyway, glad Aaron had some success with fishing, and he's looking generally more cheerful in your photos today too! My guess for Ezra and Hunter's mom is Elle DeVampiro :) Does Aaron have a thing for vampires, haha?

    Nice aspiration progress with DJ! Sledding and a selfie! :) Enjoying seeing your progress

    Aw, I'm glad you think Robin is cute! Kenzie is so cute too. I think they'd be good friends if they end up crossing paths in my game :)

    Do you use a filter mod for your game? Your screenshots are always so vibrant! Glad Kenzie could let off some steam and get a garden started!

    Wow, Selena is living the good life! Plumbing and a bed! Good progress today! Can't wait to get Robin to that point haha

    @IllusoryThrall Thanks for popping in to say hi!

    Great daily pic with the fish! Funny that so many occults game to help him fish/were nearby haha. And that's a nice amount of money he made too!

    Aw little Maeby again! She's an elder pup in my game now - Rose is an elder as well, and it's so weird haha. And Nik/Damon and Essa make such pretty kids - they are gorgeous in both our games. Your commentary cracks me up too :D Sean's like, "this pretty girl is bowing to me, I must be a god!" I absolutely LOVE Beatrix's hair. She's just a mini Rose clone haha. She looks great! And looks like Sean was a snack. Naughty Jack :D What pack is that bed from? Love the grungy look, perfect for a rags to riches challenge

    Nice fishing pics! And too funny that Laika got stuck in the water :D Guess she wants to learn how to swim, haha. Nice that she has her grandpa's memory and kind words to keep motivated!

    I almost forgot Kaori had blue hair since she's been an old lady with black hair in my game for so long now haha. She looks a bit flirty haha. Nice that he got a tent too! Adam is moving up in the world.
  • EllupelluelluEllupelluellu Posts: 4,121 Member
    @permanentrose , trying to do comments next, but as I saw your question , EL :)

    My love, my love, my fearless love, I will not say goodbye..
    Sea may rise, sky may fall, My love will never die..
    My heart, my heart, My drowning heart, Oh all the tears I've cried
    Oh I may weep forevermore, My love will never die..
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    Toddler sims being able to take a selfie with the mascot was one of my favorite discoveries from this pack. The entire animation is so cute, since the toddler waddles over and is like "Hey mister, I don't have a phone, but I really want a selfie."

    I don't think I've ever noticed that emotional surge option - is that specific to a certain pack? Anyway, glad Aaron had some success with fishing, and he's looking generally more cheerful in your photos today too! My guess for Ezra and Hunter's mom is Elle DeVampiro :) Does Aaron have a thing for vampires, haha?
    I think the ability to surge emotion comes from SE, after they reach that +4 fine moodlet for being emotionally mindful:
    (This screenshot is from a different save, but I forgot to get a pic of it with Aaron)
    From here, you can click on the sim and choose an emotion for them and they get a +4 moodlet for whatever emotion you picked :)
    ETA: whoops nope it's not from this moodlet that you can surge emotions, it's from the next one that the sim gets after having this moodlet for a bit

    Yes, Elle is their mother! I love her <3and apparently I love her so much that I'm willing to torture myself by doing a 100 baby challenge with her
    I have a thing for vampires lol, they're pretty much the only sims I create :joy:
    My gallery page is probably 10% human sims and 90% occults, and of those occults like 75% are vampires :D
    So most of the sims I put in Aaron's save that I created myself are vampire sims, and we'll probably meet them all in August. I have way too many of them so I think I may have a problem haha
    Aaron might be interested in pursuing a relationship with a vampire ;)
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  • Karababy52Karababy52 Posts: 5,914 Member
    January - Day 5: "And suddenly you's time to start something new and trust the magic of beginnings..."



    This update is longer than usual today simply because there was so much going on! Only 5-10 screenshots wasn't going to cut it this time. I'll confess another reason is I can't resist the beauty of the snowy mountain area. It just screams 'take my picture' at me every time I'm there. :)
    This is actually the second version of Cale's new shack. The first one looked too, pristine and new. So I tried again to make it look more grungy, as if Cale built it himself from whatever he could scrounge up. However, some things are new that I imagine he would've had to buy.

    Not much going on inside yet, he doesn't even have a stove. I do that with all my new Sims though until they gain enough cooking skill to be trusted not to burn down the house! Hard to tell from this angle, but that light is just a bare bulb, and a citronella candle for light in the bathroom. No décor either, except for his autographed photo of Veera.

    Normally I would be thrilled a vampire wanted to snack on my Sims, it happens so rarely these days. But sorry Cordelia, not today.
    "Hissssss! Ha! You think locking the door will stop me? Think again Watcher!"

    Tsk, got him right through the wall! He just got up and stood there though until she walked away. No snack for you!

    Mesmerized fishing, never tried that before. I figured it would be a bust, but go figure, he actually did quite well.

    Cale made himself a fruit salad for his first ever time 'cooking.' Had intended for him to make a garden salad, he has tomatoes, but I forgot with the simple living lot trait, they need lettuce too. I always thought of tomatoes as a vegetable, but the game thinks they are fruit. I'm glad, otherwise he couldn't have made anything to eat.

    Well poo! Essa's not living up to her good luck charm reputation today. He actually did better after she zipped away. I don't remember who commented this to me, but whoever said he's better at fishing while alone, it seems you're right!

    With the profits from his garden harvest and his fishing haul, Cale was able to extend his shack by one tile in the living area. Room enough for another counter. Also upgraded his bed and best of all, he bought a laptop! First thing he did was buy some climbing gear. Well, HE wanted to troll teh forums. Sorry Dude, not gonna happen.

    (You want ME to climb THAT?)

    (Why should I? What's in it for me?)
    A sense of accomplishment, pride in completing a perceived insurmountable task, plus, it's something different to do, fun and good for fitness.
    (Okay, sold me with the fitness. I'll try it.)

    Look at that smile! I think he likes it!
    (Yeah, it's kinda cool.)

    (Whoa! That's a long way down man!)
    Tsk, you're not supposed to look down Cale! Focus on where you're going, not on where you've been.

    (Good enough? Or should I climb all the way up there?)
    That's good, now climb back down and do it again.
    (How do I do that if I don't look down?)
    That's the way you're going now though, get it?
    (Yeah, got it.)

    You okay Dude?
    (Yeah, just knocked the wind out of me. I'm good.)
    Alright, do it again and then again. Practice makes perfect!
    (You sound like my Mom...)
    I kind of am. The only one you have now anyway.

    Cale continued climbing up and down continuously until well after dark. He was getting hungry though, so I sent him on a one-time climb to finally step on top of the hill he'd had only a glimpse of all day.

    Great job Cale! You caught on pretty quickly. I think you're a natural at this.
    (Yeah? Thanks. I wouldn't mind doing it again sometime.)
    Cool! How do you feel about snowboarding or skiing?
    (Don't know, never did either one. Hinting you want me to try those too?)
    I am.
    (Sweet! Not tonight though right? I'm hungry.)
    No, not tonight Cale, climb down. We'll get you something to eat and then go home.

    Be careful Dude.
    (I will. Trust me, I can do this!)

    *Ooof!* (Or not.)

    Before Cale went back to his shack to grab a bite to eat and get some much needed rest, he insisted on trying his luck at the Simmi machine again.
    (I insisted? Don't you mean you made--)
    Just see what you get Cale.

    Wahooo! Glad I had him try, he got a Medieval Grim and then right after that a Golden Medieval Grim! How high do these things go? I've never had any of my Sims get that Golden Medieval Grim before. Congrats Cale!
    (Guess I should listen to you more often huh?)
    Yes! Yes you should. :)

    Comments/replies coming up next but it'll take some time, need to catch up. Y'all have been very busy! Love it! <3 Plus, I need to make some dinner soon. Hope everyone had a wonderful day/night! <3
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    January 4: Autograph Hound

    The next morning I went to the Hazakura Lounge before school, and Kado Akiyama helped me with my homework. Kado is a pretty out-going sim, who lives in the Senbamachi neighborhood. He's married and has two kids. He and his wife, Jenna, work at the Farseer Data Corporation. While I did my homework, Kado chatted to me about rock climbing and guided mountain treks that went to the summit of Mt. Komorebi. That sounded pretty cool.


    And then a most exciting thing happened. I was just sitting there and looked out the window and'll never believe this...I saw Judith Ward walking by. Well, if you don't know who Judith Ward is, she is a legend in the acting community. We're talking old Del Sol Valley fame. She's a mega-celebrity! I have always been a fan.


    Well, as soon as I saw her I practically ran over and asked for her autograph. Okay, well I should have attempted an introduction first, but I was so darn excited. Anyway, it worked, and she gave me an autograph...then another...and another...and another...


    In fact, she said that the photos she was using to sign autographs on were dated, and she wanted some new, more flattering photos.

    Dylan: "I think you look young and glamourous in those photos and even better in person," I told her.

    Judith: "Oh you are such a charming boy..." she said smiling sweetly at me.

    And that must have done the trick, because she just handed me 16....yes...16 photos signed with her autograph. I was speechless.


    And we even took a selfie together.


    But then, I guess she had some lavish event she had to attend, and she turned on her heel, and walked that famous celebrity walk of hers, and headed off down the sidewalk.


    I stood on the sidewalk clutching those autographs, sort of stunned really, and then realized, that dang! I was late for school.

    ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

    When I returned from school, I made calls to different appraisers to find out how much these autographs were worth. They went from $50 simoleons to $400 simoleons each. One appraiser told me that if I held on to them for a day or two that they would increase in value to $800 simoleons each! Oh yeah! I was into the simoleons now...or at least, I would be in a few days.


    I can't tell you how happy I was at that moment because maybe soon I would have a little shack with walls, where I could put up that "borrowed" poster. And also be able to eat all the tri-color dango I have ever wanted without a door squashing my plate.


    And then my stomach grumbled reminding me that I didn't have the simoleons yet, and so I headed off to the Hazakura Lounge to pound some piano keys for some free chips.


    Well, that was the plan, until I saw that the bartender on duty was that grumpy old geezer who had thrown that drink in my face the first time I came here. There was NO way he was going to give me any free chips, even if I did play the piano. I only had $2 simoleons left. I looked around and spotted all these lights on the tables, and a plan formed in my brain. What if I just "borrowed" one of these lights and sold it. It would only be temporary, and when I got those simoleons from the autographs, I would replace the light and no-one would be the wiser.

    The only problem was there were too many sims around and I didn't want to get caught "borrowing" the light. Maybe outside would be better. And it was. Different lights, but no-one was around, and so...I "borrowed" a rock light. The lantern in a rock was worth $110 simoleons.



    And it was just my luck that the sim who had purchased those upgrade parts was walking by and I asked him if he would like to buy a rock light. He looked at me suspiciously and then at the rock light, and doled out $88 simoleons. I told him that the rock light was worth $110 simoleons. He looked me in the eye, like he knew what I had done, and told me that there were depreciation costs because it was used. I didn't say anything further and just took the $88 simoleons. It didn't matter because I was going to get my tri-color dango tonight!


    You know, I was wealthy once and now I am poor, and anyone who tells you that simoleons can't buy you happiness is wrong.


    ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

    @LegacySims2017 @permanentrose @Skeilah

    Challenge Sims Spotted in the neighborhood:

    I was pretty excited when I saw some of the challenge sims out and about. This was around 9pm and right near the food stall was DJ riding his bike. On the pathway, I spotted Robin, also riding a bike, and Bryon walking home. One household of challenge sims has been placed in the Wakaba neighborhood in the 2-4-3 Wakabamori house. The other household of challenge sims has been placed in the Senbamachi neighborhood in the 6-4-1 Hanamigawa house. I added a few amenities for both houses, and once all the sims have been placed, I will take some photos. :)



  • EllupelluelluEllupelluellu Posts: 4,121 Member
    edited January 2022
    @lilypadmeulin ,
    Thank you for your comments :)
    --January 4 ,
    Selena indeed has same luck with those machines what poor Jenny had! :(
    --January 5
    Shower!! That will be Sean's next purchase too :D And plants look lovely :) Oh yes, and toilet too. may not look luxury, but makes things MUCH easier :)

    @Karababy52 ,
    Thank you for your comments :) Haha yes, Sam and Sherry :p As you might guess that garden will grow :D
    --January - Day 5: "And suddenly you's time to start something new and trust the magic of beginnings..."
    Great first pic , love colors :) Shack looks great :D and he already has a computer!! haha clearly Sean did not made so much money with his fishing as Cale did, and Cale had those simmies too :) And haha you too had a vampire visitor, and from same family what Sean had :D
    Mmh, his traits and all, and you do not let him troll the forums at all? :) Or was it just this one time?
    Great that he managed all the way up :) Lovely pic again, the one when he gets up there, moon and all :) Ouch , nasty looking falling!
    What a lucky one, with those simmies!
    @permanentrose ,
    Thank you for your comments :) Yes , sometimes that one pic is all you can do :) Gladly I take too many, so I always find at least one :) And thank you for what you said about my commentary too :)
    --January 5
    Funny first pic :p Mixology is hard sometimes :p Haha, Clement Frost and a fanclub of elder ladies? :D Tsk tsk from stealing the show from Robin :) And that vending machine strikes again! Hey, handiness is good to learn! :p

    @Llandros2012 ,
    Thank you for your commnets :) No, Sean is not adopting pets anytime soon :) And yes, Agnes just came there, and started accusing him about something :D He was pretty angry at the point too himself :)

    @LegacySims2017 ,
    Thank you for your comments :) Yes, his garden will be big, as always with mys sims, do they like it or not , haha. I also use that lot challence from CoL. So he needs indeed his veggies :D Oh, good that D.J. has sims to talk with :)
    --January 5: If At First You Don't Succeed, Try Try Again!
    Ouch! :D haha, it is so amazing how bad sims are in sledging at bunny slope :D I mean I get that sometimes and maybe kids, but adults too :D But yes, trying again is a key :p

    @afai1261 ,
    Thank you for your comments :) Yes, garden really comes useful, most of all as I have that simple living lot trait in all lots (okay I did not put it on dineer, haha just in case) :p
    --January 5
    Haha, almost similar first pic what Sean had :D He at least looks like he likes fishing :) And bbq :D Not so good luck at the slope, but eventually :)
    Ezra.. eyebrows and haircolor reminds me Elle di Vampiro :D

    @KateLynne ,
    Thank you for your comments :) Vry serious planting , indeed :) As one of MY goals for him is to get all the plants :p I mean, ALL.
    Hey! That is nice amount from a tip!! :smiley:
    -- 05. Jan. 2022 , The one with the mood swings...
    Oh my?? Fist pic, what Moira said? Ahh, she was just ranting at her, well good that she got that out :) Moira is nice listener, maybe goossipper too, wait till Windenburg ;)

    @IllusoryThrall ,
    Nice to see you in thread :) Hopefully Jaz, when as teen and living by herself will enter the challenge one day again? :) Maybe next year like @LegacySims2017 suggested? :)

    @miss_eulenauge ,
    -- January, Day 5 - "Determination and Hope..."
    Lovely picture from the beach :) Oh, well Laika is magical dog, can breath under water, I see :) Glad to see she is feeling somewhat better, not crying :)

    @RememberJoy ,
    yay! A tent finally :D Kaori sure looks like interested :p

    @SoulGal7 ,
    -- January 4: Autograph Hound
    Haha 16??? I wonder why Judith gave that many :D And tsk tsk, if you steal , do not get caught ..

    My love, my love, my fearless love, I will not say goodbye..
    Sea may rise, sky may fall, My love will never die..
    My heart, my heart, My drowning heart, Oh all the tears I've cried
    Oh I may weep forevermore, My love will never die..
  • Karababy52Karababy52 Posts: 5,914 Member
    edited January 2022
    There is actually two areas with card tables on the first floor and one area on the second. :) Yes, win-win with the cooking channel! Although he was too tense and angry for it help his fun meter very much. o.O Comes in very handy to have Super Sims around, definitely! I have two, three if you count Essa. But she's no where near as much as Josh and his brother Joel. Cale will lay the groundwork as a Teen, but obviously won't be able to truly begin until he's a YA without a Mod. I have one that makes it possible, But I won't use it. I have some things worked out for it, but won't know exactly how to approach that part of the challenge until later. We'll see how it goes. :)

    Aha! It was you that said that. hehe Yep, seems to be what's happening. Can't control who is fishing with him though unless he gets his own pond or something. Ah well... Awww, thank you for the compliment! It was fun giving them their little quirks and other things to make them have a unique personality. I tried, thanks for noticing. :)

    Congrats to DJ for conquering his fear and ending up loving sledding! And cool he got the selfie with Yamachan! Cale's not at that milestone yet. Going a bit slower with the aspirations this time. :)

    Yes, that's the very same Maralyn that I entered in Queenarella's Legacy Bachelorette challenge. She was eliminated in the first round. o.O Thank you for remembering that and saying she's beautiful. I think so too! I put most all my Sims from my own challenge tries and others in my custom template that I start most all my saves. You'll definitely be seeing more of her...and her handsome bush boyfrined! LOL!

    Love seeing the smile on Aaron's face! He's finally having some fun and good luck on his side. :) Love that Surge Emotion feature! Comes in so handy and a bit stronger than using an element or fossil near them as they fish. hehe He looks so proud of himself grilling the hot dogs. Tsk, poor Aaron, his Watcher is a big 'ol meanie always feeding him spoiled food! :D I get it though, why waste food? ;) Oh geez! He sure makes some great faces! That one with the moon... almost can't see anything but the whites of his eyes. :D Oppsies! One spill, but one success with the sled. Good job Aaron! Glad you said who that boy was because I thought it was Hunter at first. :)

    hehe So funny seeing Santa doing comedy! Imagine the things he's seen though. I bet he has lots of material for routines. ;) Bite him Pepper! hehe Sorry, I don't like that Sim. Bleh. Whoa, Nanami turned out very pretty eh? Gah! So glad Robin was strong enough to push that thing back up off of her! Oh! Very smart putting a fridge and micro on the Onsen lot! LOL! Oh geez, you too? I keep calling afai1261 a meanie for feeding Aaron spoiled food, then you make Robin eat chicken nuggets! hehe I guess we're all guilty of making our Sims do stuff they don't want to do or using them for guinea pigs. I know I have. *shifty eyes* Well, at least she'll get her handiness skill up and Pepper gets a drink! I'll still never understand why our pets don't get water bowls. It's just weird! Aww, sweet screenshot of Robin sleeping on one couch and Pepper on the other.

    I'm sure Cale would be happy to hear someone else agrees with him besides me. hehe Wynter is very pretty! Can't wait for when she and Cale are YAs. ;) Thanks, things are starting to look up for Cale, finally! Definitely be seeing more of Maralyn. :)

    I didn't want him to get so much money too soon. Learned my lesson with Essa. :) You're right, I agree! Base game worlds are easier because they seem to have way more plants and things to collect, and more fishing spots as well! I stopped sending my Sims to the base game parks because of that. Way too easy to get simoleans there. You're welcome, that daily post pic screenshot does fit the vibe of your post very well. So pretty!

    Aww, well I'm glad Kenzie was lucky enough to get an adult to listen without judgment! Not all of them are so understanding. Sometimes it's nice to just have a relaxing day or two of not doing much. Gives them and you sort've a break eh? :)

    Wonderful! I like Selena's attitude. Good for her! Very cool she has a shower now. It is tiring having to slog back and forth to the Onsen all the time. I'm glad Cale has a little house with a shower now too! Hey fellow gardener! I LOVE gardening in this game, all my Sims have gardens and they always will. It's just so much fun for me, so I understand what you mean. :) Yay! \o/ Congrats to Selena for getting so many Golden Simmis! Tents are great, but they can get hit by lightening in my experience. o.O Much prefer just waiting until my Sims can afford to build a little shack. I have used tents though for my R2R Sims, very handy at times. :)

    Thanks for popping in to say Hi! You're welcome to start the challenge at any time with Teen Jaz if you wish to join us this year! Thank you for your sweet words about the challenge. I'm so glad so many like it and have joined me playing this challenge. I had someone even ask if they could convert it for TS3! :)

    Whoa! That is SO cool how Sakura, Bryon AND Nik all spontaneously decided to help teach Sean how to fish! Never heard of anything like that happening before. Lucky Sean eh? :) You're right about both of their take-offs with the broom when they were finished. Bryon's is hilarious and Sakura's so graceful! Hi Joel, Hi Jon! :) Vending machines have harvestables? I had no idea. Gah! Thanks for the tip. Cale! Cale! Did you hear that? Guess what you're doing tomorrow? hehe

    Oh Hi there Lotta! I might be biased, but she's so darn cute! hehe Funny how he thinks she's into him just because she bows back in kind to him. Mona! Looking cute despite the nose ring and outfit. I hate how the game does that to our Sims. Why should we bother dressing them if they're not going to wear the outfits we give them? So many pretty teens for Sean to chose from! Lucky guy! So far the only teen Cale has seen one! o.O I saw Joy, but he didn't and she was gone before I could get him over there to talk to her.

    Love Sean's 'mansion.' hehe It looks like Cale's on the outside before I grunged it up. Smart using the EL Dirty Double for him! Oh man, poor Sean. Jack! Leave the poor guy alone. Of course it's too late for that. But yes, I should get that Mod, Very rarely do vampires ever try to actually bite my Sims. Cordelia is the first one in what seems like forever. Good thing he has a vacation day the next day! o.O

    EDIT: So sorry Ellu, somehow I missed your comments! o.O Anyway, Thanks about the daily post pic! I love it too, of course. Wish the sky had been more purple than pink though. But I still love it! :) Oh man, that's right! Same family! Must be it was 'dinner out' night for that family or something eh? hehe No worries I'll let him troll in the future. I just wanted him to buy the climbing equipment first since I had plans for him to start climbing afterward. I love that pic with the moon and Cale even more than the daily post pic. I think I should've used that one instead. Ah well... VERY lucky with those Simmis! See why I've been having him buy them so often? hehe I can't believe how lucky he's been with, well, MOST of the time. :D

    Nice that he got more customers. Glad he got a tent finally too. Watch out Dude, probably don't want to mess with Kaori. Did you see the look Kyoshi was giving him? That's his girl! o.O Darn machine, I hope it doesn't end up killing any of our Sims!

    Aww, very cool she found all that stuff that belonged to her Grandpa and remembered his words of advice. Whoa, weird glitch with Laika! Nice someone left some food for her to find. Bummer she couldn't give any to Laika. I've done that with things they find too, making it a rule they have to keep one before selling anymore. It just makes it more challenging that way.

    Holy Simoly! 16 autographs from Judith? o.O Smart of him to go somewhere without Sims to try to steal something. Nice that you spotted DJ, Robin and Bryon in the neighborhood.
  • Llandros2012Llandros2012 Posts: 564 Member
    Day 5 - January 5th


    The weekend is here and Aldo is excited and a little nervous. He's not the best climber but he has put in enough work to make a decent showing on the excursion. Before heading out, he equips himself with some climbing gear and packs up his tent, easel, and cooler.


    He decided to do the excursion with the Ito's - his best friend Kiyoshi is new to the mountain as well but mom and dad are here in case things go bad.


    Using his climbing gear, he gets through that first mountain climb on adrenaline and excitement. So far, nothing too difficult to accomplish.


    First check point reached and everyone is doing a great job. Aldo got a gold for this part of the event.


    Well, we brought a tent of our own but what luck to find one already set up and ready for us to use. Unfortunately, he didn't rest correctly (nap or sleep, not relax) and that will hurt his skill ranking this level.


    The weather is holding out for the most part but Aldo is bringing up the rear. It was his watcher's fault but he kept up.


    The cooler came in handy as the group was getting a bit hungry. I'm sure lugging that cooler up the mountain was no picnic but we were glad to have it!


    The weather started to turn but nobody wanted to give up - we were pushing on regardless!


    As we got closer to the top, the entire mood switched and everyone was excited to make it to the top.


    Aldo watched Kiyoshi and his dad share a moment at the summit once the team had made it to the top!


    Aldo decided to commemorate the event with a reference painting at the top - this is one memory he wants to keep!


    I had to back up to get a good picture of the summit. It was getting late and the weather was iffy at best, but things turned out ok.


    After the painting was crafted, Aldo came up with an idea that he hoped the Ito's would go for. They were going to go back down to the Onsen and he was hoping that they would let just him and Kiyoshi attempt the climb again on their own.


    They said they would consider it as they observed us on the way down. As long as nobody messes up, we can try again for an even better reward (we earned a silver due to not resting and not being a high enough level to climb the last mountain cautiously).


    One last photo and it was time to head back down to the base.


    Well, maybe one more photo just because Aldo can't resist!

  • permanentrosepermanentrose Posts: 3,151 Member
    Oh wow, nice, Dylan is gonna have some nice money in his pockets soon with those autographed photos! That's still a pack I haven't gotten yet, so it's always fun to see how you all interact with celebrities in your games :) So fun you spotted some of our sims too!

    I've been having the same struggle of cutting down on screenshots too haha. I'm just gonna go with it for now :) And yes, I know I was mean to make Robin eat meat, but I was genuinely confused about if her trait was working since she can eat a cheeseburger from the vending machine and be fine :D I guess the game just didn't make the vending machine food affect that trait. I will be very careful going forward though to respect her vegetarian trait ;) It makes for a fun challenge to play with a trait I usually don't have to think about. Also yes, I agree, not sure why pets don't get water bowls either. I'd enjoy that addition.

    Very lovely daily shot. That sky is gorgeous. I need to take some more scenic shots. Actually I probably don't, I already have too many :D That's great that he has a little house, and I like that you make it look like he built it himself! Cool idea! Robin is still far from this point her life, no house for her yet haha. Oh man, a vampire attack for you too! Nice to see Cordelia, even though it put Cale into that dazed uncomfortable state haha. I actually just installed the mod that Ellu uses to increase vampire visits so I'm sure that one will come for Robin soon too. I can't even believe how well Cale is doing though! It's really just my own fault for starting in winter though :D Though it's look like she should maybe try her luck at buying more simmi capsules. Great rock climbing pics too!

    That's awesome that Aldo is already to the excursion stage of the aspiration! Nice of the Itos to join him. Bringing a cooler is a great idea, I'm gonna have to remember that for when I do it. The sky looks so cool in that that shot of them running up the mountain. Very cool idea for him to paint that moment to remember it too! He'll have a nice collection of photos and paintings to look back on as the year goes on!
  • LegacySims2017LegacySims2017 Posts: 5,195 Member
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    January 5th Comments:

    Wow, a chapter where Aaron has more smiles than non. Hopefully has more of those. Seeing everyone's sledding images crack me up. It's a Bunny Slope and should be easy, but all our Sims seem to wipe out. :lol: Oh, and I really like that blue shaded shirt he wears. I want that in real life.

    Love the facial expression of Robin in the daily image. All them elders...probably there to hit on Father Winter and get special gifts. :wink: Hmm, is it just outdoor vending machines that will cause havoc on Sims? D.J. has used the Onsen ones a few times and never got crushed yet.

    I think the moodlets bring life to D.J.'s story.

    Regarding the newly generated Sims, I don't pay much attention to them until D,J. encounters them. Then I'll open them up in Create-A-Sim and throw them in MC Command Center to play with for story purposes. All the elders he's encountered so far, I've left alone. Only time I'll explore editing them is when it's time for them to pass on to the netherworld. I have aging turned off and when it's time to age D.J., I'll age those he encounters to match. So some elders will be force killed. :open_mouth:

    D.J. has taken a selfie by himself and now one with Yamachan. Here's to him taking lots of selfies. I just wish the selfie taken with Yamachan would have ended up in the screenshots folder like the single selfie did.
    What a nice friend Moira was to listen to Kenzie rant. I probably would have made an excuse to walk off.

    I look forward to watching Selena's garden and home interior grow. Here's to hoping she has continued luck getting gold simmies.

    Sean may think his life is boring but it's not. And I saw Mayor Whiskers in one of those screenshots. :lol: I laugh every time I see him. Too bad I removed him from my gameplay. I regret it now as I kept Vlad and Father Winter. Should have kept Mayor Whiskers as well.
    Sean cracks me up. Bows to greet Maeby and when she does it in return, he gets that "I'm mightier than thou" look.
    Yeah, I find it funny that many of the Challenge Sims have problems staying on their sled. It's not that big of a slope as well. :lol:

    Grampa was a smart wise man. And good to see her having fun at fishing. :lol: @ Laika sitting at the bottom of the lake water.

    I love that Adam teaches a wellness class. See, that lady brought more people. She thought Adam did a good job, she went and told her friends I bet.

    Cale's new shack is looking good for a starter. D.J. still sleeps on couches. :lol: Had fun watching Cale do some climbing. Looks scary at first until you try it and then you have fun. Until you fall and hurt yourself of course. :tongue:
    Not sure if you are with Cale, but I am Aspiration hopping with D.J. so I can knock out a few things at a time. I haven't achieved a full Milestone yet in anything. Getting close with the Sports Enthusiasts one. Lots more Milestones to hit before the end of the month, though. You'll probably see some days where I achieve a couple goals at once.

    Dylan is a good klepto....just "borrowing" things for simoleons. :lol:

    Was fun to see some of the Challenge Sims out and about in your gameplay. Still waiting on some in mine.

    I love that daily image shot. Beautiful background in Aldo's selfie at the top of the mountain. Congrats on him making it. I wanted you to do a lot of screenshots and you delivered. Thank you! :wink:
    (Twitter Me: LSims2017)
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    January 6
    There was a boy he had met in the lounge, who had immediately come up to him wanting to show him something on his phone. Normally, Aaron despised talking to strangers, but this one, Hunter, he seemed different. Almost as if the Watcher wanted them to be friends. In Hunter, he had found his first real friend in his new life living in Mount Komorebi. Getting to see him was a wonderful break from, well, everything. He could almost forget that he was poor and had less than a single wall on his lot.

    Hunter insisted on inviting Aaron over to his house, but Aaron always felt the need to decline. It wasn't that he didn't want to see Hunter, but maybe it was knowing that Hunter actually had somewhere to live, a "home"..., that made it hard to accept.
    [It's actually because Hunter lives in San Myshuno and it's against the rules to have Aaron go there]. Was that weird? Maybe it was weird... When Hunter had told him of his dreams to move to Mount Komorebi himself because he wanted to learn how to snowboard while they were stargazing, Aaron had almost asked him to move in. Way to be forward, right. And it was way too freaking soon, after they had only just met! He had berated himself when Hunter had left for a jog soon after. "What on earth is wrong with me?" he had muttered out loud, and as if in response, the Watcher had deemed it necessary to buy him a bed at that exact moment. He didn't even have a house at that point, for Watcher's sake, and here he was about to ask a boy to move in??? He forced himself to calm down, but deep inside he wondered whether or not his impulses were leading him to think of Hunter as more than a friend. The boy was cute, that was obvious enough. But did they even have anything in common at all?

    A few days passed, and Aaron was consumed with a desire to see him again, so invited him out to the bar. They exchanged a few jokes, and Aaron discovered to his delight that, like him, Hunter was a fan of METAL music. One box, ticked. And maybe it was stupid to think about it now considering they had only recently met, but already Aaron felt closely connected with the curly-haired boy.

    He was surprised when Hunter agreed to come to the onsen with him, and even more surprised when he saw Hunter had a tattoo ("Cool tattoo, isn't it?" Hunter had said when he noticed Aaron was looking. Aaron had only nodded and looked away because he was definitely not looking past the tattoo at Hunter's pecs, nope ( ;) )). Still not confident enough to fully remove his own shirt, Aaron came to sit with him in the steaming water and tried not to stare.
    "Honestly, having access to this onsen is a perk of living here in itself," Hunter was saying, "there's nothing like this in San Myshuno."
    There it was again. Something burning in Aaron told him to take the chance and tell him to move to Mount Komorebi. (A stupid something) he thought to himself. "Yeah, it's awesome," he heard himself saying, his pulse quickening as he turned to look at Hunter. (Friends!) he yelled in his head, trying to ignore the feeling. (Nothing more!) "Especially after a vending machine fell on me on Saturday."
    Hunter looked at him, aghast. "A vending machine fell on you?"
    "Those vending machines are vicious," Aaron tried to grin and make light of what had happened, downplaying how much pain it had actually put him in. "It ate my money and refused to give me what I paid for, so I climbed on top of it, and, well..."
    Hunter shook his head and laughed. "You're crazy, dude. Taking the chance to fight a vending machine? I'd rather fight a Murphy bed."
    "No way!" Aaron responded. "I've heard horror stories about those things. I swear there's someone who died to a Murphy bed in the cemetery here."
    "But no-one who died to a vending machine?"
    "Touche... but I bet no-one would care if it had actually killed me."
    "Well, I for one am glad that you're not dead," Hunter said with a genuinely warm smile. "I know we met only last week but you're already way more fun to hang out with than my brothers. You're a pretty cool guy, Aaron."
    Aaron felt his cheeks grow warm and tried to convince himself it was because of how hot the onsen was.
    "I... uh..." he stammered for a second, then looked up into Hunter's warm eyes. They were sparkling.

    NOTE: okay so I used to use Wonderful Whims, but I removed it a few months ago because one half of a couple I wanted to get together found the other half very unattractive (I was extremely disappointed lol), but I'm going to put the mod back in and start using it again so I can see if Aaron actually finds Hunter attractive ;) If he doesn't then he can just move on but maybe they can have a casual flirtation or something. It is only day 6 after all.

    Edited to add:
    Aaron and Hunter at the bar

    Showering in the onsen

    Pure bliss. (I just wish they had actually sat next to each other!)
    Aaron did do things other than hang out with Hunter haha but I was bitten by the writing bug :D

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    One Month, One World, One Year Challenge: The Adventures of Dash Joseph Faireborn
    Table of Contents
    January 6: The Great Outdoors!
    D.J. was still taking in all that happened yesterday. He had a blast at the snow sledding. He wants to do it even more. He feels like a little kid again. He knows he's still months away from becoming a young adult and able to do things he can't at this point in life.

    D.J. was also pumped after his boss called him into their office. First he was scared he was getting fired. Getting called into the office felt like he was being sent to the Principal's office. But his boss told D.J. that he has noticed how well the shelves have been stocked and that he saw D.J. going out of his way to get product for customers who couldn't reach or didn't know where to find stuff they wanted. D.J. received a promotion. He still was going to help stock shelves, but now he would learn the registers to ring up customers. His new title was now a Sales Floor Clerk. D.J. was happy to know he also got a raise and a small bonus with the promotion.


    After another day of classes, he called up the guy he met about the tent. He had enough simoleons now to purchase it. As much as he enjoyed the Lounge and Onsen, there was some satisfaction of being able to sleep outdoors. This got D.J. thinking if he really needs to save up simoleons to build a house. He loves being in the outdoors here even if it is cold. All he really needs is an outhouse to use as a bathroom and some type of outdoors shower. That could be built in the same fashion as the outhouse. As for food, he could honestly live off vending machine food and hit the Bar and Lounge on occasion.


    Before work, because he was in such a happy mood, D.J. put all his focus into creating his very first snowpal. He found clothing he wouldn't wear and placed them on the snowpal. He didn't think it was a masterpiece, but it was something he could enjoy. He decided to take a picture of it. Then it was off to work.


    After a successful day at work, D.J. took a shower at the Onsen and grabbed a bite to eat from the vending machine. He then went back to his tent for his first outdoor sleep. The tent was more cozy than he imagined it would have been.

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    I'll be catching up on comments today!
  • permanentrosepermanentrose Posts: 3,151 Member
    January 6

    So Robin's cousin Aidan came home with her after school today. He's the son of Emmett's sister, Eliza. Even though it's ridiculous how easily sims can travel between worlds, I've just decided to go with it. Robin may have gone off on a soul searching journey, but no one is ever that far away :D

    So Robin invited Aidan to come to the slopes with her since she was meeting Aimi there later that afternoon.

    Speaking of Robin's family never being too far away, there's Jules hanging out with Kiyoshi at the hot springs. Perhaps she just wants to check in on Robin from afar to make sure she's doing okay.

    Robin was not having any more luck skiing than she did the other day.

    And neither was Aimi.

    "I thought you were good at snowboarding," Robin said, a small smirk on her face.
    "It's really icy today," Aimi protested.

    Aidan was horrifically terrible as well.

    Aimi's second time down displayed much more of her skills.

    And Robin managed to do the easy slope without falling too :)

    After a while, they decided to crank out their homework together.

    Aidan had to head home, but Aimi suggested they they go another hike since the trails near the slopes were great for hiking too. Robin was game for anything. She found she really loved spending time with Aimi.

    The conditions were still icy and Robin slipped a few times, but judging by the grin on her face, she wasn't too bothered. She seems to have other things on her mind ;)

    "Right up ahead - I can see the caves my parents used to take me and my brother to when were were kids!"

    Aimi shouted into the cave.

    Robin listened as the echo returned. "I thinkkkk you'reeee cuteeee."

    Robin giggled nervously, blushing a bit.

    "I mean it," Aimi told her, stepping closer. "I haven't been able to stop thinking about you since I met you the other night."

    "It's been driving me a bit crazy, frankly," she whispered.

    Indeed, Aimi does seem to be growing rather fond of Robin :)

    Robin's breath caught as Aimi leaned in, brushing her lips against Robin's.

    Robin brought her hand up to caresses Aimi's cheek softly, leaning in to kiss her again, her heart exploding in an eruption of fireworks.

    I know this happened kind of fast but I can't help myself :D Also I kind of want to see if I could get Robin to do the serial romantic aspiration over time - it's just a casual goal. As soon as I find someone for her to be in love with that I get super attached to, I'll probably give up haha.

    Extra photos
    Aimi had to leave after that, but I kept Robin hiking in hopes of finding some forest spirits since this is the second hike she's gone on without spotting any. No forest spirits unfortunately, but she did have another nasty surprise...too bad it probably won't count for that part of the aspiration yet!


    Dang it's so hard to cut down on screenshots :D I meant to be making shorter posts, but I'm kind of just seeing where my game leads me these days :)
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