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One Month One World One Year Challenge 2022


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    Nope, especially for homeless Sims. o.O Hopefully it'll be sunny soon. Oh boy, yeah, it rains even more in Brindleton Bay.

    Yep, kind of cool though since she was the first Sim he saw too. :) Hmm, might have to try that, thanks for the idea. :D Veera was a bit appalled, but curious what her autograph was worth at the same time. :)

    Cute how he thanked the couch for it's service! Glad he discovered the Onsen. It's great for homeless Sims. Still not ideal only taking naps, and it is also open 24/7. But at least it has showers! Good first day of work for him, bummer it wasn't quite enough for the tent though. He'll get there. Yeah, another reason why Cale won't be eating the free chips, if they eat only that for too long, they get that moodlet and it won't go away until they eat a 'real' meal.

    Always like that about the school projects, they can sell them and still get the credit. Win-win! And down she goes on the skis, ah well, this too shall pass. ;) Nice of Kaori to invite her to dinner. I don't like that staring ahead talking in there either! Good idea getting the 'Always Welcome' reward trait. Wonderful memories of Robin's first experiences in Mt. Komorebi. Aww, I remember that one with her first tail, so cute and when she got Pepper, double cute! Good idea doing this for her journal writing. :)

    Robin's tail does suit her, yes! I'm struggling just a little cutting down what I write and screenshots I post since I always take way more than I should. Tough cutting them down to just 5-10, but so far it's worked out, and it's much less stressful. I might end up doing more too, but we'll see. Not writing a real story for Cale is a little weird too, but so far I'm enjoying just acting as an observer with him. :)

    First of all, Happy Birthday! Hope you have a wonderful day full of love and laughter with friends and family. :)

    Wow! Congratulations to Aldo for completing the Mt. Komorebi Sightseer aspiration already! Great job! \o/ Also congrats on completing his Scouting! Aldo is really going after it with his independent life. Love that you got him a rock climbing wall to increase his climbing skill too. I thought about putting one in a gym for Cale, but haven't so far. Might do that! I forgot about those, so thanks for the reminder. :) Ugh, so weird how one of the goals for that aspiration is for them to get injured. Sometimes that's tough if they have gained much skill. I'm sure Aldo wouldn't agree, but glad you were able to get that goal accomplished.

    Interesting info. about the parsley. I never would've thought to check that out. I see Cale isn't the only one buffed up. Lookin' good there Dylan! ;) Oh man, poor Dylan, some old geezer picks a fight with him and then his revenge backfired. Opps! Nice deal he made for the free chips. Don't blame him for crushing on Bella and calling her a Goddess. Too bad she's too old for him and married as well. Ah well...Gah! Then he forgets the chips. Bummer. Hope things look up for you soon Dylan. :)
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    Oof, 43 notifications since I last logged in😅 I’ve been busy unpacking since I recently (2 days ago) moved into my new place. I’ll probably do some playing later today and post tomorrow :)

    I’m honestly very sorry, but I don’t think I have the time to comment on everything and everyone. I’ll comment on little things if they catch my eye, but please don’t take it personal if I don’t comment😅

    Have a nice day!
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    January 3

    Today marked Selena’s second trek to the onsen. She’d found that people tended not to pay too much attention to her in the early morning, and hoped her luck would hold again today, which was unfortunately a school day.

    School was already an unpleasant prospect, of course, thinking of all her classmates who would be going back home to their warm houses and families. She just needed to keep her head down, study, and try not to let anyone find out she lived in a tent just beyond the local grocery store. If anyone knew, life would become hard than it already was, though she’d been able to keep her head above the water for now.

    She knew she could do this. She just had to keep trying that little bit harder.


    So, yes, today is a school day and Selena is looking particularly dapper in her uniform!


    It's also back to vending machine food while she uses the facilities in the onsen, and today I decided to grab her a burger because we actually have the money to spare, for once.


    Again, in a shocking turn of pace, Selena also completed her homework, ready for tomorrow. She's such a good student today! Hopefully that'll last as long as possible.


    Once we finished up at the onsen (which was actually after school) it was time to test our luck with the Simmi capsules again. I know, I'm tempting fate...but hey, this one was fixed!


    And once again, we got a couple of golden pulls, bringing our total up to a decent amount...


    So here's the current setup - one tent, one cooler, and the caterpillar-slow start of a tiny tiny house. Once there's at least a room, I'll be installing a bathroom, and slowly moving on from there. Poor Selena definitely deserves more, but that's just how this challenge goes!


    I did let her have a victory yoghurt, though :smile:

  • lilypadmeulinlilypadmeulin Posts: 1,582 Member
    I'm very tired out this evening, but I have been reading through and enjoying all the updates. See you all tomorrow!
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    Sean Medicci

    January 3rd ,


    The one with dogs, plants and an old Lady!
    After 2 naps, it was still very early.
    Downloaded this park, what had 2 ponds on it, so Sean can get firther at fishing aspiration.
    (I could of used New Crest, but am stubborn, haha)
    then he heard some barking, it was this little girl, Maeby.
    She had run to have own adventures, as her owners were not there.
    Sean made his first friend!!
    (Sean??? Dog?? You are supposed to get to know all the girls, yes, but I did not meant girl dogs!)

    And next this happened! Stray, called Ani!
    She gladly left fast :p
    And here was I complaining and thinking that I do that pets aspiration last, Sean is a doggo magnet!

    Finally back in business, call to school, he has his first free day.. on his first school day :joy:
    Tomatoes.. look healthy..
    Yes, eat it, it is not THAT bad!
    There were potatoes..
    "But Lady! Those onions were at public space!!"
    Okay.. just take that parsley.. and then lets go out of here :D

    My love, my love, my fearless love, I will not say goodbye..
    Sea may rise, sky may fall, My love will never die..
    My heart, my heart, My drowning heart, Oh all the tears I've cried
    Oh I may weep forevermore, My love will never die..
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    Happy birthday! I have a January birthday too :) Nice progress with everything with Aldo, from scouting to aspirations and skill building! I shouldn't be surprised though - I've watched you play challenges before and you are very good at making good progress :) Also you guys are all getting so lucky with those forest spirits! I've played a bit ahead and Robin can't seem to find any :/

    Since I've had time to play properly for the first time since I started school, I'm having trouble cutting down on my screenshots too. It's also crazy how many I can get from just one sim day too - I guess I just like documenting everything haha.

    Had to laugh about Cale showering in his one pair of undies, which probably are getting quite ripe indeed ;) And those themed bar nights lol! Great shot of him playing piano for the bears. He may not be meeting any other teens, but I love that some many familiar faces are showing up in your save. That vendor is really cute too! Love her hair.

    I'm always so impressed by how well you add things from the game into your story, like the scenery and even making a story for him finding an empty lot. Such gorgeous shots in your game too, and Dylan really is so cute. Japaneselish :D You crack me up :joy::joy: And oh no, not the slushie in the face! A lot of other fun cameos from premades too! Great start for Dylan!

    Selena looks so cute in her uniform! And look at her little lot coming together! I really need to buy Robin a cooler too.

    Aw, that's my pup Maeby! It's fun seeing her in your game. She's just as friendly in real life too haha. Ooh, downloading a park with ponds is an excellent idea. I love that he's already befriending so many animals too! I'm jealous of his garden too, so nice that he's harvesting already. Of course Agnes felt the need to butt into someone else's business haha

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    Yay, finally, she at least moved a little as teen! Though still no more than 1h playtime ingame to get me some thumbnails :( Oh well - hopefully soon.
    I will in the future post a little story in italics in the first story, and then any "real" gameplay as commentary. Hopefully that'll be a setup to keep me going without adding too much stress :) - I think Selena (@lilypadmeulin ) does this too? Thank you for the idea!
    January, Day 3 - "Everything's changing..."
    Once she'd arrived, she sat down on a bench and grabbed the newspaper next to it. She'd picked Brindleton Bay on purpose - a couple years back, she'd gone with her Dad to pick up Mika from the animal shelter. And in future summers, she'd always had a summer job there and with the vet next to it. But as time went on and she got busier at home, that little escape just fizzled out... She needed to find out whether it was still there, and probably go back to see her friends.
    As she glanced through the pages, she flinched. Things had changed so much! The last years her life had just been home and school, and in the meantime, they'd built new parks and even a whole new neighborhood over in Newcrest! What about the PAWspital? She didn't know. She'd just have to walk over there and find out... The last little thread of hope she'd held onto started to fizzle, as she stared at her small backpack with clothes and memories from... from the old house. It wasn't home, and in her heart she knew it hadn't been since she was a little girl and the world still felt whole.
    As I'm sure you noticed by now, Lucy will be our tour guide and show us the awesome lots I have edited to fit my worlds! They are all up on the gallery, and links can be found in the first post.
    There's a made-over park in Willow Creek... Originally this was @IllusoryThrall's madeover version of the Oasis Springs park. But then I decided I loved the Layout and did not want it in Oasis Springs, by far my least favourite world, so I put it here.
    Oasis Springs got a new park with lots of stuff too, also by @IllusoryThrall. I imagine Oasis Springs to be a very rich city, though they don't like unneccesary accesoires, which this park reflects very well.
    Newcrest got an absolutely beautiful Wildflower park. (Transparency: This was taken in another save in Summer as all the flowers were dead for Lucy.) @IllusoryThrall made it for the 50x50 in Magnolia Blossom, and I replaced packs and cut it down for Newcrest.
    Newcrest also got a library, a science museum and a gym&pool. All of these were made by Lilsimsie on Youtube for a Basegame Newcrest, and I cut them down to size and added some stuff from packs (thermostat, umbrella stand, swings...)
    This was all my changes so far, although I'll probably get fed up with some of the default lots soon and start looking for replacements.
    Also, as I have mentioned, I have allowed her to take some stuff from her childhood room. In total it is worth 151 Simoleons and will never leave her possession. She has not taken anything that could be useful in some way (though I was really debating about a food bowl for Laika...)
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    Day 3
    After struggling through the last few days, Kenzie decided to relax at the Onsen.
    Kenzie challenging the Rock…
    Let’s just pretend this exists in simlish, too. :')
    “It’s about drive, it’s about power, we stay hungry we devour…”


    Mondays (and usually Thursdays) are my super busy days at work, so I don't have time to comment, but I'll be back to commenting and replying tomorrow.
    In the meantime thanks for all your comments. :3 Hope that is ok!

    Oh and I'll upload Mackenzie to the gallery tomorrow. :)
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    Day 3: Gaining skills

    Tasks completed:
    Take a selfie with the Mt. Komorebi mascot
    Collect a simmi

    After the events of yesterday I decided to take it a bit easier today. I grabbed a meal from one of the vending machines and decided to treat myself to a Simmi. I placed it on Plopsy in hopes I can make some money off it and headed into the gym.
    One of my goals is to reach the top of Mt. Komorebi before I leave so I decided to tackle the rock climbing machine to increase my climbing experience.
    Afterward I did some more yoga and think I will soon try to teach a class in the local park. After a shower, I went to investigate the dumpsters for any new treasures. I found some garlic and a golden egg! I quickly found someone to sell the egg to since I could tell it wasn't going to stay fresh for long and made some simoleans. I also found some slightly spoiled scrambled eggs which were completely adequate and gave me a weird golden super power for a few hours. I quickly headed home to plant my parsley, mushroom, and garlic and used my new ability to make them perfect. I also used it on a few plants around the neighborhood before taking a nap.
    I saw the local mascot hanging around the square so I quickly got a selfie with him as it's on my list of things to do.
    I decided to head to town as I'd seen a fishing spot there yesterday and wanted to try my hand at catching a fish. I stayed there 'till it was fairly late but was unable to catch a thing.
    I noticed there was something stuck in a vending machine nearby so I gave it a shake and got a free tea.
    I used the restroom in the park and headed home for the night.
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    Hi All!
    Sorry, a bit slow at commenting, and I will be doing this in two parts. I am the slowpoke of the group. lol Enjoying everyone's stories and struggles. Have a great day/night!

    Day 1-First off, Cale Conrad is a good-looking teen. Great job on him. He has very intense eyes. I know you can't see it in the sim I created, Dylan Healy, but Dylan has a scar, too, hidden under his hair (it will be revealed later). Cale's backstory is very sad, with his father dying when he was 3, his mother re-marrying, and then his mother (possibly) dying in a fire. We never see a body, so there is a chance that she may pop-up later in the story. And, of course, his abusive step-father has fled the scene. I don't blame Cale for trying to get as far away as possible from his home. Day 2-I had to look at the lot where he would be living and realized it was the Nishidake lot, right near that fishing spot. Great choice, and look who is fishing beside him! Essa! And Cale's luck changes! Yeah! He certainly had his challenges today, with the rain, the vending machine and the forest spirit cursing him and then following him on the hike. And he plants his first crop...but then gets an autograph worth $2400 simoleons! Sudden wealth is there for him! Woot! I remember Essa getting an autograph from Adam Lambert at the start of her game!Day 3-Oh gosh! More rain! And life doesn't seem to get any better for Cale, with his moodiness, and anger issues from the music and the bears. Well, he's doing great fishing, though, but, yeah, should have gotten some lessons from Josh. Sheesh! And then his opportunity with a teen fizzles. 100 Baby Challenge, huh? I am actually going to try the 100 Bae Challenge with Dylan, to get 100 girlfriends/boyfriends at the same time. lol

    Day 1-I love Sean Medicci's traits - romantic and foodie, and a surprise that you are going to do the 100 baby challenge. See above for what I am attempting! hehehe I always love that you are starting with the tiny house outline, and putting some builds in the world that you are playing. All of my "extra builds" are going in Newcrest. Love the idea of a sushi restaurant, and Sakura is there and Bryon! Looks like quite a snowstorm, with Malcolm trying to be a tough dude in a short-sleeved shirt! Ha! Day2- Look at him snowboarding already. Nice to see Melody and Malcolm there.Sean seemed to be doing well with all the things he did today. And, of course, he has to do some fishing.Day3-Sean is a dog magnet, not a chick magnet! lol Give him time, he will get the girls. Those dogs were so cute. Ahd he found a lot of vegetables...gee...being a foodie, he will probably plant those. hehe And Agnes! Oh gee! What was she complaining to him about?

    Day1-Robin Keyes and her dog, Pepper are so cute together. I love Robin's backstory of how she wanted to be like her Mom and travel. Also, such wonderful items that are keepsakes in her inventory. I love her mermaid state. The only perk she would have is sleeping on the water for a full night's rest. Having a pet right off in a rags-to-riches is a challenge in itself because of the dogfood cost. A real challenge starting in Winter. Day2-Great she found a fossil & sold it for some quick cash & the pop-up skating rink. And she meets Kaori who played a part in helping Jules last year. And she uses a vending machine without incident. Whenever I use them with a sim now, I hold my breath. And that park bench is probably being used by a lot of the challenge sims! Day 3- Gosh...Robin is so thin! Look at those skinny legs as she is skiing! Okay, I didn't know you could just sell those projects. I always waited until they submitted them in school and just kept them forever in their inventory. Good to know. Such nice flashback memories of Robin when she was a baby.

    Nice that you joined this challenge again and DJ Faireborn is a good-looking teen. And starting in Winter. Now that's an additional challenge. And DJ becomes a couch surfer. At least he is warm inside.Day 2-Good idea to get a job, and retail is one of the higher paying part-time jobs.Day 3- Cool! Okay, nice shower at the Onsen. And at work, DJ is in charge of the baby area! Well, with @Karababy52 and @Ellupelluellu doing the 100 Baby Challenge, you will get lots of business from them! Nice funds, but poor DJ is so uncomfortable.

    Selena Lilly is a wonderful sim. So sorry that her arrival in Mt. Komorebi is so terrible. Oh gosh! That selfie with Yamachan having been struck by lighting...poor mascot, but still up to taking a selfie. Great work on those simmies. I remember last year when Jenny was pegnant and she was fearless, because she wouldn't die to get those simmies! lol Oh look at Sakura as a teen! She looks so good. Thank you for including that. Made my day. Day 2-Oh Lilly's needs are so bad that she has to take off a day of school. However I think it paid off since she got some rest, shower, food, etc. And more simmies. But lightning following Lilly around? First Yamachan and now the vending machine right next to the one she was at? Sheesh! I hope that the vending machine gets replaaced. More cameos...I guess we will find out more of Lilly's backstory as we progress, as there is obviously some problems between Lilly and her mother, Heather.Day 3-Oh good, they fixed the vending machine. And, yes, Lilly does look good in her uniform. More simmies, and a tent and the beginning of a house! Great work. A cooler is also good and you can keep it in your personal inventory, and take it out whenever you want something to eat. Comes in really handy.

    So glad that Bryon will be continuing his journey this year, and I remember that photo from last year. Nice!

    I am so happy that you will actually be starting this challenge with a teen this year and I have already downloaded Louise Aldrich & her dog, Laika into my game. Nice lot to start on, I love that one myself, especially for the view. You did so much work on all those builds and your set-up. And I love the idea that she has some items from her childhood with her. It sounds like Louise is trying to capture some happiness from her youth. I hope she finds it.
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    Hi All! Part 2 of the comments and I think I am now all caught up. Have a great day/night everyone!

    -Day1-Welcome to the challenge! I love your sim, Aaron Winterson. Oh wow, a hot-headed loner. I can relate to all those elders at the lounge, and Agatha made an appearance in your story, too. And he hates fitness? Oh is he going to survive Mt. Komorebi? lol Your time at the lounge was so much better than Dylan's, and you got free chips? That bartender in my game...sheesh! The first time some of us did this challenge, we didn't know where the fishing spot was either. It would have made sense to make one in the Wakaba neighborhood in the river you can swim in, but no...they didn't. Day 2-Great shot of Aaron in the onsen. He actually looks happy there! In fact, that was the only happy shot of the day. Great he's doing some fishing, and smoozing, and he grabbed a drink at the bar, too! lol I just had to do it with Dylan because I am trying to train him real hard to be a klepto. Funny about the forest spirits and that moodlet he got. Oh poor Aaron.Day 3-I have a feeling that Aaron ran away from home to try to start a better life, but now his life is so mundane, he is having doubts. It's nice that Aaron finally made a teen friend. Funny about Kaori in the onsen and Aaron's face! And he has a bed. Things are looking up! Thank goodness Vlad just walked off without a quick "bite".

    -Day 1-Welcome to the challenge! Nice that you are doing one of the scenarios with Aldo. And he has some great traits. I like the Scouting career myself. Good for uni, and also good for skill building boosts later on. He did really well on his first day and already has a tent! Selling those photos is a great idea! Do you have Get Famous? If so, did you place your photos on a wall in the bar and get fame for selling them or just did it from personal inventory? Just an idea if you have that pack. Day 2-And he does meet Kiyoshi. Good job there. Nice work, too, on getting a photo with Yamachan and swimming in the river. Oh my gosh! Aldo is freezing. Get out of that water! Ack! The simmie curse! Oh gee! Glad he wasn't squished. And now BFFs with Kiyoshi. He must have made some good simoleons to get that easel...amd a cooler. That will definitely help. Now the simoleons will just pour in. He'll be rich in no time. Great job!Day3-Also is just gung ho on this challenge, getting a computer and desk, and knocking off the Scouting career so quickly. Congrats! And...finishing the one aspiration, and doing a great job on the next one. The way Aldo is going he may finish up on this world before the end of the month. Fantastic strategy for getting a lot of things done.

    Day 1 - Welcome to the Challenge! Kenzie McGraw is super cute! Great that she got an autograph from Judith! And the battle with the vending machines continues! lol Thank goodness nothing toppled on her. Day 2-Smart using the Onsen as your home base, especially since it's near the slopes. And Kenzie does some snowboarding! Cool! And she is slowly building her skill in piano and got some tips. That should keep her fed, at least. She looks great in those photos of her on the snowboard, btw. Day3-The Rock is giving you inspiration! hehehe Nice that Kenzie got a chance to relax in the Onsen. And I see that she had a nice aura about her! lol Wonderful start.

    Day 1 - Welcome to the Challenge! What an interesting start for Adam Strongin this challenge. I haven't even tried those new "spa day" aspirations as yet. And he is paranoid. Oh gee. I don't know which is worse, paranoid or loner. Is Adam not doing the Extreme Sports Enthusiast Aspiration while he is in Mt. Komorebi? I'm looking forward to seeing how he is doing in the Zen Guru Aspiration, though. Nice that you placed the dumpsters at the Onsen. You can certainly make a lot of simoleons from dumpster diving. I like the idea of a yoga retreat in Mt. Komorebi.Day2-Nice that Adam met Kiyoshi and they went skiing together. And Adam was very lucky with the hiking and getting some simoleons there.And those bugs! Ugh! They are worse than Jungle Retreat! Oh gee, poor Adam looks rather tired heading back home.Day3-Adam has a super power? I didn't realize this happened when you ate something that was made with a golden egg. Pretty cool. And the frustrations on the vending machine. Grr...Nice that you can try to sell a simmie on plopsy. I guess we will find out how that goes. Really like how Adam is progressing.
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    Very cute daily pic! I like how Louise actually looks about 15, like you intend her to be, instead of like an adult like most teens haha. Your made over venues are great too. They'll be nice to use!

    Kenzie's swimwear is so cute! Love the idea of that song in being simlish too :D She's doing great so far. And don't worry about comments - I'm honestly probably gonna be too busy to do them soon since my new school term has started again. I'm just doing classes virtually right now due to a covid exposure so I have too much free time on my hands but usually I hardly have time to play my game :D

    Nice progress with Adam! I didn't know that eating a golden egg caused that, very cool! You got some good screenshots today!

    Thanks for the comments! And yes, I always sell school project, especially the teen ones since they tend to be pretty meh haha. Don't like them clogging up the inventory :D I do like some of the kid projects though and will let kids display them in their rooms sometimes.

    And yes, Robin is a skinny little thing haha. She aged up like that, but maybe once she gets some good food in her consistently, she'll fill out a bit :D
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    January 3rd Comments:

    Poor Aaron had a bad day. Hopefully Hunter will come around again. He made angry or sad when Hunter is around in the future, but I bet Aaron will be happy to see him again. Maybe he'll even become friends with Vlad. :lol: When he becomes an Adult, he'll probably want to hang out with him during a certain month. :wink:

    That image of Robin doing the school project looks like she is reading the instructions to Pepper, who is intently listening. "Practice makes perfect, Robin! You got this!" She'll be skiing like a pro in no time. I love the flashback at the end of her going down the slope as a youngster.
    I think moodlets and Needs add a little spice to the story. :lol: I've read a lot of comments, reviews, bugs, etc. about Snowy Escape, but never really dived into it until now. Already having a lot of fun exploring it. And I still have a lot to see. I'm eagerly waiting for the couch sleeping to well as the chips eating. :grimace:

    Happy late birthday, my friend! Hope you had a fun day for yourself!

    Congrats on Aldo getting all his merit badges in scouting. I hope that helps him further down the road. He sure was a busy boy with gaining all of them. Here's to wishing him luck on the rock climbing.

    Dylan learns the hard way not to try and get even. He should have just walked away from the old geezer to begin with. :lol: Hopefully he can make more tips from the piano playing. He had Bella's attention. He must be a good pianist.
    I picked the retail job because that is typically what teenagers start out with in jobs in the real world. Only makes sense to do that in my sims world as well. The perk is better pay than the others.

    Those bears!! ROFLMAO :lol: Too funny! Yeah, they do look creepy, but in a fun loving way. If Cale continues to fish in between expert fishermen or women and comes up ended handed himself, he's just going to be more angry. Hulk Cale will come out. :grimace:
    Now that D.J. has a job, he shouldn't have to rely on the free chips anymore. May take him longer to get the tent, but I think his moodlets will thanks him.

    Good to see Selena have luck with the simmi capsules. Her home will soon grow to something nice. It's nice she's getting the essentials needed.

    Sean was a dog magnet today. And an old lady repellent. But at least he got his veggies.

    Looks like Lucy is gonna take care of her pet for the first part...and other pets perhaps too. Hopefully Brindleton Bay brings her joy.

    I enjoyed the little tour you gave of your renovated Worlds.

    I think we know Kenzie hates school projects but likes to play the piano. :wink:

    I'm thinking Adam will soon get superpowers from eating dumpster food. :lol: "Dumpster Man!"
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    Selena looks so cute in her uniform! Good for her doing her homework and Congrats to her too for having a tent, cooler and actual walls! Yay! \o/ Glad that machine was fixed too. Nice surprise when they get those golden ones eh? No worries about comments, whenever you can is cool. :)

    Aww, what a little cutie pie! And the dog too! ;) Love that shot with him in the park fishing and the fireflies! Dog magnet! :D Well let's hope he's a girl magnet too! ;) Oh man, look at him! Can really see who his Dad is in that shot with the cell. Nice haul of plants for him! He'll have a really nice garden soon. Sheesh Agnes, take your book and go home! You don't live here anyway, not your place to yell at Sean!

    I guess we just can't help ourselves, so used to taking a ton all the time. Hard habit to break. hehe Yep, I think he needs to buy a new pair or two soon! o.O Ugh, those bears! *shivers* Yes, quite a few have shown up, but most live there. I think Josee is the first one I've seen that doesn't. Wynter is gorgeous! You should see her Magic Realm outfit, very pretty Sim indeed.

    Very cool Lucy once worked there in Summer. Nice that she'll have some friends already. Nice lots you've put down. I think I used that Library too by lilsimsie in Newcrest. I didn't change anything though, just plopped it down, done! hehe Makes sense she'd take some things with her. Even if she doesn't feel like it was home, there are bound to be some things she feels are special. :)

    Kenzie is doing well. Love how you let the screenshots speak for themselves. She's making the best of what she has to work with now. Very strong young lady! Good analogy with the video. I could only listen to a few seconds though. I'm sorry, I don't like hip hop or rap, whatever that was. But I do like the Rock! :) No worries about comments, whenever you have time. Thanks about uploading Mackenzie, I'll add her to the list once we have a link. :)

    Thanks about Cale. :) Ah, cool Dylan has a scar too. Yeah, Cale hasn't had a very easy time of it so far. He did get the autograph, however he did NOT sell it! He doesn't have sudden wealth, only a special photo to hang in his home whenever he can afford to build one. :) Yes, Essa did get Adam's and sold it. I regretted it so Cale will not be doing that. :) I don't want him to get ahead too quickly the way she did. He needs to struggle to make it more challenging for myself. Yes, 100 babies, at least, hopefully more. Ellu and I are having a little friendly competition between our two guys. :) Oh, 100 Baes! That will be quite a challenge too! Good luck with that! :)

    I know! They're very creepy! Not in a fun-loving way to me though. *shivers* :D Oh geez, I hope not! Can't imagine the ladies would like a big green Dude trying to woo them. hehe

    Ah yes, with the new job, he can hopefully soon buy some appliances, or at least buy some 'real' meals. Cool. :)

    Nice using the climbing wall in the gym. Smart. Golden egg and Golden scrambled eggs...uh, yeah... Yamachan is such a cute mascot. Oh boy I've seen that Simmi machine shake face on Cale! o.O
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    I'll get to doing comments and perhaps replies tomorrow, not really feeling up to doing them right now, bit of a long day.

    January 4
    He finally had a bed now. A somewhat uncomfortable bed, for sure, but it was definitely much more comfortable than the old bench in the park he had been sleeping on. And yes, he had been left with less than 30 simoleons when he had bought that bed, but there was money to be made through more fishing and being able to catch somewhat better fish through how skilled he was becoming. It was too bad though that there seemed to be such a limited variety of the animals in that river...

    Aaron made the most of his first night in that bed, and not even a visit from Vladislaus Straud himself could stop that. Well, really Vlad did that himself because he never had Aaron as a midnight snack.

    Waking up tense, Aaron whipped out his grilled fruit (which was spoiled but I'm mean and made him eat it anyway) and shouted forbidden words

    Because it was a Saturday, he finally had time to do some fun stuff, like going sledding for his aspiration

    When of course, he wiped out, providing the daily pic and these gems :D

    No surprises there, he actually got injured!

    Completely forgetting (again) that he hates fitness, I made him go for a hike. Poor dude was wringing his hand from the injury the whole time

    Then it was time for the festival of snow so I sent him down, where he got his selfie with Yamachan

    And got things from the vending machine... but of course they got stuck

    So he resorted to drastic measures and got squished for his troubles

    Now even more injured than he was before (good grief I am sorry my guy :joy: ) I had him buy some dango from the stall, whereupon he completed the first milestone of his aspiration

    I think either he wanted or I wanted to make a snowpal, then Marcus Flex decided to come along and help
    10/10 best snowpal right there

    Then it was back to the onsen! I think the onsen is the only place that Aaron is truly happy tbh :D

    And by Sunday morning, he only had 19 simoleons, oh dear lol
    Buuuuut at least the onsen is relaxing, right?

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    One Month, One World, One Year Challenge: The Adventures of Dash Joseph Faireborn
    Table of Contents
    January 4: Getting to Know You!
    Last night when he found out he couldn't get his tent to sleep in, D.J. headed back to the Onsen back in Yukematsu after a couple bowls of chips to satisfy him for the evening. Although the bathhouse was also 24/7 and others could come and go as they please, it was more quiet. He took this opportunity to also do his homework. He was so worried about his first night on the job, that he neglected it.

    This morning when he woke up, he decided to take a tour of the Onsen. There were a few vending machines throughout. There was a Bits'n Bobbles, Hot Food and Drinks, and Cold Food and Drinks. D.J. was thrilled. He could get something besides chips now. This would mean spending some simoleons and extending his time of getting that tent. But D.J. knew this was worth it.

    He checked out the vending machine with the cold stuff first. Maybe there was something good in there for breakfast. He spied a Chilled Chatter Coffee. He's never had a cold coffee before. He's never even tried coffee, period. But he knew it usually is hot. That's at least what his parents drank in the morning. Drinking his cold coffee gave him the morning caffeine buzz he needed. D.J was still hungry, but this could tie him over until he gets something from the school cafeteria.


    D.J. was very curious about the vending machine that was labeled Bits'n Bobbles. It seemed to carry repellents and remedies for all types of bugs, toys, books, snow gear, and a few other things. They must be selling these repellents for a reason. Are there really bugs and other types of small critters out here, D.J. wondered to himself. He decided to buy a couple repellents. They were the cheapest and probably safest for him.


    After school was out for the day, D.J. had to try out that hot springs he saw when touring the Onsen. He had time for a quick relaxation before work. Of course, he didn't check ahead of time to see who else could be using it. There was a man and a woman enjoying a good conversation. They looked like to be a couple. D.J. was already in his swim trunks but felt embarrassed and awkward. He apologized for the intrusion and was about to leave when the two told him to join them and that it was okay and they insisted. They introduced themselves as Enele and Nawai Hauata. D.J. introduced himself with his full name of Dash Joseph Faireborn, but he goes by D.J.

    The three got to know each other and D.J. found out that the married couple were extreme sports enthusiasts. They are highly skilled in skiing, snowboarding, and rock climbing. They have a teenage son about the same age as D.J. who is also training to be in extreme sporting events as well. D.J. wondered if he met him at school already and doesn't know him by name. Enele asked D.J. if he was into sports for which D.J. declined. He worked out at school in gym class, but never considered himself a sports enthusiast. D.J explained his family history of moving out as teen from the town of Newcrest cause he needed to get away. He loved his parents, but they always were fighting. He couldn't take it. Nawai sympathized with D.J. and offered him to visit their home anytime he liked for a fresh meal or to talk.

    Enele, the biggest extreme sports enthusiast of the two also asked D.J. if he'd be interested in learning more about taking on sports. D.J. thought it would be fun to rock climb. Enele explained that it takes a lot of time and patience. He suggested to D.J. to take on the bunny slope for fun and to see how well his legs worked climbing the hill. If D.J. was truly encouraged, Enele offered to help train him to rock climb and if ready in a couple weeks, he would show what real climbing is about. D.J. said he would give it some thought.


    After bidding the Haiata's adeau, D.J. made his way over to the vending machine dispensing hot food and drinks. He wanted a quit bite before changing and heading to work. He was practically broke again, but it was nice to have something other than chips for a change.


    Extra Notes About Chapter:
    As mentioned in my Introduction, I deleted all premade Sims from my gameplay save and added my own custom Sims created by others as well as myself. I also let the game create newly generated Sims. Enele and Nawai Hauata (along with their son) were one of the game generated families. The game placed them in a residential home in Mt. Komorebi. I decided to bring them into Create-a-Sim and give them a wardrobe makeover to match the World they were in. I also gave the men a body hair add-on. Call me weird, but I think men need body least on the arms and legs. Any added Sims from others not game generated, I will leave be unless they added custom content themselves. I then opened them up in MC Command Center and cheated the Extreme Sports Enthusiast Aspiration on them to be completed. I maxed out some skills on them as well to go with the Aspiration. It's all for storytelling purposes. With D.J., I will not use MC Command Center to cheat anything though. His Aspirations and Skills and all else will be genuinely played.
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    Lol, yeah, they really want some attention it seems :D
    Aww, thank you for your kind words! :blush:

    That is so cute how he thanked the couch!
    Yeah, being smelly is no fun... But now he found the onsen! :) Very cool how you were able to put him getting the tent as part of the story. Yeah, food is really important... Gah, that annoying moodlet. They can't to anything when uncomfortable! Sometimes I wish I was like that and would just nope out of everything when I feel miserable :D

    It brings me a lot of joy, at least... Suspecting it'll bring her mostly rain :D and yes, she will love animals, also has the aspiration - although I have to say, she'll try to get her life under control before doing too much in that direction ^^

    Aw, thank you for the compliments! :blush:
    You're right, Laika will be quite the challenge... Already so annoyed by her having to be carried around everywhere, which takes fibe hours to even persuade Lucy to start walking instead of hugging her. I'll have to get a playable pets mod so I can teleport her really soon... Or I'll age her up sooner than I thought :D
    Thank you for the link too, that's super useful :)

    That's ok really! Good luck with your classes :)

    Heh, that's double good how she got credit for her school project and then sold it to another kid :D very cool sequence of her skiing! I feel her, I've never ever tried downhill skiing in my life...! Oh, getting that trait is smart. I'll have to remember to do that too!

    thank you! Yes, I'm really happy about her look. I hate how teens usually go from like 12 to 18 in one twirl... Haha, I spent months working on them last year, trying to set up a little save file... Didn't pan out but I do love the lots.

    belatedly, happy birthday from me too! I hope you had an awesome day :)

    Wow, he's so single-minded and ambitious! I feel like for him life is one giant to-do list (and to be fair, his life kind of is for you as simmer I guess :D ) Love how not even the storm bothered him...

    Oh wow, a golden egg...!

    very cool "home base" with the shrine and everything! I like how you always include the symbolism. Yay for parsley and upgrade parts! :D lol, the "free chips" really wound the bartender up. And uh-oh, a fight! Well, almost... He's really trying to be a "tough guy", huh?

    cale's really not too happy with his life and his watcher right now, huh? Considering you could end his misery in a minute with that autograph... :D
    Oh yay, Essa, josh and Josee! And what a pretty spellcaster :) mean sims can be so annoying sometimes when we just want them to be nice...

    Yup, exactly... Brindleton bay is the city of rain :( however with seasons they can declare to love and hate 1 particular weather as interaction, and it somehow changes their mood about it. Never tried the feature myself tho. I'd have wanted windy as love it, but if it gets too annoying I'll take rain :D

    Yeah, I thought that too. Even if her room was more of a shack, the posters and the bear made it home, and she'd have taken that piece of comfort with her to the great unknown. -- yes, I guess I'll have to make these friends sometime, or at least keep an eye on the brindleton bay residents :D

    oh, hi! I hope everything has gone all right with the move :)
    I understand - not sure how much longer I can keep this up...

    hope you had a good rest!
    Yes, it was you with the story part. So so cool! She really is very upbeat about everything... I like reading her story with that positive attitude of "I'll try my best and it'll turn out okay". Oh yay, she got stuff! :smiley:

    Sean really is a dog magnet, even more than Jules! :D yay, he got a garden going... Will be set soon with that :)

    hope you had a good day! Aw, Kenzie really had a hard time, huh? Hang in there, it gets better... <3

    @SoulGal7 and I guess @Karababy52 too
    EDIT: this is all cleared up, I misunderstood and that just fed into me already worrying... Kind of stupid actually but I'm really glad we were able to resolve the misunderstanding!!! <3 still going to leave it for clarity but in a spoiler
    Oh, I'm sorry. I didn't know people felt as bad as that about me changing it up so much... I'd have figured something out :(
    In the end I'm glad it worked out like that, as my experience really helps me now. Lucy actually was played from her parent's YA birthdays, only I did all her childhood off screen. I guess that was a way better compromise for me to give my teen some backstory and still be able to part of this group. But, as I said, I'm awfully sorry to have disrupted everything so much last year :(

    hey, I'd be as slow as you if I wasn't up sleepless half the night... Considering that I think it's really ok <3

    Yeah, I think that lot is my favourite in the whole game. And thank you for the comments about my setup and her backstory! You're right... She's really just trying to find some happiness, and preserve the good memories while accept overall it was not good for her. :(

    oof, he's really had a rough day... But at least a bed and a nice warm onsen. :) Yay for doing all the aspiration stuff! That's a great setup for the mountain climb! Good that he has some friends now even if only for story :)
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    January 4

    After school the next day, Robin arrived at Kaori's house, utterly exhausted.

    "Oh you poor thing," Kaori fussed over her. "Why don't you go upstairs and get some sleep in my daughter Aimi's room? She and her brother are at an after school scouting activity and won't be home for a bit." Robin gladly accepted the offer and soon fell into a blissful slumber.

    She awoke the the smell of a home-cooked meal and headed downstairs. "Come join us at the table, Robin!" Kaori told her. "My husband, Kiyoshi, and my son, Akio, won't be joining us, since they are watching the Olympic Trials, but you can join me and Aimi at the table."

    (These two actually did refuse to sit at the table :D)

    Robin thoroughly enjoyed the meal and even did okay with using chopsticks.

    "So what brings you to Mt. Komorebi?" Aimi asked, immediately looking quite taken with Robin...

    Robin explained her story, and Aimi was quite impressed to hear about Robin's courage to brave the world on her own.

    When they had finished eating, Aimi suggested they go on a hike so she could show Robin around the area, and they brought their dogs along as well. Robin couldn't help but to feel a flutter in her chest as she noticed the way that Aimi was looking at her.

    Aimi brought her to the Ema Board, a place where they could write down their wishes.

    They took a selfie together on their walk back. Robin wanted to remember tonight.

    It was time for them to part ways after that. Robin returned to her home lot, feeling light and airy, and not a bit bothered by the cold as a warmth spread in her chest.

    Indeed, Robin did find Aimi attractive immediately, so I might as well run with this :)
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    Poor Sean, getting told off like that! At least he's harvesting stuff anyway and making some four-legged friends (do you think he'll adopt a stray?) despite the scolding he got!


    Coolers are surprisingly handy - I don't think I had one last year, so I'm definitely impressed by how handy they are. It should save money and time too now that she's not having to rush to the nearest bar or vending machine every time she's hungry.


    Loved seeing all the lots and what Lucy's brought with her from her childhood home! Also, I love that you've named the dog Laika, it's such a good name for the dog, and yes, it was me with the little bits of story! It allows for a bit of set up before diving right into full on chapters, which I think a lot of us do at later stages.

    Thank you for the compliments to Selena! She's got the cheerful trait, so I try to get that to shine through with how I write her.


    Kenzie really is trying her best! Also, she looks like she's having fun playing the piano :smile:


    Wow, I've never come across that buff before! Having perfect plants is definitely going to be a boost for Adam, and he definitely is getting a lot done at the moment what with skill building and ticking boxes with his Aspiration. Kudos!


    I'm not sure if lightning is following her around, but things around her are getting struck by lightning with worrying frequency. I was hoping you'd see Sakura's cameo, I think she's currently living with the Itos?

    There's tension between Selena and her family for sure! I'm planning things far ahead in advance, but you'll find more out as we go. And I'm super proud of how far she's come just in that couple of days! She's even on top of her homework! I didn't know that about the cooler though, so thank you very much!


    Her home is coming along really well at this stage! I'm trying to get her a little indoor bathroom to start, and I'm loving watching it grow.

    It was nice to see how the Hauatas are looking out for D.J. a little! They seem like really nice people, although poor D.J. having to sleep in the onsen. I remember those days with Jenny...


    Today's comment day, and yes, Selena's doing so well! Maybe she inherited that financial sense from her parents...but I'm also super happy with her lucky on the capsule machines.


    Poor Aaron! He's really having a tough time of it - everything's out to injure him, and his bank account doesn't like him one bit! I really feel for the poor kid, my Sims have the vending machine curse too. That moment when it falls once they climb up has my heart in my mouth every time...
  • lilypadmeulinlilypadmeulin Posts: 1,582 Member

    Love is in the air! Aimi and Robin walking their dogs together was so cute, and it's even cuter knowing how immediately Robin took a liking to Aimi. I'm also really digging Aimi's style!
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    Oh my gosh. You didn't disrupt anything last year. I'm sorry if you misunderstood. I enjoyed reading all about your family's struggles, and their large household, but was just waiting for your main sim to age up as a teen because I wanted her to be put into my game. All of the challengers played such a role in my story, I just didn't want you to miss out. That was all. So, yes, so happy that you are starting as a teen right off, and I have already placed her in-game, so we should start seeing her soon. :)
  • miss_eulenaugemiss_eulenauge Posts: 250 Member
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    whoops... I'm sorry. I jumped to conclusions because I was really worried about doing it so differently. Thank you for explaining!! <3

    And yes, I agree. I'm really looking forward to seeing cameos of her, this is the first ever time I've had a sim in someone else's game! So excited for that :smiley:
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    January 3 - Dylan's Tough Day

    My first night in Mt. Komorebi was not the best. I found a bench near my "home base" and napped fitfully on and off. At one point, I went back to the Hazakura Lounge, but didn't go in, and instead went to a street vendor and tried to haggle for some food. It did not go well.


    I had $4 simoleons to my name, and that sprig of parsley, but the vendor was not budging on the price. So, I bought the cheapest item, some tri-color dango (Japanese dumplings on a stick) for $2 simoleons. My first taste of local fare.


    But the vendor seemed to be in a hurry to close, and I set the plate down at her stall for just a second to break apart some wooden chopsticks, and she closed the overhead door right on my food. I shouted at her that my food was stuck under her overhead door, but she just waved to me and walked away. Sheesh! $2 simoleons spent with no food to show for it. I didn't want to go back into the lounge to get some chips, in case any sims would ask what I was doing there, so I decided to wander down to the waterfront to see if any food had been left at the picnic table. There was none. At that point, I was so exhausted, hungry, and...oh gosh...had this green aura around me and smelled really bad...that I just collapsed on the sand.


    [Note: This actually happened. I went to change his eating utensil from a fork to chopsticks, and he set the food down on a little ledge at the food stall, and at that precise moment, the food stall closed, and his food was gone. Not in personal inventory or house inventory. I couldn't believe it!]

    ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~


    I woke up early and went back to the Hazakura Lounge in the morning. I washed up in the restroom as best as I could, and headed to school. We all wore uniforms to school, which was fine by me, as I had worn a uniform at my old school, too. The day passed by quickly and I came home with homework, a project and a poster that I had "borrowed" from school. I needed to spruce up my surroundings. Yeah...well, with no walls, it was hard to hang up the poster. So I'll just keep it for now. It was worth $65 simoleons.

    A neighbor stopped by, Kiyoshi Ito, who I recognized from my school. We got on rather well, and he asked me if I wanted to go skiing later on. I was just about to answer when I noticed a familiar figure walking down the pathway to my lot. Oh my gosh! I couldn't believe my eyes when I saw that hottie, Bella Goth, from the lounge last night, coming to visit me. I'm not sure how she found out where I lived, or maybe she was just taking a stroll around the neighborhood and saw me.


    I was in the middle of showing Kiyoshi some photos I took around Mt. Komorebi when Bella came up to us.


    I was thinking that maybe Bella could help me with my school project, but my body had other plans. And Boom, I passed out again. Yeah, way to go on how to impress someone by passing out when they visit. Not a very smooth move.


    I did wake up later, but, by then, they were both gone. So much for going skiing. But luckily for me, Naoki Ito, who I found out was Kiyoshi's father, and who I had met at the Hazakura Lounge the night before, came by and I asked him to help me with the project. I think he might have finished most of it, because I kept passing out from lack of sleep. Anyway, at least the project was done.


    With the project miraculously finished, I walked to the Hazakura Lounge, changed, washed up a bit and headed to the nearest couch and promptly fell asleep.


    When I woke up, I sidled over to the bar, where it was the same bartender as last night, and she thankfully remembered that I hadn't returned for my free chips.


    You know, I can honestly say that chips never tasted so good.

    ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
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    January - Day 4: "Gray skies are gonna clear up, put on a happy face..."


    After Cale's encounter with the pretty food stall vendor, he went back to the Onsen for a long nap. After a refreshing shower, he was going to head back to Senamabachi for some more dango, but then I remembered the vending machines over by the lift. Maybe they'd have a different selection of better food. Cale chose some kind of fish taco. I would've been suspicious of such a thing, but it was only $3. Surprise! He liked it. However, it didn't fill him up.

    Try some of that parsley you've been carrying around in your pockets Cale.
    (Really? How is that going to fill me up?)
    If you eat enough of it, it will. Trust me.

    (Eww, gross! It's stuck in my teeth.)
    So? Nobody cares. With your attitude you certainly won't be smiling to show it off, or kissing anybody. Go check out that Simmi machine over there. Maybe your luck will change using a new one.
    (Yeah, sure, whatever...)

    And it did! Most valuable Simmi he's ever found! However, he blew another 50 simoleans to try again and the machine ate his money. Ah well, such is life.

    Things really started to look up for Cale after he went home. The rain had stopped! Sunny skies and hot weather, glorious! He went fishing and it started out as usual, only catching weeds/logs/goldfish/minnows. But then, he caught a couple salmon, a sturgeon, and best of all, four mystery boxes in a row; two cowberries and two future cubes! Cha-ching!

    Nothing but junk again after that though and he was hungry. Nothing seems to stick to his ribs for very long, except the Dango. He took off to try out the Simmi machines again before getting more of the satisfying Tri-Colored Dango.

    Wow Cale, this is incredible! He got another Golden Simmi and TWO Pit Beasts before it ate his money again. He now has enough simoleans with everything he's found today and what he's been saving, to build a little shack with all the basics! But first things first, go get that Dango Cale!

    As Cale approached the food stall, I saw this monstrosity lurking nearby. Three guesses who this is. Think you know? I bet you didn't guess right, I sure never would've guessed. It's Vlad! Or the long-nosed Dude in a black coat as someone else described him. hehe Don't know how he managed to squash that huge schnoz of his under there. *Note - all my own NPC and premade vampires have perfect sun immunity or he would've burned to a crisp by now.

    One of my own not-in-world Sims, Maralyn Savant, who has been acting as a park homeless person was sitting at the picnic table where Cale always sits. I had him try to chat her up for the future. I wonder how it'll go. She's erratic. Good luck Cale!

    Not so well as it turns out. He was nice enough to her, but she shot him down very quickly.
    "Not interested kid, go find someone your own age to play with. See that handsome bush over there? That's my boyfriend."
    (Handsome bush? Is she crazy?)

    Poor Cale. He had a good run, but his luck for this day has run out. After his encounter with the lovely, albeit erratic Maralyn, it started raining again and turned colder. To top it off, he lost another 50 simoleans in that Simmi machine. He's doubly angry now, wet and tired again. Cheer up though Cale, at least tonight you'll get to sleep in a real bed!
  • lilypadmeulinlilypadmeulin Posts: 1,582 Member

    Poor Dylan! He's just been phasing in and out of consciousness, it seems...It's wonderful that he's got support in completing his school projects, though.


    Ah, the Simmi capsules gave him so much good luck! I'm definitely cheering him on now, he's going to be able to move ahead much quicker! It's awful when it eats your money, though, because then you have to shake it and risk the Squishing.
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