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One Month One World One Year Challenge 2022


  • LegacySims2017LegacySims2017 Posts: 5,226 Member
    edited January 2022
    In my Challenge gameplay, I have added:
    1. Aaron Winterson (including custom content) - @afai1261
    2. Adam Strong - @RememberJoy
    3. Aldo Holloway - @Llandros2012
    4. Bryon Ellison - @Skeilah
    5. Cale Conrad (including custom content) - @Karababy52
    6. Dylan Healy - @SoulGal7
    7. Louise Aldrich & Laika - @miss_eulenauge
    8. Robin Keyes & Pepper (including custom content) - @permanentrose
    9. Selena Lilly - @lilypadmeulin

    Coming Soon:
    1. Sean Medicci (including custom content) - @Ellupelluellu

    Wishing For:
    1. Mackenzie McGraw - @KateLynne

    Here's to hoping y'alls Sims make an appearance and meet D.J. in my gameplay!!
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    Comments for the first two days.
    If I missed anyone please let me know!

    I also might not be able to comment every day since work is extra busy this month. But I'll do my best!
    I will also track down the CC I used on Kenzie and upload her to the gallery soon!

    I love Cale, his backstory is so tragic, I hope he is able to work on his trauma throughout the challenge.
    Lol, Cale was so much smarter than Kenzie with the autograph. He got a great price for it! Happy for him.
    Also loved the vending machiene screenshots. His expressions fit so well with his traits.
    Hope his luck turns around soon!

    Also thanks for the appraisal idea. I never used that mecahnic before, so poor Kenzie had to suffer the consequences. :') Next time I'll be sure to do that. ^^"

    I think it's super cool that you include previous Sims in your challenge. I really love that idea!
    Also can't wait to get to know Sean better.

    Aaron looks so handsome. That conversation with Agatha and the others really seems uncomfortable
    Also the chips in the lounge are truly livesavers lol
    Kenzie has yet to meet a Forest Spirit. After seeing Aaron's encounter I am a bit worried. :')
    Hope nothing too bad happens to him!

    Such a good idea to start with a scenario. I totally forgot about them xD
    I also love how Aldo is thinking ahead for the scolarships!
    And glad that aldo is making friends so quickly.
    Thankfully he didn't freeze to death, that would have been way too soon!

    Robin is so cute! I love her outfit, love her vibe! I love that you kept her as a mermaid and let her bring Pepper.
    Pepper looks great in that sweater.
    Also loving your screenshots for Day 2. I love how Pepper is in a lot of them :D I have to look the brushing mod up. That sounds so useful.

    Oh fun idea to start out in winter. I hope that D.J. will keep warm!
    Good for D.J. for getting a propper job. Love how responsible he is.

    I love your writing.
    Also poor Yamachan. But hey, at least Selena was spared.
    Hope her luck with the vending machienes turns around!
    Also proud of Selena for sticking it out and getting the tent.

    Louise is so precious. Can't wait to find out more about her and to see her journey.
    Love Laika as her sidekick. So cute!

    🐸🐸🐸🐸🐸, Dylan's transformation is huge. His backstory is so wild. I cannot wait to see how his story goes.

    Welcome! Love his interest in yoga and how he is planning to maybe monetize it. Super smart!
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    I uploaded Adam to the gallery. If you want him you'll have to turn on CC as I use custom skins and I believe his hair is CC as well, but all of his clothes are from in game. My gallery name is RememberJoy.

    Day 2: Hitting The Slopes

    Let's just say today was eventful.
    Day 2
    I woke up early from my cold restless night on the bench and headed to the gym for a shower. I warmed up with some yoga and grabbed a questionable bagel from the dumpster. After breakfast I bumped into another teen, Kiyoshi Ito. He's an adventurous type and invited me to join him on his morning ski run; of course I eagerly accepted.
    I've never been skiing before so I was a little nervous, but I took it easy and made it to the bottom without falling.
    It was very cold so I headed back to the onsen with Kiyoshi to warm up.
    We chatted in the hot springs for awhile and then I used some of my dumpster money to buy a hot dog from a vending machine. Warm and full, I took a nap by the fire before attempting one more ski run.
    I was feeling energized so I tried to do a jump but ended up wiping out magnificently at the bottom of the slope.
    I had Kiyoshi drop me off in town as I still had yet to explore this part of the world. I found a funny mushroom in the trash which I may try to plant later. I headed towards the hiking trails and ran into some spirits which granted me 50 simoleans.
    I was very pleased and continued on my hike only to be ambushed by some sort of electric insect.
    Dazed, I continued on, enjoying the sights even in my stunned condition.
    I ran into some more spirits who gifted my 100 simoleans. I decided to call it a day and headed back to the bar. Just as I thought I was safe, a swarm of giant hornets followed me in and gave me a good stinging.
    I grabbed some free chips and took a quick nap before trudging home.
    What a day.

    Bar by velvettop titled Izakaya Ippai Upgrade
  • miss_eulenaugemiss_eulenauge Posts: 250 Member
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    So, I have ultimately taken out all my mods until I have time to fix them... Luckily Louise is cc-free apart from her lovely turquoise eyes and kijiko eyelashes, so feel free to add these in yourselves!
    I have also finished setting up the game and was planning to show you screenshots, but I think that will have to wait... :( Oh well. At least I got to play a little bit.
    Links to and from posts will be added in later too as I am on mobile right now. Links to Louise and the new lots are in my overview post tho :)
    January, Day 2 - "Every new beginning holds a bit of magic..."
    Lucy smiled as she stood on the beach and breathed in the salty air. The last twenty-four hours had been really turbulent, but now she was where she wanted to be - on the way to discover who she was and how she'd be happy in life. She would finally be able to take choose the direction her life would take all by herself. Nobody would ever rule her life again...
    She felt a tear slide down her cheek. What was happening at home, she wondered? Surely they'd be really upset to find her gone.. Would they look for her? How were the girls coping?
    How would she cope, a minor all alone in the world with a small puppy and not a single simoleon in her pocket?
    She could never ever go back home... That much was clear.

    She'd turned fifteen yesterday. After her little brother and two little sisters had fallen asleep, her mom had called her to the table to "discuss something". Trying to ignore the ill feeling in her stomach, she stepped through the door and found her dad looking really worried, while her mother seemed to be in unusually good spirits. The ill feeling deepened.
    As it turned out, at fifteen she was finally old enough to take on serious work and relieve her mom from caring for her little siblings, so she could finally go back to performing fulltime.
    But, as her father had added in an attempt to make it any better, she was also old enough to have a dog... Their family dog Mika had had a puppy some weeks earlier, and after much begging, he'd convinced her mother to give little Laika to her instead of bringing her to the completely overcrowded animal shelter.
    Not that she hadn't taken care of Maree and Alyssa for years already at that point, ever since they were born six and two years earlier... and Victor listened to virtually nobody except her mother and spent all his time playing pranks on his sisters and annoying them.
    And aside from all that - she would not let them take away her one chance at a better future! She wanted to go to school, get an education and finally be free from that house.

    Trembling with fear, she'd made up her mind. When the house went quiet, she snuck back to the kitchen and got out the cake she'd made with little Ali yesterday, to at least give herself a solitary little birthday party. Then, she stuffed some clothes and memorabilia into a backpack, took Laika in her arms, and ran.
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    @permanentrose - Would you like me to put a link to your first post with Robin's Gallery download too? I did that for someone else and can do it for anyone that wishes to have their list of CC linked to their Sim. Let me know! :)

    The same as I mentioned above goes for Sean too, let me know. :) Yeah, I was going to leave The Wilkes in HoB, but I think I might use the lot they were using for Cale when that month rolls around. Plus, I thought it would just be fun to put the others in Essa's houses I built for her. That way they don't just sit in that save going unused. However, Damon's family and Greg, Veera & Cordelia are still in FH too. Nik and Inna are in Sulani. Cale won't be buying from stalls or get them from Festivals either until he's in SM. However, I did let him buy a Seasonal Summer package of seeds. Forgot he shouldn't have a phone. Opps! But they're planted now. I guess I could just uproot them. Hmm, might do that.

    Yes! She was very good luck for him, after that trout, he caught a salmon! Simmi capsules are addictive! o.O For me anyway. Poor Cale suffers the consequences of it. :D Oh yeah, I didn't mind making him change into his hot weather clothes at all! I don't know why he was burning up though, it was only orange warm not in the red hot. Oh well... Don't worry, he only got it appraised, didn't sell it. He'll keep it, probably forever. :) I would've made Cale sleep on a regular bench too, but there was a thunderstorm going on in his neighborhood. It's been raining every single freakin' day of Summer there so far. Sheesh! :|

    Thank you! I'm glad you love him, I do too! Of course. ;) Well, I'm not sure how smart it was for him to get an appraisal right in front of her, but at least he didn't sell it! :D He'll most likely keep it forever and it'll be his first wall decor once he actually has some walls. :) The faces they make when the Simmi capsules don't fall and shake the machine are priceless! I love those animations. Thankfully they do perfectly fit his traits. I'm sure his luck will change soon. It's just rough at the beginning with R2R Sims. Especially mine since I know all the tricks to make money quickly by now and try to avoid them to make it even MORE challenging for myself. ;) You're welcome about the appraisal option! :) Oh, by the way, if the celebrity dies? Their autograph is worth even more, substantially more! :)

    I'll look for Adam on the Gallery. If you uploaded him with CC though, unfortunately, I won't be able to give a link to him on the Gallery. I could put a note on the list though with his name and your Origin ID if you like? Will you be posting a list of his CC like some others have done? Let me know. :)

    Oh cool, Adam met Kyoshi! I think just about every challenge Sim last year met him, and one even almost married him! I love the look on his face when skiing for the first time. That would be me! hehe Ugh, poor guy, eventful day is right! Weird how those hornets followed him into the bar like that! I've never seen that happen before. Although, when Essa and Josh lived in Evergreen Harbor, their honey bees followed Josh upstairs to their bedroom and attacked him. :D Nice the spirits he encountered gave him simoleans at least! Cool! Hopefully tomorrow will be a better day for Adam. Fun update!
  • permanentrosepermanentrose Posts: 3,200 Member
    @Karababy52 Sure, you can link it there, or just put that it's in my first post!
  • Karababy52Karababy52 Posts: 5,952 Member
    @permanentrose - Alrighty, I'll do that. Thanks! :)
  • RememberJoyRememberJoy Posts: 1,082 Member
    Karababy52 wrote: »
    I'll look for Adam on the Gallery. If you uploaded him with CC though, unfortunately, I won't be able to give a link to him on the Gallery. I could put a note on the list though with his name and your Origin ID if you like? Will you be posting a list of his CC like some others have done? Let me know. :)

    I tried to find a link to his hair but I'm not finding it, so if you just want to note him and my ID that'll be fine.
  • Karababy52Karababy52 Posts: 5,952 Member
    @RememberJoy Okay, I'll do that. Thank you! :)
  • Llandros2012Llandros2012 Posts: 568 Member
    Comments - Day 2

    To everyone - great 2nd round of posts - I enjoyed reading them all - it's funny how we are all hitting some of the same goals/milestones but it's always fun to see the differences!

    I struggled with swimming during the spring - can't even imagine having to do it in winter! But Sean pulled through! I think we've all seen that bench quite a bit here in the beginning of our sim's days! So glad I started in spring - your poor sim struggling in that cold has my respect!

    Welcome Adam! I never thought about the dumpster diving - may have to look into that gym you listed. Thank you for that! I've got tomorrow's update coming up and, well, I've encountered those lovely hiking insects as well!

    I think all our sims come home from school in a bad mood - must be all the other issues they have to deal with like sleeping on those cold benches! I've gotten 3 of those school projects but I grab random sims that walk by to help so it goes faster! I wondered if the collect spirit would be a mistake - I stuck to making a wish for now!

    Good to give DJ a job - I want Aldo to get scouts over with and then either get a part time job or do odd jobs - still haven't decided yet. I think it will help you out later if you do the Renaissance Sim aspiration to get a part time job now.

    I'm not sure what we would all do without that Onsen Bathhouse! Those vending machine meals just don't fill the hunger need though! I'm even more intimidated by the simmi machines after it fell on Aldo - I've gotten a few good and bad ones but I'm always apprehensive. Probably worth the risk for the tent though!

    I always mess up when my sims are vegan - I just order without even thinking - you are better at that than I am! I absolutely love Pepper and kind of wishing that I had thought to start with a cat or dog but I'll wait until we get further along. I think winter is definitely the hardest season to start a R2R challenge regardless! Great pic of Robin swimming in the lake - looking forward to getting to Sulani and having Aldo become a merman at some point!

    Love the pic of Kenzie on the snowboard. She's a really pretty sim! Keep working those tips though - she'll get there!

    Ok, I was laughing way too much at the 'rain, rain, go away' part - I'm about ready to pull my own hair out with the rainstorms! I haven't finished last year's thread yet but I do know Essa - great to see her make an appearance! I'm also loving that $2 Tri-Colored Dango - so cheap and convenient! Oh my, I got lucky on my spirit encounters - didn't know they would curse you and follow you! I always forget about celebrity autographs and how lucrative they can be - I've only seen one celeb in my game (Brytani Cho) so far but I may have to start using them! Poor guy must really want a Simmi though - love how he climbed up on it!

    I really like Louise's background - another brave soul starting this challenge out with a pet! I'm not sure I'd be that brave!
  • permanentrosepermanentrose Posts: 3,200 Member
    @RememberJoy Adam's hair is very similar to the hair from the Tiny Living pack, which I used when I downloaded him, so if people have that pack they can just use that!


    I'll finish catching up on comments later, having dinner now! :)
  • EllupelluelluEllupelluellu Posts: 4,337 Member

    @KateLynne ,
    thank you , very kind of you :)

    @RememberJoy ,
    -- If not counted falling in slope and bugs, Adam seemed to had pretty okay day , first with Kiyoshi and then by himself :)

    @miss_eulenauge ,
    --Louise looks very pretty, and Laika is cute!! Does Laika go to Sixam, perhaps? :p

    @Karababy52 ,
    Sure, I will send the links for Sean at sometime next week, after finished with Melody, i will patch :) I may put it to my first post too, so lets see then :)
    Oh, seeds, no way I let Sean go that easy :) also deleted the gnomes from harvestfest. No that easy road for Sean :D

    @Llandros2012 ,
    Hehe, i did start with spring, Sean just happened to be in the snowy part of the world most of the update :p BUT you are right! I would never ever spend an hour in lake at early spring myself either :joy:

    My love, my love, my fearless love, I will not say goodbye..
    Sea may rise, sky may fall, My love will never die..
    My heart, my heart, My drowning heart, Oh all the tears I've cried
    Oh I may weep forevermore, My love will never die..
  • afai1261afai1261 Posts: 2,017 Member
    Comments and replies for everyone :smiley:

    I really like how colourful Sean's winterwear is!
    Aww Mayor Whiskers in the background running from the blizzard!
    Very nice makeover of Caleb <3 Hello Jules!
    @afai1261 ,
    --Yes, free chips, what a lifesaver always :D Why I was lucky that there was actual bartender in the lounge :p Onsen is one place, before gym I wanted to Sean to have his shower too, but Agatha was showering and shooed the poor boy out, so gym then :D
    Nice makeover on Geoffrey! And Morgan looks cool! So does the other Morgan :D

    Dang it, Agatha! :D
    I'm going around the premades and sporadically giving them makeovers and I decided i needed to do Geoffrey in the first batch because the basegame stuff was not doing it for him. And if you remove those wrinkles, he's like a totally different sim!
    Thank you on both of the Morgans :smiley: Female Morgan is my favourite premade and male Morgan is a staple of my saves ever since I genderbent the original Morgan (that I had turned into a vampire) in 2018 :)

    Day 1: Adam looks great! Love his hair.
    Day 2: Love Kiyoshi showing up in everyone's updates haha.
    Ah too bad he wiped out but the animation is always funny to watch.
    Electric insects AND hornets? That's rough. I hope nothing like that happens to Aaron!

    Good idea for DJ to get a job. I don't think I'll have Aaron get one just yet but it's handy for DJ to have that extra income.
    Aaron looked to start out sad but changed his mood towards the end of the day. Perhaps it was all those elderly folks he came in contact with. :lol:

    I look forward to adding Aaron into my gameplay as days progress. Hopefully the two will meet up and maybe become friends.
    He was getting a bit tense with everyone around since he is a loner but I think he got happy later on because he finally made some money with his fishing.

    Ooh it'll be fun to see Aaron in your updates if he shows up! It'll be nice for him to have a friend in DJ too :)

    Oof poor Aldo freezing in the lake!
    I keep meaning to buy Aaron an easel, but keep forgetting haha.
    Nice that he's best friends with Kiyoshi!
    I think all our sims come home from school in a bad mood - must be all the other issues they have to deal with like sleeping on those cold benches! I've gotten 3 of those school projects but I grab random sims that walk by to help so it goes faster! I wondered if the collect spirit would be a mistake - I stuck to making a wish for now!

    I always feel weird about asking completely random sims to do things with Aaron but when he has a few friends I'll probably have him work on his projects together.
    Yeah the next time I find forest spirits I'll just have Aaron make a wish.

    Well done on getting those gold Simmis!
    And yay, she got a tent!
    Vlad makes a cameo in my next update too :D
    As long as you wait out the bruised moodlet, you won't be in danger, but it is one of the more out-there ways to die in this game along with the chickens. And poor Aaron, imagine being set up with someone's granddaughter when you've just got there...

    Ah so it's one of those deaths that require doing it twice to die? Good to know! Lol I really want to kill a sim using a chicken :joy:
    Oh yeah Seamus is erratic but I imagine he only had good intentions.
    Poor Aaron! I've not tried to find the forest spirits yet, but I didn't know they could do that. At least he did get a doll out of it? It seems like his second day was pretty hard too, though...

    Yeah Aaron's got it rough. I don't think I've ever had a sim try to collect forest spirits before and I was like "what could possibly go wrong?" when I had him do it haha. Yep I had him sell the doll for a massive 50 simoleons. Every little bit counts ;)
    It was even harder than the first because of school, probably.

    I have a couple of vegetarian sims and constantly forget that they are vegetarian when I play them lol. I actually wouldn't be surprised if the trait wasn't working properly though...
    Pepper is so loyal, I love her!
    Okay now that mod for cleaning pets only using a brush sounds useful! Dogs get so dirty so easily.
    Awesome that she got a garden started! Aaron fished up a bonsai bud recently but I still haven't had him plant it because he's almost never on his home lot.
    Robin's tail is gorgeous.
    @afai1261 Thanks for all of Aarons CC! Excited to see if he shows up in my game soon. And right, Riley did age up quite handsome haha! I figured since I aged up Ruby's kids, it was kind of weird for Riley to still be a kid, especially since he's pretty close in age to Robin, so he's a teen now too. I can upload a version of Robin without any Paranormal stuff if that's easier - there's really nothing crucial to her wardrobe that you need that pack for! Or you can just switch her outfits to something you have - I think it's just her formal and party outfits that have stuff from those packs, and I hardly use those outfit categories anyway.

    Super cute daily pic! Aaron is adorable! Ugh, I hate how our sims CC details disappear in situational outfits if they are an accessory. Ooh, do I sense the potential for romance between the male Morgan and Aaron? Honestly both Morgans are so hot though, I'd got for either haha ;) Poor guy looks so miserable, but you did make some good progress today!

    No worries! I'm excited to see if he shows up too - there's just something about seeing my sims in other players' games that I just adore :)
    Jules and Emmett have great genes that go so well together!
    Ah, no worries about uploading a different version of Robin - I was planning on getting the pack before the sale ended anyway because I want to try out the ghost hunting and stuff. Plus I'm starved for new CAS content because normally I would have the November EP by now, but there wasn't one last year which sucks.

    Thank you! Yeah I hate that too. Potential for romance between male Morgan and Aaron? Maybe... :smirk: I'll have to see what happens between them. I love that he showed up in the first place because while I did want him to make an appearance, I didn't think it'd be so soon!
    The original Morgan is my favourite TS4 premade because she is gorgeous. I love both male and female Morgan though.
    Aaron should start having some better days soon!

    The onsen is a perfect hangout spot.
    Love that she's picking up the piano for some tips.
    KateLynne wrote: »
    Aaron looks so handsome. That conversation with Agatha and the others really seems uncomfortable
    Also the chips in the lounge are truly livesavers lol
    Kenzie has yet to meet a Forest Spirit. After seeing Aaron's encounter I am a bit worried. :')
    Hope nothing too bad happens to him!

    Thank you so much! Yeah he was very tense from all the strangers and that joke just made it worse.
    I'm so grateful they exist or Aaron would probably have died of starvation by now :D
    Yeah I'd never had a sim interact with those spirits before. Hopefully they don't get mad with Kenzie!
    He's starting to have some better days for sure.

    That picture of Cale hanging on to the vending machine and grimacing is perfect haha.
    Ah I should have Aaron harass a celebrity for their autograph next time one shows up in my save!
    Poor Cale getting caught in the rain and being cursed though!
    Karababy52 wrote: »
    Thanks for the list of CC for Aaron and Gallery link, I've added it to the main post. Aww man, poor Aaron, he looks miserable. Nice makeover for Geoffrey! Whoa, Morgan is a gorgeous vamp! I love redheads too Aaron. :) Hmm, curious about these two Morgans, can't wait to find out what that's all about. Dang, he got cursed too by a spirit. Yeah, they don't like it when you try to capture them. o.O Great update!

    Cool, thank you. Yeah poor guy is going through a lot. And he can't deal with it all very well because he's hot-headed. Geoffrey deserved something better than his old mustache and basegame hair :D
    Male Morgan has been a staple of many of my saves ever since I turned a vampire version of the original Morgan into a guy way back in 2018 (the reason why my male Morgan is always a vampire). He's had many makeovers since then and I love him to bits. There is a story there with the two Morgans. Might be revealed if Aaron gets in a relationship with either of them ;)
    I was surprised that they cursed him! Mean spirits. Thank you!

    Aww Laika is absolutely adorable! Such a cute little pup.

    Okay, hope I didn't miss anyone!

    I am going through and downloading everyone's sims so hopefully they can all start showing up in the background or be friends for Aaron in the future (looking at the amount of screenshots I have, I have quite a few updates lined up so it may be a while before they make any appearances)
    |origin id: afai1261| she/her |
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    January 3
    "Home". The word had been rolling around his head for what felt like forever. Home was not with the family who had belittled him and erased his identity and scorned everyone like him. His parents were just people he happened to share genetics with, nothing more. But could it even be possible to create some semblance of a home, here? Each day became monotonous - fishing, school, eat free bar chips, go to the onsen for a shower, sleep on a bench, repeat. Seeds of doubt began to plant themselves in his mind. Had he done the right thing?

    Still dazed from his encounter with the forest spirits, Aaron returned to the park and met another teen there. This is Keisha and she's another of my sims (also happens to be one of old man Seamus' granddaughters - Seamus being the bearded elder Aaron met on his first day in Mt Komorebi)

    And he went off to go fish, still feeling the effects of that curse as you can see lol

    Then he autonomously went to play chess by himself. Sad life you lead, my guy

    It got cold, he cried, and then he made some grilled fruit

    He was in such a bad way that I let him take a vacation day for a three day weekend
    Oh yeah, it was also a mood swing. Forgot about that until now :D

    He needed to calm down so I let him go the onsen. Kaori is probably wondering which deity she offended to be sitting next to THIS.

    He had enough money for a Simmi so I let him buy one
    Let's sell it for absolutely no profit at all. (also you may notice that his aspiration icon is the fishing one, I am having him aspiration hop)

    Back at the park, Aaron took another nap and cleaned up when he awoke

    Then he went back to the lounge and entered the rebellious phase, which is fine because he doesn't have parents (well in game he doesn't, story-wise he does but has no contact with them)

    His radar went off letting him know there was a cute boy in his vicinity. Even if he didn't look very happy about it :joy:

    This is Hunter and unlike male Morgan, he is a teen :smiley: He's the son of one of my sims and a premade from Maxis' gallery.

    So seeing as I want Aaron to make some teen friends, I had them sit down and chat for a bit.

    Aaron rolled a whim to stargaze with him which I thought was cute. He's really taken a liking to Hunter.

    Hunter soon left to go for a jog though. Poor Aaron haha

    A bed spontaneously appeared ;)
    (after which he only had 24 simoleons... oops)

    And then, well, so did this long-nosed thing in a black coat

    He didn't make any sort of attempt to drink from Aaron though, he just kinda stood at the mailbox. Maybe it's because Aaron doesn't have a door, who knows

    And on that definitely-not-creepy note, I'm going to leave this update right here :D
    I do love Vlad though and enjoy seeing him around

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    Posting comments in parts now since this is the 3rd time I'm writing them... Sorry for double-posting but I just don't have the patience to do this again... (No save comment button on mobile and it keeps reloading and deleting the comment at random) :(

    Everyone: Even tho I really want to I probably won't get everyone's sims in my game.. just would make no sense when they'd be missing all their stuff. I have seasons, Parenthood, laundry day, cats and dogs. So if any of your sims roughly fits that description please let me know and I'll check it out! :)

    ooh, very curious. Poor Selena. Feeling miserable, and then sehr feels disheartened by the thought of her Mom too :( but at least she got a free day too take care of herself...

    very sweet how pepper wanted to have an eye on her owner and even came into the onsen! Yay for thawing weather, and very good that she has a little Garden already! It's really hard in winter because you just can't do anything... :( Bet that full night's sleep was really useful tho :)
    How is that mod called? I need some more pet mods to help me with Laika I think :smiley:
    Aw, thank you! I'm so glad I got it, to. Absolutely love the pack and the world... And Laika is just the cutest little thing ever. When we were doing the photo shoot yesterday, Lucy kept autonomously hugging her and holding her up to do an interaction called "show off cuteness"... It was so lovely to see, I didn't have the heart to take away her autonomy :smiley:

    Kenzie is so sweet, and she's doing so well snowboarding at night and staying in the lounge. LoL for her passing it off as school to her parents. More the school of life, I feel like! :D

    lol, Essa as good luck charm... she's definitely brought me joy, so who knows, for cale she may bring fish :D
    Oh, poor cale really had a rough day, huh?

    Oh yes, I absolutely had, despite the bunny start! I just love being back into playing and writing, and I've missed this community here so much... Thank you for the good wishes! :)

    thank you for the offer! Sadly, as I explained, I probably won't be able to get DJ...

    lol, that's exactly me... Only my game does auto-update even tho I tried to tell it no at least five times. So instead I was the one who played with an updated game full of broken mods for months :grimace: can not recommend, it's so much nicer if everything works!
    Oh, I thought the game showed townie sims at random, not depending on where they lived? Although if course it would make so much more sense if it was differently...
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    Glad it made you laugh! :) Never had so many rain/thunderstorms in a row in my game. It's frustrating! Ah yes, I just had to put her and Josh in this save. I'd miss them too much otherwise. :) They're just in the background, obviously, but it's enough just seeing them. That particular spirit is the first time any of my Sims have encountered it. The little ghostie looking spirits I've seen a lot though. So yeah, I didn't know it would follow him either. o.O I thought it was a bug at first, but then it just faded away...

    Veera and Adam Lambert are the only celebrities in this save. At least right now. The game will probably generate more once Cale's in DSV. But yes, autographs are very profitable! Surprised and thrilled me too seeing him climb up that high on the Simmi machine. I've had others do that, but not that high up! He looks like a mountain goat or something! :D

    @permanentrose - Good tip about that hair for Adam Strong. It's the exact one I had in mind for him. :)

    I always get rid of the gnomes as well if my Sims celebrate Harvestfest. Most of the holidays are gone in my custom templates though. I think Essa celebrated Winterfest twice and NYE once, then I removed all the holidays. Eh, I think I'll let Cale keep the seeds and just not let him buy anymore. :) Dude's not supposed to even have a phone. o.O

    They make some great faces with that Simmi stuck animation eh? I loved it too! It's an option, yes. I just choose to not use it. Thought about having him sell the autograph though, so tempting! But no, Cale needs to do things the hard way. Not a good day, or string of days I should say. Stop raining already! Gah! hehe

    Awww, understandable he'd start to feel that way about his life. It's rough out there on your own. Keisha is adorable! Poor guy, don't blame him taking off school. Uh, I've seen that face on Cale multiple times so far. :D Terrifying eh? Sweet of him to clean up like that. Hunter is GORGEOUS! Wow, got some good genes there. 'A bed spontaneously appears.' You have no idea how much that made me laugh! HAHA! 'Long nosed thing in a black coat.' Yep, great description for Vlad! I have a feeling that's why Veera showed up at Cale's mailbox, she's a vamp as well. Unless you have a Mod, vamps rarely actually drink from Sims anymore. They just come over and politely knock to be let in. Pfft, come on man, you're a vamp! Break in and get a snack already! :D

    Aww, what a sweet thing to say about Essa. But yes, she does seem to be his good luck charm. At least that one time. We'll see what happens if she shows up again. :) Rough week! I swear it's like a monsoon in Mt. Komorebi in my game! Bleh! You're welcome! I don't plan to write much myself, but we all know how plans change, so we'll see if I get back into that myself. I might! ;) Glad you're happy to be writing and playing again. It's so much fun!
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    *double-checks* ok, phew, it posted... Now for part 2.

    aww, thank you! I've never had a sim in someone else game before!!! :blush:
    Good idea to have DJ get a job to, forgot to say that earlier.

    yeah, right??? So cute, both of them. I can't wait to find out more either... Playing by the seat of my pants :sweat_smile:

    wow, he sure is ambitious!!! I admire how sorted he seems about his life and managing on his own... More than I can say from me :sweat_smile: wow, what a day. Got zapped too...! He's determined to make his life the way he wants :)
    Yeah, I'm not too sure how that will work out either :sweat_smile: but I wanted to try, and I had just had the puppy in that household, with Louise taking care of her... :) Oh well. It'll be a fun challenge...

    no, I don't have the alien pack. But you recognized the name! As kid I loved that story of this cute dog being the first being ever to fly to space... Plus it's just a really cute name.

    I love how you went off about laika's cuteness but didn't say a single word about the actual challenge sim :P thanks I guess? :D
    Awwww that story part is so sad :( definitely enjoyed reading tho, you have such a poetic writing style :)
    He really didn't have the best of days, huh? :( But a bed!!! Yay! :smiley:
    Well... I had fun reading that update with the definitely-not-creepy-end at 4am :D oh well.

    you're welcome! Awwww, yeah, constant rain is not a fun weather... Guessing I'll get plenty of that myself in brindleton bay. I might go so far to have her like rain just for that... :D
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    January 2nd Comments:

    D.J. experienced that horrific snowfall like the one Sean did on his first day. Practice will make perfect with that snowboard. I bet it was fun to see your last year's challenge Sim make an appearance.

    I love the daily main image. Aaron is enjoying himself a lot in the Onsen. He seemed to be having a good day until the end when he angered a forest spirit. That one wasn't having it on being captured. :lol:

    Good to see Aldo making friends right away - even a bestie. Poor Aldo almost freezing to death. I'm not looking forward to that with D.J. with a full on winter right now. I hope that hot springs helps. Especially after a cold day outside.
    Not having fun with Aldo being a Scout? I mean for you, that is. It looks like I'll be Aspiration hopping a lot with this. I see other Aspirations D.J. already started as well.

    I found out that both Crumplebottoms were recreated. The old cranky women insist on being in my gameplay. :lol: D.J. has met both already.
    Aww, what a bittersweet day. Lucy'll be a strong independent woman, I know it. And she has a companion as she journeys into her new adventure.

    Interesting you think D.J. will be a social butterfly. Only time will tell. Let's just hope he doesn't dedicate himself too much with school and work. Everyone needs a little fun time - away from school that is. Makes me wonder what he did in the rabbithole of a school to be funny.
    Good to see Selena was able to get better food than chips in her system. Soup and pizza....I bet D.J. would like that about now. Chips were his breakfast and dinner for his first two days. Hopefully the school gave him something better. Another lightning strike? Dang. Maybe the machine that got struck was a bad luck one, so it was good it got charred.

    That's cute that Pepper wanted to join her. At least she's close enough for Robin to talk to her and they could enjoy each other's company. I haven't play with anything with the "Snowy Escape" pack yet. Maybe just some outfits. I'm excited to do this Challenge as a learning experience with the pack cause I'm really scared of those vending machines. :lol: Robin is a very beautiful in mermaid form.
    Makes me wonder what D.J. is doing at school that isn't school related that is making him have such a fun time. He needs to bring that home.

    Everyone seems to be enjoying that Onsen. I've got to get D.J. there soon. And good to see Kenzie is keeping herself busy.

    Your 2021 Challenge Sim is a good luck charm for your 2022 one. That was a nice fish Cale caught. He should have asked Essa to come with him to the vending machine. :lol:

    The look on the celebrity's face is priceless when he calls to appraise her autographed photo :grin:

    Dumpster bagels...sounds delicious. :grimace: That facial expression of Adam learning to ski for the first time is priceless. Yikes, every time those spirits did something positive for Adam, he gets hit with nasty insects. Are those spirits really trustworthy? :lol:
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    One Month, One World, One Year Challenge: The Adventures of Dash Joseph Faireborn
    Table of Contents
    January 3: First Impressions!
    Sleeping on the Lounge couches wasn't making D.J.'s life easy. He has been lacking sleep the last couple days because of it. The Lounge was open 24/7 and folks took advantage of it. D.J. couldn't wait to go to work and come home with some simoleons. One of the Lounge patrons offered to sell him a tent they didn't need anymore. D.J. was grateful. He woke up yawning and patting the couch thanking it for its usage the past couple days and hoping he wouldn't have to use it for a place of rest anymore.


    D.J. hasn't had a shower or bath in over two days since he arrived to Mt. Komorebi. It started to show today. Kids at school were calling him "Smelly Nelly". It was just yesterday he was being the funny one at school and today he was being made fun of. It made him feel uncomfortable because it wasn't funny to him and he was feely a bit grungy.


    The bartender of the Lounge told D.J. that the only public showers were at the Sutefani Onsen Bathhouse in Yukematsu. It was located at the bottom of the hill. What a relief for him. He was glad he didn't have to go to work and feel icky on his first day. First impressions mean everything. He seemed to already have made a good impression on some of the townsfolk as he made the Lounge his home pretty much the last couple days. It went as far as getting phone numbers from others in case he wanted to talk or needed help. The people of this town were really friendly.

    The bathhouse was beautiful, D.J. had thought. There was even a hot springs available for guests. He didn't have time today, but he needed to come back and enjoy more of it. He wished he had found this first before the Lounge and Bar. He could have napped here. It was less crowded and had more of a cozy feeling.

    D.J. stripped down and changed into one of his bathing suits he brought along. Compared to the weather outside, the water here was warm. It felt good on his body. The soaps the bathhouse provided made him feel fresh on the inside and out. Yes, he was definitely going to revisit the onsen again.


    As he continued to freshen up for his first day of work, D.J. received a text message on his phone. It was from one of the patrons he met at the Lounge. She wanted to wish him luck at his new job. Even though he got some positivity before heading out, he was still a nervous wreck. This was his very first job, afterall. He tried to put a smile on his face when he left the bathhouse to go to work, but he was just too nervous. He would have to pump himself up on his way.


    D.J. had a solid good average day at work. After receiving his uniform of a blue polo, blue jeans, and blue shoes, he was put in charge of the baby area. Mostly he had to stock the diapers as they were the first to leave the shelves. As he kept restocking, they kept disappearing. But his manager took notice and so did the customers. The shelves were never empty or looked empty.


    After work, D.J.'s pockets were finally jingling with simoleons. He called up the Lounge patron who offered to sell him a tent. Sadly, it was not enough. The patron would bargain but had a minimum price he needed to stick with. He wanted a little over 400 simoleons and D.J. only made just a little over 100. It looked like he would be sleeping in the Lounge for a little while longer. D.J. was also getting uncomfortable having chips and water as his constant meals. Maybe this was something he would work on first; getting better food in his stomach.

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    January 3

    Robin came home with a school project. Pepper offered her moral support as Robin completed it, and Robin was able to sell the project for §80 too!

    Thank goodness for the Onsen! It's a great place for Robin to fill her needs for the time being.

    There was a blizzard brewing outside, but Robin decided to try the bunny slope anyway. She'd always wanted to learn how to ski, and she had left home to seek adventure and try new things after all.

    "I think I've got this!"

    "Oof, no I don't..."

    Robin was feeling tense as she headed for a soak in the hot springs. Kaori came up to join her, and invited her to come over for dinner the following day. Robin agreed - she really needed a home cooked meal. (Also I hate how sims won't look at each other while chatting in the hot spring...)

    She had a whim to write in her journal afterwards, and along with points she's gotten for her aspiration milestones, she was able to scrounge together enough points to buy the "Always Welcome" trait so that her visit to the Nishidake-Ito home tomorrow won't result in her getting yelled at the whole time :)

    As I thought about what she could be writing about in her journal, perhaps reflecting on her past and how she's come to be in this point of her life, I realized that it wasn't Robin's first time on the bunny slope, so it sent me on a little spiral down memory lane and I wanted to share a few screenshots from last year's challenge, especially for those who are just meeting Robin for the first time.
    Her actual first time down the bunny slope.

    And she's had a selfie with Yamachan too :)

    She's been the cutest little mermaid her whole life, even if it wasn't official yet :)

    The day she got Pepper <3

    And this was just a funny memory I stumbled across when going through old posts so I thought I'd share it here :D

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    Thanks for your compliments about Robin's tail - I don't think I've ever used that specific swatch for a mermaid tail before and decided that it suited Robin's cute and bubbly personality :) I'm trying to keep my posts and storyline pretty simple this year too - there may be a few days that end up being screenshot heavy and I might dabble in a bit of story telling, but I'm determined to make things less complex than I did for the majority of last year, just since it did end up being a lot :D

    Definitely send me some screenshots of Beatrix and Isla if they show up in your game!

    What an eventful day for Adam! Fun that he met Kiyoshi, and fun shots of him skiing for the first time. Those animations are always entertaining even if they do look a bit painful. Poor guy got beat up too on his hike. It certainly was quite the day!

    Very sweet daily pic, and I like your backstory. Lucy has been through a lot already. Very sweet she brought a puppy with her - it will definitely add a bit of a challenge, but the screenshots will be so cute :)

    I don't think I've ever played with a vegetarian sim before, so I'm trying to be very aware for her sake haha. It's the trait she rolled when she aged up to a child, so I just decided to keep it :)

    This is my first time really playing with vegetarian sim - it's the trait she rolled when she aged up to a child, so I decided to keep it. It will make for an interesting challenge since it won't be as easy for her to eat just anything. Thanks for the compliments on Robin's tail too!

    I'm seeing a lot of my sims sooner than I expected too haha - I haven't always snapped screenshots though. Love the cute boys that Aaron is drawn toward. I definitely can see him and Hunter being more than friends ;)

    "It got cold, he cried, and then he made some grilled fruit." - That make me chuckle :D He's definitely looking perpetually grumpy haha, but you're making some good progress! I love Keisha, omg, she's so gorgeous <3 And gotta love a surprise visit from Vlad - it's good he didn't drink from Aaron though, I'm not sure Aaron could have handle that moodlet right now :D

    That's cool that you're playing with this pack for the first time! I got it part way through the challenge last year, so Jules did Mt. Komorebi after she already had enough money to build a house and have a profitable garden, so life was a lot easier for her by the time I got here last year. I'm excited for Robin to try rock climbing, but so far she's too poor to even buy the proper gear :D

    Sleeping on couches really does take a toll on our sims since they can't get a full night sleep. Letting Robin sleep in the water was honestly such a treat haha since it's like she had a bed. And the Onsen really is wonderful for filling needs. I like how you're really making him filling his needs and purchasing his items a bit part of your story!

    And since a lot of you expressed interest in the mod I use to brush Pepper to keep her clean - it's one of Bienchen's mods. It's the fourth one on this list, but I'd recommend a bunch of their pet mods as well :)

    ETA: my classes start up again today so I do apologize if I get bad at comments going forward. I will still be following along as best as I can even if I end up not being as chatty!
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    Day 3 - January 3 (shameless plug - it’s my real-life birthday!)

    Aldo spent Sunday working on some more of his scouting badges.


    He was able to make it to Pegasus scout pretty easily - just a little bit more effort and he could make it to the end of scouts!


    He spent the evening taking a short hike through the neighborhood to try to become emotionally mindful. He couldn’t help but eye that big rock but his climbing skill was too low to attempt it.


    Of course, the natural wildlife didn’t really want him there it seems.


    Shortly after that experience, he came across some of the forest spirits and tried to make a wish.


    Later, he met up with his best friend Kiyoshi at the Onsen Bathhouse.


    The boys decided to go for a hike as Aldo was still trying his best to become emotionally mindful.


    Kiyoshi didn’t really care for the cold weather but Aldo seemed to be oblivious to it. Maybe his near-death freezing experience gave him some weather immunity or something?


    Reaching the end of their hike, Aldo was still not emotionally mindful but he did throw his voice to hear an echo and thought that was pretty cool.


    Once he got home and cleaned up a bit on the lot, Aldo earned yet another scouting badge. Getting a bit closer to the end for those badges!


    Still a B student and tense from the pressures of the school day, Aldo really wasn’t in the mood to do much when he got home. A popup from school didn’t go his way and now we all pay the price!


    Perhaps a quick jog around the area will clear the mind and get that tense mood to go away.


    Aldo recruited some wandering strangers to help him with his third school project of the year. At least it got him focused and not tense anymore.


    Bjorn stuck around and helped him knock out the homework for the day. He’s really pushing to keep his grades up.


    Another badge earned and Aldo was ready for bed.


    Since he had achieved his A at school on Tuesday, Aldo took Wednesday as a vacation day to do some more hiking around.


    Finally he was able to become emotionally mindful and complete his first aspiration!


    However, those darn bugs refused to let him walk around in peace. Perhaps he should really look into some bug repellant!


    Aldo took to the bunny slope on a rental sled but kept eyeing the bigger ski slopes in the area.


    He finally got some bug spray and knocked out another aspiration milestone!


    Trying his hand at rock climbing showed that we have a long way to go before we attempt that mountain excursion. But Aldo is trying his best.


    As he got to the end of his day off, he came across a few more forest spirits and made another wish.


    It was back to school as usual but this time he got to dress a little nicer now that he had earned an A grade!


    Aldo spent some of his money on a computer and desk and worked on earning another scouting badge with programming.


    That was enough to get him through the ranks and max out his scouting requirements. Shortly after, he quit so that he could have his weekends free again.


    I made a decision to help Aldo out by buying him a rock climbing wall but the weather kept breaking the thing down. He racked up some handiness skill but really didn’t get much rock climbing done!


    It was no substitute for the real thing and that is where Aldo spent most of Friday. He took another vacation day and really tried to focus on getting that skill level up.


    By Sunday, summer had arrived as well as much better weather. Finally the rock climbing wall would start to pay off but Aldo kept a close eye on those clouds just in case.


    The weekend was drawing to a close but Aldo finally made it to those bigger slopes on the mountain. If only he knew that his watcher was doing everything he could to get him to hurt himself - he’d never trust me again!

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    January 2 - And so it begins...

    I found a patch of land that I decided to make my "home base." It's pretty hidden among some trees and there's a labyrinth of pathways leading through some gardens to get to it. I'm in a neighborhood called Wakaba, which is relatively new, so perhaps this is just a lot that's for sale, because there's a roadway leading to it, and a mailbox. Yeah, totally empty...well, except for this little structure. I think it's a shrine...or a grave. Maybe a sim died here and the place is haunted and that's why no-one has bought the lot. That could be true because there's also some parsley growing here. I remember, from an Ancient Civilizations class that I took in school, that parsley was an herb that the "ancient Greeks revered as a symbol of oblivion and death and as a funeral herb". Just my luck to pick a place to live that has a death motif associated with it. But I seem to recall that the ancient Romans also believed that "parsley was a potent protector and would often sprinkle their food with it and carry it with them to ward off evil". Yeah, that sounds better, because just looking at that little shrine gives me a sense of it was going to watch over me and keep me safe. So, yeah, the lot suits me just fine.


    My "home base" is within walking distance to the town of Wakaba where I arrived on the train. It's where everyone arrives in Mt. Komorebi. Mostly tourists who are heading to the mountain and the ski slopes in the Yukimatsu neighborhood, or the hiking trails in the bamboo forest in the Senbamachi neighborhood. So, the town is pretty convenient and I figure I can hitch a ride with some tourists to get where I need to go. When I first arrived, I met the town mascot, Yamachan. I got a selfie and we did this cool dance together called the mountain shuffle. I guess you'd say that the selfie was my first souvenir of this world.


    Having found a place to live, I decided to explore the neighborhood, and headed down a pathway to the Wakaba River. It was a warm day, and I decided to take a swim. It's really beautiful here, and there's a bar-b-q area on the shore...although no-one made any food today. I did dig up something on-shore, some upgrade parts, and sold them to a dude who was looking for stuff like that. He paid me $20 simoleons. So maybe I could eat today. And I did find some more parsley. I could always chew on that, although I don't think parsley is really going to fill me up.


    I must have been swimming in that river for awhile, because when I got out, the air was rather chilly and I decided to change into some warmer clothes. That $20 simoleons was burning a hole in my pocket and I spied a vending machine. Nothing was in Simlish, it was all in Japaneselish, and I thought I punched the button to get some type of beverage, but instead I got Anti-Arthropod Spray (§20), so now I'm broke again.


    I looked at the can and it had pictures of these giant centipedes on it. Whoa! I guess this is some type of deterrent spray. Good to know, I guess, if I ever go hiking in that Bamboo Forest. But my stomach isn't thanking me for buying the wrong thing. Yeah, I had to find some food.

    I see a place that looks like a bar, the Hazakura Lounge, and bars always have free pretzels or nuts just sitting there for the patrons. When I got there and scoped out the place, this old dude came up to me and started shouting.


    Shigeru Nishidake: "You young sims are always coming in here looking for free food, free drinks, and just hanging around. Where are your parents? You shouldn't be here. How old are you anyway?"

    Dylan: "Geez, dude, chill out! I only came in here to get warm."

    Shigeru: "Chill out you say? Chill out you say? I'll give you chill out..." and he promptly threw his drink at me. Unbelievable! The guy was obviously drunk. I stared at him. The "old me" would have just walked away, avoided confrontation, but then I remembered who I was now.



    I smiled sheepishly and held out my hand, "I think we started off on the wrong foot, I'm...uh...Dylan...pleased to meet you..." I was going to get this old geezer back. I had put a buzzer in my hand, and I was going to show him I wasn't taking any of his flak.


    The guy held out his hand, and shook mine, but nothing happened. Well, not right away that is. My plan somehow backfired and I felt the electric charge rip through my body. Dang! How did that happen? I'd had enough.


    Dylan: "Laterz..." I said as if I had staged that "event" all along. I dismissed him, and walked away, using my tough guy walk, and headed to the bar.


    And there, like a shining beacon of welcome, was a drink just sitting at the bar. Unattended. So I claimed it as mine. No-one even said a word that I was underage. Maybe there was a different drinking age here, or maybe I looked older. Sweet! I could get used to this life. I didn't see any chips or pretzels and asked the bartender if there were any.

    Bartender: "Free chips? Free chips? What do you think this is? This is a business, not a charity. Look, I'll make a deal with entertainer just quit. Do you play the piano?"

    And so, we made a chips if I did a stint as an entertainer, and I could keep any tips I made. It sounded good to me. Problem was, I had never played the piano before, and figured that if I just pressed some random would ever know.


    And soon, I got my first tip...$2 simoleons...from this really brightly dressed older woman. In fact, the bar had a lot of elders. Where were all the teens? And then...a goddess appeared out of nowhere and headed towards me. Dang! She was a hottie...I I just needed her to be a teen. My age. But still...I think I even sat up straighter when she approached.


    And she tipped me! Another $2 simoleons. Woot! And she stood there listening to me, like she actually enjoyed my piano playing. I decided I needed to find out who she was. Maybe she lived around here...maybe she was a piano teacher and saw me as a potential new student. Oh yeah! I'd love to be mentored by her.


    But no, she wasn't a piano teacher. Her name was Bella Goth, here on vacation from Willow Creek, and she's an Intelligence Researcher at S.I.M.S. I was a bit shocked when she told me about her career. I didn't really know if I could trust her or not, but she seemed to be nice. And could all be just a ploy. Right? I just didn't know.

    Bella: "You're here awfully late. Don't you have school tomorrow?"

    To be quite honest, I hadn't even thought about school. But I guess I should attend school to sort of blend-in, "Oh gotta you around..."

    And I just left, and when I did, I realized that I had never returned to the bar to get those free chips. Dang! If there was really a dead sim buried on my lot, I would soon be joining them. Because if I didn't eat soon, I was going to starve to death.


    ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~


    I decided to look up the symbolism for parsley, and found out some interesting information. Not only is it associated with death, but it is also associated with love. And in medieval times, parsley was an ingredient used in a love potion, "parsley, sage, rosemary and thyme", as in the song, Scarborough Fair by Simon and Garfunkle (1966). Read more about parsley's history here.
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    January - Day 3: "Rainy Days and Mondays always get me down..."


    Cale woke up hungry and in need of a shower. Had to shower wearing his undies, but that's okay. I imagine they were getting kind of ripe anyway. Buying something from a vending machine kept popping in his queue over and over while he rubbed and scrubbed. I guess I don't blame him for wanting something different. Okay, fiiinnne, go for it Dude.

    Not a good idea. Who in their right mind would buy a $5 hot dog from a vending machine?
    "I think I'm gonna hurl."

    Back in Senbamachi it was a raging thunderstorm, again. Just for something different Cale went to the neighborhood bar. Not much to do there other than the usual things people do in bars. But they do have a couple recreational rooms with card tables and a cheap TV.

    He has no friends yet and the only patrons were elders and bears. Yeah, apparently it was Bear Night. He could've asked one of them to play with him, but he needs teen & YA friends. Right, so the Cooking channel it is. Might as well get that skill up so you don't burn down your future love shack.

    Cale sat down and started shouting a string of expletives almost immediately. He was tense from the storm, the Japanese music playing (he hates it), the bears and just angry in general. Okay, calm down, we'll go somewhere else Dude. Maybe just getting away from the music and bears would help.

    Still only elders at the lounge, but at least he can make his own music there and got a few tips in the bargain. However...

    The tips came from a couple bears that followed him there. Is it just me or are they extremely creepy looking? Their eyes freak me out! I'd be tense too having those things staring at me. The rain finally broke and it was just cloudy by now. Time to go make some real simoleans.

    Right choice! His good luck charm was back and Cale caught another trout!

    "Hey kid."
    "The name's Cale."
    "Okay Cale, I'm Josh. Would you like some tips on how to fish? I'm kind of a Pro at it."
    "No thanks, I'm good."
    Cale! Josh is an Angling Ace and has maxed the fishing skill. I'd take his advice if I were you!

    Portrait of a Pro (Josh's brother Joel) vs. a Noob fisherman. Bummer. Seems Essa's influence isn't working either. Ah well, he's hungry anyway.

    After devouring a serving of the ever popular Tri-colored Dango, I figured it was time for Cale to make some friends. Who better to start with than a pretty potential future baby Mama. This is Wynter Myst, a member of a household of Spellcasters I put in this save to act as NPCs in the Magic Realm. The pretty pouting vendor from yesterday is in the same household. They were getting along great! She was laughing and smiling and so was he! Fabulous!

    Oh and there's one of Josh and Essa's daughters, Josee, walking by in the background. Long way from her penthouse in San Myshuno, but she probably transportalated there since she's a Spellcaster too.

    Oh great! While I was watching Josee, their chat queue emptied out. I didn't notice and Cale's full autonomy kicked in. What did he decide to do? Act tough. *sigh*

    "What did you just say to me? How dare you? I think you should leave!"
    Looks like you blew it Dude. You're never going to get 100 Babies this year if you keep that up!
  • SoulGal7SoulGal7 Posts: 3,337 Member
    edited January 2022
    @Llandros2012 - Happy Birthday! Hope you have a great day!

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