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One Month One World One Year Challenge 2022


  • EllupelluelluEllupelluellu Posts: 4,337 Member
    @permanentrose ,
    Haha, well Poor Jules was not happy even when they got there :D
    I know it was the weather, but it was funny to watch :p
    Loved to see Melody and Malcolm too, Malcolm was on his work clothes for some reason.
    Sean has lot to learn, I am so bummed that he is not as good as fishing as Melody was :)
    My love, my love, my fearless love, I will not say goodbye..
    Sea may rise, sky may fall, My love will never die..
    My heart, my heart, My drowning heart, Oh all the tears I've cried
    Oh I may weep forevermore, My love will never die..
  • permanentrosepermanentrose Posts: 3,200 Member
    @Ellupelluellu @Karababy52 @SoulGal7
    Meant to say this in my comments but forget - love that you are all playing with guys with unexpected traits this year! Curious to see how your 100 baby challenge goes too :D It will definitely be fun to spice things up by playing with sims that differ so much from your sims last year. I'll have to see if I can find ways for Robin to do some of those aspirations I usually don't try. Perhaps she'll end up getting a bit of a bad girl streak at some point :D
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    edited January 2022
    Wow, I've never tried anything like this so this could be interesting. I can't promise I'll upload every day, but I'll try to post at least once a week.

    Here's my sim:

    Name: Adam Strong
    Traits: Freegan, Paranoid
    Aspiration: Mt. Komorebi Sightseer followed by Zen Guru
    Likes: Gardening, Fishing, Wellness, Fitness
    Dislikes: Programming, Robotics, Video Gaming


    Backstory: An explorer by nature, Adam is determined to explore as much of his Sim world as possible. Shunning employment, he chooses to make his living with his own two hands, be that through dumpster diving, fishing, collecting, or gardening.
    Day 1:
    I made it safely to Mt Komorebi today. It is early spring and everything is looking a bit drab.
    The small plot of land Grandfather left me is as empty as my pockets currently are. There is a nice gym nearby that is open to public use and I plan to shower there until I have enough for my own place. It also has a couple of dumpsters in the back that I scrounged a nice meal from as well as 15 simoleans.
    I am very interested in learning yoga while I am here and possibly teaching it as a source of future income.
    As for now I will occupy myself by exploring this new world that I now call home.

    Gym made by adam726 titled Mt Komorebi Gym & Yoga

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    Good luck with this challenge, everyone. <3 I kept up with a lot of the 2021 stories and will read posts in this thread too from time to time, but I absolutely cannot participate myself - a picture everyday is way way too much for me, so I will experience it vicariously through all of you.
  • Karababy52Karababy52 Posts: 5,952 Member
    Ah, okay, it's just a goal for now then. It'll be interesting to see just how many they do end up with eh? :D Makes sense about the venues and rentals. I only turned a couple into residential, both for some Sims from last year's challenge. Josh and Essa now live with his brothers in the Yukimatsu neighborhood (on top of the mountain) and the Wilkes live in a modified rental in the Wakaba neighborhood. All other Sims from last year I brought over to this save are living in copies of Essa and Josh's homes over the months from last year's challenge.

    Wow, Sean is very dedicated eh? Going on the mountain in a blizzard. He's tough, I'll give him that! Oh boy, Jules does not look happy! hehe Hi Mona! Hope you didn't break your butt dear! M&M! Yay! So happy to see them together again! <3 I bet that lake felt like the Onsen after being on the mountain! ;) Hey Jon, Sandra, Joel! Ooo, Simeon too and I see you Nik, you gorgeous pile of pixels! Plant based? Oh! I bet he's waiting for some to grow. Well, at the end of the day, at least he's not totally broke. :)

    I've never, ever played a mean or evil since except once. I ended up not liking him and quit playing that save. o.O I hope Cale doesn't turn out like that guy. I've always thought it very weird that lounges are mostly reserved for elders too, but anyway, you're welcome. :) It took me a while to find that fishing spot last year too. This year Cale's lot is right next to it for convenience. ;) Fishing and gardening, two of the best ways for a R2R Sim just starting out to make bank. I'm so glad you're having fun so far, let's hope that continues! :)

    Oh good, hope it works for you. I'll give a notice in the thread when I've uploaded him. Glad Pepper hasn't been a hindrance to Robin so far. I figured you knew how to handle him efficiently since you love pets and like to play them a lot. That's cool, she should keep those aspirations benefits since she's an heir, she earned them! One perk of using a Sim from last year. Smart using her. I thought about using one of Essa and Josh's girls, but they had progressed too far, had families of their own, etc. Could've used one of the Grandkids I suppose, but meh. I love Cale and wanted to try something new with him anyway. :)

    I'm very much looking forward to our little friendly competition with Cale and Sean. It'll be a hoot playing a Sim much different than my usual way to play too! :) Aww, Robin looks too sweet to be a bad girl, but sometimes it's the sweet, innocent ones you have to look out for, right? :D

    Welcome to the challenge! So thrilled you could join us! Adam looks like he's well on his way now. Adam is adorable! Ah, you placed some dumpsters in Mt. Komorebi. I thought about doing that last year, but it seemed more of a thing for the Eco Living pack world. As long as he only dives for food though, I think it'll be alright, whatever makes your challenge fun for you is what counts! I'm not the challenge police. Excited to see how Adam does in the challenge. :)

    @haneul - Thank you so much for stopping in to give us all good luck wishes! Happy to hear you've been reading some posts from last year's challenge, makes me smile. :)

    *Everyone - I've updated the main post to add links to all your first day posts/blogs and also a couple links to Sims on the Gallery. If you would like to upload your Sim to the Gallery, please post a link and I'll be sure to include yours as well. :)
  • afai1261afai1261 Posts: 2,017 Member
    edited May 2022
    Okay so before I begin January 2's update, here is a list of Aaron's custom content if anyone has him in their game and would like to use it :)
    I've also put this in his introductory post.
    - kismetsims eyebags part two
    - kismetsims lip masks
    - kismetsims nose masks
    - simreaper top surgery scars part 2
    - He does have Luumia's body hair v4, but if anyone has v5 then that would work too. I just use v4 for Aaron in particular because it's softer and lighter :)
    - dangerouslyfreejellyfish Whisper eyes sectoral heterochromia
    - kijiko eyelashes
    January 2
    It's not much of a life, is it? Waking up only to continue to struggle to stay alive, especially without a roof. Combine that with schooling and you have yourself a mess. Fishing brings in some money, but it's never enough. And a bench is perhaps the most uncomfortable place to sleep. But, Aaron reflects, he made that decision to fend for himself when he left home, and if this was going to be what it was like, he just needed to stick it out. "Home". What is home anymore?

    We left off with Aaron getting some sleep on a park bench. Yay! When he awoke, he was hungry so I sent him off to the lounge for those amazing life-sustaining free bar chips :D

    I just adore how he looks in this screenshot

    And then, bam it was time for school. He came home with his needs in absolutely awful shape, poor guy.

    Oh, and his eyes are normal blue again.

    Not for long!

    He desperately needed a shower so I sent him off to the onsen

    And that's where I got the daily pic :)

    Then it was back to fishing,

    back to homework,

    and back to dealing with old people at the bar (yes, that's my makeover of Geoffrey Landgraab)

    The bartender left a drink on the bar so I had Aaron sneak up and take it for himself. And while he drank it, I heard a bat enter the room.

    Hello, Morgan. ;)

    And, well of course Aaron had to go meet him. He does have a thing for redheads after all ;)
    Except they didn't "officially" meet so Morgan isn't in Aaron's relationship panel yet :( Also this Morgan is a YA and Aaron is a teen, and yet...

    Snowboarding (he did it autonomously when I had him hanging out at the onsen) and fishing took up his days after school

    And then he met the other Morgan (it'll make sense later, don't worry lol)

    He got a school project so I made him do it (when he could have been doing something useful, like fishing, but noooo... I have no idea why I made him do it tbh :D )

    It was getting late and I decided he needed to go on a hike for some reason. Maybe I thought he'd find forest spirits and they'd give him something cool or valuable

    And he did find them, but...
    Oops lol.

    Okay going to leave it right here for the time being :)

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  • Llandros2012Llandros2012 Posts: 568 Member
    Karababy52 wrote: »

    *Everyone - I've updated the main post to add links to all your first day posts/blogs and also a couple links to Sims on the Gallery. If you would like to upload your Sim to the Gallery, please post a link and I'll be sure to include yours as well. :)

    Here's a link to Aldo
    Aldo Holloway
  • LegacySims2017LegacySims2017 Posts: 5,226 Member
    January 1st Comments:

    It'll be interesting to see how a mean and hot-headed Sim can cope and achieve what he wants. Being mean and hot-headed just might be what Cade needs. :grimace: Especially with the backstory you gave him. He lost a lot and I can see why he would turn out the way he did. Hopefully he'll gain some positive bonus traits.

    I enjoyed the little tour you gave with Sean. Cracked up at the bowling. At least he's meeting some fun people. Can't wait to read more how Sean moves forward to achieve his goals.
    I chose winter as it's winter here where I live for January. I want to keep close to real life day weather. The game decided to give D.J. a full on wintry experience on his first day.

    Aaron looked to start out sad but changed his mood towards the end of the day. Perhaps it was all those elderly folks he came in contact with. :lol:

    I look forward to adding Aaron into my gameplay as days progress. Hopefully the two will meet up and maybe become friends.
    D.J. had to find shelter to sleep. There was a winter storm outside. Realistically, he would have froze to death if he didn't have some type of shelter to be in. Hopefully, he can have something soon. Sleeping in the Lounge won't be good for him when it gets busy.

    Oh, I like the idea of you using Generation 2 of your 2021 Challenge as you 2022 Sim. Robin looks like a fun Sim to play. And Pepper is cute. Looks like she had a good first day in Mt. Komorebi.

    Looking forward to adding Robin to my gameplay. Hopefully her and D.J. meet up and become friends.
    I will be sure to gather D.J.s custom content and message you soon. Looking forward to seeing him meet Robin in your gameplay.

    Nice to see Bryon back. Can't wait to see how he continues from where he left off in the the 2021 challenge. Family photo was fun to see.

    Kenzie looked like she had a fun day except for the vending machine mishap. But she did get her food! :lol:

    Aww, poor Selena stuck out in the rain with no umbrella. She got down and dirty looking for ways to get simoleons, that's for sure. Crossing fingers she doesn't have a lightning incident like Yamachan did.
    The weather was horrific outside. It was snowing and the game displayed high winds which made it look like it was snowing really hard. Realistically, D.J. would freeze to death without shelter just staying outside on his lot. He found comfort in the Lounge mostly and met quite a bit of other Sims to talk to.

    Can't wait to see more of Louise and here's to hoping your game works properly.
    I didn't want to play with the premades that come with the pack to start with. I thought it would be more interesting and fun to remove them all and start with all new worlds, per se. I did keep Vlad and Father Winter. Oh, and the game brought back Agatha. She's meant to be in the game, so the game recreated

    I like how Aldo is a scout. I was in cub scouts as a youngster. When I moved up to boy scout, I ended up quitting because I didn't want to do all the hard work that came with it. I was mostly wanting to have fun. :lol: Hopefully Aldo enjoys being a scout during his teenage years. I'm sure it will come in hand later in life for him as he gets older.
    Thankfully, no one was around to listen to the music the first night. All the Sims were too busy hanging out at the bar. D.J. did get a good night's sleep on the first day.
    I'll be sure to get Aldo in my gameplay as the days continue in my gameplay. I'm sure he and D.J. could be buds.

    I'll message you with D.J.'s custom content when I get the chance. Non CC D.J. doesn't look like D.J. sadly. I tried to find matching non CC, but it's not looking right.

    I love Dylan's backstory and look forward to see how you have him work on a new life...even though I have a feeling his past will catch up with him by the end of the year. :wink:

    Adam is going to work for his simoleons in non career ways...I like it. You plan on that just as teenager or you gonna attempt that through his lifestages? He looks like a fun guy to get to know.
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  • LegacySims2017LegacySims2017 Posts: 5,226 Member
    One Month, One World, One Year Challenge: The Adventures of Dash Joseph Faireborn
    Table of Contents
    January 2: Responsibilities!
    Just because D.J. was a teen living on his own, didn't mean he couldn't waive his responsibilities. One of which is going to school. He's in high school and only has three months before he graduates. And not going to school means he would be missing out on all the fun stuff that happens. D.J. loves to have fun at school. Even if it means joking around with other classmates.


    Another responsibility is to be able to take care of yourself. D.J. cannot always rely on the bartender giving him free chips and water. And he's going to need a place to sleep besides the couches. Other people use those and not because they have no other place to live.

    For D.J. to support himself, he needs a job. A job that will not take away from his first responsibility of school. School should always come first. The most practical part time job would be to work in retail. D.J. finds a job in retail as a Shelf Stocker. No previous skills required. And there's room for advancement. The best benefit is that his employment will pay him daily rather than weekly or bi-weekly. This is perfect for D.J. obtaining his ever first job. It entails him to work five days a week and four hours a day. He would have enough time to do his homework after school and then go to work. Sundays he would have all to himself.

    (Twitter Me: LSims2017)
  • Karababy52Karababy52 Posts: 5,952 Member
    *Everyone - I've uploaded Cale Conrad to the Gallery, but you'll need to check the box for 'Include Custom Content' in order to download and see him. I would give a link, but I don't know how to get one for a Sim with CC. Here's a list of his CC if you'd like to have him exactly as created. He should look mostly the same without the CC. My Origin ID is: Karababy52 I'll put this info in the main post as well. Be back later this morning to update/comment/reply. :)

    List of CC & Other:
    Eyes - PS_Eyes_N155_DefaultReplacement.package (Look exactly like Maxis default except no shine.)

    Body hair - LUUMIA_BodyHairV5PLUS_Merged.package

    Eyelashes - [Kijikoleyelash_VF_version2.package

    Hair - simstrouble_UnisexHair_Marco.package (There are similar hairstyles in the Snowy Escape EP and others.)

    Eye Scar - From the Get Famous EP
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    Day 2 - January 2


    Aldo and Kiyoshi hung out for a little bit after school. They are neighbors and becoming very good friends.


    Aldo hung out in the courtyard and was able to snag a selfie with the mascot. He finally made some progress on his aspiration!


    Deciding that he was going to knock out another requirement, he took a late night swim in the cold lake.


    Although he achieved his goal, it was not the smartest time of day or year to pull this stunt!


    Frustrations were high after almost dying of hypothermia and another rough day at school - sleeping in a tent and scraping by was really getting on Aldo's nerves.


    Against my better judgment, Aldo decided to purchase a simmie capsule from the vending machine...only to see it get stuck and require a vigorous shake.


    It didn't kill him but he certainly learned his lesson about shaking down the machine!


    A quick jog to clear the mind helped him raise a skill. It won't bring in any money but he certainly gets joy from it since he likes fitness.


    Aldo finally had enough money to purchase an art easel. He crafted a few paintings and started to finally get ahead financially.


    One of his first purchases was a food cooler so he didn't have to leave the lot so often and spend money he does not have!


    It wasn't long until Aldo and Kiyoshi became the very best of friends.


    The weekend was here and they decided to spend Saturday night after the scout meeting going to the Festival of Snow.


    It was here that Aldo finally completed the first milestone of his current aspiration.


    With some of his painting money and some quick photographs that he sold, he decided to get festive and purchase a costume for the festival. He was the only one wearing one but at least he liked it!


    The boys stuck to the bunny hill and had some fun sledding down the hill.


    Aldo decided to try his hand at using chopsticks with dinner and did surprisingly well!


    Later, the boys hung out in the hot springs - they practically had the entire lot to themselves with the exception of Kiyoshi's parents who had come along to enjoy the festival.


    After soaking for several hours, Aldo finally was able to knock out the last requirement for this step of his aspiration. A pretty busy day but tomorrow he will have to get his homework done and work on some more of his scouting requirements.

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    Lucy is not an heir from last year like @permanentrose's Robin, but she is a Sim I played since birth, so she has top notch toddler & the creativity bonus trait. I debated taking them away, but it's part of her history...
    Finally I settled on a compromise: Much like Robin, she can keep her traits, but will take her childhood dog with her to make up for it in difficulty. (Was debating this since I know that I'll have to let the dog die at some point if she's in the challenge, but I really wanted to.)

    Does that feel fair to you guys? What do you think? If not I guess I'll take the traits away and still let her have the dog. I'm attached to the idea now even tho I still don't know how I'll ever be able to handle her dying :(
    Edit: Ok nevermind, I'll just take them away either way and still give her the dog... All good now :)

    thank you for the good wishes! I'm looking forward to that too despite the bumpy start :)
    Lol, maybe he didn't think the swimming through that much :D Glad he came out ok! Wow, that was loads of progress in just a day... With painting he's pretty much set for life :)

    Ok, thank you for the feedback.
    I can imagine that to be really challenging to play with, but I'm confident it'll be an amazing time, just like last year.

    hehe, you're welcome. Your Sims seem to have this tendency to be sassy at you, that's true :P
    Very brave, going to the mountain in a blizzard! He sure is determined, eh? Oh, I just noticed his last name. That's sooooo cool! What a fun idea :D Lol, hi mona! That was a sudden entrance into the challenge :D But so lovely to see Melody again being sweet with Malcolm.

    thank you, I will check it out! - yeah, she really is a cute kid, even though she hasn't had it easy so far.

    Hi and welcome in! Such a cool sweater and hair for Adam. And very cool motivation there! Fitting for the challenge :)

    @haneul Oh, hi dear! Thank you so much for stopping by :)

    Thanks for the good wishes :) I'm confident to having it fixed soon since I know it's just an issue with loads of outdated and conflicting mods, but I really hate playing Vanilla by now, so...
    Lol, I wonder why the game was so insistent in having Agatha :D Is there more to her than meets the eye???
    Oooh, very cool, you got him a part-time job! :) That'll help with money and him being responsible - tho it sure can be boring while they're in rabbitholes so much.
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  • lilypadmeulinlilypadmeulin Posts: 1,596 Member

    Thank you! You'll find out in time what she was trained in, but I made her look glamorous on purpose, I'll say as much for now...


    Vending machines can be pretty scary. Last year it was a running theme that my Sim was constantly getting crushed by them, and I had to be really careful not to let her die by one - it usually scares me enough that I save the game right after it happens! Thank you for the warm welcome!


    I'm really happy to be here again too! I've been looking forward to joining again, and now that I'm settled in my 'new' house (been here for six months now) I definitely feel ready to take on this challenge. Thunderstorms really suck when you have no house for your Sim!

    Yeah, Yamachan looks pretty creepy after having been hit by lightning, and creepier still is that from day one Selena is having that exact same problem with the vending machine....


    As long as you wait out the bruised moodlet, you won't be in danger, but it is one of the more out-there ways to die in this game along with the chickens. And poor Aaron, imagine being set up with someone's granddaughter when you've just got there...


    Mayor Whiskers noping out of there made me smile! Also, it's so great to see everyone's Sims in the new round (I love that Melody and Malcolm are still lovey dovey!) and spot them in cameos!
  • lilypadmeulinlilypadmeulin Posts: 1,596 Member

    Ooh, Adam is certainly very interesting as a modern explorer! I'll be interested to see where this goes. Is he on the Gallery?


    Poor Aaron! I've not tried to find the forest spirits yet, but I didn't know they could do that. At least he did get a doll out of it? It seems like his second day was pretty hard too, though...


    Selena was lucky not to have a lightning accident, honestly, and she's gotten off to a pretty good start.

    I think D.J. is going to be more of a social butterfly than some of us, because of where he's decided to stay for the time being. Also, getting a job? He's really got this whole thing figured out! Looking forward to future updates!


    That's two narrow escapes for Aldo, what with nearly freezing to death and nearly getting squashed! Good to see him becoming such firm friends with Kiyoshi though, and it seems like he's doing well with his money, too!
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    Just a quick note, Selena is now up on my gallery! My ID is the same as on here, lilypadmeulin, but I had no idea how to link across.

    Day 2

    Last night had been uncomfortable and damp. Spending it in the rain on a bench had left Selena feeling more than a little miserable, and she’d found herself shivering violently when she woke up, earlier than she’d have liked. There was no point in going back to sleep, and instead she used some of her precious money to make her way to the onsen at the base of the mountain. Here, it was warm, with a roaring fire and hot showers. Hopefully she could sleep a little here, as well.

    She fought a sense of shame over her current situation. Her mother would have been so smug if she could see her now...


    Selena started the day off very early trying to complete her homework, but the rain made her too uncomfortable to get more than 50% of it done. Given all that, I decided to give her the day off school. She'll be going in tomorrow instead.


    Instead, it was time to go to the onsen for a shower, some food, and some social interaction! I think she was honestly in desperate need of all three...


    Food was soup and pizza from the vending machine (not the best, but hey, it dealt with her hunger).


    She also managed to grab a quick nap in front of the warm fire.


    Towards the end of the day, I had her back at the Simmi machine, and we managed to get three different gold Simmis! Also, the machine next to it got hit by lightning, which is pretty scary. I'm starting to think this neighbourhood is bad luck.


    That being said, those Simmis being sold allowed me to get her a tent! Yay, we finally have a place to sleep! Up next is building an actual house and a real bed, but that's a bit far off for the time being.


    She also stopped by the bar to get something to eat before finishing up the day. I'm not sure how I feel about how the food looks...


    And with that, Day 2 is all wrapped up!


    Melody was the bartender at the bar!


    We also spotted Jenny's mother Heather outside the onsen. Guess she's relaxing in the mountains after all the stuff she put Jenny through...


    I also spotted Vlad, which made me laugh as he's the founder of MaggieMarley's legacy that's ongoing. I always like to see him!

  • permanentrosepermanentrose Posts: 3,200 Member
    January 2

    After waking up from her nap on the park bench, Robin was hungry again, though the vending machine was not cooperating. Jeeze, this girl better not die this early in the challenge :D Luckily, she succeeded and purchased some food. Most of the items in the vending machine shouldn't be vegetarian friendly due to their names, but I decided to risk it and had no issues, so I guess they're all fake meat, unless the vegetarian trait isn't working properly....

    As morning dawned, she headed to the Onsen. Pepper, I don't think you can follow her in there :D

    She'll get as close as she can though :)

    So I have Robin aspiration hopping with the two Snowy Escape aspirations, so she's made a bit of progress on both of those already. And of course, she's just trying to make some money. While it is easy to make money in this game (too easy sometimes, I'd argue), I did forget how hard it is starting out, especially during winter. But I'm really enjoying the challenge!

    Luckily, the water had thawed enough today so Robin could go fishing. The sim she's fishing with is Beatrix, the daughter of my favorite sim couple.

    No, Pepper, why :joy: (I have a mod that gets a pet clean simply by brushing them, so she won't need a tub to take care of Pepper's hygiene needs which will make life easier)

    So Robin could technically use the aquatic lure mermaid power to help her be a bit more successful with her fishing, but I'm not gonna use that unless I'm getting desperate. She didn't have much luck at first, but she did manage to successfully catch a bonsai bud!

    She planted her bonsai buds and an apple she purchased from the vending machine, so she has a tiny garden in the works! Super thankful it was warm enough to plant things too since it wasn't when she bought that apple earlier. The bonsai bud is even in season too!

    Since the water wasn't frozen today, she took a swim, which helps fill her hydration need and knocks off the aspiration milestone of swimming in the river for an hour.

    And since I wasn't getting any warnings that she was in danger of freezing to death, she took full advantage of her ability to get a full night sleep in a body of water :)
  • lilypadmeulinlilypadmeulin Posts: 1,596 Member

    Pepper is so cute! I love how she was determined to stick close even in the Onsen.

    Robin's really picking up steam, what with staying on top of her needs and getting a bonsai bud. Plus, the ability to sleep in the water is definitely a bonus in this challenge! She's doing so well!
  • KateLynneKateLynne Posts: 47 Member
    02. Jan. 2022
    Kenzie has finally saved up enough money to get a snowboard, so happy!
    Kenzie has decided to use the Onsen as her main hangout spot for now. It has everything she needs. A place to do her homeword, a toilette and shower, comfortable couches and - most importantly - her beloved vending machienes.

    Kenzie has also used the night time to workout and learn how to snowboard.

    She has been having some issues making money. So she decided to pick up a new skill.
    So far she has made a whooping 24 simoleons in tips.

    It was also time to check in with her parents. So she sent them a few pictures from the lounge, passing it off as part of the school.

    Thank you all for the lovely comments. I will post an additional post with my comments to all your posts and responses in a bit. I have to get some work done first. ^^
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    January - Day 2: "Rain rain go away, don't come back...EVER!"


    Despite the rain, the first thing Cale does is go fishing. He wasn't catching much other than logs/weeds, an occasional minnow, etc. But then Essa zipped over to fish next to him and his luck changed. Nice trout! Hey Essa, you can fish next to Cale anytime!

    Free chips at the bar are okay, but they don't fill them up. However, for only 2 simoleans, the Tri-colored Dango does!

    "What're you pouting about?"
    "It's raining."

    Is your middle name Jenny, Cale? He hasn't had much luck yet getting any Simmi capsules. Doesn't help he's hot-headed and ends up with a rage moodlet when they get stuck and won't come out.

    Sent him for a hike to the temple to calm down and he encountered a spirit. Cool! Or not... it cursed him and followed him halfway to the temple.

    Cale is not having a good day. It's been raining constantly, he's angry over the Simmi capsules, cursed and to top it off, got too hot on his hike. Lovely...

    Back 'home' Cale planted a chrysanthemum he found, then decided to jump in a mud puddle. Bye bye hygiene. Eh, at least he's smiling.

    While he was fishing again, Veera showed up at his mailbox. Cool! She's a celebrity! He got her autograph, worth 50 simoleans, but just for fun I had him call for an appraisal. Not very nice to do it in front of her, but Cale doesn't care.

    "So, how much is it worth kid?"
    "2400!? Sweet!"

    I could've ended Cale's misery at this point, that's enough to build a small shack for him with all the basics. But, he'll just keep it for now. Sorry Dude, you'll have to do this the hard way!

    Back at the Simmi capsule machine, Cale's luck hasn't changed. This time he climbs up on the thing instead of just smacking it with his shoulder. Not a good idea Dude. Of course it fell on him, but he's strong and kicked it back up. He did get hurt though, and angry again.

    I sent him to the Onsen to get some sleep, but first as evidenced by the daily post pic he took a sled down the bunny slope without incident. Back at the Onsen, Jon was standing outside. He's a custodian. I don't think he's too happy about it. Sorry Jon.

    Sweet dreams Cale. Today wasn't all bad, but hopefully tomorrow will be better with blue skies and sunshine!
  • permanentrosepermanentrose Posts: 3,200 Member
    edited January 2022
    Louise looks lovely all aged up! Glad you got the Cats and Dogs pack too - cute pup :)

    Actually, it looks like Robin being a mermaid is making things a bit easier so far! I haven't played much with mermaids either beyond last years challenge, and never with such a needy, poor sim, so it's a fun journey to see how this occult state really works!

    Nice that Kiyoshi and Aldo are friends! I forgot he was a teen actually since he's an elder in my game now LOL. Poor guy, freezing in the river, but at least you got that milestone checked off! You're doing really well with making money and aspiration milestones too! I can't seem to get Robin on her feet quite yet with making money - perhaps purchasing an easel would be a good idea!

    Thanks for all of Aarons CC! Excited to see if he shows up in my game soon. And right, Riley did age up quite handsome haha! I figured since I aged up Ruby's kids, it was kind of weird for Riley to still be a kid, especially since he's pretty close in age to Robin, so he's a teen now too. I can upload a version of Robin without any Paranormal stuff if that's easier - there's really nothing crucial to her wardrobe that you need that pack for! Or you can just switch her outfits to something you have - I think it's just her formal and party outfits that have stuff from those packs, and I hardly use those outfit categories anyway.

    Super cute daily pic! Aaron is adorable! Ugh, I hate how our sims CC details disappear in situational outfits if they are an accessory. Ooh, do I sense the potential for romance between the male Morgan and Aaron? Honestly both Morgans are so hot though, I'd got for either haha ;) Poor guy looks so miserable, but you did make some good progress today!

    Great start! Adam is super cute, and I love how fleshed out you have him already with his preferences for mindfulness and the outdoors. I like how you're using a 1st person narrative style for him, and cool idea to have him inherit the land he's living on from his grandfather.

    @hanuel Always a pleasure to see you around! I hope our stories continue to entertain you :)

    Honestly if Ruby wasn't too old to do this challenge, I would have loved to use her since she was such an integral part of my challenge last year. A part of me did consider aging her down and creating an alternate universe for her in this challenge, but then it just seemed more natural to use Robin since I really do like the story I gave Ruby. I did briefly consider creating a brand new sim too, but I've always been so bad at playing saves that I haven't built up, so I think playing Robin is the smart decision for me to stay dedicated to this challenge.

    Aw, so nice to see Essa as soon as I clicked on the spoiler <3 Have fun playing a hot headed sim - Jules would get flair ups of anger randomly all the time haha. I have a feeling I'm gonna love Cale even though he has some negative traits. Traits in this game only influence a sim so much, so I feel like sims with even the most negative traits tend to be lovable unless we try to make them NOT likable :) Uh oh, a curse forest spirit definitely isn't gonna add to making his day better. At least you found one! I'm having trouble even spotting them. Nice that he got an autograph too! Lovely seeing Veera. And our sims are just not having any luck with those darn vending machines!

    Are you planning on playing just one sim day at a time for your updates? I was just curious since I know you sometimes played more than one sim day last year. So far, I've been getting enough content from just one sim day to make my updates, but I'm not gonna be strict about only playing one sim day at a time.

    Love the sky in your daily photo too,!

    Nice idea to get DJ a part time job, that should help him earn some money! And funny that he appears to like to be the class clown haha.

    I'm excited to do this challenge with you too! I'll download Selena too! Also to get the gallery link, you have to visit the gallery website and find the link there. Here's the link for Selena :) I'm excited to see Selena's backstory and what happened with her mother. Glad she could buy a tent and stay dry and get some sleep. I considered buying Robin a tent, but it made me sad that Pepper couldn't go inside with her. I love that you're doing a little cameo section for your updates too!

    Aw, great that Kenzie could buy a snowboard! I love her colorful winter outfit too! Nice work getting her skilled enough in piano to make some tips!

  • LegacySims2017LegacySims2017 Posts: 5,226 Member
    edited January 2022
    @permanentrose - @SoulGal7 - Everyone Else

    I went ahead and uploaded Dash Joseph (D.J.) Faireborn to the Gallery (my ID name is LegacySims2017). Much of his body features are custom content, so you will need to click the "Include Custom Content" checkmark. Below is a list of the custom content along with a link to a download I created containing the custom content pieces just in case you don't have that already in your Mods folder. I'll also add this to my Introduction (Table of Contents) post on the first page of this thread.

    Download Dash Joseph Faireborn:
    If you would like to have D.J. in your gameplay for this Challenge or any other gameplay of yours, you can find him on the Gallery using my ID name of LegacySims2017. You can also use the hashtags of #DJ #DashJosephFairborn or #OneMonthOneWorldOneYear to find him. Because he uses custom content, you will need to select the option to Include Custom Content.

    Here is a list of custom content on D.J.
    • LumiaLoverSims_5PMPenumStubble.package
    • LumiaLoverSims_BHv4_Fine.package
    • LumiaLoverSims_OohSmooth2Male.package
    • LumiaLoverSims_TeenFacialHair.package
    • Nightcrawler_(c)AM_Hair03.package

    If you don't have these five pieces already or you cannot find them via the internet, I have compiled them into one zip file in a folder Dash Joseph Faireborn. You can download the zip file at (copy and paste rather than clicking the link for easy download) .

    If you have problems downloading or adding D.J. to your game, please let me know.
    (Twitter Me: LSims2017)
  • SoulGal7SoulGal7 Posts: 3,337 Member
    @LegacySims2017 - Thank you! I am in the process now of downloading all the challenge sims in the new 2022 challenge.
  • Karababy52Karababy52 Posts: 5,952 Member
    Thanks for the list of CC for Aaron and Gallery link, I've added it to the main post. Aww man, poor Aaron, he looks miserable. Nice makeover for Geoffrey! Whoa, Morgan is a gorgeous vamp! I love redheads too Aaron. :) Hmm, curious about these two Morgans, can't wait to find out what that's all about. Dang, he got cursed too by a spirit. Yeah, they don't like it when you try to capture them. o.O Great update!

    Thanks for the link to Aldo, updated the main thread to include it. :) Very cool he's becoming good friends with Kyoshi! He'll be handy when it comes time to climb the mountain. Gah! Glad you got Aldo out of the water before her froze! Shouting angry words, yep, Cale's done that more than once so far. R2R Sims have it rough, especially when they're teens. Ah, he has an easel now. Well Aldo you're set for life now! ;) He's flying with the aspiration too, great! Another great update. :)

    It has been interesting so far with Cale. Not so sure it's a good thing being mean and hot-headed though. While what happened with Lance and his Mom certainly enhanced those traits, he had them beforehand. Remains to be seen if he's ever able to overcome those traits. We'll see...

    Good for DJ going to school, glad he finds it fun. Very responsible getting a part-time job too, good for him!

    Thanks for the link to DJ on the Gallery. I'll update the main post to include the link for him. :)

    You're welcome and yes, I'm having a lot of fun so far and I'm confident that will continue. I hope it does for you and everyone else too.

    Oh well hey, Congrats on your new house! Thunderstorms are the worst for R2R Sims. o.O Yamachan did look pretty weird all black like that. hehe Ugh, so is Cale! Ah well, hopefully his luck will change with those machines for him and for Selena! Thanks for the info about Selena on the Gallery. I'll look for her and update the main post. :)

    Love the Onsen! It's a life giver for our teens eh? Social is what Cale struggles with as well. But he's made a couple friends now, so social is looking up a bit. Whoa, that is scary that machine got hit by lightening. o.O Congrats to her for getting the gold Simmis! Yay! Always a good feeling when you get them something useful like a tent! :) Fun seeing familiar Sims too! Hey Melody!

    Hmm, I wonder if it possible for pets to go in the Onsen. I doubt it since it's really just a giant hot tub. Yay! Warmed up enough for Robin to go fishing, that's wonderful! Oh Pepper, it's a good thing your owner's Watcher has that Mod! ;) Great she could plant too! Gorgeous screenshot of Robin swimming. Love her mermaid tail, so pretty! Guessing it's because she's a mermaid sleeping in the water doesn't affect her, cool!

    I was a little surprised you didn't pick Ruby, but I certainly understand why you didn't, the same reasons I didn't chose Josee or Jessah. Understandable about new saves being not as desirable to keep playing, it's one of the very reasons I've put Sims I've played in other saves in my custom templates. That way I get to see them all the time, it keeps me happy and excited to play too.

    So far Cale just gets angry a lot and keeps trying to run off and do stuff I don't want him to do. He hasn't tried to do anything mean, but the options have popped up when he's being social. I've just mostly chosen not to pick them. So far... ;) Cale actually found another group of them as well, those gave him 50 simoleans! I just chose not to show it. Seemed a bit repetitive and the bowing to them is very out of character for him. How would he know to bow? hehe

    Vending machines! Gah, it's like gambling, I just can't get enough of those things. I always make him stop though if he gets a run of cheap ones or shaking the machine doesn't work. No sense in gambling with his life too! o.O No, it just worked out to be one day this time. I've played a bit ahead though, in the same play session. I could've done a longer post to include more, but I'm trying not to do that this time. Some posts will definitely cover more than one day. Thanks about the daily pic! I love the sunsets/sunrises in Mt. Komorebi. Especially since they're almost always purple, my favorite color! :)

    Wow, go KateLynne getting a snowboard! Great idea snowboarding at night when no one is around! Ah yes, playing for tips. She won't get much at first, but keep at it and she will. :) So cool how she keeps in contact with her parents. She's such a sweetheart! Great update!
  • permanentrosepermanentrose Posts: 3,200 Member
    edited January 2022
    I figured I'd make a list of Robin's CC too, in case anyone wants it, though I think she looks okay without it so it's really up to you if you want it! There's a CC version of her in the gallery as well now and I also included Pepper in her household in case anyone wanted her.

    Cleavage overlay:

    Lashes: (honestly I don't know what version I have of these so I just uploaded what I have to mediafire, but I feel like a lot of people use kijiko lashes so just give her something from your game if they don't download haha)

    Since she has 3 different CC hairstyles, I didn't upload her with those since I'm pretty content with the ones I found in the game to match, however if you did want them, here are the links:

    However, if you have the Dream Home Decorator pack, I do think this hair style matches better than the one I used for her down hairstyles. I just don't have that pack :)

    I'll post this on my main post too since I'm sure it will get lost in the shuffle :)
  • EllupelluelluEllupelluellu Posts: 4,337 Member
    About Sean, I will upload him, but most likely no CC version in gallery, will include the cc in separate folder at mediafire or dropbox :):)
    Also not yet, but in few days when I patch , as I cannot download any of yours yet, as not running the game in most recent patch yet :)

    (or I can send his trayfiles via PM +cc )
    Yeah, that is me, I need a major reason to patch my game, as I am lazy to update my giant mods folder :D So I will wait at least a week if there will be any info about upcoming EP , or any pack. Will naturally add all of your sims then :)

    @permanentrose ,
    hehe yes it is interesting to play with a sim what is out of your "comfort zone" :) I usually always play female sims :)
    And to keep things fair , I do not allow teen pregnancy from MCCC. So Sean is no in hurry yet :p
    -- Joyful first pic :) Aww. sweet from pepper in the Onsen <3 Beatrix looks so different now :D She is a teen in this save now, tho, and Isla is a child.
    Indeed that sleeping in water is helpful :smiley:

    @RememberJoy ,
    Nice to meet Adam :) I hope you enjoy the challenge :) I considered some dumpsters too, but then decided to leave those at EL world :)

    @Karababy52 ,
    Haha, yes we will see :p Oh I only made Hunter brothers to live in this world, rest are where they were in last year , celebs are at DSV, M&M at Sulani, and so :) Vampires at Hollow , too :)
    And yes, my hard rules still are there, when it comes to gardening, no buying from stalls, or harvesting from festivals :)
    -- Great first pic, as always :) Love the colors :)
    Haha, Essa seems to bring Cale good luck :p
    And those darn vending machines !!!
    Maybe Cale is not having a good day, but he sure looks good in that topless picture :D
    Hi Veera! Oh OH, no, better not sell that pic, at least not in front of her, based on her look, you will not get another one :D
    I feel bad for Sean, almost all use those comfy sofas from Onsen, I make him sleep at stone bench :D

    @afai1261 ,
    --Yes, free chips, what a lifesaver always :D Why I was lucky that there was actual bartender in the lounge :p Onsen is one place, before gym I wanted to Sean to have his shower too, but Agatha was showering and shooed the poor boy out, so gym then :D
    Nice makeover on Geoffrey! And Morgan looks cool! So does the other Morgan :D

    @LegacySims2017 ,
    Haha thanks , that bowling really was not his forte, I got lucky to pause just when the ball started to roll in wrong direction :p Yes, winter here where I live too (Finland) , but I decided to start on spring, never the less :)
    -- Hey, nice that D.J. had fun at school, even so the fun was not school related :smiley: And part time job too! Cool!

    @Llandros2012 ,
    --Nice that Aldo and Kiyoshi are so good friends :) Ohh!! Bad bad bad, glad he survived after beeing all blue in the lake! I can understand why he was so tense :smiley:
    And then the vending machine!
    But looks like he had fun in the festival, he is fast filling that aspiration, good job! :smiley:

    @miss_eulenauge ,
    thank you for your comments :) yes , i was surprised to see Melody and Malcolm there, as they do not live even near the world in my sim map :D They live in Sulani :)

    @lilypadmeulin ,
    Haha yes :) Jenny is living at DSV, so like other celebs, I am sure she will been seen a lot when that world comes up :) Still curious with who MCCC will make her to live with :)
    -- Hey! Melody, you should be bartender in mine too, I really miss bartenders :D
    Selena's day maybe was not the brightest, after bad sleep and all, but hey at least vending machine was co operating :smiley: And that couch in the onsen, lovely fire and all :) YAY! A tent, at least better than bare sky when it rains :)

    @KateLynne ,
    -- Kenzie seems to like the Onsen so much :) And again what is there not to like :)
    Indeed that piano in lounge will come very handy time to time :) I usually do gardening and fishing, but indeed often use that piano too! :)
    And free chips from bar :D

    My love, my love, my fearless love, I will not say goodbye..
    Sea may rise, sky may fall, My love will never die..
    My heart, my heart, My drowning heart, Oh all the tears I've cried
    Oh I may weep forevermore, My love will never die..
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