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One Month One World One Year Challenge 2022


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    One Month, One World, One Year Challenge: The Adventures of Dash Joseph Faireborn
    Table of Contents
    January 13: Festival of Light!
    D.J. checked his pockets when he got home from school. He wanted to finish off the outhouse. It's almost two weeks in since he's been here and he's been using the Lounge or Onsen to use the facilities. He couldn't wait to finally have something close to his tent so he didn't have to keep running a distance just to go to the bathroom. It was too cold outside to find a nearby bush.

    D.J. was only carrying 406 simoleons. He knew there was a festival of light today. He called up his boss early enough to see if it was alright to call out and not have the workplace be short a staff member. But his boss told him to go ahead and have a good time. He's earned some vacation days and he can use one. The place can manage without him for the evening.

    D.J. decided to not use his simoleons that he saved up right now to finish off the outhouse. Instead he wanted to see if there's anything at the festival he might want to buy. He bought a few Simmies at the last festival he attended. Maybe there's other rare ones at this one. He still had the three he bought. He thought about selling them for simoleons, but wanted something to keep as a collection.

    The festival wouldn't start for another three hours, so D.J. thought he'd get some wall climbing in. Enele has texted him a couple times asking how he was doing. D.J. responded that he thinks he's ready to climb actual rocks instead of the wall now.


    It was a cloudy evening as D.J. headed to the Park. That is where the festival was being held. He was here yesterday enjoying a walk on the trails that extended out from it. He saw many dressed up in fancy garbs and introduced himself to one of them. He then noticed many, if not all, in attendance were wearing different colored and stylized kimonos. The gentleman also explained one should bow as a form of greeting at the festival.


    D.J. was shown where he could purchase one and it's customary to wear it at the festival. He wanted to buy something nice from the festival, but he didn't realize he would be spending 300 simoleons on something to wear.


    The Yamachan mascot was present, so D.J. had to get another selfie taken with it.


    The Yamachan then told D.J. to make a wish and add it to the tree behind them. He may get lucky. D.J. went over to the tree and found a blank paper and wrote down that he wished he had the perfect mountain climb with Enele and his family. When he was done, he hung it on the tree with all the other wishes that were made.


    D.J.'s stomach started to growl, so he found one of the vendor carts and ordered something made specifically for the festival. He loved trying new foods here. By surprise, the vendor was the one who mentioned the festival yesterday before he went on his hike. No wonder he was advertising it. He had a part in it.

    Greeting the vendor, D.J. mentioned about their passing at the Lounge yesterday. The vendor remembered and offered some of his cuisine for 25% off. D.J. ordered the Beef Yakisoba.


    This was also the first time D.J. had used chopsticks to eat. It was a struggle at first, but he managed the technique with the guidance of the others at the table he sat at. He also made some new friends as he spent the rest of his time getting to know the other three at the table as well. They talked the rest of the night until the announcement was made the festival was coming to a close.

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    January - Day 13: "The chains on my mood swing just snapped......RUN!"


    I apologize for it, but I'll only have the daily post pic for my update today. I've been battling a headache all day and it just won't go away. Looking at the screen just makes it worse. I tried and got this one pic of Cale going through a mood swing. Not sure which one it is, but it's the one where they moan and groan, drag their feet and act like their life is so hard to handle. Makes me laugh every time! :D I kind of get what he's feeling at the moment. Bleh! Hopefully this headache will be gone tomorrow and I can again do a full update and comments. Hope y'all had a great day/night! <3
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    January 13th Comments:

    I wonder if Aaron is hanging around Cale ( @Karababy52 ) and picking up some bad habits. :joy:
    For some reason, I get a kick out of it when D.J. falls...from skiing or walking in the snow (and hit a patch of ice). And the sounds he makes...lol!

    Yay for climbing experience. Boo for climbing falls. Robin looks pretty blue skinned in her mermaid form. Bet she didn't feel it, though. Probably frozen tail and body. Starter home is coming along. Nosy Agnes. Happy New Year Robin and Aimi!

    Aww, that was a cute date between Adam and Kaori. I hope Adam let her win that ping pong game. :wink:

    No rush. Offline comes first. We'll always be here when Selena is ready to continue her adventure.

    I :heart: that daily image. What a beautiful scene...especially the fireworks in the middle. Wow, Kaori is getting a lot of love in many of these Challenge gameplays. Sadly, she doesn't exist in my multiverse. I bet D.J. would be hitting on her if she was. :blush:

    Cale is sharing your pain today. He just wants to know you're not alone. Love the daily image regardless. Hope your headache subsides soon.
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    No comments from me tonight I'm afraid, I'm also battling a headache (started a few hours ago) so I totally sympathise @Karababy52
    Took all of what little brainpower I have right now to write up this update :D

    January 14
    The hike helped, if only for a little while. Then Aaron headed off to school and it all turned to poop again. Unable to focus on any of his school work and feeling as if the entire world was against him, he hung his head when he returned home that day. Flopping onto his bed, he wondered if he should invite Hunter over and then remembered that Hunter's schedule was incredibly erratic due to him being a vampire, and that he'd most likely be asleep. He was annoyed at Hunter then, knowing that it was stupid and unreasonable, and went fishing to take his mid off things.

    It worked. He fished into the early hours of Thursday morning, catching an incredible (for him, anyway) eleven sturgeons in a row. By 4am, he had over $3,000 and was very pleased with his haul despite being absolutely exhausted. Electing to take a vacation day, he crawled into bed after finally getting home at 5am and awoke to find a garden of plants that needed watering and an infestation of gnomes. (Of course), he thought to himself. (It's Harvestfest). And his dumb Watcher still hadn't given him a proper kitchen, so he couldn't even have a grand meal.

    After going out to water his plants, he offered the naked gnome right outside his door a toy and celebrated when the gift was accepted. With his day off, he decided to go to the park again and did some more fishing. Heading back to the park, he looked out towards the hiking board and the start of the hiking trails, and decided to take one in the hopes of running into the forest spirits again just as he had a few days after he had first arrived. He had made a mistake back then in trying to catch one and now he would make it right. Eventually finding them later that evening halfway through his hike, he bowed to them and made a wish, and instantly felt that he had learned and appreciated most of what Mt Komorebi had to offer, earning Worldly Knowledge. But there was something else he needed to do before he left this place. It was something he had heard others mention, and he knew Hunter wanted to do it someday too - climb and conquer the mountain for which Mt Komorebi was named.

    It would be tough work getting ready to go on a mountain excursion, and first he needed to start off slow. He headed out to Yukimatsu and purchased his own snowboard plus some bug repellent from the vending machine. And waited. Then waited some more. When it finally dawned on him that it was stuck, he snarled in frustration and gave it a shove. "Stupid vending machine!" he yelled, clambering up to the top as if that would loosen his stuck items. He shouldn't have been so surprised when it fell on top of him. The vending machine right next to it had done the exact same thing, weeks ago. Pain flooded his entire body, the breath knocked out of him. Gasping, he managed to push the vending machine off his body with his legs and lay there in the snow for a while, not daring to get up. He rubbed his forehead and groaned as he remembered the conversation he'd had with Hunter in the onsen. He could have died. All for a snowboard and bug repellent. He made a promise to himself to never fight a vending machine again, no matter how much he had paid for the items he wanted... "Argh!" he yelled. "That was an entire freaking snowboard! I hate you!" He stood, holding his back as he did so, and glared at the machine. Aaron fought the urge to give it a good kick like the one he had given his rubbish bin and settled for glaring at it some more, turning away and giving it the middle finger.


    Aaron did come home from school with a mood swing and it was only while writing it up now that I realised he could have invited Hunter over to cheer up but nooo I didn't think of that at all... This poor guy needs a hug and I forgot all about the cute boy :D

    Don't look so glum, Aaron! That's even bigger than the one you got yesterday!

    11 sturgeons all in a row (I was in awe lol)

    I hate Harvestfest (but then again happy gnomes do leave seed packets!)

    Spotted Cale and Dylan hanging out while Aaron was fishing :smiley:

    First aspiration, complete!

    Silly boy, haven't you learned? :anguished:
    At least the warm clothing may offer some additional protection due to the padding :joy:

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    January 14

    A hike to achieve a state of mindfulness did not go as planned...

    But she did end up achieving it at the hot springs instead, while hanging out with Selena and Cale :) (@lilypadmeulin and @Karababy52)

    Never had this pop up before...though I've seen other people talk about it. Okay, let's give it a go...

    Terrible idea :D I let Robin read her Book of Life to stabilize her deteriorated needs (a resource that I very rarely allow her to use since I like the challenge of playing without being able to fill her needs instantly)

    With her needs filled, she was able to get an early start to her day and went rock climbing literally all day, stopping every now and then to fill her needs.

    And though Robin wasn't at the hot springs herself, I did notice a challenger pop in for a quick dip :smile:@katelynne

    Though she gained a couple levels in her rock climbing skill, it was at a cost. Her social need plummeted quite quickly and the poor thing was feeling quite lonely.

    Aimi conveniently had the house to herself that night. Her brother and her parents had decided to spend the night at the slopes, since Akio is building his snowboarding skills in hopes of participating in next year's Olympic Trials.

    "Come here, you. I'll make sure you're not feeling lonely anymore..."

    Indeed, Robin did not feel a trace of loneliness as she curled up under the covers with Aimi and stayed the night.
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    @LegacySims2017 -
    I :heart: that daily image. What a beautiful scene...especially the fireworks in the middle. Wow, Kaori is getting a lot of love in many of these Challenge gameplays. Sadly, she doesn't exist in my multiverse. I bet D.J. would be hitting on her if she was. :blush:

    ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

    Thanks for the comment. Yes, I love the festivals in Mt. Komorebi and it's hard to take a bad screenie in that world. I am going to try to attempt the 100 Bae Challenge (get 100 girlfriends/boyfriends at once), and Kaori is Bae #1. She might eventually be his "forever bae", but we shall see how things move along with his journey. Oh yeah, I am sure DJ would be hitting on her, too. A lot of my gameplay focuses on the premades in-game and also the challenge sims. Dylan hasn't met all the challenge sims yet, but he is already friends with Aaron. I think he will meet more of the challenge sims in Windenburg, as he has to concentrate on the aspirations in Mt. Komorebi this month.
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    So, I am having computer problems. Been having them for months. Had to refresh my computer back to factory settings (but kept all personal files and such) again. That being said, I'll continue to do my "daily comments", but I might have to double up on my daily image updates. I have a 9 hour workday today, so I'm gonna let Origin install all my game packs during that time. My January 14 daily image will probably be posted tomorrow with my January 15 one.

    Good news is I ordered a new computer and should arrive on Wednesday so I don't have to keep refreshing this thing back to factory settings and installing all my programs constantly.
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    January 14th: Up and down

    Today's Achievements: High intensity skiing on Intermediate slope

    So today was a mixed bag. It started out great as I successfully bonded with my new bee colony.
    Energized by my awesome date with Kaori, I felt I could do anything; so I headed up the mountain to work on my skiing. I started on the beginner's slope until I reached a desired skill level, but I had a few accidents that left me feeling sore and a bit bummed.
    I went to the onsen to soak my sore feet. I showered but I had to pee after getting in, and when I returned I ended up making the hot spring dirty which left me feeling embarrassed. Sad and embarrassed I got halfway to the ski lift before realizing I was still in my bathing suit!
    I was determined to ski down the intermediate hill and try out some tricks, but first I had to go down a few times to get a feel for the new slope. I did crash a couple times, but I successfully ended the night with a few sweet tricks!
    Tired, sore, and a bit lonely, I headed home for the night; maybe next time I'll invite Kiyoshi or Kaori to come with me.
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    I hope all your replacement Sages turn out well. Hopefully when I play in a bit other challenge Sims will show up. Wonder what's up with the shifty eyes, weird. Agnes is the iconic purse whacker, Agatha is her cousin. I'm not sure which one actually owns the shop. Yep, Cale definitely likes skiing, and snowboarding, rock climbing. They're all in his likes/dislikes. :) DJ too wore the boots? Well, must be some kind of glitch then. Cracked me up too! :D

    Good thing DJ had those vacation days so he could go to the Festival. He looks good in his new outfit. 300 simoleans is pretty steep though. Sheesh! Oh well... Nice that he made some new friends too! A great day for DJ, sometimes you just need to throw caution to the wind and do something fun instead of practical.

    Aww, that's a good way to look at Cale's mood, he's commiserating with the Watcher! I like that idea. :) Headache's gone now, thankfully! I hope it doesn't come back, but it probably will at some point. I get a lot of them during Winter when our furnace is running, dries it out in here so bad. I think we need to look into getting a humidifier or something.

    Oh no! Gah, that bites about your computer. Glad to hear you haven't lost anything though. *Whew* Exciting you've bought a new computer though! Hope it turns out to be everything you hope for. The day I got my new gaming desktop was one of the happiest for me in my gaming life. :)

    Well Bummer, Aaron was having a pretty good day and then homework set him off. Hot head Sims are fun to play eh? hehe Rooves are hard to do sometimes, but so satisfying when you finally get them just right. Sometimes I long for the auto roof feature TS2 had, but not much. Those were good most of the time, but sometimes? Not so much. o.O I laughed when he kicked the trash can and then got even more annoyed when it wouldn't talk back. hehe Fun idea mounting the most expensive sturgeon he caught. I used to do that with some of the most expensive paintings Essa did. I try to always keep their first Masterpiece too.

    I had fun with that Townie turning up to give Cale some advice. Those bats were actually biting Kane, poor guy. They completely ignored Cale for some reason. So I ran with the idea that Kane 'took one for the team' as it were and 'fed' them by offering up himself so they wouldn't get Cale. :)

    Cale is one of the most facially expressive Sims I've ever had. He cracks me up every time I play. hehe Gotta love hot head mean Sims I guess eh? Never thought I would, but here we are. :)

    Awww, bummer you've got (or had) a headache too, I can certainly sympathize with you, yes. I just had to give up and go to bed. Gone now though, hope yours goes away or has gone away by now too!

    Ahhh! Looks like Aaron could commiserate with us too! Dang machine stealing his snowboard! Those things aren't cheap either! Good thing he had 3K from fishing! Incredible how many they can catch in a row eh? Congratulations to Aaron (and you) for completing his first aspiration! Yay! \o/ Oh well hey there Cale and Dylan! I don't know why, but I pictured these two would definitely be friends if they ever met so it seems appropriate you saw them having a chat together. :) It always cracks me up seeing that naked gnome! Still can't believe Maxis put that in the game. I'm glad they did though! hehe

    Oh cool, glad Robin got that voodoo doll to buy climbing gear. It makes a big difference. Great looking start to Robin's house! I like it! :) Opps! Bummer Robin started to freeze in the water. Who is that Sim on the right side of Agnes? She's very pretty! Did Agnes whack Robin with her purse? o.O Love the autonomous kiss Sims will do with their partners if they're in a relationship, it's so sweet! Glad to hear things will be slowing down a bit for you next week. Good idea storing up some screenshots for updates. I try to do that as well for days I just can't write any kind of story for a variety of reasons.

    AHHHH! EWWWW! Those caterpillars are freakin' HUGE! o.O I would scream my head off and be smacking at that thing like a mad woman if one landed on me. AND I would never, ever walk down that trail again. :D Hi Cale, Hi Selena! Cool, another sighting of some of our challenge Sims! And would you look at that, no boots this time on Cale. hehe Still in his undies though. When I play later I'm giving him some new clothes including a swimsuit, he deserves it. :)

    Oh man, never, ever send your Sims to that Motive Trials thing, all it does is tank your Sims needs until they're ALL in the red. o.O Learned that the hard way like Robin. Don't blame her for using that book. Lesson learned. Cool she climbed all day, bummer her social tanked though. Oh Hi there Kenzie! Such a pretty Sim. Oh, well, okay, uh, not lonely anymore. ;)

    Well cool! So glad you wanted to do this challenge too! So did you start then in your blog? Would you like to join us here on the thread too? If so, just post your daily post pic with a link to your blog for each day's update so others can find the story. We'd love to see your challenge Sim and see her/his introduction post too. You could also post a link to your challenge Sim in the Gallery on the thread for others to put in their saves too. Of course, no pressure to do any of that if you rather just play on your own with your blog. Regardless, Welcome to the challenge if you have indeed started to play it. :)


    No worries, just take care of yourself, real life always comes first! Looking forward to your updates when you get a chance to post them. :)

    Wow, Dylan certainly had an exceptionally good day eh? Love the look of joy on his face when he first reached the top of that hill. Eww, squid? Sorry Dylan, that does not sound tasty to me at all. :p I was starting to feel bad for Dylan when Kaori didn't show up, but then she did and it was very well worth the wait! Congrats to Dylan and Kaori becoming a couple and being Dylan's first Bae! :) Oh! And Congrats to him for getting the Golden Simmi too! Good job Dylan! I love how it looks like he kissed her on the nose at first too, adorable!
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    Day 1-jan 10th
    Blog post

    Yes, I did start ^^ this is Velma
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    Jan 10 - A Hike In The Bamboo Forest

    After finishing up some chores, I headed to the Senbamachi neighborhood. Today, I was going to take a hike in the bamboo forest. But the thing was, when I got there, I just wasn't sure where the hiking trails were. I saw a familiar figure walk up to me.


    Aaron: "Hey Dylan...what'cha doing here?" @afai1261

    Dylan: "Hey Aaron! I was going to take a hike in the Bamboo Forest. You live around here?"


    Aaron: "Yeah, this is where I'm staying. It's a rental. I share the house with some other sims."


    I looked at the house and it was really nice. Two stories, and Aaron told me they had a tv, computer, and a few other luxuries that I could only dream of right now. Aaron and I chatted about the mountain and skiing and snowboarding.

    Dylan: "Aaron, next time Kiyoshi and I go skiing, do you want to join us? It's way more fun going with someone..."

    Aaron thought that sounded good, "Deal!" he answered.


    While we were chatting, one of Aaron's roomies came out, and Aaron introduced us. Her name was Louise, @miss_eulenauge and she was a teen, and went to our high school, too. She had a little dog, Laika, that lived in the house. I thought that was pretty cool.


    Dylan: "I'm about to head off. You guys want to come along? It's a great day, and I could sure use the company."

    Unfortunately, both Aaron and Louise had school projects that they had to work on this afternoon. So after Aaron pointed out where the hiking trails were, I bid them farewell and headed off alone.


    And there it was, the entrance to the Bamboo Forest. I checked the trail guide, and thought I would take a hike to the Temple. As I entered the trail, I saw these strange translucent objects just floating there. I had no idea what they were, but decided to bow respectfully. Maybe these were like forest spirits or something, and it was rather cool that I had seen them. I decided to make a wish...and...


    ...suddenly my pockets felt heavier. I dug my hand in one and holy plumbobs there was $1,000 simoleons in there. Oh yeah! Before I could thank them...they disappeared.

    I was in awe, and maybe I stood around longer than I should have because suddenly these bugs fell from the trees and landed on me. Gross!


    I shook them off and then kind of danced around them and they scurried off. Thank goodness! I quickly left that area and continued on my hike.


    It wasn't a very long hike, and I passed several scenic spots, and then entered the temple grounds.


    There was some type of board there...and I read on the guide map that this was an Ema Board, and that you could make a wish here. Alright! More wishes. I needed all the wishes I could get.


    I wrote out a wish and then hung it on the board.

    I then took a nice souvenir photo of my trip there. I don't want to jinx things, but I really hope my wish does come true.


    Once the hike was over, I headed to a food stall that I saw in the neighborhood. I decided to haggle with the vendor, and she was so impressed with my haggling skills that she said she would give me a discount. Yes! Dango for a buck! You can't beat that.


    There was also a vending machine beside the stall selling cold food, and I thought I would buy two apples, and maybe use the apple seeds and plant them in my garden.


    I pulled out my chopsticks and ate that dango like a pro. I didn't want to go back home just yet, so took the mountain shuttle up to the Onsen.

    ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

    When I arrived at the Onsen, I got a call from Kiyoshi.


    Somehow, Kiyoshi had found out that Kaori and I were now dating. Word got around fast. Kiyoshi seemed fine with it, so yeah, I guess Kiyoshi and Kaori were really just friends, just like Kiyoshi had told me.


    After I got that call, I started thinking about Kaori. On a whim, I called her and asked if she wanted to come to the onsen and enjoy a soak together. Kaori was happy to hear from me and told me that she would be there soon. I think I had a smile on my face after that call because I was really looking forward to seeing her again.

    Kaori was there in no time at all. We changed in separate locker rooms, and when I saw her in her bathing suit...wowzers...she was a hottie. We showered before entering the onsen and sat together in the water.


    The water felt as warm as it had before, and we sat near a little waterfall. It was pretty romantic, and I was thinking of kissing Kaori on the lips again...but then Kado and his son, Taku, entered the water.


    That romantic idea got squelched real fast, as I didn't think it was appropriate to have a possible make-out session with Kaori, when my friend, Kado and his son were sitting there. It was alright...there would be other opportunities. I actually found out that Kaori and Kado knew each other, as they were neighbors. We had a nice chat and Kado asked how my rock climbing was coming along.

    Kado: "Maybe one night this week, we can go to the rock climbing gym together and I can show you some different handholds..."

    Dylan: "Oh, I would appreciate that. My first stint at the rock climbing gym didn't go too well..."

    Kaori: "Are you planning a climb to the summit, Dylan?"

    Dylan: "Well, I was thinking about it..."

    Kaori: "I have never been either...if you...if you need someone to go with you...I would really like to go. I don't have a lot of rock climbing experience, but maybe we can work on that together..."

    Kado: "Oh Dylan, you should not attempt that climb to the summit alone. Kaori would make a good climbing partner. She is very fit and would catch onto rock climbing in no time. I would go with you...but I have other responsibilities..." he said, ruffling Tatu's hair a bit, "Of course, Kaiori would need her grandparents' permission to go..."

    I nodded my head, and smiled at Kaori then, and the trip to the summit suddenly sounded more appealing.


    I think that conversation gave me a bit of courage, and I slowly...very slowly went to put my arm around Kaori.


    And she smiled at me when I did, and my arm just seemed to fit around her like it belonged there. Sher snuggled into me a bit, and we stayed like that for a long time, just holding each other, looking into each other's eyes, and chatting quietly. And then Kaori told me she had to go.


    I walked her to the locker area, and even though I wanted to take her in my arms and kiss her on the lips, I politely gave Kaori a kiss good-bye on the cheek.

    Dylan: "See you tomorow then..."


    I headed back to the shower area and saw another teen from school, Kenzie, @KateLynne heading out of the onsen. I waved at her.


    Back in the onsen, the warm water just swirled around me and all my thoughts were about Kaori.

    Dylan thinking: "Was this how it felt to be in love? I just can't get Kaori out of my mind..."

    I closed my eyes and thought about Kaori and how I liked Mt. Komorebi. Maybe those sims who were after me wouldn't find me here. Maybe this was a safe haven and I could start my life over. Yes, start a life with Kaori. Be truly together when we're a bit older. I liked that idea a lot, because things just felt so right with her. But, could I even hope for that? I still haven't even told her who I really was...

    And as Dylan thought of Kaori and other happy thoughts, he drifted off to sleep in the onsen.

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    @LegacySims2017 - So sorry to hear of your computer problems. I can relate to all your frustrations. Hope everything gets fixed soon.

    @Shadami - Welcome! Went to your blog and read your intro on Velma. Wonderful sim! :)

    Other comments coming up shortly. Have a great day/night everyone.
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    I'll have to share the other links later. I was awfully tired and it's hard to get the codes right on phone xD
  • ShadamiShadami Posts: 4,186 Member
    Thank you SoulGal :D

    Day 2: Jan 11th
    Blog Post

    Day 3: Jan 12th
    Blog Post

    Day 4: Jan 13th
    Blog Post

    Day 5: Jan 14th
    BLog Post
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    Jan 13th & 14th post comments & some Jan 12th:

    Jan 13 - Oh how nice for Adam. His first date with Kaori at the Festival of Lights. So nice :) I love that shot of them on the bridge over the water with the lights in the water. One of my favorite photos to take in this game. And they are now going out together. Sweet! And he does great at rock climbing, too. Adam's place is looking so good. What a wonderful night this was with Kaori. :) Jan 14 - Adam is looking great on the slopes! Love those 1st person views! lol Oh geez....Dylan did that too, he had to pee, and then forgot to shower and made the onsen dirty. But there is an interaction that you can clean it, so that is what Dylan did. Poor frozen Adam heading to the gondola in his bathing suit...and in bare feet! He must have had frozen feet after that! Ahhh...and then poor Adam falls, and is missing Kaori. Oh and lucky Adam has bees for his garden! Great!

    Jan 13 - Glad that Robin is working on her rock climbing skills, and she dug up a voodoo doll? Wow! Nice simoleons there! Love the house you build for her...and the priorities, bed for Robin, bed for Pepper. lol There was no Pepper to download in the gallery, so I just downloaded another Dalmation and named it Pepper. And poor Robin...frozen mermaid...that's a no go. New Year's Eve and they go to the lounge as so do Aimi's parents...heheh...love the top Robin has on. And Agnes...why are you there? Sims are just naturally going to kiss on New Year's, so be gone! And Robin and Aimi do, and have their first kiss of the New Year. Wonderful! Jan 14 - Oh gosh! That first shot of Robin with that HUGE bug on her...creepy. A relaxing soak is just what Robin needed after that. And Kenzie is there! Oh no! The Motive Trials....poor Robin. Looks like she is doing well in her rock climbing, though, but poor dear is so lonely. Well, Aimi made sure that she was lonely no more! And it was "messing around" time. Okay...is Robin the first one to do this...just like Jules was the first one last year? lol Like mother, like daughter! hehehe

    Jan 13 - Poor Aaron is so hard hit with moods. lol Glad he is getting his house renovated, and his garden is looking good. And congrats on getting level 10 in fishing! That's a massive fish. Nice that he's thinking of a place for Hunter so that they can be closer. That was a Stomp the Yard hike! hehehe Jan 14 - Sorry you weren't feeling too well when writing your update. And Aaron was feeling a bit neglected and wanted to see Hunter, but because Hunter is a vamp, his schedule is all messed up. Poor Aaron. But fishing to the rescue, and whoa! 11 sturgeons in a row. Nice bit of simoleons there! And he sees Cale and Dylan! :heart: Aaron and Dylan are actually friends in my game. Congrats to Aaron on completing the Mt. Komorebi Sightseer Aspiration! Woot!

    Jan 12 - Oh gosh! Poor Cale being Seth's nightly nibble. hehe And he does a great job going down the hill, but yes, we wanted him to get hurt for that milestone! hehehe And what he heck? Wearing ski boots and your skivies in the onsen! lol Nice to see Jon there, too. Jan 13 Sorry you had a headache most of the day on the 13th. But I do love that photo of Cale in a teen angst pose. lol Thanks for your comments on my Jan 9th post. Dylan had invited Kaori to hang out with him, and the first time she didn't show up. Then I realized it was Saturday and she had Scouts. I had Dylan call her again after 4pm and then she showed up. lol Yeah that first kiss was so cute, it does look like Dylan is kissing her on the nose. I liked that photo. lol

    Festival of Light - Love Dj in the kimono he bought at the festival. Nice photo with Yamachan, and great that he made a wish for a successful climb on the tree. And love that DJ also likes to try the new food at the festival. I had some photos of Dylan and his first chopstick attempts. They were funny, but didn't use the photos because they were too dark. I really like the festivals in Mt. Komorebi.

    @lilypadmeulin - I hope everything goes alright in rl. *hugs*

    Jan 12 - Love the photo of Louise digging in the sand, and spied some seagulls beside her.
  • Karababy52Karababy52 Posts: 4,910 Member
    January - Day 14: "When life throws thorns, hunt for roses..."


    Cale's not very happy with me right now. He wanted to 'troll teh forums' and I made him study skiing instead.

    He kept canceling reading and tried to do it anyway. I'm stubborn and made him sit back down to read. He did it again, trying to watch TV this time. Then he gave me THAT look when I tried to make him read again. o.O Uh, okay, finnnneeee!

    (Tell me again why I wanted to do this?)
    (Haven't a clue, you tell me!)

    "AHHHH! Dangit! They caught me, now I'm banned. Great! Great, just GREAT!"

    Cale suddenly realized he was being ridiculous and tried counting to 10. He was still angry. Breathing didn't help either and he was not going to cave and try to 'call' L.

    Boxing did the trick, it always does, plus he reached Level 6 in the bargain. Alright, let's go to the mountain.

    Cale tried the Easy slope again and reached Level 4 which gave him the option to 'prepare for the moment.' He tried doing that, but apparently it didn't work and he got embarrassed. At least he didn't fall. His social was low, so he went to see if Alessandra was working in the food stall.

    Unfortunately, she wasn't there. Wynter was working the stall today. He tried to chat her up anyway despite she doesn't like him very much.
    "Aww, I'm sorry you're having a bad day. Is there anything I can do to help?"

    "You could come over here and give me a kiss, that would help!"
    "What!? You're kidding me? Didn't I tell you to play with kids your own age? I have a boyfriend Dude, get lost and don't come back again. Gawd!"

    Oh boy, you really blew it that time Cale. Good luck romancing her in the future.
    (I'm going to be alone forever, aren't I?)
    Oh come on, don't be so dramatic.
    Let's go home Cale.
    (Yeah, whatever.)

    Cale went home and took care of his needs, his garden, cooked some food to store in the fridge for later, paid the bills, read some more about skiing and then we went to the park so he could ponder chess to get focused and go back to the mountain. He was at a level now where he could try the Intermediate run at high intensity for the aspiration.

    Right after he was finished pondering, Morrigan Ember sat down to play a game with him. Look at how she's looking at him!

    "Has anyone ever told you how cute you are? And that scar makes you look dangerous. I love dangerous guys."
    (Seriously? What's going on Watcher?)
    (I think she likes you Cale! Say something nice back to her.)

    "I think you're cute too, love your green eyes, they look like...like...emeralds."
    Okay, that wasn't too bad Cale. At least she's smiling.

    The two finished their game, chatting and getting to know each other until Morrigan said she had to go.
    "Here's my number, give me a call. Maybe we can go out sometime...oh and a little something extra."

    "You are such a naughty girl aren't you?"
    "Maybe, you'll just have to find out, won't you?"

    Morrigan stood up to leave and Cale stood up so fast himself, he almost knocked over his chair.
    "Wait, you can't go without a hug. I'm glad you sat down with me, you made my day."

    Cale decided to just go for it. Morrigan looked shocked at first. But then smiled and got a big flirty smile on her face.
    "I was hoping you'd do that."

    "Something beautiful that smells sweet like you!"
    Quite the sweet talker aren't you Cale?
    (I'm trying...)

    She loved the rose and didn't protest when he started kissing her neck. Moving a little fast there Cale. Cale? Cale?

    "What are you doing?"
    "I'm trying to seduce you, is it working?"
    Oh man, Cale, you're hilarious! That'll never work!

    Oh, well I guess it did!

    "I really have to go now. Dad will kill me if I'm not back home before Midnight. Call me okay?"
    "I definitely will, but...just one more kiss before you go?"

    Uh Cale, she's not going to like you grabbing her butt like that.

    See? I told you!
    HAHA! I have never seen that animation before. So funny! Makes me yearn for slow dancing again. *sigh* Of course she moved his hand, but kept kissing him anyway.

    That's better. Aww, this makes me smile. He's been mostly alone this whole time and now he's met a girl that likes him who is his own age. They aren't a couple though. At least not yet.

    "Bye, I'll call you."
    "You better, okay, see ya!"

    Well Cale, your day ended on a very happy note afterall.

    Comments/replies coming up next. I hope y'all had a wonderful day/night! <3
  • afai1261afai1261 Posts: 1,718 Member
    Karababy52 wrote: »
    Well Bummer, Aaron was having a pretty good day and then homework set him off. Hot head Sims are fun to play eh? hehe Rooves are hard to do sometimes, but so satisfying when you finally get them just right. Sometimes I long for the auto roof feature TS2 had, but not much. Those were good most of the time, but sometimes? Not so much. o.O I laughed when he kicked the trash can and then got even more annoyed when it wouldn't talk back. hehe Fun idea mounting the most expensive sturgeon he caught. I used to do that with some of the most expensive paintings Essa did. I try to always keep their first Masterpiece too.

    I had fun with that Townie turning up to give Cale some advice. Those bats were actually biting Kane, poor guy. They completely ignored Cale for some reason. So I ran with the idea that Kane 'took one for the team' as it were and 'fed' them by offering up himself so they wouldn't get Cale. :)

    Cale is one of the most facially expressive Sims I've ever had. He cracks me up every time I play. hehe Gotta love hot head mean Sims I guess eh? Never thought I would, but here we are. :)

    Awww, bummer you've got (or had) a headache too, I can certainly sympathize with you, yes. I just had to give up and go to bed. Gone now though, hope yours goes away or has gone away by now too!

    Ahhh! Looks like Aaron could commiserate with us too! Dang machine stealing his snowboard! Those things aren't cheap either! Good thing he had 3K from fishing! Incredible how many they can catch in a row eh? Congratulations to Aaron (and you) for completing his first aspiration! Yay! \o/ Oh well hey there Cale and Dylan! I don't know why, but I pictured these two would definitely be friends if they ever met so it seems appropriate you saw them having a chat together. :) It always cracks me up seeing that naked gnome! Still can't believe Maxis put that in the game. I'm glad they did though! hehe
    I figure having to do homework for a subject that you're really bad at would be enough to make a happy day turn into an awful one :D
    I did figure out how to roof it finally even though it still looks kinda bad lol but at least it's better than before! I'm really bad at building in the sims, my talents are much more suited to making sims and not places for them to live :joy: I just gotta say that building in TS4 is far easier than building in TS3.
    I'm glad you found that funny, I did too when I was writing it :smiley:
    I'm pretty sure I saved that fish and mounted it because it was the first fish he's caught worth over $200 and I got so excited. None of my other sims have ever fished as extensively as Aaron - in fact, I don't think any of my sims have ever completed the angling ace aspiration! I do that too with masterpieces that my artist sims make. When Aaron paints his first masterpiece I'll probably have him keep it :)

    Yeah I ended up going to bed like half an hour after posting my January 14 update, it was late anyway (almost 11pm when I posted, I'm in New Zealand) and I couldn't bear the thought of having to sit any longer (when I could barely concentrate on anything anyway) and actually write comments after churning out another kinda story-heavy update (I'm amazed at how long the "story" parts are getting with each day :D ). And it looks like I might have to leave comments for tomorrow again because it's getting late and I haven't sorted out my January 15 update yet... oops. But thankfully my headache was gone when I woke up and hasn't returned.

    I was so annoyed that the vending machine didn't give him his snowboard, he paid good money for that!
    And bonus, that's the first time any of my sims have completed the Mt K. Sightseer aspiration :smiley: I think we'll be seeing a lot of firsts in my gameplay for this challenge throughout the year. It's fun trying new things and I think I would never have actually completed it in the first place if it wasn't for the challenge :)
    Funny, I actually thought that Dylan and Cale would be the type to be friends too! I love that the game gets it so right sometimes.
  • afai1261afai1261 Posts: 1,718 Member
    edited January 16
    And with 36 minutes to midnight...
    January 15
    Despite how sore he felt from the vending machine, Aaron still thought it would be a good idea to go snowboarding, even with that loaner board that he absolutely HAD to use. Because that dumb vending machine that had crushed him didn't give him the one he bought and he was mad at it and mad at everything and life 🐲🐲🐲🐲 and the only positive thing about it was Hunter and he was very aware that he was accidentally ignoring the cute boy again, thank you very much.
    To his surprise, he didn't fall over when he got to the bottom of the slope, and then remembered with a start that he had some more homework to do. Setting up at the picnic table still clad in his winter clothes, he had a much better time doing it today than he had a couple days before. He was thankful that it was for biology and not for physics. Scrawling in the details of photosynthesis in an equation, he let his thoughts wander for a moment to his garden, and smiled to himself. It was looking amazing: four apple trees, four bonsai shrubs, and a chrysanthemum. His two new apple trees were due to grow to full height soon, and his two original trees should have plenty ready to harvest come tomorrow. Gardening was definitely one of his happy places.

    The next day, Aaron watered before school and picked after school, spontaneously deciding to keep four of his apples and plant those behind his four existing trees. Now he had a miniature orchard of eight apple trees! While he worked on a school project outside his shack, the Watcher worked on some not-so-insignificant renovations inside.

    When he finally entered the building again, he was absolutely delighted. The Watcher had given him a new bed, a desk, a full size fridge (not a mini fridge), and even a kitchen counter. The bathroom was also smaller, and there was a grill outside in place of an oven. "Thank you, Watcher!" he said, immediately going to the counter to cook his first real meal in his own place. A fruit salad. He took it over to the desk to eat it, in front of his selfie with Hunter. Home. He tried the word again. He had come here with nothing, and now he had this wonderful little place. It may have only been two rooms including the bathroom, but it was cozy and clean and more than adequate to suit his current needs. He could be proud of himself.

    The rest of this is no commentary because I am freaking tired right now :joy:
    though I mean the story part basically already is commentary

    Post edited by afai1261 on
  • permanentrosepermanentrose Posts: 2,805 Member
    January 15

    I've never seen forest spirits up here on top of the rock wall in the Senbamachi neighborhood. What a lovely surprise! Robin has now finished the Sightseer Aspiration!

    I tried to take her fishing while we were in this neighborhood too, but she refused. Seemed like glitch, but I guess it's in character for our little mermaid haha.

    Robin finally saved up enough money to work on the interior of her home a bit.

    In the night, she had a visitor. This is Tiberius Vain, one of my vampires.

    You leave my human alone and don't come back!
    Gotta love it that Pepper didn't react until after the fact... :joy:

    This is my human and I must protect her...

    Must check the rest of the house for scary things now

    "Oh my gosh, what even happened? I feel terrible, but I can't remember a thing."

    She got dressed and went about her day, despite her aching body and the strange wound on her neck.

    She went rock climbing after school, and Pepper even made a friend - Essa's cat, Louie, though for some reason it was saying he was a stray. When I checked in manage worlds though, he was still very much a member of Essa's household...

    After that it was back home for some sleep :)

    I think I’ll have time to do comments after I finish my kennel duty later today :)
  • SoulGal7SoulGal7 Posts: 2,909 Member
    edited January 15
    @Karababy52 - Jan 14-
    A quick comment on Morrigan Ember -(Dec 2021-Day 5 post) is that Essa's granddaughter? OMG! Yes it is! I had to read back through last year's post and I found the age-up photos. Yes, it is! Jessah and Morgyn's daughter, who also has the hot-headed trait! And she is a Spellcaster. She has a brother, Odin. Very cool! I think we need to post family trees! lol
  • LegacySims2017LegacySims2017 Posts: 4,647 Member
    edited January 15
    (Egads. After my long shift last night, came home, had dinner, and laid down for a nap. Was going to do online stuff before offically going to bed, but my body assumed I was going down for the night...lol! Here are my comments for yesterday before I head off to work this morning!)

    January 14th Comments:

    Gloomy Aaron still did good at fishing. Because I started D.J. in the winter, all the lakes are pretty much frozen every day. So I'm really starting out tough for him. But he loves the outdoors, so I don't really need a home for him yet. Hopefully any fishing spots in Windenburg won't be frozen over as I am having the seasons set to actual real life seasons.

    Congrats on Aaron finishing an Aspiration halfway through the month. He needs to celebrate with Hunter. :blush:

    Nasty bugs! Note to self: Don't do the Motive Trials for this gameplay. :lol:

    Good luck on the 100 bae challenge. Is he going to have bae's of both genders? :smile:
    Not sure if it's just me, but all your images are broken for "Jan 10 - A Hike In The Bamboo Forest" :frowning:
    Middle of the week, all my computer problems should be fixed. Thankfully, I am a back up my files nerd. I constantly back things up on an external hard drive. So hopefully the transition will be smooth.

    "...halfway to the ski lift before realizing I was still in my bathing suit!" Brrrr! Must have been really cold on Adam's body. :lol: I liked those screenshots from Adam's point of view when skiing.

    The boots thing in the Onsen is funny. Especially when you're wearing swimwear.

    I have to reboot my computer back to factory every few months with this old computer. Luckily I am a back up freak and use an external hard drive for files. Looking forward to the middle of the week where I'll move all these files over to the new computer and not worry about having to reboot this thing anymore.
    "Then he gave me THAT look..." The good ol' if looks could kill. :grimace: Nice to see a chapter where he's mostly in a good mood. And I too love those 'showing off' animations to seduce the other Sim. Now Cale just needs to keep Morrigan's interest and when the two become young adults, this could be his first for the 100 baby challenge (unless you cheat mode it with teenagers).

    Nice to meet Velma. Is she on the Gallery for the rest of us to grab?
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  • SoulGal7SoulGal7 Posts: 2,909 Member
    @LegacySims2017 - I double-checked my photos for the Walk in the Bamboo Forest and they are all there. ??? So not sure. Thanks for letting me know, though :)
  • LegacySims2017LegacySims2017 Posts: 4,647 Member
    SoulGal7 wrote: »
    @LegacySims2017 - I double-checked my photos for the Walk in the Bamboo Forest and they are all there. ??? So not sure. Thanks for letting me know, though :)

    I think I figured it out. After rebooting my computer back to factory setting, it's not liking me visiting your image hosting site. A privacy setting thing. Blah! I'll have to look into it after work.
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  • RememberJoyRememberJoy Posts: 667 Member
    January 15th: Skill day

    I was still unsatisfied where I was in my rock climbing skill so I called up Kiyoshi and Kaori and invited them to join me at the gym.
    Today was "skill day" where skills seems to increase at a faster pace for some reason and I was going to take full advantage. I started out on the climbing wall before chatting and kicking a ball around with Kiyoshi.
    After a little more wall time I suggested we head to the slopes; Kiyori had to be somewhere else but Kaori said she'd join me. We started at the cliffs and than moved over to skiing and snowboarding.
    I'm starting to get pretty good at skiing and can even stop like a pro now.
    Koari prefers snowboarding and she made it look so awesome I had to give it a go; of course I looked nothing like her put I did gain a little skill form my two runs down.
    Kaori had to head home at this point, so I returned to the cliffs for a little more practice before heading home. I wasn't able to completely skill up in rock climbing (It's a surprisingly putzy skill to increase) but I'm close and I did skill up in fitness and skiing so overall it was a fairly productive day.
  • SkeilahSkeilah Posts: 1,580 Member
    Adult - Granite Falls (vacation)
    July, day 15
    In the picture above you can see a happy Melissa (Hana's kid) and Noël (Bryon and Naoki's youngest kid). I chose this picture cause I mean, toddlers are cute, and I don't think I showed them (enough) while they absolutely deserve it.
    (Hana) "Okay Melissa, can you PLEASE come with me so I can change your diaper?"
    (Melissa) *continues brabbling to Noël*
    (Hana) "I guess that's a no..."


    July, day 16
    Being blessed with good weather means getting lots of work done!
    (Kristine) "So Bryon, that garden of yours is looking good already!"
    (Bryon) "Oh, thank you. I'm happy with how it looks now, but I think I could make it even greater."
    (Kristione) "You're really enjoying gardening, aren't you?"
    (Bryon) "Yeah, I am."

    I don't know why Hana started roasting marshmellows and why Maria joins her in this heatwave but well, you do you girls. Randi joined Kristine in a friendly match.

    (Bryon) "This will add to the garden for sure..."

    (Bryon) "Gotta make sure I take care of it well... Unique plants like these tend to be difficult."

    (Bryon) "I think I can already see something!"

    While Bryon is busy with his cowplant, Naoki, Alex and Audrey all decided it's best to stay inside and not get a sunburn or something. In Audreys case, I can understand. When are you going to stop this bear-nonsense?

    (Alex) "Why is everything so filthy and broken here?"

    And so he starts mopping. Kristine just finished her friendly match with her mom and comes inside too.

    (Kristine) "So hot outside!!"

    She fixed the computer, started playing a game and not much later Bryon also joined the table.

    (Bryon) "Working outside in that warmth isn't recommended... I'm sweating so hard."
    (Audrey) "That's why we are inside!"
    (Bryon) "You not hot in that bear-costume, Audrey?"
    (Audrey) "It's no costume! My name is Beardrey! And no, it's just perfect."

    (Bryon) "Okay, 'Beardrey'. Tomorrow it'll be less warm. You, Alex and Kristine in for a trip somewhere? I found a nice place not too long ago! I bet you'd like it there!"
    (Audrey) "Oh, a trip? Is it in the woods?"
    (Bryon) "The Deep Woods even."
    (Audrey) "Oh yeahhhh, I'm in!"
    (Alex) "Me too!"
    (Kristine) "Sounds fun. I'll join too."
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