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One Month One World One Year Challenge 2022


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    January 12

    With her new skiis, Robin hit the slopes for most of the day and knocked off the milestone of skiing for three hours straight.

    I was going to have her start rock climbing too, but the Festival of Light spawned, and she's got some milestones to knock off there so she headed there with Aimi, who is conveniently back from that trip with her family now ;)

    Oh man, I could cry, those festival costumes are so expensive! §300!

    Robin was very sad about it too. And where are her shoes?? (Actually she was just sad since skiing was tough on her today, but it was fitting haha)

    I popped into CAS to fix her outfit since I couldn't bear the idea of her walking around in winter in her bare feet - though obviously sandals are SO much better :joy:

    Perhaps her cute GF can cheer her up.

    Spotted Lucy grabbing a snack :)@miss_eulenauge

    And there's Aaron by the fire, the only one not wearing a festival costume. @afai1261

    What if a cute boy comes and chats with you, Aaron? Then will you cheer up?

    No? :D

    Spotted Adam doing a pretty awesome fire dance. @RememberJoy

    A romantic moment by the lights <3

    If you haven't noticed from my screenshots, it was a much warmer winter day than usual, which means that the water was thawed enough to fish!

    Since Robin has been so deprived of fishing, I let her use her aquatic lure powers. Let's be real though, she's really just trying to impress Aimi ;)

    Aimi was the first to catch a fish.

    And Robin caught a little minnow, but I wasn't fast enough to get a screenshot. However, I forgot about this moodlet. Looks like fishing might be bust for Robin in general...it is interesting how they can lure fish to them, but then they get all upset when they actually catch them haha.
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    Take care of yourself and give everyone one of those stinky but loveable and sick pets a hug from me! <3 Especially the sick ones. Poor furbabies.. :'( By the way, I put Robin in the challenge save last night with all her CC. Love that long hair style! Unfortunately, I had to remove Pepper, he was glitched in my game and all black for some reason. :'(

    Congrats to Robin for completing that milestone! Oh man, yeah that is a lot for a Festival outfit! It could've at least included shoes! Sheesh! Don't blame her for pouting. hehe Yeah, probably just as cold with sandals, but they look good with the outfit anyway, right? ;) Is this the definition of that phrase, "sacrificing/suffering for fashion?" :D Glad Aimi was able to cheer her up! Hi Lucy! Oh, hey Aaron, why so grumpy Dude? Probably his loner trait. Well dang, not even a cute boy can make him smile. o.O

    Very pretty screenshot on the bridge with the lights. I wondered when we'd see the screenshot that inspired your avy! :) Aww, man, you're right! What use is the aquatic allure if it just makes them sad to catch fish? If you were determined to have her fish though, you could switch out her 'child of the ocean' trait for something else. That's why she gets that sad moodlet.

    That animation always made me sad, so I never used it after trying it once, and the option doesn't always come up for me for some reason. *shrugs* My game generates mostly elders too. I'm guessing there's some kind of balance of all ages the game thinks I need. Ah well, I just remove then. I even had one household of just a single child this last time too. Weird... Oh good, glad he's getting to the point he doesn't crash and burn much anymore, good for him!

    Thank you about L. Faba! She's actually the original default L., but obviously I gave her a massive makeover. I tried to make her look more like 'Aine' form the pack trailer. Had you removed the original Crumplebottoms? And if so, why? Just curious. Oh and I added DJ with all his CC to my game last night. :)

    Apple trees! So far the cold food vending machine hasn't blessed Cale with any apples, I hope it does soon! :) I added Aaron to my game last night with most of his CC! For some reason the download button for the surgery cuts wouldn't work. I clicked on it and nothing happened? Perhaps there's another way to get it somewhere else on that page? I'm still somewhat of a noob with CC, so I might've just overlooked something. Let me know. Thanks! :) I have to say, those eyes of his are gorgeous! I'm glad I have them in my game now. Love the lip mask too! :)

    Glad you got most of it worked out, for now. I put Lucy in my game last night, but unfortunately I had to remove Laika. :( For some reason she was just all black, same thing happened with Robin's dog Pepper. Apparently I have some kind of glitch happening in my game with pets. That happened to me when I played in Brindleton Bay last year. I downloaded two cats I wanted, one was all black, the other was fine. Very strange...

    I've taken scenic shots before for the same reason, days where you just can't post the way you want for a variety of reasons. The rules state only a daily post pic and short summary is required anyway, so you're good! :)
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    Karababy52 wrote: »
    Had you removed the original Crumplebottoms? And if so, why? Just curious.

    Answering this one separate from my daily comments...
    Basically I wanted a fresh start with all new generated Sims that didn't come as defaults from the packs. See them all too much. I did keep two; Vlad and Father Winter. The new Father Winter always seems to have a brown beard. Ugly with the white/silver hair if you ask me. And Vlad....well he's Vlad. I did end up researching and finding out that every time someone deleted one of the Crumplebottom ladies, the game generated an exact duplicate as she is suppose to run the whatever it is in Henford-on-Bagley. So it makes me wonder if the Sages are supposed to be the specific ones, even tho I also read that if a Sage dies, a new one would take its place automatically with a new generated Sim. But the fact that the four Sages didn't die, but rather deleted, the game will duplicate them. I guess I could just test it out and have another Sim go to where the Sages are and check. :lol:
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    So I did play, but am too exhausted to write up an actual update or comment. Sorry, guys :sweat_smile:
    I might update this later with some story though.
    January, Day 12 - "Digging through the sand..."
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    One Month, One World, One Year Challenge: The Adventures of Dash Joseph Faireborn
    Table of Contents
    January 12: Take a Hike!
    D.J. wasn't feeling like going to school today and decided he could skip a day. He'll just do extra credit to make up for the lost day. He was already an A student the way it was. D.J. thought he was allowed a day off. Plus he didn't feel like seeing the bully he encountered yesterday. Well, didn't want to run into him in the school hallway. Who knows if he'll show up again on his lot. He also was going to take a day off from wall climbing or skiing. D.J. just wanted a morning and afternoon for himself. He needed the simoleons, so he wasn't going to take the day off from work.

    His first stop was the 24/7 Hazakura Lounge where he could grab food and pack it in a bag for lunch later. D.J. decided to check out the trails he heard about the other day at the Mt. Komorebi Gym. One of the patrons who was having a drink reminded D.J. he should attend the Festival of Lights tomorrow if he hasn't been to one. It will be a very fun evening. The Mixologist at the bar agreed.


    D.J. then headed over to the Hanamigawa Koen Park, Senbamachi. He overheard the best trails are there. Looking over the displayed map, D.J. picked the most interesting trail he thought would be fun. He set his watch to go off when it was time to get ready for work.


    D.J. decided to take general walk and see where it leads him. Just hiking around the different trails might be better and enjoy the scenery.

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    Day 2: What a bad day
    Good morning its 3 A.M. for Savannah! She has work in 2 hours, when she woke up she went down to the lounge to get a bowl of chips before going to work. NxpyX35.png While she was finishing up her chips she had time to spare. Savannah notices that the lounge had a piano in the corner, so she decided to give it a try since there was nobody there to judge. As soon as she was about done playing this kind gentlemen gave her a 2 simoleon tip. What a great start of her day, at least she thought at that moment. 5 o'clock rolled around its time for work. wkh8eze.png Two hours work was finish, she had a great first day. She made a whole 56 simoleons giving her a grand total of 58 simoleons to her name! She can now buy food and not eat salty chips for every meal. An hour later she went to school.
    What a terrible day at school!! The teachers were so annoying that Savannah came back angry. She stomped her way to the lounge to do her homework, she's angry along with hungry tired and needs some entertainment. lsBzhRX.png While she was doing her homework she figured it be best to have a uneventful night. Savannah finished her homework, went to the bathhouse and decided to get food from the vending machine. At the vending machine, Savannah selected the BLT sandwich. The vending machine had plans of its own and decides it didnt want to give Savannah her food. Savannah became very angry and started to shake the vending machine, After a few shakes and a few body slams Savannah finally got her sandwich! oUdymNG.pngNQvFwCr.pnguxmCDiz.png
    After that craziness with the vending machine she went to the hot springs and relaxed for a few before calling it a night. g0s9RXq.png
    Its time to go to sleep. What a horrible day Savannah had hopefully tomorrow will be better! Fx2lQBl.png

    Table of Contents
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    I also decided to do it by sim day for now might change. I feel like sim day is easier to type up then 3 hours of game play.
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    Karababy52 wrote: »
    Apple trees! So far the cold food vending machine hasn't blessed Cale with any apples, I hope it does soon! :) I added Aaron to my game last night with most of his CC! For some reason the download button for the surgery cuts wouldn't work. I clicked on it and nothing happened? Perhaps there's another way to get it somewhere else on that page? I'm still somewhat of a noob with CC, so I might've just overlooked something. Let me know. Thanks! :) I have to say, those eyes of his are gorgeous! I'm glad I have them in my game now. Love the lip mask too! :)
    Oh, that's odd about the top surgery scars... It might have downloaded automatically when you clicked on the links in the background? My browser has a confirmation window pop up asking whether to open or save the file every time I click the links and I'm not sure if yours does the same:

    Both packages from the links downloaded perfectly fine (just redownloaded them too to check that they hadn't been removed or anything since I last got them) for me. Maybe check if they're in your downloads folder? Otherwise I don't know what could have happened, maybe an antivirus or something preventing it from downloading.

    Okay just uploaded both files to my mediafire account so you should be able to get these:

    Hope that works :)
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    January 12th: Reaching new heights

    Today my focus was set on the gym; I needed to up my climbing game if I was ever going to reach the top of Mt. Komorebi. I tried my hand at the beginners climbing challenge on the climbing machine and was able to do it in under 30 seconds!
    I was feeling energized so I figured I may as well lead an energy centering yoga class. I decided to stay at the gym this time and set up my mat outside. This time I went around and invited people to my class and had seven show up with five that stayed to the end! Ka-ching! Excited I decided to try it again as I really could use the money and had the same results.
    After that I set up my table to sell some of the produce I've grown and Kaori showed up and asked me if I'd like to join her at the Lights Festival tomorrow for Love Day! Now I've got to find her a nice present, maybe some bug repellent?
    Anyways, we ended the night with some star gazing and a bit of flirting, overall not a bad day.
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    Ah, okay. Thanks for the clarification. Guessing you'll get three brand new Sages and not exact replacements. Agree about the imposter Father Winters, mine always have a brown beard too. Just doesn't look right. I've read that too about the Crumplebottoms and sometimes, the game generates more than one of those two ladies. I had a duplicate Agatha, though she was named something else. So I had two until I discovered that and got rid of the imposter.

    In your daily photo for your update, who (or what) made those footprints on the left side? They look so close together, weird. Don't blame DJ for wanting a day off school, he's been working hard and deserves it. Despite the one fall on the trail, looks like he had a nice relaxing time there. :)

    Very pretty screenshot of Lucy digging in the sand with the seagulls next to her. I have Lucy in my game now too. Hoping some of the challenge Sims will show up for Cale to befriend.

    Aww man, Savannah sure had her ups and downs that day. Glad she had a great day at work at least and got a tip for playing the piano. Bummer school went so badly though. o.O Oh no, and then the darn vending machine tried to keep her sandwich. Good for her getting it anyway, fooled that machine eh? ;) Love the Onsen! It's so soothing and peaceful for our Sims.

    Good idea just doing one day at a time per update. It's a nice relaxing way to do this challenge. :) Oh, I wanted to ask if you'd consider putting Savannah on the Gallery so we can download her to put in our challenge saves. It's okay if you'd rather not, but I for one would love to have her. I'll put a link to her on the Gallery in the main thread as well with everyone else. Let me know! :)

    I don't know what the problem was, it just would not let me download it. You're right, I always get a pop up when downloading anything too and I never got that. I checked in my downloads folder and elsewhere, it just didn't work. Anyway, thank you so much for putting the packages on Mediafire for me! I put them in game and gave them to Aaron, so he's all set now. :) Thanks again!

    *Everyone - I have a question for all of you with female Sims. Later on in the challenge when he's a young adult, Cale will be attempting the 100 Baby Challenge. Let me know if it's alright for Cale to have a baby with your Sim or not. It's okay if you'd rather he didn't, I'll understand. I just didn't want to go ahead and let him without asking if it was okay first. Let me know! Thanks! :)
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    @Karababy52 Go ahead and use Robin for your 100 baby challenge! Bummer Pepper didn’t work out in your game. She’s a gallery download so if you want me to find her creator and link you, you can download her straight from the gallery!
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    @Karababy52 I don’t mind if people want to use Savannah. I don’t how to see if she’s publicly in the gallery.
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    @permanentrose - Cool! Thank you! Is it okay if he also perhaps has a baby with Jules and Gloria as well? The guy needs all the baby Mamas he can get. hehe

    EDIT: Forgot to say, yes, I'd love to see if I can download Pepper, such a pretty dog! Thanks for the offer!

    @Carebear92 - Did you upload Savannah to the Gallery? If you did, what's your Gallery ID? Also, does she have any CC? Let me know. Thanks! :)
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    @Karababy52 NJBrat468 is my gallery ID. Think I uploaded her
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    @Carebear92 Aha! There she is! Thank you so much, I have her now and I added her to the main post of the challenge thread with everyone else too! :)
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    January - Day 12: "Skiing combines outdoor fun with knocking down trees with your face..."


    By the time L.'s spell wore off, it was very late. Cale went home and straight to bed. However, he hadn't slept more than a few minutes before he got a visitor. This is Seth Masters, the son of Damon and Molly Masters and the husband of Josh and Essa's daughter, Josee. Poor Cale, he just can't seem to get a break!

    Cale was not amused! As soon as he was summoned from his bed, he got a mean streak mood swing.
    "Ahhh! Why am I awake--"
    "I woke you, I am vampire and I am hungry."
    "Oh heck no, you're not using me for a snack. I'm outta here man!"

    Cale tried to run away from the vampire, but it was no use. Seth quickly sped in front of him and used his powers to mesmerize his prey.

    "Yes, YES! I do so love the smell of young blood! Especially with a hint of...*sniff sniff* anger. Oh you will taste so spicy! I love spicy food! Mmm..."

    Annnd, he's out. Cale went back to bed once the mesmerize spell wore off and tried to sleep again, but it was no use. His neck was sore and he was feeling mean.
    "1, 2, 3, 4, 5-- oh what the heck am I doing. This ain't working."
    Cale took a couple deep breaths and accepted he would just have to deal with the pain. Counting and breathing weren't going to help and 'calling' on L. just seemed silly.

    Cale took care of his garden, had some mushroom soup he'd made and studied a Beginner's Skiing book he'd bought. After calming his mind with these activities, and a couple aspirin for the pain in his neck, he was ready to try something new.

    He traveled to the mountain and decided to try putting his new knowledge of skiing to the test. The Bunny slope seemed like a good idea to begin.
    He didn't see the ramp until it was too late.
    "Oh no, oh no, oh no, oh NOOOOO!"

    I don't know how, but he stuck the landing. Good job Cale!

    He did great the rest of the way too until the very end of the course. Cale began to wobble and it looked like he would fall afterall.

    Come on Cale, hold on, you can do it Buddy!
    And he did! His first time down the Bunny Slope was 'almost' perfect. Proud of you Dude!

    However, the second time? Not so good.
    He got hurt! And that milestone goal was complete. YES!

    "Oof! My back!"

    (I get hurt and you're happy about it?)
    Sorry Cale, cheer up, now you get to go soak in the hot springs at the Onsen!
    (Yeah, whatever.)

    Uh, Cale, did you forget something?
    (What now? Sheesh, can't a guy soak in peace?)
    You left your boots on.

    (So what if I did. Maybe it...was on purpose. Yeah, there's rocks in here. I'm...protecting my feet. There! Got a problem with that?)
    No, no, it's cool, it's cool.

    Cale wasn't alone in the hot springs, Jon was soaking nearby too. For some reason Cale thought it would be a good idea to show off his muscles.
    "Look at them, I'm huge, Jerry, HUGE!"
    "Uh, okay, that's cool, but my name is Jon."

    Cale asked Jon if he was a Seinfeld fan and that's when he finally realized the reference and started laughing. The two had a pleasant chat for a little while until I thought he'd been in there long enough.

    "Nice talking with you Cale, see you around."
    "Okay, see you around."
    "Oh and Cale?"
    "Next time take off the boots...probably should get some swim trunks too."
    "Yeah, I'll do that."
    Opps! Sorry Cale, I guess Jon's right. You do deserve some new clothes now that you're not homeless anymore.

    I meant to send Cale up the mountain to do some rock climbing on the medium walls and maybe try the Easy skiing run, but first I remembered there was a cold food vending machine on the second floor and had Cale see if he could get a new harvestable from it. He finally got an apple! Yay! He also had a Bolt bar to prepare for the mountain.

    After climbing the walls for awhile Cale tried the Easy slope. Though he didn't think it was easy at all.
    (Easy? THAT was easy?)
    Hey, at least you didn't fall, right?
    (Oh yeah, hey, that's true.)
    Cale went home after that to get something more filling to eat and hit the sack.

    Look at this! It's a miracle. Might not look like it at first glance, but this is the FIRST time Cale has wanted to do anything autonomously that wasn't 'Get Water' or 'Take a Shower' when he's at the Onsen or 'Act tough.' Proud of you Cale, keep it up!
    (Did someone say Get Water? Hey sounds like a goo--)
    No! Just keep reading then go to bed.
    (Oh alright, fine. It is pretty interesting anyway. I think I like skiing.)
    Good, because you'll be doing a lot more in the future.

    Comments/replies coming up next! Hope y'all had a fantastic day/night! <3

    EDIT: Well cool, I guess I'm all caught up and comments aren't necessary. Go me! :D
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    January 12th Comments:

    It's the apple of Aaron's eye. :wink:

    Nice fishing photos. And I like the little one in the second by Lucy's side as she's fishing. Very cute.
    Those seagulls look interested in what Lucy might be digging up, too.

    $300 for the outfit? Ouch! Festival of Light is coming up for D.J. and I don't think he has that much yet. He might have to be like Aaron and attend without one. Aaron probably thought that was a ridiculous price as well and was smart enough to not buy one. :joy:

    Come February and moving to the next World, I'll remove the elder's D.J. hasn't come in contact with. I feel guilty of removing the ones he has. Plus, I'll kill them off (harsh wording there...lol) after a period as if they died of old age. I figured you used the original L. Faba and just gave her a makeover. I haven't checked yet on my Sages to see who replaced her in my gameplay. Eager to, though.

    Looking forward to seeing D.J. pop in on your gameplay. I bet he'll have the shifty eyes he's been giving in all the other gameplays. :lol:
    Is Agatha the one that owns the shop? I think if you marry her, add her to a family, etc... the game will create a new one and put her back in NPC as the shop owner. As for the footprints, there were a few other Sims besides D.J. on the trails, so I can only assume it is two Sims footprints. One was just stepping the opposite feet pattern than the other.
    I think Cale is liking to ski. And I had it once already where D.J. wore his boots in the hot springs. I was cracking up. I like the idea of there's rocks at the bottom and they're protecting their feet.

    Glad to see Savannah slayed the vending machine and received her sammich! Here's to hoping her job will give her raises soon. My D.J. has gotten a couple raised in his retail job so far, but his simoleons leave his pockets faster than he makes them. :lol: So, he knows how Savannah feels.

    I can see Adam now... "Happy Love Day! If anything bugs you, put this repellent on!" :joy:
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    January 13
    Aaron had never expected to become so good at fishing, but here he was catching massive sturgeon after massive sturgeon and making more money than he had ever made before. It had just kinda happened. But if course, that should have been expected when he did it almost all the time. Truth be told, fishing was never one of his favourite hobbies, it was merely something he had done to stay alive, and he longed for the day when the Watcher gave him an easel with which he could create works of art that could then be sold or given as gifts. He thought of one such sim he'd like to give a gift like that to... And painting could be a really good stress relief, too. (You hear that, Watcher?) he thought to himself with a grin and went out to collect the harvestables that were ready.

    Aaron decided to keep two of the apples from the harvest and planted them beside the original two trees, and as if to reward him, the Watcher finally gave him wall coverings that made his shack even more like a home. Recently he had fished up a chrysanthemum and planted that in front of one of the bonsai shrubs. With his original two apple trees now having evolved to nice quality and his shack not being so boring and drab with just drywall, things were definitely looking up. And that's not even mentioning the cute boy. He wondered if it was appropriate to ask Hunter to move in now... that was, only if Hunter still had ambitions of learning how to snowboard. That aside, Aaron had recently been made aware of a house in his neighbourhood that was now empty, and if Hunter moved in there it would be much easier for them to see each other. He resolved to talk to Hunter about it the next time they saw each other. Aaron's shack might have been perfect for just him, but there was no telling if Hunter would like it or not. Regardless, Aaron felt happier than he had felt in a long time thinking of the possibilities for his future.

    It was doing his stupid homework that finally set him off. Storming out of the house and muttering about the complexity of physics equations and how absolutely AWFUL they were, he marched up to his rubbish bin and kicked it so hard it fell over, perhaps expecting that the act of violence would somehow make him feel better. Spoiler alert: it did not.
    He swore under his breath as he picked up the bin. "Stupid bin," he growled at it, and when it predictably didn't respond, he turned away and made his way to the park. Maybe getting out in nature on a hiking trail would be good. He picked a hiking trail at random and tried to make himself calm down in time for school.


    Since he got level 10 in fishing, Aaron can now angle for big catch:

    After catching the biggest sturgeon he had ever caught up to that point, I had him mount it and put it on his wall

    Evolved trees! :smiley:

    Proper walls! :smiley: I still didn't know what style of roof it should have at this point but it does have a roof now lol, just not for a few updates :D

    The poor rubbish bin did nothing to deserve this!

    Hiking? No, stomping :joy:

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    comments for page 12

    Day 10: Poor Adam feeling flustered if Kaori shared her umbrella with him!
    Good grief that centipede is massive!
    Ayy cool that he and Kaori are good friends now :smiley:

    Day 11: Awesome progress with him. Aww he's finally getting his flirt on with Kaori!

    Day 10: That is some very sage advice from Kane!
    Great picture of the bats haha

    Day 11: Ooh a snapdragon!
    Haha Cale looks so confused when she tells him she's a witch :D
    Okay I love that picture of him on the trail (after meeting the spirits) looking so concerned, his face :joy:
    Cale is really expressive!

    Day 11: Aww no, DJ fell over again! You'll get the hang of it eventually DJ!

    Day 11: Hello DJ!
    Aww Emmett... I've never picked the last option when my sims get that call so I didn't know how the parent would respond and that is kinda sad but sweet at the same time! Once I selected the first option and forgot to have my sim actually visit her parents and felt awful lol
    Good that Robin's plants can now be under shelter. Aaron's plants still aren't :D

    Hope you're okay and that your arm heals up fast!

    Look at how tiny Laika is in the Day 11 shot! Great pics of Lucy fishing away :)
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    January 13

    I finally had some time for Robin to start building her rock climbing skill, and she had dug up a voodoo doll with a treasure map that gave her enough funds to buy some proper equipment too :smile:

    So she went climbing with Aimi.

    And had some success!

    But also some painful moments.

    These pictures aren't great since I didn't bother to take any in live mode, but I finally got a decent house in the works for her.

    A small space for a sheltered garden in the back.

    And here's the layout so far. It still qualifies as a Tier 1 Tiny Home Residential.

    It was New Year's Eve, so Robin took a little nap so she'd have the energy to stay up late, and it does look like mermaids can freeze under the right conditions...whoops.

    She and Aimi decided to head to the lounge, the fanciest place in town, and apparently that's where Aimi's parents were celebrating as well haha.

    Anges Crumplebottom showed up briefly as well.

    And was not a fan of of Robin and Aimi's PDA ;)

    Well good, get out of here then :D

    I placed a small TV near the bar so they could watch the Countdown.

    Happy New Year! (I love that they autonomously show affection when celebrating near a romantic partner <3)

    This week is really kicking me in the butt, sorry guys. Haven't even had time to open my game beyond doing a couple behind the scenes things, glad I stored up on some updates so I can stay caught up at least! The weekend is gonna be busy too, since I have to care for the animals then as well, and my birthday is on Sunday :) But my kennel rotation ends on Monday, so next week I should be getting back into the groove of being a bit more present for this challenge. It's one of my favorite hobbies to play the sims this way, so I'm definitely looking forward to it!
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    Just had to stop in for a quick comment, that last picture of Aaron reminds me of that tiktok trend, "Going on a stupid walk for my stupid mental health." :D

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    Oh I didn't realize there was a new post for this year! I started a blog post series on the 10th to do this challenge from last year. And going to the 10th of each month cause I get again got to it late xD
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    January 13th: Love and Light

    Today's Accomplishments:
    Reach level three in rock climbing

    So today was the day! My first date with Kaori and my first time seeing the Light Festival! I started the day with some rock climbing and finally got my skill to the next level, it won't be too much longer until I can put them to the test I think. But first my date! I got ready and put on my formal wear before meeting Kaori at the festival. I took her hand and led her to the bridge overlooking the lanterns on the river. I gave her a rose and we shared our first kiss, it was magical.
    She then gave me a rose and told me she looked forward to "our happily ever after"! Now I was floating with happiness and dared to ask if she would be my girlfriend, she said yes!
    We left the bridge and hung out by the campfire for a bit before playing a little ping-pong outside the bar.
    At midnight we returned to the bridge and kissed each other goodnight. After she left I returned to the cliffs in the neighborhood to officially see how my new skills held up in the real world, and I made it to the top and back down without falling, what an amazing day!
    When I returned home I used my savings to add a shower and dew collector to my lot as well as a bee box for my garden.
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    Hello everyone, some IRL stuff hit pretty hard, I'll be catching up over the next couple of days. Sorry for this!
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    January 9: Festival of Snow

    The weekend was here and I had planned on heading back to the mountain to try climbing a real rock wall. Kiyoshi was busy today, so he couldn't join me, but he told me about a festival that was happening later today called the Festival of Snow. I figured since I would be at the mountain I would check it out.

    I planned on doing my homework first, so my weekend would be free, because I had a lot of plans. Yes, a full agenda of activities I wanted to do. Yep, had it all mapped out...until I got the call from Kaori.

    Yes, Kaori. I had already convinced myself that I just couldn't, or rather shouldn't...get involved with her. I figured she was just being friendly with me at the Hazakura Lounge the other night. I had probably imagined the whole thing that she even slightly liked me. Well...that kind of changed when she called and asked me to hang out.


    That was cool, right? Just to hang out. Friends can hang out, right?

    I had a whole wealth of emotions that went through me when I heard her sweet voice on the phone, I just caved. Yep, I caved. Everything I had told myself about not getting involved with her vanished. Because, honestly, I wanted to see where this would go. I had to admit I really liked her.

    I had never heard of the place she wanted to go. I told her about the festival that Kiyoshi had told me about, and Kaori liked the idea of hanging out at the festival instead. She was excited to show me around. When we said our goodbyes, I could hardly wait for the Festival of Snow to start. This day just got so much better!

    ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

    The morning flew by and I even made my first meal. I had never cooked before, or made anything for myself. This was a first, and it tasted pretty good. I was really proud of myself.



    [Note: Poor guy. The first meal he makes is poor quality, but he likes it. I think he has a secret glutton trait.]

    With my homework and the rest of the chores done, I grabbed my backpack and walked towards town to take the mountain shuttle to the slopes.

    ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

    When I arrived, the weather was perfect. So much better than last night. I looked at the map, and located where the small rock climbing wall was and proceeded to head over.


    I surveyed the wall, and it didn't look so bad. I decided to give it a try....I could do this....



    ...or not...


    But with some determination, and several attempts, I made it to the top. Yes! What a great feeling that was. I practiced on the wall a few more times, then it started to get chilly and so I changed into some warmer clothes.

    The festival would be starting very soon, and I looked around and spied some vending machines. I looked at one in particular, and it had some little statues on it, called simmies. I decided to buy one. Wow! $50 simoleons each! These things were not cheap. So, I plugged in my simoleons, and got a Golden Gnome simmi. A sim passed by and told me that I was rather lucky, and that simmi was worth $250 simoleons! Sweet!


    I heard some music overhead and the Festival of Snow had started. All day, I was marveling at the huge snow sculptures that were being made for the snow sculpture contest. Now they were finished and they looked pretty awesome. There was a pagoda right behind the food stall, a dinosaur, and, of course, the town mascot, Yamachan.


    I went to the festival food stall, and ordered a special festival food called Ikayaki, which is grilled squid topped with soy sauce. It was rather tasty.


    Once I finished eating, I looked around for Kaori, but didn't see her anywhere. I decided to walk around but there was still no sign of her. The sun was starting to set and I wasn't sure what I should do. Maybe something had come up...or she had changed her mind...or...she really didn't want to hang out with me afterall.

    I heard a voice calling my name and turned around to see Kaori running towards me.


    Kaori: "Dylan...I'm so sorry I'm late. I had Scouts until 4pm and then I missed the mountain shuttle and had to wait for the next one. I should have called. Were you waiting a long time?"

    Dylan was so glad to see her, "Actually, I wasn't waiting long at all. I was admiring all the snow sculptures and had some festival food. Are you hungry because they have Ikayaki here and it's really good..."


    Kaori said she already had a bite to eat. We chatted a bit and Kaori asked if I'd like to go sledding. I thought that sounded like fun and we ran up the Bunny Slope together. I was really glad that she was here.


    And then the festival lights came on, and the whole hill and the snow sculptures were lit up with all these colored lights. It was magical.

    Their first sled ride didn't quite go as we had planned.




    But we joked about it, and decided to try again. [For some reason, Dylan changed into another outfit for the second sled ride, so I just kept him in that for the rest of the festival.]

    The second one didn't go any better, and neither did the third, but we were laughing a lot and I could tell that Kaori was having a lot of fun.



    We aced the next one, and did a "high five" with each other. We stood at the bottom of the hill watching some other sledders and skiers coming down. We chatted about Scouts, school, hobbies we both liked, and the conversation flowed easily between us. I couldn't help but notice how cute Kaori looked.


    And then, Kaori took my hands in hers (autonomous on Kaori's part), and looked into my eyes.

    Kaori: "Dylan, I really like spending time with you, and I'd like to get to know you better..."

    Dang! Kaori did like me. Just seeing her there, with the lights spinning rainbows on her hair...and that dreamy way she looked at me...geez...I wanted to...oh yeah...I wanted to...kiss her...


    I was a bit nervous and leaned towards her...and I think I kissed her on her nose first...and then felt her lips on mine...had she leaned in to kiss me too? All I know is that I didn't want that kiss to end. And when we parted, I looked at her face to see how she felt about that kiss. Had I blown it?



    I kind of laughed nervously, "That was something, right?"

    And then Kaori flirted with me and said that it had been a very, very nice kiss.


    And it was game over once she said that, and before I knew what I was doing, I just asked her to be my girlfriend, and she said yes. I had never had a girlfriend before...and thinking of Kaori as my girlfriend made me feel really happy inside.



    It couldn't have been more perfect, and we took a photo together.


    And then she gave me a hug...all warm and loving...I didn't want to think of anything else except being in her arms...


    ...I think I was melting in her hug...

    And when we parted, we just stared at each other, and at that very moment, the festival fireworks went off. And, I could tell by the way Kaori was looking at me, that there were a lot of fireworks between us, too.


    ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~


    100 Bae Challenge: Kaori Nishidake - Bae #1

    The place where Kaori wanted to hang out, "The Bluffs", was in Windenburg, and Dylan can't go to that world yet. So, I just pretended that he made a suggestion to go to the Festival of Snow instead.


    And Dylan did purchase a festival costume, but then I changed him out of it once I took this screenie. And Dylan has some sentiments about Kaori.

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