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One Month One World One Year Challenge 2022


  • Karababy52Karababy52 Posts: 5,916 Member

    Thanks! I love that little guy, he's so adorable! :)

    He turned out really cute eh? Thanks about the hairstyle, I love that one! Marley tried her best, but it just wasn't good enough this time to be nominated. Oh well, perhaps next time. :)

    Yep, I bet it is from DJ's genes! Oh, yeah, I try to stay true to the theme other challengers have set for their Sims. Most of Cale's kids don't start with the letter C, but a couple do now, Cale Jr. (CJ) and now Colt. He also has Joe L. if you remember. :)

    It's a gorgeous lot! I'm sure they'll have lots of fun running a farm. I doubt we will get cars at this late date, but it would be cool if we did! I loved them in TS2.

    It is, and it's not just in my game, there are many, many others having the same problem. The Devs know about it and are investigating, but it's such a random bug I think they're having trouble pinning down what's causing it. Cross your fingers they figure it out soon!

    The little guy isn't lacking for toys now, that's for sure. hehe He already took the rubber ducky in the bath tub with him. ;)

    I had no idea Cale was going to go sit there when I told him to drink a plasma pack. Sims have an irresistible urge to always, always sit by others on the lot whenever they eat or read. I guess they just like to be near each other. *shrugs*

    I'm looking forward to having farm animals again. I really enjoy this pack, it's lots of fun in my opinion. :)

    Very nice house you found for DJ and his family in Forgotten Hollow. I like how it's well furnished, fancy, but a bit run down. Very cool!

    Hello vamp DJ! He looks very 'interesting' as a vampire at the moment. I'm guessing that's his game default dark mode look before you gave him a makeover?
  • afai1261afai1261 Posts: 2,015 Member
    edited November 2022
    July 12 - 19
    *just a note: this guitar is a reward for reaching a certain rank in the Wildfangs I'm pretty sure, but the creator of the house I downloaded included it in the build and I thought it was awesome so I decided Aaron could keep it ;)
    I've gotta be totally honest here: my anxiety is through the roof right now, and writing a coherent story for this update is the last thing I can do. I did mention previously that I might just stop writing a story altogether, and at this point I just really want to finish up July, so there will probably be no story for the rest of my posts for Aaron being in Moonwood Mill.
    Like I've said before, I do want to finish this challenge, and that might mean I no longer write a story (as much as that pains me, because I've discovered that I LOVE writing - I know writing a story isn't the main point of this challenge at all, but it was fun to have a sense of purpose in it all, you know?)

    I totally forgot to take pictures of their house, but this is the one I'm using for them, after I decorated it with Aaron and Hunter's stuff :)

    Aaron was successfully able to ask Hunter for Werewolf Sympathy, and bestowed the Werewolf Ally trait on him:
    i mean he loves dogs so it makes sense :joy:

    Then they had some fun ;)

    I love this moodlet lol

    omg how many times do I have to tell you? NO!!!!!

    Of course I had to try out the new selfie poses with these two as well :tongue:
    well technically not new, they came with the HSY patch but this was the first time I used them with Aaron and Hunter

    And obviously the kids, Atticus and Phoebe, are here too.

    Their first night in the house wasn't so great though...
    I must say this is very interesting considering what I had planned for the transition to Forgotten Hollow - time will tell if that actually happens though, dependent on if I still want to do story then

    Also Phil the cowplant died... :cry:

    But here is Phil II!
    Yoshi looks so proud HAHA

    I discovered that guitar so had Aaron strum some tunes

    Yoshi loves musical instruments so he was having a great time :D

    Aaron's Fury was getting a bit high, so I had him belt out a somber howl, and Yoshi was right there to howl too <3


    Aaron went to hang out with the rest of his pack for a bit, and literally everyone wanted to spar :joy:
    (Kristopher was glitched and wasn't in beast form for the first part of the spar lol)



    And just a pic of that cool tree pose to end :sunglasses:

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    |origin id: afai1261| she/her |
  • afai1261afai1261 Posts: 2,015 Member
    edited October 2022
    That daily pic has to be one of my favourite screenshots ever, when I found the pose I just knew I had to use it <3
    I'm glad they're back together too, I really dragged it out far too long :joy: (even though it wasn't "long" in terms of the amount of posts it took, it was in terms of IRL time that passed)

    Yup, send a vampire to Moonwood Mill and they get tense. Which is why I STILL don't understand why they love going to Grimtooth's all the time *rolls eyes* (NPC vampires spawning in I mean)
    It's absolutely ridiculous, like vampires and werewolves are supposed to hate each other so there's no reason for them to even be there, but noooo! I know it's coded in the game mechanics for occult sims to spawn there, but for my story it doesn't make any sense, so any vampire sightings at the bar "didn't happen" :D Apart from Hunter, obviously.

    Ah thank you! I'm glad you think so (about mixing in my own lore with the Maxis stuff) :smiley:

    Yeah no I could NOT do that to them again, they've been through enough already haha.

    I'm glad you liked those screenshots too! I always planned for them to have that particular conversation in bed so I had to top it off with a couple of posed pics ;):tongue:

    Thank you so much!

    Yes, I'm absolutely certain it was solely because Hunter is a vampire that Conan developed a festering grudge. It happened so fast too. I might be wrong but that's the only thing I can think of, Hunter introduced himself with the friendly option but the hatred between vampires and werewolves is automatic, except in cases were the relationship is preexisting as with Aaron and Hunter.
    I once left Hunter chatting with Wolfgang while Aaron was busy in the bunker under the bar, and with no input from me at all they had 50% negative relationship, plus Hunter had a festering grudge against Wolfgang *rolls eyes* Ugh, and this was AFTER Hunter gained the Werewolf Ally trait, from Aaron's diplomacy! What the hell?
    I'm convinced that Yoshi just hates other dogs LOL, I mean he was the exact same with Robin's dog :joy:

    Ugh it's been about 2 weeks now, still have a cough but for the most part I think I've recovered. Keyword being 'think' lol

    Honestly half of the nightmare in setting up that post and their reunion was getting Hunter to stay in one place and not run away while I was trying to get him and Aaron to pose :joy: I was getting so mad lol, almost rage-quit a couple times! AND the bat in front of the moon thing :D

    I sincerely hope that glitch doesn't happen to Aaron when I cure him of being a werewolf... Ah but then I can just remove those traits. But that is extra effort that I shouldn't have to go to, you know?
    I did find out that the reward trait for the Cure Seeker aspiration is what allows Cale to still howl, and I'm wondering now if that has anything to do with it. Did CJ complete the Cure Seeker aspiration too, or was it just Cale and he made multiple cures?

    It's fun when I get to see Young Audax in your game too :joy:

    I just realised I have even more than 82 CC facial hairs, because I have a bunch of them from one creator in a different folder to the rest :sweat_smile:
    By the way I tried out That Beard on another sim and... I'm going to just leave this here... :smirk:

    Hehe I'm glad you liked merman Aaron! :smiley: I love him too, can't stop taking pics of him :joy:


    Colt is sooo adorable! That hair has to be one of my favourite hairs! Hunter has it, too :D (well the teen+ version, but still!) Love his name, as well :smiley: The alliteration is great hehe. Can't wait to see how he looks as a teen (and older)!
    The house you chose for Henford-on-Bagley is lovely!

    Oh man, I absolutely freaking LOVE how Aaron looks in your October 11 daily pic! :love:
    But I must echo Karababy here: where are his fangs? :tongue:

    Ooh, excited to see DJ's full dark form, and the whole situation with Anton!

    Also... I said this way back on October 8, about your July 25 update...
    Oh, that werewolf seen on July 25... he's stalking Anton, isn't he? :fearful:
    and hey, looks like I was right! Yay! Still don't know who the white werewolf could be, if he's connected to the spellcaster DJ fought in Glimmerbrook or not, but it'll be great to find out!

    While I'm not doing full comments, I do have to say that the final battle against Pierce and his lackeys was very epic, and excellently executed! Very well done! :smiley:

    And of course congrats to Adam for beating Kris and becoming Alpha (even if temporarily), and for defeating Greg now too!

    I love the pic your cousin's dog took, gorgeous scenery :D

    Oh man, bummer that you were feeling unwell! Hope you feel better by now though :)
    Lovely shots of Oona in the water :joy:

    Oh yeah, Aaron has hundreds of harvestables in the household inventory! I really need to sell them all, I keep forgetting :D

    Wishing you and your father all the best <3

    Your story with Dylan and Morgan has been so wonderful to read, and while we may all be curious about their baby, don't worry if you don't get the time!

    Much love! <3
    |origin id: afai1261| she/her |
  • RememberJoyRememberJoy Posts: 1,077 Member
    October 28th: Working on some random aspirations

    Today's Accomplishments:
    Painter Extraordinaire
    - Create 10 excellent paintings

    Musical Genius
    - Write 4 songs

    Super Parent
    - Go into full parent mode

    Also went into all the aspirations and claimed points for things Adam's already accomplished, but I'm not going to list all of those here.

  • EllupelluelluEllupelluellu Posts: 4,132 Member
    @afai1261 , thank you for your comments :) awww, ol, congrats for PhilII , I guess :D

    @Karababy52 , that hob lot is absolutelly awesome from outside, takes forever make landscape like that <3

    @LegacySims2017 , oh, D.J reminds me more of Lucifer in that daily shot, but yes, not seeing face completely and something else changed too :p

    So sorry , I know im not the master of long comments, but now extra short :(

    Fever has gone, but you know how motivation to do anything but sleep, whine and sleep again is low when at bad flu :D
    See? Im whining xd

    I try to get an update done, very little if all text.
    My love, my love, my fearless love, I will not say goodbye..
    Sea may rise, sky may fall, My love will never die..
    My heart, my heart, My drowning heart, Oh all the tears I've cried
    Oh I may weep forevermore, My love will never die..
  • Karababy52Karababy52 Posts: 5,916 Member
    October - Day 28: "Renovation of HoB Home Continues..."



    Be back soon to comment/reply! I might update, but for now the daily post pic of Colt being Mr. Independent will be all for today. Hope y'all had a wonderful day/night! <3
  • Karababy52Karababy52 Posts: 5,916 Member
    Very cool guitar, I don't blame you for letting Aaron play/keep it. I totally understand about not writing a story along with the challenge. You're right, that's not how it was intended, but it is fun to write when we have the motivation/health for it. I'm at a point with Cale where he's finished with the aspirations for the month and I'm in build mode at the moment renovating the house I found for them. I'll most likely be doing the same until November starts. However, I might post a few screenshots of them here and there though for the next three days.

    Love the house you downloaded for them, I can see why you chose it. Yay! Of course Hunter would be an ally. Aaron's helped him understand that Werewolves aren't all bad, just like vampires.

    hehe Got that moodlet with Sandy when they woohoo'ed, so funny! Gah! Nope, no more babies for them or Cale. He's had too many as it is! hehe

    Love those selfie poses! Hey kids! Aaron looks so loving hugging them. Huh, interesting moodlet Phoebe got. Is that one of the fears or something? I don't think I've ever seen it before. Aww, sorry to hear about Phil, but Hello Phil II!

    Very cool how dogs will howl with werewolves, makes sense really. I see the Alpha is still top dog in the pack since Kristopher defeated Aaron. However, he did best Wolfgang and Lily. Go Aaron! :) Love that pose! <3

    It did seem like a long time coming, but I'm glad they're finally together too. It is ridiculous about the automatic hate between vampires and werewolves. I understand why they did it, I guess. But I agree, it makes no sense to have vampires spawn at the bar if they're supposed to hate werewolves. Why would they go there? Plus, the festering grudge thing makes no sense at all either, especially if they are an ally. Something sure needs to be tweaked there.

    I still have my cough too, I figured it was because I'm older it takes longer to recover. I'll keep my fingers crossed for you though you are on the road to full recovery.

    Did you have full autonomy on when trying to do those poses? o.O I tried that once, did not go well at all, same thing, they kept trying to run away and get water or some other nonsense. Once I turned it off, easy peasy. Well, except for the fact I'm still somewhat of a noob with posing, but I'm learning. Makes you feel great when an idea finally comes together like that eh? I'm talking about the bat/moon screenshot. It can be frustrating, but worth it. :)

    Yeah, that's what I ended up doing with CJ, I used UI Cheats Extension to remove the werewolf traits and he's fine now. Or at least he was the last time I saw him. No, CJ did not do the Cure Seeker aspiration, you're right Cale just made a cure for both of them himself. I don't think howling has anything to do with it. I've had Cale howl several times and he never reverted and I don't think I've ever seen CJ howl after he was cured. Anyway, you're right, it shouldn't happen and we shouldn't have to jump through hoops to fix it.

    *gasp* Whoa baby! Look at Ricky! He looks fabulous with that beard! I don't know what it is about that beard, but it looks good on all guys in my opinion. First time I used it I think was on Eric, Cale's hair/make-up artist in DSV and I thought he looked very hot with it too!

    Colt looks so, so cute as a toddler. Let's hope he's still cute when he grows up. o.O I agree! I love that hairstyle, it's actually one of my favorites, but I don't use it very often because it feels like it's Hunter's. If that makes sense? I figured this time though that Hunter wouldn't mind. :) I don't know why, but I've always loved alliteration when it comes to names, happens a lot. hehe I love the name Colt too, but haven't used it for anyone, so makes it unique for him in that way. :)

    The creator of their HoB house did a fantastic job, especially with the landscaping. I'm having fun renovating it for my own style and tastes though and personalizing it for Cale, Marley and Colt. Finished the Master bedroom last night but it was so late, I just went to bed instead of updating with screenshots. I'll show it in today's update and maybe have more to show as well. :)

    Thanks, yes, I agree, 100%! The creator of this lot did an amazing job with it. What I love about it the most is it's not TOO landscaped. Some builders just go way over board. I love how they used terrain paint everywhere too, to make the driveway, etc. and took the time to make tracks. I've downloaded houses in the past, a lot of them actually that don't bother to use terrain paint. I don't understand why. It's essential as part of a build in my opinion. :)
  • LegacySims2017LegacySims2017 Posts: 5,198 Member
    October 27th Comments:

    Aaron's fangs were there. Just the angle didn't show much. You can see a tiny tiny portion of one of his pointed teeth. I tried to make it similar to a "dad won't let me do it, so I'll ask mom" situation. Aaron didn't want to transform D.J. into a vampire, so D.J. will go to Aaron's significant other to do it.
    I would have laughed a lot internally if Marley had a Want to flirt with Lucifer. :grimace: But yeah, makes no sense in wanting to flirt with someone they made an acquaintance with. Especially if they are in a relationship. But the game is still bugged. D.J. and Paige are married, but there's always options that come up to "ask to be be officiant" and all the other options for a wedding. Worst is, they never really fixed the woohoo with others. D.J has the option to woohoo with anyone he comes in contact with...both genders. I love the facial expressions the Sims give when something breaks, when they see a puddle, and when there's garbage laying around. Makes me laugh every time. Look at those pink and white slippers on Colt. Fashion statement for the toddler. Ha, ha! :joy:

    That darn Greg. Thankfully Adam was nearby to save the day. Mira should have gone all weather mode on him as well and make it pour rain with her mermaid abilities. :lol:

    October 28th Comments:

    I didn't forget about Joe L. Just didn't click right away, ha ha. I miss a lot of stuff that not's in TS4 that was in TS2 + TS3.

    The house in Forgotten Hollow will be just for D.J. I put him in a new household of his own and transferred just enough simoleons over for him to buy the house and essentials he'll need to start out with. He's kind of like on a business trip. :lol: The daily image of transformed D.J. was his makeover. I gave him the darker looking forehead, around the eyes, and mouth. Better view of them will be seen soon.
    I :heart: the look and pose of Colt in the daily image. Very Independant looking!

    :joy: "I Woohoo'd a Werewolf" That was funny to see. Love the poses of Aaron and Hunter. Poor Phoebe having her own anxiety over Vlad showing up. I always love seeing Yoshi pics. That sure was a lot of sparring. Did Aaron win them?

    I want to do next year's, but it will have to be a "create your own story" type thing for the viewers. I'll definitely do a daily image with more images under spoilers. But I don't have time to write up a story. I may do captions now and then. But no full-blown paragraphs of story driven stuff.
    I mentioned it to Karababy, Aarons fangs are there. Just hard to see at that angle. There a slight view of a pointy tooth. Barely visible, but is there. I tried to get another shot at another angle, but at that time he was already biting D.J. I didn't want to give you any spoilers, so I refrained from commenting on stuff in regards to that. :lol: Same with Karababy. When she made assumptions of what she thinks about what she sees or reads for the story arc, I refrained from leaking any spoilers.

    Love the daily image of Adam playing the guitar while Mira fishes listening to his moosic.

    You'll get to see D.J.'s dark form look better as the story arc progresses. Won't be much mysterious then. :wink:
    (Twitter Me: LSims2017)
  • EllupelluelluEllupelluellu Posts: 4,132 Member
    edited October 2022
    Still at flu, fever gone, but im still cranky ol lady :D

    But as I said im gonna speed thru aspiration and highschool fast, I moved Jon in, aged down to teen , still nothing than best friends, but at least its possible now, if they want to, up to them now.

    Also 2 new family members, Oona has a kitten called Eliza , Jon has a puppy called Bob.

    My love, my love, my fearless love, I will not say goodbye..
    Sea may rise, sky may fall, My love will never die..
    My heart, my heart, My drowning heart, Oh all the tears I've cried
    Oh I may weep forevermore, My love will never die..
  • Karababy52Karababy52 Posts: 5,916 Member
    Ohhh, I see, okay. Angles make all the difference. :) You succeeded! It seemed just like that is why I'm sure Aaron got angry. It's all good now though.

    o.O Oh boy, now that would've been something else. Maybe she's already had that want, who knows. I turn them off right after loading into the lot most times, so she could've I guess. I've only looked at their wants a couple times. Ugh! I know! Cale still has all the wedding stuff from when he was engaged to Sandy, and after they got married. I hope they fix that some day. And yep, Cale has the option for 'Ask to be woohoo parnters' with anyone he meets which isn't right since I've set him to not be experimenting romantically just like Marley.

    hehe It makes me laugh too, the very reason I shared that pic of an indignant Cale making a face at his laptop! So over the top, but I love it! Those slippers! Why in the bathtub though? It's just ridiculous. *rolls eyes*

    No worries about missing Joe L. Cale has a lot of kids, I don't expect everyone to remember their names. hehe Heck, even I can't remember them all.

    Ohhh, okay, that's cool. Funny how you call it a business trip though. hehe Love that! Oh, I'm sorry, I just figured because of the sweater it was game generated. Can't wait to see the full effect, his entire face soon. :)

    I thought it looked adorable too, and this one too! So cute!


    Aww, what a bummer. Glad the fever is gone, but hope your other symptoms go away soon. Flu can be a bear to get rid of sometimes. *Hugs* <3

    They moved in together! Yay! \o/ I hope they solidify their relationship now. They seem to really like each other, always gravitating towards each other anyway. We shall see! *crosses fingers*

    Oh man, how cute is that! They both have a pet! HAHA! Love the names too, Eliza and Bob. How funny! Now the question is, do they get along? Or not? You'd think with those names they wouldn't. hehe Time will tell. ;)
  • RememberJoyRememberJoy Posts: 1,077 Member
    October 29th: Scouring the library for answers


    No story today. I had Adam reading books all day, but he has had no luck discovering the cure. Gael discovered it awhile back though, so I may have to get him to make it.
  • Karababy52Karababy52 Posts: 5,916 Member
    edited October 2022
    October - Day 29: "Master Bedroom, Entrance, Half-bath and Kitchen Renovations..."


    Obviously, this is the Master Bedroom. I went full on green with brown and tan for the color scheme. Both Cale and Marley adore the color green. Everything in this room is different except the fireplace is in the same spot, but recolored. The bed is in the same spot, but it's a different one.

    Entrance side of the room with Marley's dresser.

    View from above at the other side of the room. I adore how those curtains worked out. Usually I don't like to put curtains since the selection leaves a lot to be desired. However, with the recent update of more color choices added, it's a bit better now. Still the toughest part of furnishing continues to be matching wood tones. I tried, but some are slightly different.

    Not sure about the green wallpaper on this side of the room with the fireplace. I might try to find a brick that matches for it instead. You'll notice I haven't been placing very many wall decorations. I've been leaving most all walls blank so Cale can add his own photos/paintings and collections. Same with surfaces. I tried to limit the number of objects on them for the same reason.

    Cale doesn't have a 'dresser' just those two trunks. It works for him and 'technically' they are considered a dresser.

    This wall by the entrance is completely different except I kept the wall sconces. In the original build, there was a two tile opening in the middle with a half-way to see into the kitchen. Why? I have no idea. I like it closed up much better so I could add those items. Cale has a basket he'll bring with him to go on the table along with one or two other things.

    The shelf was already there, I just centered it on the wall and added the plant. Added the wreath as well. No curtains since it's just the entrance.

    Overhead view of the entrance.

    There is a little half-bath downstairs and a full bath upstairs. The only things I changed in here were the mirror, the painting, soap, towel, the flooring is different and I removed everything else from the walls. Not sure what I'll put in here on the walls. I might just leave it as is unless Cale has a painting or two that would fit in there, maybe a plant or something. For now, it's sufficient.

    And finally, the kitchen. There is a lot new in here, but I did keep some things and moved/recolored others. For instance the wall shelf was shrunken and above the stove. I resized it to normal and added the knife block and cookbooks with the apple clock above it , soap, towel, dish rack and canisters. The half-way opening in the original was in that area. I recolored and moved the fridge over here with an added cabinet above it. The wallpaper and rug are new too.

    View from the archway entrance. Added a counter where the fridge was on the left and a corner cabinet on both sides. Added the spice rack and recolored the stove and hood. I see I need to move the hood up a smidgen to hide the logo on it. The dishwasher is new too.

    The reason I moved the fridge is Hubby says a kitchen should have a working triangle for the fridge, stove and sink. He says the fridge should never be right next to the stove. He's a retired 3D CAD Senior Designer/Engineer so I trust he knows what he's talking about.

    The dining room got an update as well. I recolored the dinette set, added a new rug and the salt/pepper shakers on the table. The curtains were also recolored, new wallpaper and the plant was moved.

    Lastly, here's an overhead view of the kitchen. I think the kitchen and Master Bedroom are my favorite renovations to the lot so far. All I have left is the living room, upstairs landing/office area, bathroom and decide if I want to keep the outdoor dining area. I've decided to keep the other deck with all the landscaping, climbing vines, picnic table, etc. It's just so beautiful! I did change a very few things around on it though.

    Anyway, that's it for this update. Hopefully tomorrow or perhaps Monday, I'll have the renovation complete. All that will be left to do after that is age up Colt and give them all makeovers before they move and then add all Cale's stuff to the lot, buy some chickens and a cow, plant the garden etc. I'm excited for it! I'm almost tempted to leave Colt as a toddler until after they get the animals just so I can see him interact with them. Especially a baby chick! :)

    Maybe they'll get a cat or a dog too since I won't be doing the Brindleton Bay aspirations this year. We'll see how it goes...
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  • Karababy52Karababy52 Posts: 5,916 Member
    *Updated my October 29th post above! I hope y'all had a fantastic day/night! <3
  • RememberJoyRememberJoy Posts: 1,077 Member
    edited October 2022
    October 30th: The cure


    Today's Accomplishments:

    Super Parent - Complete
    - Have a child age up with three character value traits

    Lone Wolf - Complete
    - Unleash the beast 25 times

    Cure Seeker - Complete
    - Harvest Moonpetal
    - Harvest Wolfsbane
    - Craft Wolf-Be-Gone
    - Drink cure
    There was a full moon tonight, which meant there wasn't much time to find a cure before I'd once again find myself on another rampage.

    I sat down and paged through all the books we had on Werewolves, but nothing new really popped out at me.


    Maybe I should call Morgyn and ask him if he has any more books I could borrow.

    I was about to give up for the day when I saw it! There, written in moon runes, were instructions telling me to combine three Moonpetals with 10 sprigs of Wolfsbane! The drink would remove the wild magic that had transformed me into a beast, and restore my spellcaster-hood!

    I pulled out the Moonpetals Kristopher had given me, but I was one petal short.


    I'd have to suffer through one more full moon, as the Moonpetal wouldn't be in bloom until the moon was high in the sky.

    I put the book away and went to find Kaori. She was thrilled to hear I'd discovered the cure, but reminded me that today was also Mira's birthday, and we could talk more in depth after Mira's aging up ceremony.

    Mira had invited Allyson over for her small party, but when I looked outside I could tell something was wrong.


    Allyson seemed upset about something, and when Mira tried to comfort her she pushed her away and I could faintly hear her tell Mira she was breaking up with her.


    Oh dear.


    Mira looked distraught as Allyson turned and walked away, her eyes following her now Ex until she teleported away.

    I felt conflicted, should I go out and comfort her or give her some space to process? I decided to go find Kaori and let her know what happened. I found her in the kitchen putting the final touches on Mira's cake, so I quickly relayed what I'd just heard. Mira walked in a minute later looking lost and confused, so Kaori went over and gave her a hug and let her know we were here for her.


    After a nice heart-to-heart, Mira and Kaori hugged and Mira actually smiled a little and admitted she'd felt Allyson had grown more and more distant while she'd been here, and while she was still upset, she assured us she'd recover after taking some time to grieve.


    To distract her, we encouraged her to blow out her candles, and together we celebrated as she left behind her teen years and entered young adulthood.


    After some cake, we gathered around the campfire and told stories and had a nice time together as a family.


    As evening set in, Kaori decided to practice one of her lectures on us and suddenly the kids all had other places to be. I soldiered through though, and listened as Kaori lectured me on how to construct a solid essay.


    By the time she wrapped up, I could feel my fury rapidly rising, so I ran inside, but only got as far as the front hallway this time.


    When I regained control, I once again found myself surrounded by broken plumbing. Sigh.


    The Moonpetal!

    I ran outside and made my way to the top of Howling Point.


    Yes! The flower was in full bloom!


    I ran over and picked it, before pulling out the portable bar I always keep on hand for such emergencies.


    Gingerly I pulled out the Wolfsbane and combined it with the Moonpetals, stirring both of them into a cup of water I'd scooped from the lake on my way up. I poured the concoction into a glass, and noticed the drink seemed to pulse with an inner glow.


    That was good, right?

    Only one way to find out. I picked up the glass and chugged down it's contents.


    Well at least it tasted better than the Vampire cure. Less garlicky at least.

    As I swallowed the last of the cure, I could immediately feel it's magical effect as it flowed through my body and stripped the wolf magic away from my spellcaster magic. For the umpteenth time in my life I found myself rising off the ground and spinning in a swirl of light until the wolf magic exploded out of me and left me as a simple spellcaster once again.


    Elated, I teleported my way home and quickly repaired my path of destruction with my newly returned magic.


    Ah, it was good to be back!
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    edited October 2022
    October - Day 30: "Step up, time to grow up..."



    The daily post pic is all for today. Hopefully Beastie will grow up soon! Still working on renovating Cale's new house. Hope y'all had a great day/night! <3
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    Oona Medicci, day 26

    Mona and Bea had some .. throwing, I suppose.

    right.... Principal did not much focused at Oona.. but still needed to see her.. okay...


    Oona did not like math so much, but clearly Rita was on her element ..

    I just moved Jon in and aged down, so he had no schoolday untill tomorrow. I made him to come here anyway, originally I thought he can stay at home.

    I love how crowded it was


    My love, my love, my fearless love, I will not say goodbye..
    Sea may rise, sky may fall, My love will never die..
    My heart, my heart, My drowning heart, Oh all the tears I've cried
    Oh I may weep forevermore, My love will never die..
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    Ended up falling asleep at my keyboard. Thankfully my cat woke me up when she jumped on my lap. I just went to bed instead of updating yesterday's post. I'll put what I meant for yesterday's in today's post. It doesn't look like I'll have the renovation finished tonight, so I might take another day to do that before properly starting November. I'll have today's post soon! :)

    Jon! Aww, he looks sad. Guessing by the basketball in midair, he made a bad shot or something. Guess I'll find out soon. :)

    Mona looks so much like Melody, I thought it was her again. hehe Tsk, why did she need to see her if all she was going to do is play games on her laptop? Silly Principal. Sheesh! *rolls eyes* :p

    I like how Oona decorated her locker. :) I don't blame you Oona, I don't like math either. And that particular class looks complicated from all those equations on the bulletin board. o.O

    There he is! Hi Jon! Ah, no school for him today, but he still goes. That's cool, maybe he'll run into Oona. ;)

    Aha! Yup, he's playing basketball and fell. I bet that ball hit him on the head didn't it? hehe Hey! I see Jerrad! Hi Jerrad! Very cool poster in the cafeteria, love it! <3 Very busy in there, yep! Who is the Dude with the muscles in the green tank top? He looks a lot like...River? :o His kid? Maybe?

    I was wondering where Jon went. Seems he has an artistic side. Very cool! Again, he looks so good! Is that top CC? Probably just from a pack I don't own or something. Love it though! Great update! <3
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    October 31st: Happy Halloween!

    Threw a Holloween party for the Strong family and invited all of their occult friends over. It was a lot of fun!


  • Karababy52Karababy52 Posts: 5,916 Member
    October - Day 31: "Renovation continues...Happy Halloween!"


    Before heading over to HoB, I checked in on the family. Marley needed to increase her Logic so rather than just have Cale mentor her, they played some matches together. Colt stood aside watching them.

    I love how toddlers fold their little hands, listening and watching so intently. You can almost see the gears working in his mind as he tries to understand. It's so cute and realistic. I've seen my grandchildren do the exact same pose.

    "Are you sure you want to move there? Think about it."

    "Of course I'm sure. I don't need to think about it, why should I? I know more about this game than you do. Do you think you have me beaten? You don't!" Cale reached out and knocked over all the chess pieces in a fit of hot-headed anger, scattering them all over the board.

    "There! Now neither one of us will win. I didn't have to think about that either."

    "Cale! What is wrong with you? I was just trying to help. Did you forget Colt is watching us? Calm down Babe, it's just a game."

    Cale didn't say a word but rather took three slow deep breaths and then counted to 10 remembering what L. had taught him to do whenever he felt himself losing control. He hadn't had to resort to this method for a long, long time.

    "Better now?"
    "Yeah, no, I don't know. I guess."
    "What's wrong Cale?"

    "I'm not angry with you, I'm angry with myself. I should be happy. We're together, we have Colt, this beautiful house, top of my career, financially set, we'll be together literally forever, what more could I ask for, right? But...while I am happy about all of that, I feel like I'm just idling now, I feel closed in. We can't even have a hot tub above ground, there's no room for it. I need something new, another purpose. And that's when I get angry, because it makes me feel selfish for feeling that way."

    "You can't keep stuff like this inside babe. It's better to talk it out, together, rather than explode and snap at me in front of Colt like that. We're together now, we need to share how we're feeling instead."

    "I know and I apologize."

    "I'll check on Colt and then we can have a chat. Oh, he's playing on the back patio. Anyway, maybe we should move? We can afford it, so why not? There's nothing keeping us here now. Maybe buy some land in the country or something?"
    "Are you serious? I don't believe this."
    "Sure, why not? What's so hard to believe? You know all I need is a piano or a guitar and a mailbox to do my job."

    "Marley, I had the same idea, moving to the country, maybe have a farm, grow some crops, have a few chickens, maybe a cow. Actually, I looked at some listings a few times. There's a lot of land for sale everywhere, but I like the looks of one place in particular. I'll show you. Well, if someone else hasn't already bought it. I haven't looked for awhile now so it could be gone. But I'm sure there's other places."
    "Why didn't you just buy it?"
    "Without you? No way! I'd never do that. We're partners, a team. It wouldn't be just for me, it's where we'll live together with Colt.

    "I love you so much, you're right. Thanks Babe."

    "I love you too, but if anyone needs to be thanked, it's you, not me"

    "Yeah, for loving me, *kiss* for being so understanding and supportive, *kiss* for being a great Mom, *kiss* for staying cool, calm and collected, setting an example for not only me, but Colt and Esmeralda too. *kiss* and so much more I couldn't even begin to name them all if I tried. Oh, just for being you. Simply you. Thank you." *kiss*
    "I just want you to be happy, that's all."

    While his parents talked about moving, Colt was blissfully oblivious his life was about to change.

    He was content and happy just playing with his dolls. He didn't really understand why Daddy got angry or think about it very long. Once his imagination began to flow with the story of his dolls, he was lost in a world of make believe.

    That's where I left them to continue the renovation of their HoB home. I hope my segue isn't too lame. I couldn't think of why they would move until I actually began writing this update. Cale caught me by surprise when he got so angry playing chess and scattered the pieces everywhere. I've only seen that done by one other Sim, Hugo Villareal, a few years ago. Sometimes the game gives you a gift...

    All I have to show this time is one of the living rooms, there is actually two. This one is the biggest. I kept a few things as the original version, but also changed it quite a bit. Originally there were two couches, a chair, the coffee table, buffet, gnome, clock, flooring, wallpaper and blinds.

    However, I added the bookshelf in place of an open coat closet, a chess set where there was a fireplace, plants, lamps, another chair, rug, end tables and TV. The wallpaper behind the TV is new too, I removed a couple sconces and I recolored the clock. Moved the windows around a little as well. Again, left some bare walls so Cale can add his own decorations.

    I recolored the gnome and also added a plant and a knitting object to the coffee table. I'm thinking Marley might take up knitting this month, perhaps Cale too! The lot comes with two rocking chairs in the other living room they could use. We'll see once I start renovating it later tonight. After that, the downstairs will be finished. Upstairs I still need to do the bathroom and the landing/office area.

    As mentioned before, there will be a bit of a time jump once they move in and I start playing for November.

    Hope y'all had a fun-filled and Happy Halloween for those that celebrate the holiday!
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    One Month, One World, One Year Challenge: The Adventures of Dash Joseph Faireborn
    Table of Contents

    October 14: Training Day!

    Special Appearances By: Aaron Winterson & Hunter Mulligan ( @afai1261 )
    (Twitter Me: LSims2017)
  • EllupelluelluEllupelluellu Posts: 4,132 Member
    Oona Medicci, day 27
    not the best place to read for exams..
    and to next class

    Looks like Jon and Janitor had lots to chat about. Why not, as Jon was here when he started his job and met his wife, Principle Prescott. I keep forgetting Jon has most likely done this all few hundred times :P And he is a young vampire, I have most of them way older.


    schoolday over, but not yet the time when everyone else leaves home, so I checked where all are..

    why are you two in that corner?
    Bea doing stupid T pose and well , one girl demonsdration??
    seriously, why there???
    Jon was better than Melanie Landgraab, who did this...
    Okay, all going home...
    Added these.
    Getting late... please finish it,,

    My love, my love, my fearless love, I will not say goodbye..
    Sea may rise, sky may fall, My love will never die..
    My heart, my heart, My drowning heart, Oh all the tears I've cried
    Oh I may weep forevermore, My love will never die..
  • EllupelluelluEllupelluellu Posts: 4,132 Member
    @Karababy52 ,
    Jon's outfit indeed HSY, and yes , that dude is River's and Roxannes kid :) that house is looking Fabulous <3
    ps. I could have use for that penthouse you build for Essa in SM , anyhow upload it or send tray? Please.

    My love, my love, my fearless love, I will not say goodbye..
    Sea may rise, sky may fall, My love will never die..
    My heart, my heart, My drowning heart, Oh all the tears I've cried
    Oh I may weep forevermore, My love will never die..
  • EllupelluelluEllupelluellu Posts: 4,132 Member
    Tiny extra
    they got home real late
    after she filled bowls, carried both , Bob and Eliza upstairs..




    My love, my love, my fearless love, I will not say goodbye..
    Sea may rise, sky may fall, My love will never die..
    My heart, my heart, My drowning heart, Oh all the tears I've cried
    Oh I may weep forevermore, My love will never die..
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    November 1st: A new home and a new friend

    Today's Accomplishments:
    Friend of the Animals
    - Have a pet in household
    - Be friends with a dog or cat

    We finally scraped together enough money to buy a nice house in the small town of Brindleton Bay.


    Mostly through Kaori using copypasto on one of the gold plates we'd recovered from the temples in Selvadorada, but that's not important.

    We'd purchased a larger house to accommodate our growing family, and I appreciated the rich foliage surrounding the place as it gave us some privacy.

    Everyone got settled in, and soon we all had our rooms decorated in our favorite styles and colors.

    Pax went all in on the color purple, and we even bought him his own play castle.


    Mira, who would be staying with us while taking some online college courses, went with a tropical theme and really leaned into the oranges.


    Gael claimed what used to be a garden shed, and since he didn't want a bed (says he sleeps better on the floor), we bought him some real exercise equipment to work out on.


    Kaori decorated our room and borrowed from her Mt Komorebi heritage with art and furniture that reminded her of home.


    The house even came with a heated swimming pool which Mira was grateful for.


    After we were all settled in, I decided to go for a jog and get a good look at our new neighborhood.


    I passed a picnic table full of cats and got the feeling this was a very animal friendly neighborhood.


    As I approached the beach, I noticed a gorgeous dog just standing there looking a little lost.


    I stopped to give it a pat on the head, and looked around to see if it's owner was nearby.


    There were a couple kids close by, but they said the dog didn't belong to them and was most likely a stray.

    When I bent down to give the dog a good rubbing down, he wagged his tail and tried to lick my face.


    I was in love.

    I found a discarded leash nearby and made a makeshift collar to attach it to; I was taking this one home.


    When we got home I brought the dog into the bathroom and gave him a good scrubbing.


    If I was going to get my family on board, I wanted this dog (who I was now officially calling Rusty) to put his best paw forward.

    When I brought him out, Pax was the first to meet him. He was very excited and immediately bent down to give him a hug.


    When Gael met Rusty he literally howled with joy and began to play with him.


    Mira was a little more hesitant, but I'm sure she'll warm up given some time.

    Now for the moment of truth.



    She actually handled it pretty well. She just smiled and shook her head, but said Rusty could stay if she was allowed to get a cat.


    Heck yeah! I love cats!

    So Rusty became an official member of our family.

    Other important things that took place:

    Mira was accepted into Kaori's almamater, Foxbury, and will be studying for her biology degree to become a marine biologist.

    Gael and Pax were both registered for school, much to Gael's consternation, since we figured the socializing would be good for both of them.

    Kaori transferred her job to a local school, requiring her to physically attend work more often now, and I decided to do some freelance crafting and dust off my candle making skills.

    Overall we were settling into a more laid back typical family routine, and I was here for it!
  • LegacySims2017LegacySims2017 Posts: 5,198 Member
    October 29th Comments:

    Aww, cute pets.

    It was odd. When Aaron bit D.J. and then a couple in-game days later changed, CAS didn't really give him a dark form. I had to create one. I am now curious what the game would have given him if I changed him into his dark form without going into CAS. I'm sure Hero would have thought daddy turning into a vampire would be cool until it actually happens in front of him. Probably scare the poor child. And little Novella, too.

    Aww, another cute picture of Colt.
    I like the green and brown color tones with a touch of gold/yellow. Makes the place very pretty. Glad you went with green for the colors throughout Cale's journey. You are doing a great job remodeling.

    Oh, that would be a fun story arc where Gael gives the cure to Adam.

    October 30th Comments:

    So, Adam finally did read about the cure. Was hoping Gael played a part in it. Oh, well. Ha, ha. A portable bar. :joy: Yay. No more wolfie Adam. But now is he going to see if Gael wants to be a werewolf or get the cure as well?! Hmm!

    Beastie wants to stay a younglin'. Doesn't want to grow older! :lol:

    October 31st Comments:

    The daily image looks like Jon got hit in the head with the basketball and he's not too pleased. Wow, lots of students there. That is amazing. Jon is a good painting artist!

    That was a fun trick-or-treat seeing Adam's Family + Friends hanging out for a Halloween party.

    Yeah, I like watching toddlers in the game. Just their reactions alone as they look on watching either their parents, siblings, or strangers. The reactions are priceless. Wow. Chess anger issues popping back up. Instead of trying to cheat, Cale throws a fit. "Dang, Cale!" Ah, bottled up issues. That makes sense. Moving will probably help his mind as well. And Colt. Yup. Short attention span. Sees daddy is mad, but then sees toys! :joy:
    (Twitter Me: LSims2017)
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