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Some crafting station/props in not so modern style?

Long story short I've decided to create a sort of magical prosperity save with big impact on crafting and integrated economy. Not a high fantasy, not a serious medieval game just supernatural fun and craziness of all sorts. But still I would like to avoid super modern devices in this save. Due to amazing modders and historical cc finds communities I've managed to tame most items I do not like as they are. But there are still some things I can't find anything for.

1) Fabricator. I know about mod by SrslySims to use woodworking table for fabrication but it has an awkward menu for my taste and for some reason do not demand dies to craft stuff so I would like to find another solution if possible.

2) Science career SimRay. I'm looking for a replacement to a wand, stuff or some steampunk looking gun but can't find anything. Probably no such replacements exist but I'd rather double check here.

3) Robotics station. I know there's a replacement for created PlumBots by Esmeralda and some of them looking pretty SteamPunkish so I'm ok with it. But what about station itself? I do remember I saw replacement for it to fit into a Fantasy setting once but I can't find it now no matter how hard I look.

I also know SatiSims makes awesome no CC stuff with TOOL to mask these devices, but I try to avoid having too many objects on each lot to make it easy for my PC and those are very cluttered. So I would rather prefer to find one functional CC replacement instead. So please if you know some CC for these three objects let me know.
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