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Mods that will separate my worlds more?

Hello everyone!

For some time now, I've been wishing that my various worlds could feel more separate from each other. I love that we have such different geography and climate available, but I don't like that every time my sims travel they see all the same people from their home neighborhood, and the kids see all the same kids they know from their local school.

I am wondering if mods exist that do the following (in order of importance to me)

1. Each world has its own elementary and high schools. Maybe they have different names or not, but kids can only meet kids from their own world at school. "Not in world" households' kids can not meet kids from multiple worlds at school.
2. Residents of one world are more likely to appear as walkbys or at community lots in their home world, less likely in other worlds.
3. Households that don't have a home lot are assigned a tag (either randomly or by the player) that makes them "belong" to one home world and follow the same behavior patterns as residents who live in a lot in that world.
4. If a world has very few residents, travel to that world automatically generates a bunch of NPCs who "belong" to that world.
5. Travel to another world causes some time to elapse on the clock.
6. Worlds can be set as nearer or farther than one another, such that the odds in #2 above or the time-lapse in #4 above can be greater or smaller. For example, San Myshuno and Newcrest might be near one another but far from Henford-on-Bagley, so the same townies might often appear in San Myshuno and Newcrest, but mostly different townies in Henford-on-Bagley. A Newcrest sim invited to a date in San Myshuno could pop over there in half an hour, but a date in Henford takes several hours of travel time first.
7. Different workplace names in different worlds, and coworker restrictions similar to those requested in #1 above. This one doesn't bother me as much since enough people work virtually or have creative commuting schedules or work for companies that have many locations, or otherwise have "coworkers" who live far away.
8. The "fill empty houses" option fills empty houses in all worlds, not just the ones our played sims live in and frequent.

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