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Friday Highlights December 3rd - A week on The Sims Forums

EA_MariEA_Mari Posts: 184 EA Community Manager
December 3rd- Friday Highlights

Sul sul Simmers!

How is it December already? Can you guys believe that these are the last few weeks of this year ? :hushed:
🎄Did you start your Simsmas decorations already? 🎄

  • On Monday we had a Sims 411 Recap and you can read all about it here .
  • There was also a patch on Tuesday and you can find all the details here.
  • Then, on Wednesday we had 'The Sims 4 - Find your Sim-Selves' Blog Release.
  • Finally, on Thursday we released the Modern Menswear kit; did you pick it up? Head on over to the screenshot thread here to show off those new looks.

Phew, what a busy week! :smile:

'Lovely way to end the day' one beautiful screenshot by @Monet11 that you can find here

Aye, these are today's highlights:

  • If you bored and have run out of things to read for the weekend, I might have just what you are looking for. Check out @Daravi's amazing story that I will call "1986 -1987" and travel back to the past, with exciting drama and stunning 80's decoration! :heart: Welcome back to posting and sharing your stories with us, Daravi!
  • Now lets talk about this magnificent Townie makeover 'for a randomly spawned paparazzo' shared by @Sthenastia on the thread 'Share your improved townies!'. You should be proud of yourself indeed, since your makeover looks stunning! :sunglasses:
  • And last but not least: The Sims 2 \o/ Have your Sims ever done funny and kind of foolish things? Then let's head over to @Lucy_Henley's thread "Funny Sims 2 things!" and have a laugh together! :mrgreen:

Alrighty, folks, this is it for today. I hope you're enjoying your Friday and these Friday Highlights! As always, if you have any recommendations, please send them my way!

Have a great weekend and take care! :heart:


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  • JustMeAlbJustMeAlb Posts: 310 Member
    Wow! Thanks for the mention.
    The cake is a lie
  • Lucy_HenleyLucy_Henley Posts: 1,824 Member
    Yay my thread got mentioned! Even though it's quite short haha.
    My Stories: Sulani at Heart (on hiatus), Magical Mastersons, Parker Saga

  • DaraviDaravi Posts: 1,039 Member
    Aww, thank you for the mention, I didn't expect this, it's such a nice surprise. The title of the chapter is chosen correctly, it's a part of the decade challenge. :)

    And thank you for the welcome back, I have soon holiday, then I'm going have enough time to play. Or for better, on this weekend, to get a distraction from my wisdom tooth extraction. :D
  • SthenastiaSthenastia Posts: 589 Member
    Thank you <3 I did my best with Daniel!
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