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Sims 411 Recap - November 23rd

EA_CadeEA_Cade Posts: 3,246 EA Community Manager
edited November 2021 in Sims 411
Hot Topics

An update on the non-binary pronouns
This past May, we opened up about our pursuit of non-binary language in The Sims. Since then, we've researched global language characteristics, connected with consultants, and collected data on areas where a change may be needed. Although there is a path ahead of us before we are able to update the game, we'd like to give you a look behind-the-scenes and show you where we are in the process. In January 2022, during the first Inside Maxis of the new year, we're hosting a fireside chat with members of our development team where we will share an update including the research completed to date, more on our partnership with external experts and the work-in-progress wire frames. Make sure to tune in!

An update on the NPC overhaul
We did not forget about our Townies update that we mentioned back in August. [In fact, the better word is NPCs or Flagship Characters. We’ll use NPCs moving forward to keep things simple 😊]. On the contrary, we have been working behind-the-scenes with a talented group of people including concept and character artists, our Employee Resource Groups (ERGs) that help us to create inclusive experiences in our game and of course, members of the Sims community who have shared their valuable feedback with us based on their extensive knowledge about the histories of these characters.

While we don’t have a date to the release of this update, we do have some work-in-progress images to give you an idea of the direction we’re heading. Please note that these are WIP concepts and not final. What you end up seeing in-game might differ from the images that we show you; this NPC update is a process that goes through changes as we continue to research, adjust and collaborate.

We’ve picked out some before and after concepts of the Goths and the Calientes. Take a look at the images from the latest Inside Maxis.

Next Patch Sneak Peak

Neighborhood Stories

Do you ever wonder what your neighbors are doing? We bet your Sims do! And now they’ll even be able to influence their neighbor's lives...

Neighborhood Stories will spice up your gameplay as a free update coming to the Base Game on November 30th 2021.

Check out all the details in the Neighborhood Stories blog post and watch SimGuruPJ and Game Designer Nate walk you through this new feature.

Upcoming Scenario

Surviving the Holidays


Let’s be real, the holidays are not just about nice presents, good food, and cheerfulness. These joyful days may also challenge us to let go, forgive and open up our hearts - even to those we might not really want to!! Easier said than done? Ask your Sim who’s stuck living with their worst enemy but still has to get through the holidays. Will they find a way out of their grudge?

Jump into the Base Game to play Surviving the Holidays from December 1st 10AM PST through January 5th 10AM PST.

Upcoming Sims Delivery (SDX)

It’s happening! The first Sims Delivery is on its way to your Base Game.

As a reminder, Sims Delivery Express (short: SDX) will bring free content to your Base Game as a complementary, more spontaneous little sibling of our regular game updates. For more details check out the Hot Topics in the previous Sims 411 Recap.

Please kindly note, we’re correcting ourselves coming out of the Inside Maxis livestream with the following - and correct - timing of the upcoming SDX launches.

The very first Sims Delivery is this gorgeous curly low ponytail that will drop into the game on December 7th, 2021.


We showed you the following nine beautiful Seasonal Sims Items during our livestream. Please note this Sims Delivery will release December 14th, 2021. Add these tasty treats and festive touches like the wall bows and decorative fruitcake to your Sims' space to help them get in the spirit!


We wish everyone a wonderful holiday break. Whether you celebrate or not, we hope all of you will get some well-deserved rest 😊 Until next time, see you in the new year! :)

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  • SindocatSindocat Posts: 5,622 Member
    Thanks for the recape, Cade! I hear poorly, so streams can be hard to follow. Recaps (or transcripts) are always welcome!
  • caliposscaliposs Posts: 320 Member
    I love the new hair! :love: A welcome addition for the base game for sure!
  • DaftputDaftput Posts: 4 New Member
    any hair content is always a treat <3

    especially when that hair looks exactly like my friend's hairdo.

    Not It's time to make her a sim!
  • Mariefoxprice83Mariefoxprice83 Posts: 7,744 Member
    Sindocat wrote: »
    Thanks for the recape, Cade! I hear poorly, so streams can be hard to follow. Recaps (or transcripts) are always welcome!

    I like transcripts too, because I get distracted by streams easily. I would always rather read an article than watch one.
    Better to reign in Hell, than serve in Heaven.
  • EA_CadeEA_Cade Posts: 3,246 EA Community Manager
    No worries! We typically post a recap thread a few days after each stream for exactly this reason :)
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  • simmeroriginsimmerorigin Posts: 412 Member
    @EA_Cade do you know when we will have a recap of the Sims 411 Forum Feeback on challenge and depth in the base game?
  • EA_CadeEA_Cade Posts: 3,246 EA Community Manager

    The Forum Feedback's don't get recaps per se, that feedback goes directly to the Sims Team and they address the topics they choose to in Inside Maxis streams, Sims 411, etc.

    I'll pass on your feedback though to see if there's an opportunity to improve that process.
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  • CashinoCashino Posts: 1 New Member
    What's the link to add our ideas for Sims 5 in feedback?
  • Conlon94Conlon94 Posts: 83 Member
    If sims lives long enough this is what the Sims outward appearances could gradually eventually develop age into wybu2ikucpde.jpgnvh7zzhrtu7e.jpgfvgunog4wcu4.jpgyvyhesav24rv.jpg. There are are number of skin aging factors that could be considered for the gradual aging process of Sims outward appearances. Aging

    Wrinkles are a by-product of the aging process. As people age, skin cells divide more slowly, and the middle layer of the skin, called the dermis, begins to thin. The dermis is composed of a network of elastin and collagen fibers, which offer support and elasticity. As this network loosens and unravels with time, depressions are created on the skin surface. Aging skin is also less able to retain moisture, less efficient in secreting oil, and slower to heal. All these factors contribute to the development of wrinkles.

    Facial muscle contractions

    Lines on the forehead, between the eyebrows (frown lines), and jutting from the corner of the eyes (crow's feet) are believed to develop because of small muscle contractions. Smiling, frowning, squinting and other habitual facial expressions cause these wrinkles to become more prominent. Over time, these expressions coupled with gravity contribute to the formation of wrinkles.

    Sun damage

    Excessive exposure to ultraviolet (UV) radiation from the sun can result in premature aging of the skin, also known as photoaging. Exposure to UV light breaks down collagen fibers and leads to the production of abnormal elastin. When ultraviolet light damages skin tissue, an enzyme called metalloproteinase is produced. This enzyme creates and reforms collagen. During the process, however, some healthy collagen fibers are damaged, resulting in solar elastosis—the disorganized formation of fibers. Wrinkles develop when the rebuilding process occurs over and over, less efficiently each time. Exposure to sunlight is the most important cause of prematurely aging skin (a process called photoaging) and skin cancers.
    Exposure to ultraviolet radiation from sunlight accounts for most of the symptoms of premature skin aging, such as discoloration, textural changes, and wrinkles.
    Lighter skinned individuals are more severely affected.

    Age Spots and Skin Tags
    Age spots, once called "liver spots," are flat, brown spots often caused by years in the sun. They are bigger than freckles and commonly show up on areas like the face, hands, arms, back, and feet. Using a broad-spectrum sunscreen that helps protect against two types of the sun's rays (UVA and UVB) may prevent more age spots.

    Skin tags are small, usually flesh-colored growths of skin that have a raised surface. They become common as people age, especially for women. They are most often found on the eyelids, neck, and body folds such as the armpit, chest, and groin.

    Age spots and skin tags are harmless, although sometimes skin tags can become irritated. If your age spots or skin tags bother you, talk to your doctor about having them removed.


    Healthy skin constantly regenerates. Old collagen is broken down and removed, and new collagen is produced. Researchers have found that smoking causes a marked reduction in the production of new collagen. Decreased collagen results in the development of wrinkles. And Sims players could choose to have Sims go anti-aging covering up signs of gradual aging process with these sort of methods Laser skin resurfacing, Botulinum toxin type A (Botox®) injection therapy, Fillers, Facelift, and/or Wrinkle creams: Your guide to younger looking skin. However players could could also choose to have their sims to rather use Pro-age cosmetic products that focuses on supporting the skin's natural ways of progression (rather than trying to restrain/contain and cover up the skin's natural ways of progression). "Pro-aging is a term and a concept that has at its roots a much more positive approach to the aging process," explains George Baxter-Holder, aesthetic nurse practitioner at SkinSpirit. "We cannot stop aging! It is a normal and healthy part of life. Viewing the aging process in a realistic and positive way and working with the body's natural defenses is a much more modern concept." As the approach gains momentum, we look to less invasive skincare that supports the organic aging of the skin, working with the body, instead of against it. This, in turn, will create a healthier appearance. So, what's the difference between pro-aging and anti-aging, exactly? Not only do both words have different meanings to different people, it could also mean a different approach to skincare formulation. Generally speaking, anti-aging is a skin-stimulating, intrusive approach to try and stop and/or revert the natural progression of aging skin. This approach usually penetrates the skin on a deeper level towards the dermal/epidermal junction.

    As a result, anti-aging is a bit of a deterring concept, sometimes turning away the younger crowd, which might benefit from its actives. Meanwhile, "pro-aging means balance and working with your body, using moisture, antioxidants, and cell turnover to keep skin looking its best," says Baxter-Holder. Think of it like a skincare booster shot or support system.

    "Pro-aging is about making small adjustments, restructuring habits as we age, and slow and steady increments that add up over the long term," says Paul Jarrod Frank, MD, board-certified dermatologist in New York City. "Your basic and essential pro-aging regimen is very easy: clean, protect, and hydrate."

    This also extends to lifestyle, explains Jami Morse Heidegger, 60-year old founder of luxury skincare brand Retrouvé. Our health is reflected on our skin, which means adequate sleep, hydration, and healthy eating are equally important. (I apologize if this is viewed as spamming however it seems to me that there are a lot of things for Sims game designers/game programmers to consider and explore rather than continue on ignoring/left unexplored.) So basically consider incorporating into sims characters overall layers of skin Epidermis, the top layer.
    Dermis, the middle layer.
    Hypodermis, the bottom or fatty layer. And micro sublayers of skin The Basal Cell Layer. ...
    The Squamous Cell Layer. ...
    The Stratum Granulosum & the Stratum Lucidum. ...
    The Stratum Corneum. ...
    The Papillary Layer. ...
    The Reticular Layer. To the Sims or some similar system for players to truly change around cosmetic appearances of the Sims without neccessarily actually overall changing the actual structural appearances to the Sims. And then that also then would lead to the Sims personality traits/characteristic traits of the Sims being played with in how they handle the gradual aging process of their outward appearances of their skin and hair as they gradually grow older and age. Maybe introducing some layers of hybridization and none hybridization of Sims subpersonality traits/characteristic traits to choose from and/or gradually develop and evolve. Because how individuals handle their skin care, body care, and hair care also provides additional clues to their overall personality traits and characteristic traits and subpersonality traits and subcharacteristic traits.

  • Conlon94Conlon94 Posts: 83 Member
    I tried providing SIMS 411 feedback in the SIMS 411 RECAP of two different individual months SIMS 411 RECAPs since I had sadly completely missed the overall SIMS 411 - FORUM FEEDBACK, MAY 6TH without realizing is that a issue if so I apologize I simply didn't want to miss out. And once again I apologize that my feedback appears to be mixed with what is seen as spamming. I simply have a difficulty in understanding in how can the Sims game designers and Sims game programmers expect to do game design research and game design programmers without having what is thought as spamming as research sources in figuring out how to incorporate aspects of the contents of the webpages that is interpreted as spamming web pages for research sources to incorporating aspects of real life into sims.
  • Conlon94Conlon94 Posts: 83 Member
    edited April 25
    Also this particular Sims 4 mod could potentially help in doing the same/similar thing with gradual hair growth plus more go in reverse with gradual life style diet byproduct affect hair reduction/loss and/or gradual age related hair maturing hair reduction/thinning rnw9l93qi47u.jpginkjs8700w0v.jpg89684iwkgr56.jpgwdz8d9i1hp7f.gifvsevqxwrxaj4.jpgco9vqkdgkh92.png

  • Conlon94Conlon94 Posts: 83 Member
    These are the basic industry types that could be broken up in further categorical levels for Sims.
    Mining industry

    Agriculture, Forestry, Fishing and Hunting industries

    Arts, Entertainment and Recreation industries

    Healthcare and Social Assistance industries

    Administration, Business Support and Waste Management Services industries

    Finance and Insurance industries

    Other Services (except Public Administration) Industries

    Information Industry

    Professional, Scientific and Technical Services Industries

    Retail Trade Industry

    Utilities Industry

    Transportation and Warehousing Industries

    Manufacturing Industry

    Educational Services Industry

    Accommodation and Food Services Industry(ies)

    Real Estate and Rental and Leasing Industry(ies)

    Wholesale Trade Industry

    Construction Industry (which could be incorporated if players simply want to play with/purchase certain amount-large number of extra preconstructed and pre-furnished homes rather than constantly doing it themselves).

    Business Franchises Industries

    Life Sciences Industry

    Advisory and Financial Services Industry(ies)

    Online Retail Industry

    Specialist Engineering, Infrastructure and Contractors Industry(ies)

    Consumer Goods and Services Industry(ies)

    Technology Industry

    Retail Market Reports Industry

    Industrial Machinery, Gas and Chemicals Industry(ies)

    which not only all of them would be interconnected someway somehow plus they would additionally be part of these various sequential levels of business/companies/corporations:

    Sole proprietorship

    General partnership

    Limited partnership

    C corporation

    S corporation

    Limited liability company

    With Types of Corporate Level Strategy – 4 Major Types: Stability Strategy, Expansion Strategy, Retrenchment Strategy and Combination Strategy

    And that would be incorporated with the none hybridization and hybridization career choices. Because even if there are plenty of Sims players that want to play with the traditional Sims unrealistic Career gameplay structure their are plenty of other Sims players through computer game modifications(which have various amounts of computer safety or lack of computer safety from computer viruses and computer hacking) that don't want to necessarily play with the traditional Sims unrealistic Career gameplay structure but would rather play with a more none traditional Sims realistic Career gameplay and then there might be those who desire to play somewhere in between the two.

  • Conlon94Conlon94 Posts: 83 Member
    edited April 25
    Plus there are and/or were the corporate monopolies/trusts which could return. By the late nineteenth century, big businesses and giant corporations had taken over the American economy. Consumers were forced to pay high prices for things they needed on a regular basis, and it became clear that reform of regulations in industry was required. The loudest outcry was against trusts and monopolies. Trusts are the organization of several businesses in the same industry and by joining forces, the trust controls production and distribution of a product or service, thereby limiting competition. Monopolies are businesses that have total control over a sector of the economy, including prices. Then there are the concepts of Corporatocracy Corporatocracy (/ˌkɔːrpərəˈtɒkrəsi/, from corporate and Greek: -κρατία, romanized: -kratía, lit. 'domination by'; short form corpocracy) is a term used to refer to an economic, political and judicial system controlled by corporations or corporate interests.

    The concept has been used in explanations of bank bailouts, excessive pay for CEOs, as well as complaints such as the exploitation of national treasuries, people, and natural resources. It has been used by critics of globalization, sometimes in conjunction with criticism of the World Bank or unfair lending practices, as well as criticism of free trade agreements. Corporate rule is also a common theme in dystopian science-fiction media.

    the control of a state or organization by large interest groups.
    "roughly one hundred years ago, the free market began to be replaced with corporatism"

    corporate republic is a theoretical form of government run primarily like a business, involving a board of directors and executives, in which all aspects of society are privatized by a single, or small groups of companies. The ultimate goal of this state is to increase the wealth of its shareholders, and the government acknowledges its status as a corporation. Utilities, including hospitals, schools, the military, and the police force, would be privatized. Social welfare is carried out by corporations in the form of pensions and benefits to employees, instead of the state.

    Another extreme would be Socialist Leaders Condemn Wealth But Still Get Rich/Champagne/socialist Russian oligarchs / Politburo, controlled all sources of industrial and agricultural production.

    Which Sims 4/Sims 5 players could choose to balance out with optional criminal career choice relating to the Leverage tv show in a five-person team: a thief, a grifter, a hacker, and a retrieval specialist, led by former insurance investigator Nathan Ford, who use their skills to carry out heists to fight corporate and governmental injustices inflicted on ordinary citizens. "the Black Book," a record of all illegal transactions made by bankers and wealthy people that led to the financial crisis of 2007–08. the job was successful, the team is very much alive and Sterling (Mark Sheppard), who had been assigned to look into the break-in, allows Nate to walk away from possible imprisonment. Nate retires to marry Sophie and the team plans to start "Leverage International" with their newly obtained information.

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