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The Haves and The Have Nots Challenge

SoyokoAnisSoyokoAnis Posts: 19 Member
This challenge is based off of the show The Haves and the Have Nots from OWN. This challenge does NOT require any packs but does require mods. This challenge is pretty easy but may be long. This challenge is all about the drama.

  • You will need a working base game to the latest version.
  • You need the following mods: Extreme Violence, Life's Drama. Optional: Slice of Life or Wonderful Whims for more drama.

Setting up the challenge
  1. Make 2 families of 8 sims and put them in Newcrest so no other sims interfere.
  2. Make sure also, that you give some of the sims mean or evil traits for more drama.
  3. Make sure 1 family is rich and the other is poor this also goes for their housing too. Make it look however you want to but make sure the rich house is high quality while the poor is low quality.
  4. Make family drama occur by using mods such as MC Command Center, Extreme Violence, Life's Drama, Slice of Life.
  5. Every week one sim will die from murder from the opposite family.
  6. Make a third family and give them mid-riches. This family will start drama with the main 2 families, which includes murder.
  7. Keep murdering sims from each family every week until one sim remains from each family.
  8. Those three sims will then fight for the end. The one remaining sim will take all the riches from the other family and has become a Have. Then add families from other worlds and let the drama unfold once again.
  9. The challenge ends when no sims from any family remain.

  • Let drama inducing events happen like cheating which gives sims the motive to murder.
  • If you're having a hard time ending the game, allow cops to arrest sims who murder and have been caught with Extreme Violence. Once the sim returns from prison, kill that sim with MC Command Center and the challenge will end.

Good luck!
Sul Sul, I'm SoyokoAnis! Kinda new around here but know a lot about The Sims. Happy Simming!
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