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Edit Relationships in CAS

Okblondee7Okblondee7 Posts: 2,607 Member
I quickly made a new family-Male/Female, 2 toddler girls, and 2 toddler boys. I realized after I started to play that I had not set relationship statuses. so I used the cheat cas.fulleditmode and changed everything so that it was mother/Children. Children/siblings...great so far until I realized the adults were just house members, not married.
I went back and fixed that. Later I found that the adult male/husband father was NOT listed as father. All the kids were hers, not his.
Honestly, why do I decide to play a new household at midnite? Anyway, I went BACK to CAS to edit the father. Brick wall. I get "you can't edit relationships of existing sims" notice.
Please tell me there is a fix to make him the father of all these children! (The adults apparently got frisky and now there are twin newborns. (I live on the edge, folks). B)
Any thoughts? I sure hope I posted in the correct forum. Yikes.


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