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Whats your overall reception on kits so far?



  • NorthDakotaGamerNorthDakotaGamer Posts: 2,502 Member
    edited November 23
    I do not like kits because of the content.
    I am waiting for another gameplay kit. I find no use for the CAS and build kits.
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  • KimmerKimmer Posts: 1,685 Member
    I am neutral about kits. I neither strong like or strongly dislike.
    They are kind of "meh". I don't hate them but I don't particularly like them that much either.
    It bothers me that kits replaced stuff packs that I really liked. The latest stuff packs were great and they just seemed to get better. Now we're just getting these tiny kits that don't even have gameplay features. I feel very disappointed when I even think of how good the Paranormal stuff pack was and now were just getting few plants and decorations or clothes that not many of my Sims would even use.
    I'm not completely against the kits, I've purchased them all and some of them have been nice, but please bring back stuff packs too.
  • sulfurstylesssulfurstyless Posts: 43 Member
    Extremely useless. Basically paid CC. I literally downloaded plant CC out of spite.

    Bust The Dust: Merge it with Parenthood or Laundry Day and call it something else. Or perhaps with Eco Lifestyle too, not a bad idea at all.
    Country Kitchen: Merge it with Cottage Living.
    Throwback Fit: Perhaps merge it with Seasons? Idk.
    Courtyard Oasis: Merge it with Dream Home Decorator.
    Industrial Loft: Same as above.
    Fashion Street & Incheon Arrival: Merge them with City Living
    Blooming Rooms: Merge it with Backyard whatever stuff pack. Or even with Outdoor Retreat!! I don't know, just merge it with an outdoor themed pack!
    Modern Menswear: Should be in the base game.

    I've changed my mind on Bust The Dust. It can be a useful Kit because if you want that "chores at home" and "realistic" type of gameplay, then go ahead and buy it! It's literally the only one that stands out to me, but would I buy it? Nah. Maybe in the distant future. Maybe. Other kits are stale and I wouldn't touch them. CC all the way.
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  • mustenimusteni Posts: 4,774 Member
    I like kits. I like the price & amount, but I wish the content was different. (I.e want more gameplay)
    keekee53 wrote: »
    seriously though, HOW many kits are we going to get. It is getting ridiculous.

    How many sets did they sell in TS3 store? I wasn't around, so can't say. I believe it was way more than where the kits are now in numbers.
  • CynnaCynna Posts: 2,207 Member
    Yet another pack type... What's next? Micro-packs? Simmy Separates? Wonderful One-Offs?

    It's too much. It's been too much.
  • Noree_DoreeNoree_Doree Posts: 1,456 Member
    I do not like kits because of the content.
    All of the content could have been in an expansion pack, game pack, or stuff pack. It's just milking more money out of folks. simple as that
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  • OldeseadoggeOldeseadogge Posts: 3,513 Member
    I am neutral about kits. I neither strong like or strongly dislike.
    I've a few that fit with my building objectives but they're nothing to get excited about. EA can sales pitch all they want, but kits feel like crumbs and left-overs.
  • PreCiiousPreCiious Posts: 327 Member
    I do not like kits because of the price.
    I would like kits if they would come on a sale. 4.99 for 20+ Items is pricey. And then you end up using maybe 10 on a regular basis... idk.

    And the gameplay Kits are quite the same as some of these store premium Content.

    Buy 4.99 for vacuums or buy 5Dollars for the archers gauntlet. Common how is this differente. Because i dont think aspiration is gameplay.

    Or at least add 40+ Items for the price of 4.99...
  • CinebarCinebar Posts: 33,174 Member
    I do not like kits because of the content.
    I thought I might like the idea of kits when they announced Bust the Dust. But it was the only one that seems to have contained any type of gameplay activity/object etc. I did purchase a few stuff packs back when Graham was over stuff packs. I used several of the gameplay objects in different ways to create all kinds of situations and activities and community lots. Ice Cream Parlors, Ice Cream at the park, Movie Theaters, they worked pretty well and some other things. However, kits don't seem to be coming with gameplay objects but more or less just decor or CAS assets. Stuff packs seemed to be a better deal for gameplay. I wish they would put Graham back over Stuff packs at least they were more interesting and at least I did get some of those because of those gameplay objects.
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  • lunaodditylunaoddity Posts: 480 Member
    I do not like kits because of the content.
    I like stuff packs though I skipped the paranormal one didn't need more cutesy ghosts/blobs.

    As for the kits, some of the buy mode ones look good but they just feel like cut content from bigger packs. I know the same thing could be said with other packs but I don't care for any of the kits. There's no new gameplay like in SPs.
  • sims2freak737sims2freak737 Posts: 2,536 Member
    I do not like kits because of the price.
    Kits = Cash Grab
  • jpsulsuldagdagjpsulsuldagdag Posts: 147 Member
    I don't hate it.
  • SthenastiaSthenastia Posts: 471 Member
    I like KITs, I'm ok with the price but in my opinion every BB/CAS KIT should have more meshes because currently I feel that some concepts are uncompleted. For example Country Kitchen KIT doesn't contain any tables and chairs, Industrial Loft KIT has no floors and walls options, CAS kits contain everyday clothing in 90%, bust to dust KIT doesn't have a european style vacuum cleaner.
  • JALJAL Posts: 92 Member
    I am neutral about kits. I neither strong like or strongly dislike.
    I like the idea that kits can add something very unique to the game for a low price, but there is yet a kit that I want to buy, so at present I own none of them.

    Personally, I like the regional kits most, with CAS items in a particular style that adds something new and fresh to the look of the game. I really wish they'd do build/buy kits as well as clothing kids, preferably slightly bigger kits with both build, buy and CAS from different regions in the world so that we could customise the worlds to our own liking (Turn San Myshuno into Seoul, Mumbai or London for instance, or transform Oasis Springs to a place in the middle east, northern Africa or Australia).
  • QueenMercyQueenMercy Posts: 1,617 Member
    I like kits. I like the content & price we have, but I wish the amount was different. (I.e I want less kits, more expansions)l)
    I like the build/buy and cas kits, but you couldn’t pay me to install the dust kit. If Laundry Day had been a kit I absolutely would not have gotten it.
  • HermitgirlHermitgirl Posts: 8,819 Member
    I like kits. I like the price & amount, but I wish the content was different. (I.e want more gameplay)
    I really like the idea of "niche" kits that you can get or not get depending on interest. Since I don't use cc though for the most part I'm still pretty much interested in everything officially made so far.
    The price point is good to me also. I am in the US though so it's 5 bucks here. Lunch costs more.

    Although... I was hoping for more niche themed gameplay kits and so far we only have Bust the Dust. I'd just like more ideas or concepts that might not make it into packs or are kind of separate or and offshoot of a broader theme... like for instance I'd love a way to tell fortunes, a tattoo artist chair (with career), maybe lawn care things... just more possibilities in general to play around with in my game. Especially things that I don't see fitting into a larger pack.
  • garapoesgarapoes Posts: 388 Member
    I do not like kits, because of the amount.
    I do not like kits, because of the amount.
    English is not my first language so sorry if I make any mistakes!
  • happyopihappyopi Posts: 1,189 Member
    I do not like kits, because of the amount.
    Hate kits for all the reasons listed, price & content & amount, but the fact that we're getting so many without anything else announced is the final nail in the coffin for me.

    They found a way to generate steady revenues without ever bothering to add to the game or even fix it, and it's despicable.
  • Renato10Renato10 Posts: 447 Member
    I do not like kits because of the content.
    Honestly we didn't needed kits at all when TS4 is the game that offers more stuff than gameplay already.
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