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    I haven't noticed a huge increase, dying of laughter has always been the most common danger in my games, after freezing to death lol. It's just way too easy to be super happy. Tho, with some sentiments now causing playfulness, and the new like system which can add even more random happy moodlets, just walking into a room can sometimes cause instant hysteria these days.

    That's what happened with this sim, who was so happy spending Winterfest with her family and got a playful moodlet from having a sentiment with one of her kids. Walked into the room where they were decorating the tree, and BOOM, dead before I even I had a chance to do anything about it lol.


    Fortunately in this case Grim listened to her husband's pleas and took pity on them, choosing not to take her away on a holiday right in front of her four children :(

    This exactly. All of the happy moodlets stack up so quickly that its instant hysteria. Unfortunately, she was home alone so no one could plead with the grim reaper. Is there a cheat to stop it without mods? I tried to reset her but that just caused instant death before Grim could even finish taking her.
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    I commented on Youtube that it is very hard for death to occur in The Sims 4 without interfering... I cursed myself.
    Had all kind of deaths in 1 week.
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    Happened to Madeline, but she was brought back by her spouse pleading to Grim. It was one of those "I was tabbed out when she died" and luckily I came back the very moment Grim appeared. There would've been no Madison and therefore no Melody and her 6 children and no Miranda and that would've ended Josephine's blood line lol.
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