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Yet another scenario gameplay thread



  • EnkiSchmidtEnkiSchmidt Posts: 3,914 Member
    At this point Tamara had gathered all the intel she had come for, now it was time to made amends to everyone who had unwittingly contributed. And so the next party the woman threw, a keg party in the Phillips penthouse, she hosted as her real self. Also invited were Elijah Kamski, the Thorntons and the Cahills.


    Caroline wasn’t shy about expressing her opinion about someone using her family:

    “You lied to me and little Emma, you kept lying to us when we trusted you, using us as like tools in your own schemes!”


    Elijah: *whistles*

    Amadeus: “What?”

    Caroline: “Sorry, Kamski, but this man is already spoken for!”


    At this point Tamara had already come to the conclusion that the company Amadeus was CEO of, CyberLife, needed government aid. The other major job provider in Detroit, the Rooftop Farm, just couldn't manage the number of people looking for jobs on its own. The help came with a series of requirements: CyberLife needs to keep the Space Program running and dedicate funds to android health, even though neither would rake in the large profits Amadeus had in mind.

    (That doesn't mean much for the scenario, but both are very big plot points for my overall story.)
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  • EnkiSchmidtEnkiSchmidt Posts: 3,914 Member
    The next to receive a little attention from the government was Urban Farms. Tamara hosted a Gala dinner at the Rooftop Farm to bring some publicity to the place.

    The “Gala Dinner” was actually a sampling of cakes and pies made with fruit from the rooftop farm.


    Byron: “Well, this is something! UFD has succesfully fended off large scale investors and politicians alike for two decades now. But for you they made an exception... Governor Donner.”

    Tamara: “Mr. Khanna made this exception not for the Governor, but for Tammy. This is the first place where I felt welcome after coming to Detroit. I want the farm to continue make people feel good and cared for.”


    Byron: “I guess so. And I’ll watch your career with interest...”

    Tamara: “That... was a joke, yes?”

    Byron: “Wish it was. But, see, I’m like those gnarly, dark trees, while you are the lush and full and glowy ones. They may share the same soil, but they belong to different worlds.”

    Tamara: “Yet they both nourish something: The Sixam Plasma Fruit is a critical part in the vampire diet and the Growfruit are the best fertilizer there is.”


    Tamara: “Since this my last night in Detroit, I might just as well parttake in a tradition of this city: Stealing the rooftop farm’s rocketship! - It has two seats, by the way...”


    Dang, Byron was right! The Thorntons really need a reduction in rent. Everytime that thing launches, the apartment building’s windows need serious cleaning.

    The next morning:


    Byron: “I want to believe I only dreamed that we crashed the UFD’s insanely expensive rocketship in the countryside. But I can still smell the burning rubber and cables.”

    Tamara: “Too bad! Then we have no choice but to stay together until we have repaired it...”


    Tamara and Byron had not even fully settled in, when a friend from Detroit waltzed through the front gate: George Cahill!

    Zooming a bit further in... yep, I was right. That’s Caroline in the little park.

    And over there at the town square...


    Peggy: “Hello, I’m Peggy Reed! We haven’t met, but Caroline is my grandma!”

    I’m melting! Caro has Peggy for the weekend! This may open the door to Caroline’s and Daniel’s family branches spending Thanksgiving 2047 together - another useless fact in the light of the scenario, but so welcome for my save. I must say, this scenario is doing the Detroit save some serious good.

    But how did all her friends find Tamara so quickly? Well, I guess a rocketship is hard to overlook.

    Oh, what gives. Better invite the couple from yesterday's Welcome Wagon and call an impromptu party!
    my sims blog alternates between gameplay with the Villareal and picture stories with my Detroit (android) sims
  • EnkiSchmidtEnkiSchmidt Posts: 3,914 Member

    I only have Seasons for two days, so when “Attempt to kiss under a mistletoe” appeared in my sims’ romance menu constantly, I assumed a bug or mod issue.

    Out of curiosity I clicked the option, expecting that they’d maybe try to rout somewhere and then wave failure. But then Daneel did this:


    And that is the story of how I learned that sims carry mistletoes to go.


    Next time we'll see Tamara and Byron, there will be fall in Finchwick, too.
    my sims blog alternates between gameplay with the Villareal and picture stories with my Detroit (android) sims
  • EnkiSchmidtEnkiSchmidt Posts: 3,914 Member

    Both Tamara and Byron had taken vacation days, but their getaway from civilisation wasn’t also a bubble outside time. The lovers could ignore the calendar, they couldn’t just un-see the leaves turning yellow, brown and red.

    “What a cold summer we have!” Byron remarked, and: “What a rainy summer we have!”

    Tamara understood her boyfriend was quoting some piece of litarature, and even though she didn’t recognize the phrases*, she knew full well what they meant. Their “summer” had long turned into fall.

    *... From “Ronja, Brigand’s daughter” a children’s book by Astrid Lindgren



    Their “Goodbye, Summer” party was a full success wiith the neighbors. It also took away from the sting of having to return into their old lives again soon.


    Her mission was finished, but the rocketship wasn’t fixed yet, and before Tamara had not fulfilled that obligation, she couldn’t return home.

    Nobody said out loud that Urban Farms could have sent over a couple of technicians and a lawryer anytime they wanted... What people were talking about about were the wonderful autumn and Tammy’s barbecue parties in the Bramblewoods.


    Autumn! That sounded much softer than Fall.
    my sims blog alternates between gameplay with the Villareal and picture stories with my Detroit (android) sims
  • EnkiSchmidtEnkiSchmidt Posts: 3,914 Member

    Legend had it that the rooftop farm’s foremen, Meriadoc and Peregrin Trent, had cobbled together the original rocketship in their freetime, falling back on their android brains, improvisation skill and lots of enthusiasm. That might or might not be true, in any case a janitor and a rocketscience hobbyist couldn’t put the pieces back together on their own.

    Their friends from Detroit, like Master Fabricator Lime here, helped with spare parts and advice until one day...


    Byron: “There, done! We even gave it a new paint job!”

    Tamara: “You did that - I only wiggled the spray can at the spot you pointed at. It looks great!"


    Naturally the finished project warranted another party, the second-to-last for Tamara’s aspiration.

    Meriadoc: “You’ll want to give her a test ride...”


    The sight of a rocketship launching from Finchwick was certainly something!

    In the weeks to come the image became available on posters, cups, mousepads and whatnot in the little town’s souvenier shop. It also made the cover of several magazines - and with that Governor Tamara Donner was back in public view.
    my sims blog alternates between gameplay with the Villareal and picture stories with my Detroit (android) sims
  • EnkiSchmidtEnkiSchmidt Posts: 3,914 Member
    Tamara’s carefree party life soon got replaced by conferences and charity streams again, while Byron returned to repairing apartment fixtures. Their dates became rarer, but that made them only moreso precious (and wild).

    One day Tamara found herself in Port Lllamante, at some obscure Rocket Science & the environment conference. George Cahill was there, too, and even tried to flirt a little. That was the moment when it finally clicked that they were long a couple and should make it official first thing Tamara returned to Michigan!


    When I had just purchased Dine Out, date invitation would always lead to Selvadorada, the cantina being my only restaurant back then. Now I have eight or ten restaurants, and guess where date invitations still lead to? :D


    And with this last social event Tamara finished her aspiration & the scenario. I’ve lost track of time, but her stats say she slept 25 times, so taking naps into account I’d say I played her for something like three weeks? In-story it was closer to two months: two weeks in Detroit and an unspecified amount of time in Finchwick (but not into winter).

    I saved Tamara and Byron to my library, then deleted them from the rotational save. They can make appearances in future story scenes, but I don’t want my sims to randomly run into the Governor and her fiance in normal gameplay.

    And that concludes the second scenario I played. I also made and discarded again several plans for the Millionaire scenario, without committing to one of them. I’m not interested in any of the other EA scenarios.
    my sims blog alternates between gameplay with the Villareal and picture stories with my Detroit (android) sims
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