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Tales From The Myst Update: Halloween



  • cynciecyncie Posts: 3,561 Member
    That was delightful :)

    So many cool shots of the tavern too. It's like a character in its own right.
    (Ok I get that Caleb is interested in Anaya, but, Caleb and Oberon would be desperately cute together, and you wrote them a pretty perfect meet-cute)

    Glad you enjoyed it!
    LOL at the meet-cute. I'm afraid Caleb's interest in Anaya is going to remain unrequited. I set them up as a possible romance, but she's gone for Oberon in the game.

  • GlacierSnowGlacierSnow Posts: 1,746 Member
    Excellent chapter! I'm very interested to see what happens next.
    Seventeen & Maldusk Forum thread link
  • cynciecyncie Posts: 3,561 Member
    @GlacierSnow Thanks for reading. I’m kind of curious where this is going, myself. I’ll let you know when I figure it out. 😀

  • cynciecyncie Posts: 3,561 Member
    Warning: spoilers for Werewolf pack lore.

    This is purely a text story. I wrote it as a writing exercise to fit my backstory for Morgyn and the Myst in with the new lore from the Werewolf pack. As I've said, my goal is to develop this game story without deviating too far from the characters of the premade occults as they are in game and sticking as closely as possible to the in-game lore. I was pleasantly surprised to find that my backstory could fit within the new occult lore without many changes. Here is my attempt at reconciling the two.
    Mooncasters, Mages and The Myst

    Morgyn Ember took his bearings as he flashed into the entryway of The Blue Moon Tavern. Seeing that the “OPEN” light was turned off, Morgyn understood this meant the mystic business was not currently in the human realm. Situated in a dimensional and supernatural crossroads, with no fixed point in time or space, the Blue Moon Tavern maintains a habit of slipping in and out of human contact at the will of its proprietor. When it is open, it's available for all who can find it. When closed, it retreats into The Twilight. Luckily, Morgyn is one of the few who can always find it whenever they want. At least, until Oberon Lazuli decides otherwise.

    Morgyn gave a slight rap on the door and waited for his friend and mentor to answer. He was surprised to see a young woman pulling it open, but he was not nearly as surprised to see her as she was to see him.

    “Ummm... we're closed,” she said, her voice betraying confusion as she waved a hand toward the light.

    “I see that.”

    “We never see anyone when we're closed. I'm not sure it's even possible.”

    Morgyn smiled. “Well, it's a good thing I'm not just anyone. And, for some people, anything is possible. Is Oberon in?”

    The young lady seemed to be trying to decide between slamming the door in Morgyn's face, or making some kind of stand against this unexpected intruder. She drew herself up, preparing for whatever her next action would be, until a quiet voice from behind made her pause.

    “Let him in, Anaya. It's fine.”

    Anaya visibly relaxed at her boss's assurance, and standing aside, let Morgyn Ember enter The Blue Moon.

    As Morgyn's gaze swept the familiar barroom, a wave of nostalgia flooded over him. Even before Morgyn knew him, Oberon Lazuli had been an instrumental force in his life, even to the point of keeping him alive in his childhood. It was Oberon who arranged for his adoption to human parents. It was Oberon who mentored him as his powers manifested and guided him along the path his ancestors had laid out for him. And, it was Oberon he sought out whenever he needed insight into hidden and dark things.

    Morgyn found his friend sitting at the fireplace, reading. Oberon looked up from his book. His sparkling blue eyes met Morgyn's and he waved a friendly hand in invitation. Morgyn sank into the opposite chair with a sigh.

    Oberon laughed softly and spoke to the young lady still hovering nearby. “Anaya, please bring Mage Ember something strong. I think he needs it.”

    “A new companion?” Morgyn asked, as Anaya made her way across the room and disappeared behind the bar. “What happened to the other one?”

    “Oh, Mau is still here. Still a cat who was once a Spellcaster.”

    Morgyn drew a sharp breath. Something about the comment was causing him apparent distress. Oberon pretended not to notice.

    “Poor Mau has an unfortunate propensity for skunks, though,” Oberon continued. “As you might expect, it severely limits his companion-ability. So, when Anaya showed up and wanted to stay, I was open to the idea.”

    The young lady in question returned with a pot of something hot, strong and soothing, then discreetly disappeared downstairs. As Morgyn sipped the concoction, he felt his equilibrium returning, somewhat. Setting his mug down, he turned to his companion.

    “So. What do I do?”

    Oberon arched an eyebrow. “About?”

    Morgyn frowned. “You know what I'm talking about. You know everything. The people of Forgotten Hollow are trying to establish an alliance with The Myst.”

    “So I've heard.”

    “We can't do that.”

    “Why not?”

    “You know why not.”

    “Ah, yes. That whole Spellcaster/werewolf war with the vampires thing.”

    “It's hardly just a thing. It's history. The vampires have always been the enemies of the Spellcasters and the werewolves. We have a fairly strong alliance with Moonwood Mills. They will never accept Forgotten Hollow, no matter how sincerely Caleb Vatore tries to convince anyone otherwise. And neither will the Spellcasters in The Myst. But, to directly turn them down risks antagonizing an already touchy situation.”

    “And, why do you bring this to me? Is this not a matter for The Myst, and especially the Spellcasters, to resolve... Maestri Ember?”

    Morgyn started. Very few people knew his true title, and no one ever used it. No one.

    “What?” Morgyn's tone was defensive as he perched on the edge of his chair.

    Oberon leaned in, fixing Morgyn with an intense gaze. “It seems to me the Spellcasters created this mess. I don't look to them to repair it. At least, not any time soon. But I have to ask, how does this involve the last of The Arcanes?”

    Morgyn gripped the arms of his chair as Oberon continued.

    “The Spellcasters created a bit of a problem, overreaching with their limited knowledge of magic, creating both vampires and werewolves. The rivalry has existed for ages and is undoubtedly violent and intense. It will not be easy to resolve. But what about you, Morgyn Ember? You who are the Last of The Arcanes. The Arcanes, who are the progenitors of all magic. The Ancients. You, Maestri Morgyn Ember. You are not a mere Spellcaster. So, what does this all mean for you?”

    Morgyn's voice became strained. “When my people knew they were a threatened race, they imparted magic to humans. The human Spellcasters... made... mistakes.”

    “I would call that an understatement. Their inability with Untamed Magic resulted in vampires who attacked them. Their need for defense resulted in werewolves who have difficulty controlling their animal instincts. And on top of all that, they destroyed the Magic Realm... originally the home of The Arcanes and the source of their own magic. Yes. I would say they made some mistakes.”

    “If we had not given them magic, none of this would have occurred.”


    “But then, the magic would be dead.”

    “Also true.”

    Oberon refilled their mugs, then sat back in his chair, thoughtfully watching the steam drift above the rim of his cup.

    “You are in a unique position, Morgyn Ember. You are Arcane. You are not a Spellcaster, even if your strongest alliance and identification is with them. If the Spellcasters in The Myst can't accept Forgotten Hollow, then that is certainly their privilege. And, if the residents of Moonwood Mill never accept the people of Forgotten Hollow, so be it. But never forget... you are not one of them. Never forget who you are.”

    Oberon took a slow, careful sip of his drink before continuing.

    “Besides, a position of neutrality from someone with great power can be a great advantage if all involved should collectively face a uniquely different threat. Then alliances become much more desirable.”

    “Threat? Like what?”

    Oberon smiled. “As I told a certain ambitious vampire, that remains to be seen.”

    Morgyn was about to press Oberon about his visit with Caleb Vatore, when a strong odor assailed his nostrils, making him gag.

    “Oh, my...what?” Morgyn choked, his eyes watering.

    Oberon cringed. “Mau.”

    As the Spellcaster turned servile cat proudly traipsed through the room to his supper bowl, the rancid smell of skunk wafting behind, Oberon and Morgyn retreated to the outdoors for some fresh air.

    “I should work on a reversal for that curse,” Morgan commented, between coughs.

    “I wouldn't bother. I have a feeling he likes it this way. Besides, I'm not sure it would change his affinity for skunks, and I'd much rather bathe a cat. But Morgyn?”


    “A very supernaturally strong deodorizer would be greatly appreciated.”

  • KbobsterKbobster Posts: 149 Member
    Wow, amazing.
  • cynciecyncie Posts: 3,561 Member
    Kbobster wrote: »
    Wow, amazing.

    Thanks for reading!
  • GlacierSnowGlacierSnow Posts: 1,746 Member
    Cool! I like this idea.
    Seventeen & Maldusk Forum thread link
  • mightyspritemightysprite Posts: 3,812 Member
    Oo, I like the occult origin story :)
  • cynciecyncie Posts: 3,561 Member
    @GlacierSnow @mightysprite Thank you for reading!
  • cynciecyncie Posts: 3,561 Member
    edited July 2022
    This is a short resolution to a story that started months ago, but I played it out several ways, and like this one the best. Please excuse the lower picture resolution. I had to move my whole game to a new save due to a corruption and forgot to reset the graphics before doing the play through.

    Spirit Rights and Other Things

    Guidry gingerly made his way through the thick brush to a long-forgotten section of the Mooncrest Havens Cemetery. This was the original graveyard, now abandoned, ancient and crumbling. As Guidry drifted through the remains of Mooncrest's history, he was mindful of the damaged and broken memorials of long forgotten citizens scattered through the brambles and vines that twisted and wound through the fenced in sections. There was a sadness here, a sense of sorrow and lost potential that made even the usually chipper Guidry feel a bit blue. Guidry shuddered a little, hoping he would always be able to maintain a connection with the living that would keep him relevant to the new world. Death was one thing. Being forgotten was something else, entirely.

    Guidry paused at the door of the ancient mausoleum. His friend and partner in the Guidry-Albert Plan for Spirit's Rights, George Albert, had recently moved his family from the modern section of the cemetery to this old, decaying portion. It was a move that baffled Guidry, especially as the Guidry-Albert Plan had been successfully presented in the Mystic Assembly and was able to secure better living options for all non-corporeal residents of The Myst. It was a point that George had been intensely adamant about, and yet, his response to the additional housing choices seemed to have been to actively seek out a decided downgrade. With a shrug, Guidry knocked on the door.


    “Come in!” George's jovial voice boomed from inside.

    Guidry let himself into the mausoleum and, finding the stairs to the basement level, drifted down to meet his friend. He had to admit that the Albert's new home was much less crowded and much better appointed than the previous home in the main cemetery chapel. There were more rooms, better furniture, and a nice baby grand piano sat in the middle of the parlor. But, he thought, even with all the niceties, it's still just a crypt. Why not take this opportunity to move into a real home? After a few minutes of small talk, the friends got to the point of Guidry's visit.

    “So,” George said, rubbing his hands together in anticipation as they settled onto a sofa. “Tell me all about it!”

    “You should have been there. You're the co-author of the bill.”

    “Yeah. Well, I don't like to get out much. Besides, I knew you'd do fine. Did you get pictures?”

    “Of course!”

    “Show me!” George was beside himself as he broke out a dusty bottle of something fizzy and passed a glass to his friend. Guidry took out his phone and flipped through the photos. He hoped George could at least share some secondhand joy of seeing the Guidry-Albert plan go to the Mystic Assembly. As George studied the pictures, Guidry kept up a running commentary.


    “I was pretty nervous,” Guidry admitted. “I spent a long time practicing that speech.

    “I'll bet!”

    “But, on the day of the vote, I met with Morgyn Ember beforehand. He assured me that the Council of All Magic was backing the plan.”


    “Great!” George enthused. “So, they were in agreement? No changes?”

    “Not many. Of course, then I had to make my speech to the Assembly.”

    “How'd you do?”

    “Not too bad. I guess. I don't think I looked too frightened.”


    George leaned in to look at the picture. “Nah. You look great! I read that the vote was greatly in our favor.”

    “It was. Several proposals were presented. Ours passed. Unfortunately for Forgotten Hollow, their petition for an alliance didn't.”

    'Oooh,” George mused. “Is that a problem?”

    Guidry shrugged. “I guess we'll find out.”

    Guidry started to put his phone away, then abruptly remembered something else.

    “How could I forget. This is the plaque that was made to commemorate our full inclusion in The Myst. Morgyn says it will remain in the main lobby for a while.”


    “You should go see it,” Guidry encouraged.

    “Yeah,” George said, nodding. “I really should. The kids would like this.”

    Guidry switched off the phone and, leaning back on the sofa, gave his friend a long look. “I don't get it, George. You pushed so hard for equality, especially in housing, and now that we have it, you're still just hanging out in the graveyard. Why?”

    George shrugged. “I like it here.”

    “But, you could have a house.”

    “I don't want a house. I just don't want others telling me I can't have a house, see?”

    Guidry nodded, unsure. The rest of the day was spent in celebratory beverages, pleasant small talk and excited plans for the future. Noting that the hour had grown late, Guidry finally said his goodbyes and headed back toward his nicely appointed house.

    Sitting in the dusk on a bench in the overgrown remnants of the Mooncrest cemetery, Guidry reflected on his visit. George knew what he wanted. He was content with the existence he now had. Guidry had been content until he moved to The Myst, but had been restless ever since. Until this. Until the Guidry-Albert plan. He had been having a hard time putting his feelings about all of this into words. But, now he knew why he had uncharacteristically gotten involved in the politics of The Myst and what the Guidry-Albert plan actually represented. For him, it was about having a meaningful existence. But, as George pointed out, it was also about freedom. Because, as Guidry was beginning to realize, none are free until we're all free.


  • GlacierSnowGlacierSnow Posts: 1,746 Member
    Good update. I like George.

    I wonder what the ramification of Forgotten Hollow's petition being denied is going to be.

    Good to see the magic counsel backing the ghosts though.
    Seventeen & Maldusk Forum thread link
  • cynciecyncie Posts: 3,561 Member
    edited July 2022
    Good update. I like George.

    I wonder what the ramification of Forgotten Hollow's petition being denied is going to be.

    Good to see the magic counsel backing the ghosts though.

    Hey, thanks. George is a sort of interesting guy. I created him just for this part of the story, to be an ally to Guidry. Of course, I had to give him an interesting backstory. He has strong reasons for preferring to stay in the cemetery. Guidry has a suspicion about why, but it’s never been directly stated.
    The switch up in the status of Forgotten Hollow came about because of the Werewolf GP. Since my storytelling and gameplay are directly linked, and I have a rule to stay as true to the game characters and lore as possible, the new pack introduced some changes. Caleb’s petition was headed in a different direction, but had to be altered to fit the change in the lore. That’s one of the reasons this segment is a little underdeveloped. I needed to resolve this issue, but didn’t have much play time in to run it out in game. It will be interesting to see how a conflict might develop between Forgotten Hollow, Moonwood Mill, and The Myst.
  • cynciecyncie Posts: 3,561 Member
    edited September 2022
    The Cursed and The Cowplant

    Rowan Thomas hit the ground with a thud that jarred him to the bones. The slime and stink of cowplant breath made him violently gag as he struggled to his feet and faced Bossy with a disappointed glare. It was hard to tell, but she seemed to be grinning as she joined Bossy 2, happily swaying as the cowbells around their necks clanged.


    Rowan groaned, and turning away, trudged back to the house to clean up. He wearily ran the water and sinking into the tub, began liberally applying soap to a sponge. As the scent of citrus began to clear the fog in his brain, he relaxed in the sudsy comfort of a nice, hot bath.


    He should have known better. He'd been down this road before. When he first found the small cowplant growing in his backyard, he knew they were dangerous. But he nurtured the little sprout to maturity, named it Bossy, and made it his friend. So, he was hungry. There was cake.


    And, he thought, after years of companionship, maybe things would be different this time. He was wrong.


    Of course, he was wrong. He was cursed.

    Rowan came from a mixed heritage. His family line included both human and spellcaster ancestors, but the spellcaster lineage had gotten pretty weak by the time Rowan came along. So, even though he loved magic, he just wasn't very good at it. And, when you're not good at it, you get cursed. And curses, especially during the Magic Purge, get you banished to Forgotten Hollow, with all of the other cursed beings. The occasional visit to magic neutral San Myshuno was now the only “normal” thing about Rowan's life.

    So, here he was, in a world established by vampires and populated with other undead types, trying to live a life.

    The water was beginning to cool, so Rowan turned the hot water spigot to warm things up. A spray of decidedly cold water hit him in the face as the handle fell off into the tub. Rowan fished it out, and fumbling against the force of the water, managed to replace it and turn the cold water off before his bath was completely sabotaged.

    He sighed and sank back into the foam. It was all part of the cursing. Things were always breaking in this house. But, if only broken objects were the worst of it, he'd feel lucky. He also had to deal with nightly visits from the ghosts that inhabited the graveyard next door. And someone, somewhere, had a voodoo doll with his name on it. In spite of it all, he was usually able to make the best of things and not let it get to him.

    Except for that one time...

    Rowan shuddered at the memory. Sometimes, when magic backfires, the results can be devastating.

    His name is Isaac, but most spellcasters know him as The Night Wraith. And that was one curse that Rowan thought would finally push him over the edge. He dreaded nightfall. Even in a world populated by vampires, Isaac was the worst thing about Rowan's evenings. He stalked, he screamed, he terrorized Rowan to the point of exhaustion.


    And the irony was... he lived next door.

    Being not-so-good at magic, Rowan wasn't able to remove the curse from himself. Luckily, he had a chance meeting with Morgyn Ember at the San Myshuno Spice Festival and was able to tell him his story.


    A few days later, a curse cleansing potion arrived in the mail. Rowan didn't hesitate to use it to free both himself and Isaac from the curse. It worked, but neighborhood gatherings were still a bit awkward.

    But then, everything in his life was a bit awkward. His friends included vampires, cowplants, and a zombie; and his crush was a lovely vampire whose dream in life is to have a big vampire family. If Bossy doesn't get him, Rowan thought, his girlfriend might.


    Rowan clambered out of the tub and dried himself off. As he got dressed, he could hear the sound of Bossy's boombox sputtering back to life. Like everything else in the house, it had a habit of breaking. He had worked on it early that morning, but thought it was a lost cause.

    Making his way to the backyard, he could see Bossy and Bossy 2 bopping to the beat of the pop music channel. As he approached, Bossy nodded in his direction, waiting for him to join them. He smiled at the clear invitation, and even though he was drained from his experience, he managed to break out a few moves.

    After all, Rowan figured, he may be cursed, but it didn't have to matter in every moment of every day. He had come to a bit of a revelation recently. His life might not be “normal.” It might even be difficult. But, even when you've been banished to Forgotten Hollow and you're just not a very good spellcaster, there are still special moments. And when your best friend is a cowplant, you take your friendships any way you can find them.

    And you dance, anyway.


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  • mightyspritemightysprite Posts: 3,812 Member
    Loved it. Rowan is one special dude.

  • cynciecyncie Posts: 3,561 Member
    @mightysprite Awww… thanks!
  • GlacierSnowGlacierSnow Posts: 1,746 Member
    Great chapter! Poor Rowen, life sure is rough for him.

    I love the dancing picture!
    Seventeen & Maldusk Forum thread link
  • cynciecyncie Posts: 3,561 Member
    @GlacierSnow Thank you! I’ll probably do a few character vignettes like this that don’t really contribute to the larger story. I have quite a few favorites that aren’t major players in the scheme of things, but are part of what makes my world special to me.

    The screenshot of Rowan and Morgyn at the Festival was completely unstaged. I thought it was just Rowan’s luck that Tragic Clown decided to sit down with him!
  • _sims_Yimi_sims_Yimi Posts: 1,622 Member
    Aw, sounds like Rowan had it rough. Getting banished because you’re suffering from a curse is kind of just adding insult to injury, isn’t it? You’d think the best place to get help to get rid of curses is… well, anywhere other than Forgotten Hollow. I’m glad that Morgyn could help him out. Heh, at least he has Bossy and Bossy 2 to keep him company. That last picture of them all dancing to pop music together is Peak Sims Energy 😆
  • cynciecyncie Posts: 3,561 Member
    edited October 2022
    @_sims_Yimi Thanks for reading! Rowan was banished from the human world before The Myst was formed as a haven for magical beings. As a spellcaster, he should now be eligible to apply for admission to The Myst, but his Watcher likes him just where he is. My in-story reason for why he stays is that he feels an odd kinship with the others there, and…well…he just hasn’t thought to ask.

    And, cow plant dance parties are definitely very Sim.
  • cynciecyncie Posts: 3,561 Member
    I have no idea if anyone wants to read this. It's not really in a story format and is pretty cut and dry. This is my backstory and game timeline for my current save. I had it sketched out but wanted to fill in some blanks created by new material, so I've been working on it. Someone might find it interesting, and maybe helpful if you're following my game or my stories. Anyway, it's here if you want to read it.
    Reference Backstory and Game Timeline


    Ancient Times and Origins of Magic

    In early times, humans and other nature beings lived comfortably together in the Sim World. Human-like species included imps, elves, gnomes, finfolk, Yeti, and others, along with unique non-human species, such as sea creatures, dragons and unicorns. None of these beings possessed magic, yet.

    Separated from the human world, secreted away in another dimension, was Arcanum, the land of The Arcane. Powerful, magical energy permeated the Arcane world, and the Arcane, themselves, were masters of its power.

    The Arcane: These beings were human-like but were not human. Magical energy flowed through them and was the source of their lives, relationships and society. The Arcane engaged in relationships through their psychic energies, and so were asexual. Reproduction required a long process of psychic union. In appearance, the Arcane were androgynous, reflecting their nature. They were usually slight of build, of average height, with soft features that reflected both masculine and feminine characteristics. Their delicate appearance disguised the power that dwelt within, and their eyes held a faint glimmer of magic energy that intensified to a glow when they cast magic.

    Arcanum: The world the Arcane lived in was a celebration of their own achievement in harmony with nature. Flower stalks and buds, vine tendrils, insect wings, and other delicate and sinuous natural objects were woven into their architecture and art, melding with the symbols of their supernatural powers.

    Lifestyle: The Arcane were social with deep connections through their psychic bonds. As connections deepened, group relationships formed, such as psychic friendships, and deeper relationships could progress to bonding. An intensely paired bonding would establish a bond mate and could produce a child. Children were raised, not only by the parents, but by the community at large.

    The War with The Shadowland: At some point in history, the protective barrier around Arcanum was breached by the Shadows, a violent supernatural race from another dimension, and a war ensued. While the Arcane were able to drive the Shadows back to their world and restore the barrier, Arcanum suffered damage and the number of its citizens was greatly diminished. Although humans didn't know it, this barrier also protected their world from the Shadows. Since the barrier required magic to sustain it, the decline in Arcane numbers coupled with their slow rate of reproduction meant that magic needed to be disseminated into areas outside of Arcanum. So, the Arcane created a portal into the human Sim World.

    The First Magic Age

    Arcane “travelers” went into the Sim world to share limited magic with those who were receptive to it. Even though they were androgynous, the Arcane could present as male or female, if needed. In sim mythology, these travelers are referred to as wizards, enchanters, wise women, shaman, kahuna, etc in recognition of their mystical skills. Finfolk who could receive magic became merfolk. Imps became fairies. Humans became nature mages, alchemists or spellcasters, depending on their skills. Over time, these newly minted magical beings began to develop societies and customs of their own, centering on their magical gifts. As the use of magic increased, the barrier protecting the worlds was strengthened. Eventually, the Arcane allowed the most promising spellcasters to come through the portal to Arcanum to study directly with them. Spellcasters began to emulate some of the Arcane culture, art and style and incorporated it into their own.

    The First Purge

    Humans who could not receive the gift of magic began to see their own influence dwindling as the use of magic grew. Fear began to grip them, and they violently struck out at all magic beings, especially spellcasters and The Arcane. Many were killed during the purge, and the numbers of the remaining Arcane became critical. The violence resulted in magic beings retreating into their own “lands” for protection, with some spellcaster families hiding their skills for generations as humans asserted their dominance. Higher ranking spellcasters continued to train at Arcanum but began to dream of a more advanced magic that would allow them to resist the violence of the humans. On their own and with little guidance from what was left of The Arcane, their efforts backfired. Their attempts at Untamed Magic managed to create vampires, and in their attempt to protect themselves from the vampires, they became mooncasters and wound up creating werewolves. The vampires settled in Forgotten Hollow, which humans began using as a dumping ground for all cursed beings. Werewolves mostly stayed in Moonwood Mill, where the spellcasters that became mooncasters had originally lived. Realizing that they were not going to be successful, the rest of the spellcasters retreated to Glimmerbrook and the ruins of Arcanum, closing the portal to all but a select few.

    Morgyn Ember: Knowing that they were now a dying race, The Arcane began to plan for the survival of Full Magic as they hoped for just one more of their kind to be born. After centuries of human dominance with magic in hiding, the last of the Arcane arrived to the Ember bond mates. The child was named Morgyn, a name that could be used whether they chose to present as male or female. During a very energy intensive rite, the infant was imbued with immortality and all of the power of The Arcane. At that same time, every tome of high-level magic was sealed away, to only be opened by Morgyn as the child gained ever increasing power and self-control. The vastness of Arcane magic would live or die with Morgyn Ember.

    The Arcane trusted their most precious possession to Oberon Lazuli, a member of the Curators, an interdimensional race who used their knowledge of time and dimensional space to help direct the world's outcomes. Oberon placed Morgyn in the foster care of a nomadic family with nature magic, the Romas. Morgyn grew up traveling the world and gaining knowledge about humans until his powers manifested in his teenage years. He then spent a few years in Mooncrest, a magic sanctuary city. There he met and befriended other magical beings, including lifelong friends Musette and Eldon, a fairy and wood elf. Eventually, he found his way to Glimmerbrook and “The Magic Realm” as Arcanum was now called. Oberon continued to provide protection and mentoring as Morgyn's own people had faded out of existence.

    On arrival at The Magic Realm, Morgyn immediately proved to be an outstanding student. He did not hesitate to tackle Untamed Magic, with Tess Dyer, the Sage of Untamed, becoming his direct mentor. Once he had mastered that, he moved on to all other branches of magic, easily mastering them, as well.

    When Sages Tess, Keisha and Ethern chose to retire, Morgyn and his classmates, L. Faba and Simeon Silversweater, were named as their replacements. For quite a few years, they mentored a very select group of spellcasters in the ruins of Arcanum, thus secretly keeping the magic alive.

    (This is where my first game began. The following events resulted from my original game play with Morgyn.)

    The Magic Renaissance

    During the years that Morgyn was serving as Sage of Untamed Magic, the children and grandchildren of spellcasters that had gone underground during the purge began to reclaim their heritage. With no governmental support, a youth movement began on high school and college campuses with the goal to identify and train a new generation of spellcasters and open up the world to enable them to use magic freely.

    Nikki Song, a young spellcaster activist, and Jace Holder, a young computer programmer, met in their freshman year of college. Jace was smitten with the beautiful Nikki and became an immediate supporter of her cause. Nikki was training with Simeon Silversweater at The Magic Realm and sometimes acted as Morgyn's assistant. With Simeon's help, Jace wrote an adventure video game called “Realm of Magic” that featured the digital versions of the actual Sages as guides. The game was able to identify latent spellcaster traits and wound up starting many new spellcasters on the road to discovering basic skills. Realm of Magic was an instant success, with RoM clubs and cosplay groups springing up all over the world.

    With the Spellcaster movement out in the open and gaining traction, social and political support began to shift in the favor of Magic. President Alex Moyer declared a national Magic Heritage Day, communities began restoring areas that had been previously inhabited by magic beings, and all magic beings began to mingle freely with the human populations again. Moyer called her program the Renaissance of Magic. For several years, Arcane Chic was considered the “cool” fashion look.

    Unfortunately, in the next election cycle, magic friendly Alex Moyer lost to anti-magic Ron Bragg, thus ushering in the Second Magic Purge.

    The Second Purge and Shadow Intrusions

    Ron Bragg won his election with the assistance of a group of Sixam aliens hiding out in Oasis Springs and Strangerville. The planet Sixam isn't usually a threat, but these aliens were the descendants of an exploration group that crashed and were never rescued. They had lived several generations in disguise and were eager to take their own place among the people. A petition for inclusion in President Moyer's Renaissance Program had been denied, because President Moyer felt adding aliens to the mix at this time was a step too far for the public.

    The Sixams, perhaps under the influence of “Mother,” decided to back Bragg by providing access to alien technology. Using mass hypnosis techniques and a lot of misinformation, Bragg was able to convince people who had just been celebrating Spellcaster Chic that magic was a threat to their existence. He won the election, and thus began a second purge of magic beings, who once again retreated to their own lands. Bounties were placed on the heads of the most well-known magics, including Nikki and Jace, The Sages, and especially Morgyn Ember.

    As magic was repressed, the world began to experience intrusions of The Shadows into the human world. The intrusions threatened everyone and everything and caused a great deal of panic among the people. Bragg tried to blame the magics, and for a time, the public believed him. Many powerful people, however, were beginning to see that something else had to be done. Under public pressure, Bragg offered reconciliation to the magics by sending an offer to The Magic Realm. When the offer proved to be nothing more than a ruse, L Faba, Simeon and Morgyn went on the run to protect the integrity of The Magic Realm. Bragg pursued them using Sixam tracking and energy blocking technology.

    After a particularly strong intrusion in Sulani that claimed the lives of L Faba and Simeon, many influential people pointed out that the intrusions were not being caused by the magics but were the result of the magic weakening. The realization that persecuting magic beings was endangering everyone became more prevalent.

    Alex Moyer was able to win re-election in the next cycle, running on a pro-magic platform to shore up the magic barrier and shut down the intrusions. Once she gained office, she enlisted the help of Morgyn and the magic beings to recharge the barrier, thus ending the threat from The Shadows.

    Betrayal and Final Withdrawal

    The magic beings were happy that Alex Moyer was once again president, but Bragg still had a great deal of influence. He threatened to eliminate magic in his own way and mobilized para-military magic hunters that trained in the desert and staged violent responses to anything having to do with magic. Moyer's attempts to restart the Magic Renaissance were often met with violent confrontations and magic beings felt that they had targets on their backs.

    Morgyn's mentor and former Sage of the Untamed, Tess Dyer had stepped in to act as an ambassador between the magic world and the human one. She worked with Alex Moyer in an attempt to bring a peaceful resolution to the violence that Bragg continued to foment. But, when President Moyer sided with the Sixams in a conflict with the spellcasters, it was decided that magic beings could not co-exist with humans. The solution was the formation of The Myst.

    The Myst

    The Myst was created by an agreement among the areas of the world that had the most magic representation. The human government had no say in its formation. A Fact-Finding Committee was established to determine which regions might be interested in becoming part of an independent, magic centered land. Glimmerbrook and the adjacent villages of Henford on Bagley and Copperdale seemed a given, as was Silvan Glade and Mooncrest. Granite Falls' woodlands were fairy and elf residences, but the park was open to human travelers, which needed consideration. Sulani and San Myshuno were heavily human, but magic friendly. Forgotten Hollow was not in consideration. Moonwood Mill did not apply.

    The Fact-Finding Committee recommended Glimmerbrook, HoB, Copperdale, Silvan Glade, Granite Falls and Mooncrest for immediate inclusion, with Sulani and San Myshuno to be decided by residential vote. In the end, Sulani decided to become a full part of the new land, with San Myshuno choosing to become a neutral zone.

    A Formation Committee established a governing system and put it in place. Each region would have it's own elected representation in the Mystic Assembly, which was overseen by the Council of All Magic. Because of their great experience, the three former Sages, Tess, Keisha and Ethren, were appointed as the first Council, with Morgyn acting as a fourth advisory member.

    With a working government and a signed alliance between the regions, all magics were notified of the deadline to apply for admission. Applications were processed, and within a relatively short time, all those who wanted to live there were migrated to the new world and those who did not want to stay were relocated to the human world. The decision was made to allow new applications or re-applications once a year.

    With Morgyn and the Council of All Magic presiding, Arcane Magic was used to seal the land of the magics and permanently separate it from the human world behind an impenetrable wall of vapor. And, thus The Myst, and my current save, was born.

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    Just a little tale for Halloween. A short story, no gameplay. Hope you enjoy it.

    A bit of backstory: In my first save with Morgyn, Realm of Magic was an actual game, created by Jace Holder and Simeon Silversweater to help identify latent spellcaster abilities. The actual sages, Simeon, L, and Morgyn made appearances in the game. It will be referenced in this story.


    Morgyn deftly stepped off of the curb to avoid colliding with the small child eagerly running up the sidewalk. She was dressed in a pink fairy costume, complete with wings, tiara and a magic wand. Morgyn chuckled as she grabbed her mother's hand.

    “Let's go, mama!” she exclaimed. “It's Halloween!”

    Or a typical Saturday Night in The Myst,” Morgyn mused.

    Willow Creek was buzzing. Children eagerly rushed from door to door as adults dressed in costumes handed out goodies. A group of teens met on the corner, dressed in dramatically dark outfits and over the top makeup, headed for a party. A few blocks down, Morgyn could hear the sounds of rowdy merry makers at the local watering hole.

    Morgyn Ember, Mage, Former Sage of Untamed Magic and the last of the ancients, usually avoided travel into Willow Creek these days. Once you've been hunted like a rabbit, the appeal of this charming riverfront town tends to lose its luster. But, curiosity being what it is, Morgyn was interested in how, or if, the creation of The Myst had impacted the way humans viewed its residents. Magical beings went in and out of style in the human world, alternating between adoration and persecution. Morgyn had often wondered what their isolation had done to the human perception of them, and there was no better time than Halloween to find out.

    Morgyn smiled and nodded at the passing parade of costumed humans. There were plenty TV and movie superheroes, some horror characters, lots of pretty child fairies, the occasional sheet clad ghost, and some vampires and werewolves that more closely resembled motion picture tropes than anyone he actually knew.

    And there were witches. Screaming, cackling, green-skinned, wart covered witches.

    Morgyn shuddered. He could count on one hand the number of Spellcasters in The Myst that resembled that stereotype and was pondering the persistence of this particular myth as he passed the Blue Velvet Nightclub. Suddenly a man spun through the door, out into the street and slammed into him, knocking him down.

    “Oh, hey dude! So sorry! I hope I didn't hurt ya'!” the slightly inebriated man exclaimed as he pulled Morgyn to his feet and dusted him off.

    “No, no. It's okay.”

    “You sure? Oh, hey! That's a great costume! Are you entering the contest?”

    “I'm sorry. What?”

    “The costume contest!” he explained, jerking a thumb toward the nightclub.

    “No. I'm not.”

    “Too bad. That's perfect! Realm of Magic, right? I'm a fan. Used to play it in college.”

    “Ah. That's... cool.”

    “Yeah, you're supposed to be... what's his name? The sage?”


    “No, that's not it. You know, the sage that taught the untamed magic in the realm... what's his name?”


    “No, not him. It's the one that narrates the trailer.”

    “Morgyn Ember.”

    “No, no. The other one!”


    “That's it! Simeon Silversweater! You look just like him, dude! Retro game fans will eat that up! You should enter! They're giving away 500 simoleons.”

    “Thanks, but I'll pass this time.”

    “Hey, you do you,” the man said, as he slapped Morgyn on the back. “And Happy Halloween!”

    Morgyn shook his head as he watched his new acquaintance trot off down the street. With a sigh, he straightened his clothes and cracked his back. As he did, a black cloaked figure in a tall witch's hat and badly done green makeup emerged from the club, cackling and waving her fingers in his face.

    “I'll get you, my dearie!” she screeched, way too close for comfort. “I'll turn you into a toad!”

    Morgyn crossed his arms, seriously considering the merits of changing her into a planter.

    “You could do it, but it wouldn't be much of an improvement,” a gloomy, yet familiar voice spoke from the dark.

    Morgyn turned to see Cassandra Goth sitting curled up on a park bench a few feet away. Somewhat relieved to see someone he actually knew, he let the faux witch off with a smirk and approached the bench with a wave of his hand.

    “Mind?” he asked.

    “Nope. I'm glad for some company.” With that, Cassandra scooted over to allow the mage to sit next to her.

    “So, Morgyn Ember. What are you doing on this side of The Myst?”

    “People watching. What are you doing out here, alone?”


    They sat for a time in companionable silence, enjoying the night air and the Halloween ambiance. Creepy music drifted out into the night from the club, mixed with the sounds of laughter and the chatter of the patrons. As the night grew deeper, the streetlights came on to cast an eerie glow on their surroundings. No doubt about it, the humans were having a good time celebrating and representing all that is supernatural. But it was a supernatural that they had rejected, some years ago.

    “These posers would blow a cork if the saw the real thing,” Cassandra commented, as a particularly discount representation of a werewolf passed them.

    Morgyn chuckled. “I suppose so.”

    Morgyn sat for a while in thoughtful silence before commenting again.

    “So, Cass,” Morgyn started. “You live here among them. Are they still as antagonistic as they used to be?”

    “It depends. Some of the young people are getting interested in magic all over again. Spellcasters that stayed on this side are beginning to have a voice. But the idiots are still out there. And they're still violent and they still have most of the power.”

    Morgyn sighed. “How are you doing?”

    “Oh, just peachy,” Cassandra replied in a deadpan voice. “I go to school with a bunch of normals who are very in tune with me. I might try out for homecoming queen next year.”

    Morgyn smiled. “I'm sorry.”

    Cassandra shrugged. “Don't be.”

    Cassandra turned to look at Morgyn with sudden intensity. “Morgyn, you know what it's like. Not fitting in. Not being like the rest.”

    “Yeah. A little.”

    “I feel homeless. A lot. Halloween's the only time I feel any connection with these people, and they're just faking it one day out the year for kicks and candy. I want more.”

    “More of what?”

    “I want to belong. Somewhere. Anywhere.”

    Morgyn nodded. He did understand.

    “You know what,” Cassandra continued. “I... I just wish we lived in The Myst. There are humans in The Myst, right?”


    “We should be there.”

    “Your family was invited.”

    “I know. Dad went all noble and decided he could do more good here.”

    “Well, he's not wrong. He's been a good ambassador for us.”

    “Yeah. Great.

    Cassandra stared at the ground in gloomy stillness as Morgyn glared at a trio of hideous pretend crones, laughing and flirting with a group of men dressed as wretched looking zombies. It seemed, at least at this point, that humans were coping with the supernatural the only way they knew how... by imitating it. Badly.

    “You know,” Morgyn said, finally breaking the silence. “I have this cottage in Mooncrest. I use it sometimes, but if you and your family wanted to visit...”

    Cassandra looked up, her eyes gleaming. “You mean, we could visit The Myst?”

    “I think that could be arranged.”

    “We... We could come to The Myst?”

    Morgyn nodded. “We do allow visitors. By invitation only, but yes. You could visit.”

    Cassandra closed her eyes and let out a slow, shuddering breath in an attempt to control the flood of emotions. She wasn't usually the emotional type, but this seemed like a dream come true. Something she had been wanting ever since The Myst was formed.

    “Thank you,” she whispered as she broke eye contact, embarrassed at her response.

    “You're very welcome,” Morgyn replied, sincerely.

    They sat quietly for a time, just people watching until the moon rose high in the sky. As the hour grew late and the revelers began to retreat to their homes, Morgyn finally stretched his legs and stood up, with a sigh.

    “Well, I guess I'd better go,” he said.

    “Yeah. Me too.”

    As Cassandra stood up to join him, he took her hand and pressed a portal glimmerstone into her palm.

    “Let me know when your family is coming. I'll send you directions to a portal. The stone is your ticket, so don't lose it.”

    “You really mean this? I can visit The Myst?”

    “Yeah. You really can.”

    “Thank you, again.”

    “Goodnight, Cassandra,” Morgyn replied, as he began to channel the energy for a transport spell. “I'll see you soon.”

    With a wave of his hands, the mage disappeared into the air, leaving only sparkles of magic energy behind as he returned to his home in The Myst.

    Cassandra stood in the light of the streetlamp, her fingers tracing the edges of the glimmerstone, her thoughts running ahead to the longed-for trip she now knew she'd finally be taking.

    “Hey Cassandra!” The black dressed teens, returning from their party, were passing on the other side of the street. “Trick or Treat!” they called, as they gave her a friendly wave.

    “Yeah,” Cassandra answered. “Trick or Treat. Trick or Treat!”

    But, as the teens hurried on their way, she looked down at the stone in her hand, a smile curling her lips as she traced the runes that were faintly glowing in the dark.

    “No. No tricks” she said, softly. “Just a treat. A wonderful Halloween treat.”

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    Nice! I like the spellcaster take on witch costumes and the guy mistaking Morgyn for Simeon.

    I hope we'll be seeing Casandra turning up in the Myst.
    Seventeen & Maldusk Forum thread link
  • cynciecyncie Posts: 3,561 Member
    Nice! I like the spellcaster take on witch costumes and the guy mistaking Morgyn for Simeon.

    I hope we'll be seeing Casandra turning up in the Myst.

    Thanks! One of the things I appreciate about RoM is that the Spellcasters aren’t stereotypical witches and wizards. I’ve often wondered how Morgyn would react to the Halloween version of magic and decided to explore that in this little tale.

    I consider the Goths to be magic adjacent in this timeline. It’s in their lineage, but not necessarily active. It might be fun to follow Cassandra on a journey of magical self discovery.
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    Aw, so the Goth family stayed behind, against at least part of the family's wishes, it seems. Morgyn was really sweet to give Cassandra a way to visit. I wonder if Bella and Alexander would go with her when the time comes. Time will tell.
    I liked seeing how an actual spellcaster would react to halloween shenanigans, ha. The actual Morgyn being confused for Simeon over a retro game made me laugh 😆
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    @_sims_Yimi Thanks for reading!
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