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New Sign In Page?

CinebarCinebar Posts: 33,181 Member
edited October 29 in Forum Ideas & Feedback
The new sign in page for this forum (EA Sign in) sort of makes the loading of this forum slower. A little bit. If you haven't seen it, it's a new, colorful EA Sign in with FB, Phone Etc. Email, etc. With a new Accept Terms (read). I assume this keeps me signed in because I forgot to unmark (untick) stayed signed in. If I clear my browser (on close) will I still be signed in with a cookie on my system somewhere? I know other sites have some hidden cookie even though we mark the browser to delete all cookies when browser closes. But if one ever forgets to untick "stay signed in" somehow they always have a hidden tracker/cookie left in there, somewhere, even if everything tells you there are none.
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  • bluedanubebluedanube Posts: 1,049 Member
    I experimented. If I manually set my browser settings to clear cookies, I will be logged out next time I tried to boot up the page. This is taking into account that on my first attempt I left the 'stayed signed in' option unticked.

    Someone who is more experienced than me in the tech field (this is my first year and I am only several months in) correct me if I am wrong but, I believe that if you set your browser settings to clear cookies, the user session (that is usually tagged with a user id each) terminates upon shutdown and gets auto-deleted in the SQL database UNLESS... its expiry was specifically hard-coded to have a customised expiry date and time. In the case of the latter, the user session will prolong unless the client voluntarily terminates the session on their end.
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