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How do I add more reaction animations to certain recreation object events?

GameBoy2936GameBoy2936 Posts: 22 Member
Hello everyone! I love using the recreational objects such as the ping pong table, dart board, bowling lane, water balloon bucket, lawn water slide, etc. But, the amount of animations to use as they react positively or negatively need to be expanded, in my opinion. That's why I want to edit these object interactions so that they have a wider range of animations to use, and it doesn't get as repetitive. For example, when Sims are playing juice pong, they only cry when they miss a cup of juice. Surprisingly, this contrasts with all the other activities - they never cry in them. Yet, in the juice pong interaction, I want to significantly increase the list of animations used in both positive and negative situations. Will I need Sims 4 studio to do this? And how do I get to the object interaction files? Thank you for your help, if you have read this :)
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