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The Royal Family (Season One)

Premise: The entire series depicts a The Crown-style story of a royal family plagued by drama, taking place in between 1978 and the present, although it will not depict real events.

Season One encompasses 1978-1988, although it will feature some flashbacks to the past.


The Cast:

King Theodore (Age 35-45)
Queen Helene (Age 33-43)
Crown Prince James (Age 6-16)
Lord Paul and Lady Juliet Landgraab (Ages 34-44 (Paul) and 31-41 (Juliet)) Family friends of the Cliftons
Sir Harold Fleming (Age 43-53)
Mrs Mary Van Buren (Age 43-53)
Miss Hattie McDonall (Age 52-58) James' Nanny
Miss Alina Gregorovich (Age 28-32) James' 2nd Nanny
Miss Victoria Martham (Age 29-39) Queen Helene's Personal Lady's Maid
Various Aristocrats


King Theodore (Incumbent Monarch)
Crown Prince James


Hierarchy of The Kingdom
Crown Prince/Crown Princess
Earl/Countess (No equivalent female word for Earl, so countess is used)

Episode One

"Madness and Anarchy"


June 1978 - 11:12 AM - "Papa, papa!" 6 year old Crown Prince James ran to his father, King Theodore, excitedly waving a drawing of a bird. "My, my, we seem to have a little Simcasso in our midst!" Theodore looked at the marvelous drawing of a hummingbird displayed on the table. James excitedly gave his father a hug before running off again. "Goodness, whatever shall we do with that child? He'll never learn to slow down for 5 minutes!" Theodore's wife, Queen Helene, said in exasperation. "Truly. But I'm sure Hattie will keep him from flying into the sun." Theodore said, laughing as he embraced his wife. "That Hattie always has a way of making him relax." Hattie McDonall was James' nanny, who had been a faithful servant to the family since Theodore was born in the 40s. "Your Majesty, Lord Wilmore is here. he asks to meet in the parlor." The family's butler, Harold Fleming, announced, entering the room.

- 1:02 PM - The family sat for lunch along with a few noble friends. "Those people on the mainland get angrier every day. It's always lower taxes too. Have they forgotten that the Crown needs income as well?" One baron exclaimed in exasperation. "Truly! It's insanity how ridiculous they can get. They burned one of the Lord Dowery's homes in Windslar to the ground! It's madness and anarchy." A countess expressed. "Did you hear Lord Melmire had a son?" The conversation swung to every possible direction it could, and the gathering spilled into the ballroom by 3:00.

- 5:27 - 400 nobles danced luxuriously, laughed and drank. Just as dinner was served, a footsoldier came bursting into the room. "Your majesties! Your majesties!" "What is it?" The King asked, concerned. "A large group of rebels are reaching the island. Everyone here must be evacuated imminently. They've already burned down a quarter of the city, Lord knows what'll become of the palace." Everyone, upon hearing his words, began to panic. Soldiers and servants helped the nobles into evacuation ships, where they would find safety in Brindleton Bay.

- Days Later - 39 rebels dead. 258 arrested and 3 missing. The band of 300 were easily stopped. When everyone returned after the evacuation, 160 homes and businesses and buildings had burned to sheer ash. Many in the City were homeless. Queen Helene wept at the sight of the city from the palace. Nothing like this had happened in over 100 years, not since the Rebellion of 1834. 6-year-old James was obliviously happy to just play with his toys and Hattie. As The Queen's Lady's Maid, Victoria, entered her chamber, she screamed at the sight of Queen Helene's lifeless body laying in the middle of the room.
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