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October 15th - Friday Highlights

EA_MariEA_Mari Posts: 67 EA Community Manager
Sul sul Simmers!

Another week, another Friday Highlights thread. :smiley:
I hope you had a great week and are all looking after yourselves! :heart:

This week has been a bit quieter ... but here's something fun tweeted by @SimGuruGeorge, so let's play a game, shall we?
Do you guys know how to get your name in Simlish? It's simple, just swap the first and last letter:

Mari--> IarM

How does this work for you? Please, leave your comments with your Simlish names :smiley:

'One of the new outfits from the Incheon Arrivals kit' This stunning screenshot was posted here by @Pamtastic72

Let's dive into the Friday Highlights and see what happened on the forum this week! :)
  • Let's kick off things with an incredible discussion started by @SweetieWright_84. Isn't it exciting that when you start your game you get to listen to one of the many different theme songs depending on the packs you have? To be honest, I enjoy them all but my favourite will always be the main theme, due to its nostalgy and all the good memories it brings. What about you, "Which sims 4 theme song is your favorite?" :relaxed:
  • Next up, we have a recommendation made by @mightysprite (thanks for the suggestion, btw! <3 ): "a recently started story in 'What Happened In Your Game Today' thread about a blended family with two dads and children from previous relationships, just a lovely story about the details of everyday family life and facing daily challenges". Authored by @NightlyCoffee and totally worth reading, indeed! In this chapter, Johnny and Emiliano are set for a photoshoot and I've noticed that Desirae is already choosing a path.. maybe?
  • Since the days are getting shorter and the weather is getting really "meh", we all have more time to stay inside and work on all the building ideas we've been planning on! In case you need some Halloween inspirations, check out @Clousinators amazing 'Pumpkin Patch Cabin' posted in "~ clousinator's creations ~ " I'm sure it'll give you great ideas. :relieved:
  • Let's talk about Makeovers for a sec - I'd love to see your replies to @PastelMermaid's question: "does anyone sit there for hours and hours making your townies fit a different time?". I have to say, I do, and usually spend a lot of time editing them in CAS 🤔 How about you guys join the 'Makeovers?!' discussion and share your confessions?

That's it for today, folks. Have a fantastic weekend and look after yourselves! :heart: And if you have any recommendations for future Friday Highlights, don't forget to send them my way!



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