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Game keeps crashing

Hello, I'm hoping someone could help me figure out why my game keeps crashing. I've been playing all day and it had been fine but in the last couple of hours it's been crashing a lot. First it was crashing within a few minutes of playing. I used Master Controller to reset everything and that allowed me to play for longer but alas it's still crashing after around 20 minutes or so. I haven't installed any new mods lately and I've cleaned my save. Previously I was able to play for hours and crashing was rare. I moved my family to a new world (Aurora Skies) 2 days ago and things were fine until today. I don't get any notices, I can tell it's about to crash because everything freezes for a second, the music will glitch then poof, back to my desktop.

I deleted the entire Sims 3 folder in my documents and let it make a fresh one. I tried without any mods, only NRAAS and it still crashed on me. Not really sure what's causing it.
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