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Console Players Make The Sims (and need more attention...)

SthenastiaSthenastia Posts: 452 Member
YouMakeTheSims tag is very popular on social media and promoted by TS official account. Due to that I decided to cteate this topic because in my opinion console players are omitted in the community, Simgurus and Sims Media. I want to put this thread in this section because a lot of people skip console subforum and I want to invite everyone to the discussion.

On the beginning I want to say that I see a lot of comments that The Sims on PC is better than console version and due to that people ignore our point of view for a lot of things. For example for the anniversary gift we received some CC content and a lot of people was disappointed because they have that items directly from CC packs. I totally don't understand why a huge amount of community ignore that some people can't or don't want to download CC.

Also a lot of people think that TS4 on consoles has long loading screens and consoles can't handle this game and due to that we don't have a better content (also for PC) because of consoles limitation. I can agree that TS4 has bad optimalisation on consloes, but from the end of previous year we have much more better next gen consoles wchih are more and more popular. I play on PS5 and I can guarantee that TS4 on this console is much more better and faster than on popular laptops or PCs. Whats more, I need to say that EA should do PS5 update for TS4 because sometimes loading screens are faster than loading bars for example. But still I feel that community think that TS4 is lacking because of us.

As I said on the beginning I feel that we are totally omitted. I see no representation of console players in game changers community. No one of simgurus or sim media show console players creations. Whats more I feel that the content with mods and CC is being more promoted than we are. I see no console gameplay or any information abaut the consoles on official streams etc. For example I want to know if we ever get any update or implementation of CC or something.

I want to feel that we are a part of the community and our voice matters. I don't want to live in quiet limbo where everyone ignore us and where only some of console players sometimes try to highlight what we need or want on our consoles. I want to feel that PC players don't blame us of TS4 weaknesses also.
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  • GalacticGalGalacticGal Posts: 19,053 Member
    I am and have always been a PC player. I don't own a console for a variety of reasons, but I'm sorry you feel neglected. I'm also sorry you feel left out of the modding community. Apparently, there's no way to use a mod in a console. I'm not terribly tech-savvy, but I don't rely on game-changers, either, nor do I blame console users for TS4 weaknesses. That lies strictly with EA.
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  • CaitxcatCaitxcat Posts: 642 Member
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    I have never seen anyone claim Ts4 was lacking becuase of console users, but sorry you feel that way. As for the cc stuff being in the game, unfortunately there are always going to be people that complain, you can't let it get to you.

    I doubt the omission on the gallery is intentional.
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  • SindocatSindocat Posts: 5,441 Member
    Not only are Console players not overlooked by the Community Team, because the gameplay differs slightly, and the interface much moreso, the Community Team has dedicated an entire board to discussion of Sims 4 console play. Perhaps engaging with other console users on the forums might help you feel less overlooked.
  • Calico45Calico45 Posts: 1,601 Member
    I prefer playing on PC for UI intensive games, always have and always will, but as someone that played the old console ports I'd argue this is the least neglected Sims game console wise. It is basically the exact same game everywhere now. Great for choice of platform, but it means people that started with a PC copy have next to no reason to buy it on console, too. In similar respects, I can see people not being excited for CC and mod content being added. I don't use either and like additions in general so I was happy (not hyped, but happy), however, I have seen some people not want new base game content at all due to their PC specs so there is much more to this than a PC versus console think.

    I haven't personally seen people railing against 4's console ports in particular, but I have seen it with other games. *shrug* There are some valid points on both sides. It all comes down to specs and optimization, but the game must be playable for everything it is listed for or you get a Cyberpunk debacle (which should have been next gen only in my opinion, but people want it on the hardware they have miracle required or not) and yes, it can theoretically hold stuff back because the goal is a uniform experience on everything. Which just isn't always possible. This being said, going by 4's PC launch console has absolutely nothing to do with all the initial issues.

    The only thing I can assume is there are not as many console content creators for the Sims. I imagine editing videos is still very PC centric, and a competitive hobby to get in to, so why wouldn't those creators be playing on what is probably a beefy PC. Now, again with other games, I have seen some console players post videos. However, video quality was very low in my experience. It wasn't specifically them either, my console experience playing the same game was similar. I just didn't care because I was playing and not watching. Same with my other PS4 games. (Yep, still play stuff on a base PS4. If console is holding Sims 4 PC back, I am definitely part of the problem.)

    Lastly, specifically talking about the subforum, I do skip over console discussions a lot because I cannot add much without playing on console. Especially if that is the hyper focus of the forum. If more general things are discussed, I expect console and PC players alike to be in the discussion. If you feel you were forced into a secluded sub forum, I generally encourage you to participate in the rest of the broad discussions as well.
  • GirlFromIpanemaGirlFromIpanema Posts: 558 Member
    As a console player I definitely feel let down at times, especially recently while trying to find a solution to an issue I'm having. A lot of help seems to be aimed at PC players, and "what about consoles?" questions seem to be ignored (or marked "solved" in the help forums despite players announcing that simply turning their console off and on again did not fix their issue).

    I do feel that console players are treated like the annoying younger siblings of the Sims world sometimes :lol: and I do get the impression that some players think that if you aren't playing on a PC and using mods then you aren't playing "right".

    Trying to convince other simmers that I don't want mods and that I'm quite happy with my game and find the graphics on my console to be excellent can be like pulling teeth at times. (Absolutely not all simmers, but I have had or seen this interaction far too many times).

    PC players are not superior. We all spend far too much money and time on this game.

    I'm sorry if I seem negative, I do try to remain positive on the forums, but I've not been having a great experience with Sims recently. I'm rather upset and needed to vent.
  • eternalrainneternalrainn Posts: 342 Member
    I play on an old Xbox One S and have never had the amount of issues PC players do, which is why I'm glad I stuck with console with this game. No lost saves, and one crash in the 4 years I've been playing. Personally I could careless about mods/CC as well, they look cool but look at all the "omg my games broken after this update" because of them, so glad I don't deal with that stuff. My game takes a few minutes to load completely in and that's fine by me so long I can update and jump right into the game with all my sims and furniture not looking like question marks.
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