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How TO get child taken away?

Hiya! I've not been on here in forever, but it seems to be slightly more active here than the ts3 section of mts so figured I'd sign back in.

I've never had a kid taken away in sims 3, so I'm not sure how bad things have to get before it happens. And I tried to google but all the results seem to be what happens after the kid is taken/how to get it back...not how it gets taken.

You see...

I am doing a challenge to complete all ltws with a single sim. He got abducted by aliens after only a few days of life and I decided to let him keep the alien baby because I thought it'd be cute. I was right, it is cute. But it's really slowing down ltw progress because my guy is constantly in a bad mood and thus not getting promotions for several days and while yes I have the lifespan very long I still don't want to waste any time since I don't have any life fruit or enough points for a young again potion yet. He's still got like 70 something days in the YA span but still - I'm not even half way done with 1 ltw (the superstar athlete one). Pluto (what I named the alien baby) is making things difficult and reminding me why I wanted to do the "raise 5 kids" ltw last.

Now, I'm not saying I'm going to actively try to get the kid taken away... but oh I don't know, maybe if Jeremiah is out at the gym I just won't immediately rush home if Pluto's icon is red (and the babysitter is useless) :o I feel like it would be far too cheaty to just delete the kid so I do want him to get taken away. But I also don't want to force it either, if that makes sense. Like I'm not going to altogether stop parenting...just parent a lil bit less. :p

So how bad does it have to get before the social worker comes?


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    emorrillemorrill Posts: 8,155 Member
    @cleo00 If I recall I think the kid has to experience a bit of neglect from parents, fail in school, hit starving or very bad hygiene, and then the parents start getting threats from the social worker. That's all I know. Good luck. :p
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    cleo00cleo00 Posts: 1,088 Member
    Ah, okay. Maybe the baby's hunger didn't get low enough or anything because he's a toddler now. We'll just have to see what happens I guess.
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