October 15th- It's time for our Friday Highlights! You can check them out here!

Friday Highlights October 1- A Week on The Sims Forums

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October 1st- Friday Highlights

🎃✨ Sul Sul October ! It's officially 'Spooky Month' ✨🎃

Time flies! 😱 It's colder in the morning, the days are getting shorter and nights are getting longer. Perfect weather for hot chocolate and chilling by the fireplace.🔥

Ready for our Friday Highlights? 🎵

'The Bridge' posted here by @CAPTAIN_NXR7

  • Let's continue to talk about romance (don't ask me why but these threads keep popping here and naturally catching my attention). This discussion was initiated by @NRowe and I'd love to see Emma giving Jun a second chance since, personally, I believe that everyone deserves the benefit of the doubt. I'm interested in hearing your opinions, so please join the 'Bad traits or just bad attitude??' conversation. :blush:
  • Is it too early to talk about Halloween?  👻 Certainly not if you are planning on creating new faces for the special occasion, in this case, for the Halloween Look book challenge. Meet Peanut & Butterbean! : "a pair who will always stick by each other like their favourite Peanut & Butter sandwich!" as described by their creator @x4m1r4. They're lovely!
  • Let's have a look at pre-made Sims in The Sims 2 now! In the poll "Who to pair with Florence Delarosa and why?" @Karon invites you to share which one is your favourite. It's a tough one, but we'd like to see your opinions! Looks like there's a strong candidate there ;)

That's it for this week, folks. Did you enjoy today's highlights? Then please let me know and if you have any recommendations for upcoming picks, give me a shout! :smile:

I hope you'll have a fantastic weekend and that you and your loved ones are safe! :heart:

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    Thank you so much for the mention! :D
  • hymnhehimhymnhehim Posts: 484 Member
    Congratulations to everyone who was mentioned, have a great weekend everybody! :blush: And here's some news from me, I got Discover University today! :lol:
    hi, i'm milo. i like writing things in lowercase for some reason. my origin id is hymnofheroes, and my bestie is Gonnawin1111/V!
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    @EA_Mari I'm truly honored to be mentioned in this week's Friday Highlights. Thank you so much! :)
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  • CAPTAIN_NXR7CAPTAIN_NXR7 Posts: 3,153 Member
    @EA_Mari thanks a million for the mention!
    Happy Spooky Month! 🎃
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