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How to Create Longer Book Writing Mod?

TinyrazorPlayerTinyrazorPlayer Posts: 47 Member
edited September 27 in Gameplay Mods
Hey Guys,

I’m a bit of a novice when it comes to making mods so I’m seeking out some help in making minor tweaks.

Firstly, I should start off by saying that I’ve looked at Little Ms Sam’s mod for longer writing but it’s not particularly to my taste as it just adds a ‘Writers Block’ moodlet every 4 hours. I want the actual duration of book crafting to take about 30 hours so I opted to change the following values below:
x:8, y:750 —> x:8, y:1750
x:15 y:330. —> x:15, y:1330

This didn’t make a difference and so I made the values even higher. But still, the crafting time was still the same. Am I missing something or is my request more complex than my skill level?

Lastly, the tuning file is computer_WriteBook_Staging.InteractionTuning
Any help is welcome.

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