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    Street Fighter 6

    I don't even remember the last time I played, it was Street Fighter II...I think? I remember every time I came across a tough opponent I would always pick Dhalsim and spam his stretchy limb moves, lol. No matter who I picked I don't recall ever being able to defeat Vega. That guy stayed climbing on the fence and I didn't know how to counter that move and he would be just all over the place. Chun-Li was usually my favorite but I really like Lily's new character. Well a lot of the new characters I haven't seen before I like. Every time I see Guile I just think about the Street Fighter movie.
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    Diablo IV

    Pre ordering soon so me and hubby can play early access beta. I've been looking forward to this game since they first announced it in 2019.

    Diablo III was my first Diablo game. I've gone back and played the first two but lll is my favorite.
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    -Still waiting on Starfield. :p Now it's supposed to come out in September.

    -Cyberpunk 2077 DLC: Phantom Liberty.
    I couldn't post the latest trailer due to language.

    -X4 Foundations DLC: Kingdom End
    Kingdom Ends adds the final alien race that was missing from the base game, The Boron..
    They have an aquatic them to their ships and stations.
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