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Lorde Family in Oasis Springs story using the Eco Lifestyle (free trial gameplay)

So last week I downloaded the free trial for Eco Lifestyle pack to try it out. So I will post whatever pictures that I took during that time in this thread and then that will be it since the trial is over with and I haven't brought the pack to continue to play. Maybe one of these days I will get some more packs to add to the base game... :)

These are my 2 Sims whom I created using the create-a-sim through they story mode. Nathan and Dawn Lorde.

Nathan's traits are as follows:
Cheerful, family-oriented, loves the outdoors and quick learner

Career: lvl. 3 Entertainer - C-Lister

Skills: Charisma- lvl. 1
Comedy- lvl. 3
Cooking- lvl. 1
Fishing- lvl. 2
Guitar- lvl. 2
Handiness- lvl. 3
Logic- lvl. 1
Videogaming- lvl. 1
Violin- lvl. 2

Married to Dawn Lorde
Lives in Oasis Springs

Dawn Lorde traits are as follows:
Genius, Self-assured, Loves the Outdoors and a Quick Learner

Career: lvl. 3 Astronaut - Technician

Skills: Charisma- lvl. 3
Cooking- lvl. 1
Fishing- lvl. 2
Gardening- lvl. 1
Handiness- lvl. 3
Logic- lvl. 2
Mischief- lvl. 1
Videogaming- lvl. 1

Married to Nathan Lorde
Lives in Oasis Springs

More to follow soon... :)


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    So after we had moved into our house and got settled in, we headed over to the Desert Bloom park to have a look around. The first thing that we did when we got there was do some fishing where I had caught some fish as well as some boxes that had some parts in them, so I kept them of course. And Nathan caught some fish as well plus some junk that got thrown back in the water.

    Nathan had to stop fishing due to the need that he needed to use the men's room real quick while I kept fishing.

    Then he decided that he wanted to take a drive over to Evergreen Harbor to check out Grim Quarry.

    After we got there and seen that no one else was there, Nathan came over to me with a crazy idea in his head. He wanted to know if I wanted to try for baby in the trash dumpster and I was like "Are you crazy?" and he replied "Yes I am. And besides there is no one here to see us climbing into the trash dumpster.", so I agreed to it.

    After he jumped into the dumpster, I went over and started to climb in until he came over and gave me a kiss before helping me in the rest of the way.

    After we were done in the trash dumpster as was thrown out, Nathan got up first and then offered me his hand to help me help which I thought was so sweet of him. Then he spotted a piece of garbage on my shoulder and removed it off and threw back into the dumpster where it belongs.

    And then we went over to talk to a couple of townsfolk that was there using the recycling machine.

    After a few minutes, I was getting hungry so I went over to the trash dumpster and started searching for something to eat as Nathan was able to find something to eat like that but I didn't find anything in there which is good by me.
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    Since I couldn't find anything to eat in the dumpster, I told Nathan that we needed to go home and fix some dinner. So when we got there, I cooked the Macaroni while he mixed up the cheese sauce for it. We had a fun time cooking together... <3

    Of course I ended up dropping the salt shaker into the pot, so I hope that dinner doesn't taste too salty for us... :#

    Nathan took his food out to the small sitting room where we have a bookcase at and ate his dinner there while I had my food at the breakfast counter in the kitchen.

    After the dinner dishes got cleaned up, I pulled out my tablet and did a digital painting that I hung on the wall afterwards.

    Nathan went to bed while I went out to the backyard and opened up my seed packets and started planting some spinach and grapes before I went back inside to use the computer. Then it was off to bed after getting some computer time in.

    Got the next morning and did my business in the bathroom before heading downstairs to grab a bite to eat.

    Then Nathan got up and used the bathroom as well before coming down to eat some leftovers from the night before.

    After I had finished my food, I went back for seconds even though I was already filled up from the first serving.

    Nathan took a bath after cleaning his dirty bowl while I went out to water my plants that I had planted last night.

    When Nathan got done with his bath, he came outside to sit at the picnic table to talk and to watch me take care of my garden.

    After I was done tending to my garden, I went over to sit next to Nathan to talk about the garden and how I just love our new house.

    I went back inside while Nathan went to the woodworking table and made a barstool to put with our outside bar that we've ordered and will be delivered any day now.

    Nathan accidentally hit his glasses with the hammer. Luckily enough they didn't break on him.

    While I was inside, there was a knock at the door, so I went to answer it and seen that we had to guest to come and welcome us to the neighborhood. Nathan had heard talking coming from the front of the house so he had to go see who was outside but when he got there he saw no one. He asked me who I was talking to and I told him that we have some guest inside of the house.

    So we headed inside to greet our new guest and to see what one of them brought us. I sat down at the counter to talk to Johnny Zest while Nathan talked to the other guest. (Sorry I didn't get his name.)

    After eating some fruit cake and picking up the trash that was dumped out by one of our guest, I went over to the woodworking table and made a statue out of wood.
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    Our two guest seems to have some tension between themselves as they kept giving each other the evil side-eye but they did sit down and talked to one another until Nathan told them to go home as he sensed the tension between them as well as sensing that I wasn't feel well.

    After asking our guests to leave, we headed back over to Evergreen Harbor to the Quarry again where I did some dumpster diving while Nathan used the recycling machine.

    After we had went up the stairs to use the bathroom, we headed over to The Caboose located in the Port Promise District where I had ordered a water and Nathan ordered himself a drink as well.

    After Nathan finished his drink, he had to leave to go to work as he had a comedy show to do tonight. So after he left and I had finished up my water, I went home and started a new painting on my new easel. After I completed my painting, I went outside to play some chess as I needed to complete my daily quest for my job so that I can get promoted soon.

    Then I went inside and got me something to eat as well as putting away the fruit cake that was given to us as a welcome gift. Then I headed to bed for the night as I am quite exhausted from being pregnant.

    Got up the next morning and did my usual morning routine before heading down the stairs to grab a bite to eat.

    But after I had finished eating and cleaning up my dirty dishes, I had to run into the bathroom thanks to this dang morning sickness... :s

    After throwing everything up that I had just finished eating, I had to scrub the toilet down really good and fast as the smell was making me feel sick again.

    After cleaning the toilet up and cleaning myself up and changing into my clothes, I went out for a little walk up the sidewalk and saw a rock, so I started to dig at it and got a time capsule out of it.

    I went back home as I was hungry again but ended up throwing away the plate of food as it was bad...yuck Then ended up cleaning the dirty plate off.

    Nathan came outside to where I was and gave me a kiss on my cheek. Isn't he so sweet and dreamy? <3<3

    Then we sat down to play some chess before it was time for me to leave for work.

    But before I left for work, Nathan went upstairs to write some comedy for his daily task while I continued to play chess.

    Nathan then went back to the woodworking table to make another bar stool to go with the other one the he made earlier while I was still playing chess.

    Then is was time for me to go to work as I work from 1:00PM until 9:00PM.
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    When Nathan got done building another barstool to go with the bar, he tried his hand at mixology. He had a few mishaps like the lid not being on tight enough when he start to shake the drink shaker. But once he got it tighten up, he was on his way to mixing his first drink

    He stopped for a few minutes to sway to the music playing from the speaker that he had installed earlier in the day.

    After he was done mixing his drink, he decided that he wanted to dance to the music. He started to get into the groove of the music with his dance moves.

    When the song was over with, he decided to tend to our garden for me while I was at work.

    While he was gardening, he spotted a rock off in the distance and decided to go take a look at it. When he got there, he knelt down on the ground and started to dig at until he found a time capsule in it. He placed it in his bag and decided to open it later when he gets a chance.

    Then Nathan went exploring some more until he'd seen what looks like and abandon water pump, so he reached in to see if there was any frogs inside. But then a young neighbor came up to him and wanted to talk, so they talked about things such as school.

    After Nathan was done talking to our neighbor, he went home and grabbed a bite to eat as he was getting hungry. Then he cleaned up the dirty dishes before heading to take a shower.

    Then it was off to the computer to write a short comedy skit for work.

    These are 2 of our time capsules that we've found during our digs. We will open them later to see what we have inside.

    After I had gotten up for the morning, I grabbed a plate of leftovers to eat while feeling a bit uncomfortable due to the pregnancy. I'll be glad when this baby gets here.

    Then I went up to take a relaxing bath which helped out a lot with the body aches and such. Afterwards, I went outside to dance to the music since I was feeling better after my bath.
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    Nathan got up the next morning and decided to fix some hot dogs out on the grill. While he was cooking the hot dogs, I danced to the music while Nathan and I talked about what a nice morning it was until the hot dogs caught on fire. Then we both put out the fire. After the fire was put out, I swayed a little bit to the music while Nathan was giving me the sexy side eye... :blush:

    We then decided to check out the Waterfront over in the Port Promise section of Evergreen Harbor. After we had looked around for a little bit, Nathan decided to use the recycling machine that was located on the lot.

    When I got done looking around, I went over to where Nathan was and decided to have a little bit of fun with him by scaring him.

    Since there wasn't any bathrooms on the lot, we headed over to the Caboose as I needed to use the little girls room while Nathan ordered himself some chips to eat. After getting his chips, he took his bowl over to the table to sit down to eat them. When I was done in the bathroom, I went to the bar and ordered me some chips to eat as well and sat down at the table that Nathan was sitting at.

    One of the people sitting at the table decided to get up and dance some while still having a conservation with Nathan.

    Both Nathan and I was getting thirsty so we headed over to the bar to order some drinks. Of course my drink was a non-alcoholic as I wouldn't do anything to put the baby at risk for any issues. Nathan's drink was a weak alcoholic drink as he has to drive back home when he's done at the caboose.

    I had to leave to go to work while Nathan stayed to finish up his drink. He was about ready to leave when he needed to use the bathroom, so he turned around and went back inside but didn't stay long enough to use the restroom so he rushed to get home to use a nice clean bathroom.

    After he got there and did his business in the bathroom, he headed outside back to the woodworking station to create another barstool. When he finished the bar stool, he went upstairs to use the computer to play some games.

    He was getting hungry so he made his way down to the kitchen to get a bite to eat before watching some TV and reading a book.
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    Then I went back outside to explore the area some more to see if I could find anymore treasures laying about.

    I then jogged across the street to a small park where I crossed over a bridge and harvested some plants over there to take home for later. Then seen some more rock piles to dig through.

    Once I was done over there, I jogged back home and laid down on the front porch bench to rest for awhile.

    I was on my way home from work when I got really tired and decided to rest awhile on the sidewalk bench.

    Nathan got up off of his bench and went inside to watch TV and read a book while I was making my way home so that I could go to bed.

    After Nathan was done reading his book, he went outside to dance some more before he cleans out the grill from the burnt up hot dogs. Then he danced some more before taking care of the garden and then heading off to bed.
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    Got up the next morning and went to the bathroom to do my business before heading downstairs to grab a bite to eat.

    Then Nathan had to get up to use the restroom even though he had to walk slowly into the bathroom. Then he headed on downstairs to grab a plate of food himself.

    Then I got hungry again and had another plate of food. This baby better hurry and come before I eat the whole house up.

    We then opened up our time capsules to see what was inside.

    Since I had still had time before going to work, Nathan and I sat down to play some chess so that I can do some of my daily quest for my job. Then it was time to leave for work, so I told Nathan that I love him and that I will see him later.

    Nathan went inside to take a nice bath but then I came home with labor pains which freaked Nathan out. I told him that he needed to calm down as we will be heading to the hospital

    We had a daughter that we've named Lisa. After we got and I had placed Lisa in the bassinet, Nathan went up to hold her for a little bit. Then I went up to feed her a bottle.

    And that concludes this story as I didn't get around to have a chance to age up the baby to a toddler before the trial ran out.

    Thanks for reading my little story... :)
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